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Sayede's apartment
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 Post Posted: Fri, August 06th 2010 09:07am    Post subject: Sayede's apartment
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Sayede slowly woke up and opened her eyes. The sight that met her eyes didn't make sense. She couldn't be looking at herself, she was awake and that only happens in dreams. Her hazy mind came to the conclusion that there was a mirror in front of her. But then she realized that was ridiculous too, and she screamed and pushed herself further up the bed.
In front of her (and mostly on top of her) was a perfect copy of her. The double gasped when she realized that she scared Sayede. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!"
Sayede was about to make an angry retort, but then she looked down. She threw the blanket over the doppelganger and slid off the bed and over to the door. "Put something on! I'll wait out here."
As the door slid shut behind her, Sayede shook her head and realized what she just did. There was someone in her room and she didn't know where she came from, probably a theif or something, and she reacted by leaving her unattended.
But she could hardly go back in there, either. That would just be wrong. She was going to wait for the strange person to come out.
A moment later the door opened to reveal the stranger, wearing Sayede's favorite outfit. "Don't you have any of your own clothes?" Sayede snapped.
"Um... it doesn't seem like it." The look-alike replied. Sayede gave her a look that clearly said, what is that supposed to mean? The girl just looked at the floor.
"Who are you?" Sayede angrily asked.
"My name is Kyrie." The girl replied.
"How did you get in here?"
"I don't know."
"How can you not know?"
"I don't know."
Sayede was lost for words. This had to be some kind of elaborate scam. Any moment Kyrie would make a break for the door. Then it would turn out that all of Sayede's valuables were missing.
There was an akward pause.
"I'm hungry." Kyrie said.
Sayede couldn't believe it. This girl dared to break into her apartment, steal from her, and look like her, yet now she wanted food too?
"Right this way." She said, folding in abruptly.
Sayede and Kyrie walked over to the kitchen area and Sayede got out an empty bowl and some cereal from the refrigerator for Kyrie. But Sayede wasn't hungry. Sure, she might have a tendency to do absolutely anything anyone else wanted her to, but she hadn't ever come to terms with that. She was always making excuses for herself. But what excuse could there possibly be for this? She felt like she was about to melt.
She knew one person she could talk to at a time like this. She picked up her cell phone and called her dad.
"Dad!" She said as soon as he picked up. "There's some girl in my apartment named Kyrie who looks just like me, and I just let her stay and wear my clothes and stuff but I don't know who she is or anything! I don't know how she got in, and she says she doesn't even remember! So you know, maybe I just felt sorry for her or-"
"Sayede! Calm down! I have something important to tell you, and I need you to listen closely."
"But dad, you're not listening to me!"
"Yes I am. This is about Kyrie." That captured Sayede's attention. Her dad knew who she was?
"I never told you, but when you were born, your mom and I were short on cash. We weren't ready for twins. So we put your twin sister up for adoption. That was Kyrie."
The phone clattered to the floor. Sayede stared in shock at Kyrie. She'd had a sister all this time, and she never knew about it!?

The rest of this post is in black text, and will completely spoil a good portion of the plot. I just had to put it there so people can look back later.

The phone could not be heard from the floor as Sayede's father continued, "At least that's what we'll have to tell anyone who asks. I'm currently investigating where she really came from... Sayede? Sayede!? Say something!"

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 Post Posted: Sat, August 07th 2010 01:00pm    Post subject:
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Kyrie looked up from her cereal at Sayede. "What's wrong?" she asked, seeing the dumbfounded look on Sayede's face.
"That was my dad... apparently you're... my twin sister."
Sayede glared at her. "Shouldn't you know that?" She asked. "You don't seem to remember anything. Is there anything you do remember?"
Kyrie scrunched up her face and ran over it. "Just being in your room in the dark for a while, and then what happened after you woke up."
"No childhood or anything?"
"But you still know how to talk and stuff."
"Well of course I do! Do I look like I was born yesterday?"
"Honestly, it seems like you were born last night."
They both laughed. Kyrie went back to her cereal, and Sayede just watched her. She'd always kind of wanted a sister, and she was getting a chance to see what it was like. Of course, it didn't help that her dad had kept it from her for all those years.
Sayede got a bowl and some cereal and sat down to her first meal with her sister.

* * *

"Alright, today's my day off, so we have some time to get to know each other." Sayede said after breakfast. "I just have some work to do first. Can you hold on for a moment?"
"Sure." Kyrie replied.
For quite a bit of the morning, Sayede sat typing at her computer while Kyrie explored the apartment. After a while Sayede heard something heavy falling in the other room. "Screw this." She said, saving her work and shutting off the computer.
They turned on the TV to Sayede's favorite show, a daytime drama. They both complained when Sayede's favorite couple broke up because they were so cute together, and then another character got in a speeder crash, somehow surviving to be taken to the emergency room, where she revealed some kind of breaking news report that Sayede and Kyrie both failed to comprehend because they were too busy screaming at it to go away and return to the show.
After that, they made sandwiches for lunch and started playing video games. Sayede had a lot of experience from playing with her friends, but Kyrie caught on quickly and even managed to win a few rounds.
Sayede considered calling her friends and telling them that she discovered she had a twin sister, but decided not to. They would want to talk to Kyrie, and Kyrie wouldn't know what to say to them. She also considered calling her dad to ask what the strange memory problem was all about, but she was still mad at him for not telling her about her sister for all these years. She decided to finish her report for work instead.
After finishing the report, Sayede made them both dinner, then they took turns in the shower.
"You know what Kyrie, I got to sleep on the bed last night. I'll let you have it this time."
"Really? But where are you going to sleep?"
"I'll just sleep on this chair."
"That doesn't look very comfortable."
"I'll be okay. Don't worry about it."
"Okay. See you in the morning."
"Goodnight, Kyrie."
Kyrie went into the bedroom, and Sayede tried to get to sleep in the chair, grumbling about it silently.

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 Post Posted: Sun, August 08th 2010 07:42pm    Post subject:
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Sayede woke up, ready for another day in her boring life. She yawned and stretched, and her arm bumped into someone else in bed next to her. She screamed and fell on the floor.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" Kyrie said, moving over to check if Sayede was all right. "You just looked so uncomfortable on that chair."

"Well I'm a lot more uncomfortable now!" Sayede retorted. "What time is it? I'm working again today." She saw that she'd overslept slightly. She didn't use her alarm because she was pretty good at waking up on time by herself. She quickly shoved Kyrie outside and got dressed for another boring day at the office.

When she got out of her room, Kyrie was waiting for her. "So, if you go to work, what will I do while you're gone?" She asked.

"Um, you could-" Sayede began, but she gave up when she saw that Kyrie was giving her puppy-dog eyes. She could never resist puppy-dog eyes.

"-Come with me." She finished.


"Just try not to bother anyone and-" Sayede began, but Kyrie closed the bedroom door to get dressed, cutting her off. She hoped that taking her to work wouldn't turn out to be a disaster.

* * *

The day ended up coming short of a complete disaster. They attracted unwanted attention from the moment they stepped into the huge KDY office building, but Sayede somehow managed to talk herself out of any serious trouble. She even managed to hide Kyrie from her superiors altogether. And answering her constant questions about the job helped pass the time.

During her lunchbreak, Sayede saw one of her friends at the office walking over and waved to her. Kyrie waved too.

"Um... what's going on?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, this is my twin sister Kyrie." Sayede explained.

"I didn't know you had a sister."

"Neither did I. She just kind of showed up, and my dad told me..."

"Ooh, that must be tough to deal with. But why didn't you call me? I thought we were friends."

"Well, I just didn't know how I was going to explain... See, she has this memory problem..."

"Maybe it runs in the family."

That suggestion hit Sayede in the stomach. She always thought of herself as having a near-perfect memory. "What are you talking about!?"

"There was that one day, like a month ago, you just didn't come to work. And the next day you acted like there wasn't anything wrong."

"Oh..." Sayede paused, having no memory of such an event. "Well this is a more serious problem that I'm talking about. She doesn't remember anything."


"Hey," Kyrie butted in, "I remember today and yesterday."

"That's because you were born yesterday." Sayede teased. They all laughed.

"Hey, what's this?" Sayede's friend suddenly pointed to a tiny pink dot on Kyrie's arm.

"I don't know, what is that?"

"It looks like a puncture mark. Like, from a hypodermic needle or something..."

* * *

Sayede decided to walk home from work, to give herself more time to think. Kyrie's amnesia couldn't just be a coincidence, people don't randomly lose all their memories for no reason. But she had heard of memory-suppressing drugs, and if that dot actually came from a hypodermic needle, it could mean that someone had injected Kyrie with such a drug.

That kind of stuff didn't end up in the hands of graden-variety creeps. The person responsible for Kyrie's memory loss clearly had money and connections. Perhaps Kyrie had discovered something she shouldn't have, and someone wiped her memory to shut her up. And who knows what else they might have done to her.

Sayede stopped walking in front of the Kuati Natural History Museum. She wanted to get this person, whoever they were, for what they did to her sister. And collect the reward if there was one. She tried to think of some way she could track them down. She looked around, as if a shady character would suddenly walk by...

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Jarren Callahan

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 Post Posted: Tue, August 10th 2010 04:29pm    Post subject:
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"So this is the Kuati Natural History Museum?"

"Yeah, it's probably the only NATURAL thing on this planet."

"What are you talking about? It's not NATURAL, it's just got a few NATURAL things in it. Most of the stuff is even fake."

"Well it's still too natural for them." Callahan interrupted. "They're going to be closing this place soon and auctioning off the contents to private collectors, I hear. We're here to secure a nice discount."

The band of pirates walked up to the museum's main doors, trying to look like any other group of tourists. Inside they paid for a tour and started on their search for the artifact they were sent to fetch.

"This is an sample of pottery, dug up in a quarry operated by the KDY. It represents early-"

"Hey, what's NATURAL about this?" A pirate asked the tour guide.

"As I was going to explain, it represtents the early development of human civilization on Kuat."

"But the human race isn't even from Kuat."

"Yes but- hey you, stay away from the exhibit!"

"Oh, you mean so I can't do this?" The second pirate asked, picking up the vase (which didn't have so much as a glass case protecting it).

The tour guide reached for the communicator on his belt, only to be knocked out from behind by a third pirate.

"Come on guys, let's GO!" Callahan yelled.

"Only NATURAL, captain!" The pirate with the vase replied as they all ran for the exit.

The group ran down the steps and across the parking lot. A woman standing nearby saw them and quickly realized what hey were up to. She grabbed her twin sister by the arm and ran towards them. "Wait! Take me with you!"

Callahan looked back at the two following the group. He didn't have time for things like that, KDY security was due to arrive at any moment.

"I can pay for the trip!" The woman added.

That was good enogh for Callahan. "Hurry up then!" He yelled at her.

So this doesn't exactly take place in her apartment anymore, but whatever. As for the robbery itself, I may have stretched it slightly but I hope that's alright.

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 Post Posted: Thu, August 19th 2010 09:33pm    Post subject:
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Sorry for taking so long to get this post up, I abruptly lost interest... "hard", if that's possible. I am just now forcing myself to type.

Sayede pulled Kyrie after her in pursuit of the pirates. It obviously wasn't a good idea for a number of reasons, but Sayede had to bring down whoever hurt Kyrie. She ran, thinking to herself that it was too late to back out now.

KDY security agents began to close in. The pirates began to fire as they ran.

"Why do we have to keep these things on stun?!" One pirate asked.

"Because I don't want to buy you idiots tibanna gas when I know you're gonna totally waste it!" Their leader replied.

They all rounded a corner to see a large speeder craft parked on the street with the rear ramp down. Everyone got in just as security forces arrived, the doors closed, and the craft took off.

The driver quickly rose to blend with civilian traffic, but security speeders were already on them. A pirate manned a turret over the door, shooting to keep them at bay.

One of the security speeders called for backup when the shots started. The officer inside slowed down his vehicle to avoid getting hit, and trailed the getaway vehicle as it turned a corner ahead. He followed it around the corner...

But all he saw besides the traffic was a heavily-modified CR90 flying upward after takeoff. "Dammit. Contact lost." Is this a convincing escape? :)

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