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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny is the second in a series of role-playing games initiated by Star Wars: Episode VII: A Shattered Hope. It is a character-based RPG with the ability for tactical simulation. Still, its intent and focus is for the development of original and "canon" characters, and for the enjoyment of all its players.

Episode VIII takes place within the popular Star Wars universe, shortly after the Battle of Endor (featured in Return of the Jedi). However, in this reality, the Empire has not fallen, and the Rebel Alliance is still fighting the war for survival, independance and freedom. In the midst of this fray, you may enter the galactic stage and make your characters active participants in the story-driven plot. You will make allies and enemies as you control your faction, or step into the ranks of another, for galactic domination, or for galactic peace, or simply just for existing.

This game doesn't require an extensive knowledge of Star Wars or RPGs in general. You will find it is surprisingly easy to sign up and get yourself established in the game. We have a vibrant, helpful community that will try to support you all along the way. If you're interested in joining, please enter the forum and check out the Announcements and Applications forum. We hope you will enjoy your time at this website, and moreso we hope that you will join us!


Star Wars: Episode VII: A Shattered Hope, the direct ancestor of this role-playing game, started on February 2nd, 2005 after the closure of Tyderian Sector, a closely-related RPG that contributed much to the plot and organization of VII. Episode VII was started by three people: Ams "Moff" Jendob, a veteran role-player, Han "...Han" Solo, a talented artist working through college, and Nevin "Crazed/Cray" Antilles, an amateur-yet-able web programmer. Though Cray and Moff knew each other for almost four years over the internet, Han had met Moff while playing on Tyderian Sector. The original phpBB forums were hosted by My-Pages for its entire run. However, today, a full, intact version of Episode VII is located at this address.

When the game lasted for more than a week, everyone realized something was actually forming here. After a few months, the staff extended to include Petyr "Ozzy" Baelish (also the host), Gavin "Gavin" Young and Swali "Swali." Following this, many elements of the game were restructured, including the addition of the Central Management Admin Council (originally named the "Fair Death" and "Character Mortality/Abduction" Council) and change the game's battlesystem to something more accessible and easier to handle. The forums were also recrafted with heavy editing of its template, and also many "back-end" changes to the forums by Cray.

After the game celebrated its one year anniversary, the final plot was created and a new host and domain name, SWRPGS.net was purchased (in part) by Cray. As work finalized on Episode VIII, A Shattered Hope was coming to a close, with the "hope" the RPG offered shattered by the galaxy breaking away into the chaos of war, once again.

At the beginning of 2009, the newest iteration of the site premiered, complete with a Wiki and redesigned, improved features. The game also entered into a major period of economic restructure to more accurately reflect the value of objects within the universe.


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Special Thanks and Copyright

Special thanks to Chris "Mace" Boden, Ryan "Vladimir" Sonnenberg, Ozzy, Gavin, Swali, Delta, Derek and Alex, all of whom were critical to the success of the VII and VIII games.

The game, website and forum data are © 2007-2009 the CMAC admins. All canon Star Wars elements and the Star Wars name are registered trademarks/copyrights of their rightful owners. phpBB is © the phpBB Team.