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Factions Looking For Players!

posted by on 2009/12/30 (Site News)

Are you interested in donning a uniform and battling for the Galaxy's future? If so, then join one of Star Wars: Unity's three factions!

New Republic: The Heroes of Yavin have wrought this noble democracy from the blood, sweat, and tears they shed in their fight against the evil Empire. Although leadership and defense has been passed on to a new generation, the old guard haven't completely disappeared from the scene.

Imperial Remnant: The reform-minded remains of the once-mighty Galactic Empire. Though powerful in its own right, undercurrents of strife send ripples through the seemingly implacable Imperial facade. These Imperials, while possessing of great power, have learned to use it wisely... rather than repeating the mistakes and atrocities of Palpatine and the Sith.

Daara Zend's "True" Empire: Once the leader of the Imperial Remnant, Grand Admiral Daara Zend struck out for the Unknown Regions. More than half of the Imperial forces followed their commander-in-chief. That was twenty years ago. What Zend has planned, or why she left in the first place, is known only to her. But, should she return, the consequences for the rest of the Galaxy will be dire. This Empire follows in the footsteps of Palpatine more closely: victory at any cost, with ruthlessness as a virtue.


RPG Open for Play!

posted by Crazed on 2009/6/14 (Site News)

A bit belated--lost passwords can be a pain like that--but Star Wars: Unity is open for play... as of August 9th.

Remember, though. Time in this game moves much slower than real-time: it's still very, very early in the new year even though a few months have passed in real time.

Everyone, enjoy!