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The Harmon Residence
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » The Harmon Residence
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Tira Gaains
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 Post Posted: Fri, September 24th 2010 03:13pm    Post subject: The Harmon Residence
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(Continues from Here.)

As the speeder dropped her off, Tira realized that it really hadn’t been all that long since she had been home. That was, what passed for ‘home’ since she had lost her husband and her parents had agreed to watch over her children for her in her absence. She had mixed feelings about it. It was always wonderful to be able to come back home, to see her parents, to spend time with Alya and Jaared. But on the other hand, she was eager to get back to headquarters and prepare for what would come next. She was eager to return to the war and help the New Republic strike back against Zend.


As the door opened, Alya was quick to run out to her.

“Hi there!” She said as she kneeled to lower herself to the girl’s level. “How is my little Ewok?”
“I’m not an Ewok, silly!” Alya said as she reached her mother.
“Hi, mom.” Said Jaared, further back near where her parents stood.

Tira picked up Alya to carry her in her arms, though with as big as she had grown, it was no longer an easy task.

“Hello, Jaared. Mom, Dad.”
“Tira, we weren’t aware you were coming.” Her Mom said as she came to meet the younger Twi’lek half way. The three shared a greeting hug as they met.
“We heard about Zend, and worried what might have happened to you.” Her father added. To an outsider, it might have seemed unusual, a human fitting in so naturally among the Twi’leks that were all gathered around. “You couldn’t contact with us?”
“Sadly, no.” Tira replied as the hug ended. “I can’t say much. Military control of intel and all. But I was there during her initial invasion. I’ve been in transit or debriefing since then.”
“How long will you be home this time?”

She had to pause to consider the answer as Jaared looked up at her.

“I have a day before I report back to headquarters.”
“That’s not very long.” Alya said.
“No, it’s not.” Tira answered her. “So let’s make the most of it, shall we?”

(Click here to continue the story.)
Commodore Tira Gaains
Commander of New Republic Task Force Beta-Nine
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » The Harmon Residence
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