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Republic Executive Building
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » Republic Executive Building
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Dumoor ke Vereek
Space Jawa

Joined: 16 Feb 2010
Posts: 12

 Post Posted: Tue, June 22nd 2010 03:39am    Post subject: Republic Executive Building
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“What did we just see?”
“This has to be a joke.”
“If it is, it’s a very bad one!”

The room in which a small number of senators had gathered for an informal meeting exploded with conversation as the unexpected broadcast from Admiral Zend concluded. For Senator Ke Vereek, his first reaction was to remember the joke from days previous about this very event and realize just how unfunny it seemed now that it had actually come true.

“Where is Valure?” he heard one senator say. “Why hasn’t the senate been called to order?”
“This quickly?” he heard Omnis reply. “She just hardly finished talking and you expect the Chief of State to react that quickly?”
“That quickly?” Dumoor replied as he finally spoke up. “We should have already gathered after all that’s happened.”

He started to make his way past other individuals in the room with plans to head first to his office, then to the main Senate chamber itself. He had work to do before presumably Valure would bring them together to do something, hopefully that would result in action sooner rather than later.

“Ido, contact Adumar.” He said into a commlink as he contacted his droid. “If they haven't already decided to do so, tell them I recommend that they proceed with their defense plans. All of them.”

He wished there was more he could do about the situation, but he wanted to assume he wouldn’t have much time, and he had notes to prepare if he hoped, like everyone else, that he would have an opportunity to speak his part when business began.

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Coral Callatros

Joined: 02 Aug 2009
Posts: 88

 Post Posted: Wed, September 28th 2011 03:58am    Post subject:
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Coral pushed passed the crew now flooding out of the Senatorial ship in order to get to Kristopher. It was strange to see Alisson so lifeless, but in a way, she never had it in the first place. Coral worked with cybernetics, she specialized in it since she was a child. In fact, several times, she had been arrested on Coronet for laundering money from some human-league accounts. She knew her way around circuits, programming and slicing. She had seen and broke into every droid on the market, planting wires and spy equipment across the galaxy. But these Human Replica Droids were different. They were much more difficult to spot, and with her so close, Coral was surprised she had not made the connection sooner.

"How long has she been active?"

"Going on 25 years."

Coral never found a droid, even one designed to be so human, so clever at masking its artificial quirks. Still, Alisson had proved a valuable member of Tseneca's crew and a beloved member of the Pallanén-Davad family. "I'll do what I can, but you should get her to your father right away. The longer she remains dormant, more and more processes will shut down. Eventually..."

"Don't say eventually, I know what it is at stake here." Kristopher was calm, but his emotions were not as concealed as his brother Lucas. "Can you get me a shuttle, something fast, nothing slower than a mark one hyperdrive?"

"Going through my department.... no... it would take about a day to get through all the paperwork and clearance checks."

"Contact the Kuati Embassy." Kristopher's tone was much more formal now, she could sense his little ego, "Tell them I'm here and need the finest shuttle immediately."

"Good idea," Coral hadn't thought about the embassy, but it was certainly a better shot than the private sector. Something so fast at such a short notice could be rather costly, especially meeting KDY security measures. Not many pilots would willingly fly into Imperial space, let alone, a militarized zone. Which brought up another point, "I cannot accompany you to Kuat, Kris."

The boy looked up just as a hover bed arrived. Together they hoisted Alisson's body onto the bed... she didn't feel machine, maybe even lighter than what she should've been. "I'm an intel agent and I would be flagged almost immediately, I'm sure of it. KDY Security...." In the Republic, it was nearly impossible. But then again, others had managed much greater feats, like Generals Skywalker and Solo of the Old Rebellion. They were legends in the intelligence agency.

"I understand." His voice had returned to its emotional tone, she could tell he wasn't used to handling these situations alone. As they ferried the HRD out and into the public, dozens of holocommunications reporters, droids, and cameras spun around to catch a glimpse of them. Without saying a word, they stepped inside of the Imperial escort, locked Alisson's hoverbed into place, before taking off towards the Kuati embassy.

Coral realized that she was in need of three things to relieve her of all the stress that she had just been through and was about to endure for the next week.

Food, pleasure and sleep.
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » Republic Executive Building
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