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S.E. Corellian YV—666 Light Freighter: Venri Island
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » S.E. Corellian YV—666 Light Freighter: Venri Island
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Kalin Lohden

Joined: 25 May 2010
Posts: 42

 Post Posted: Mon, June 07th 2010 03:37am    Post subject: S.E. Corellian YV—666 Light Freighter: Venri Island
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The Venri Island, named after the famed Rebellion shelter on Corellia, and currently registered under Solo Enterprises.

Current Captain: Randall Drake
Reports Directly to Han Solo

Major Permits:
New Republic: 9396-35056-13123
Imperial Remnant: 00044-321-221-2
Galactic Union: 7556 RS3
12,121 Additional World and System District permits on file at Solo Enterprises HQ
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Kalin Lohden

Joined: 25 May 2010
Posts: 42

 Post Posted: Mon, June 07th 2010 04:19am    Post subject:
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The Coruscanti orb finally fell into view across the Venri Island's display screen. Kalin took a breath, the journey to Corellia had been mostly uneventful, but it was nice to be closer to 'home'. Ship travel made him impatient, and the conduct and system of order was usually strict. Captain Drake was no exception, the old man a clear fan of the Solo family, boasting about their victory at Endor multiple times to the crew. Apparently, he had taken down an AT-ST with a couple of Ewoks and a hand full of stones. Kalin yawned metaphorically, the story had been told several times, though it never seemed to daunt the crew's interest.

"Permission to leave the bridge." Kalin stated, the humble captain shot him an angry, almost deadly look at interrupting the favorite part of the "history" lesson. The Captain nodded with a quick whatever-just-shut-the-hell-up. Kalin took leave his mind travelling to things of real business. Though the captain's tale would be full of adrenaline and pent up exaggeration, Han Solo had a knack of doing things some would consider wildly unnatural. His luck was legendary, and Endor serving as a prime example.

Kalin took this into account, no doubt his Mistress would also take this consideration, but it could never be underestimated. The entire Solo family were destined to be thorn in plots concerning galactic domination. When he was younger, Kalin had served the Bothan Spynet, trained as a child, to become one of the best infiltrators the agency had seen in decades. So well was the part played, that he managed to steal and take enough intel and technology to please the great Lumiya.

The woman had not identified her purpose, at least in the first years of his service to her, but she had a way of speaking, a way of doing things that made him feel as though they were important. Lives could be lost, tormented, and destroyed, if it meant an end to the Rebellion and the chaos. Some might consider him brainwashed, but Kalin knew full well of what he was getting into. He planned to restore the Galactic Empire, at least, Lumiya's version of it, to proper place.

Kalin entered the shipment hangar, his eyes gliding over the majority of the boxes, until he found a box with a red ribbon. It was small, and most wouldn't notice it, when compared to the shipping tags of similar colors. But inside this box, would be Han Solo's undoing. Kalin had finally retrieved the necessary equipment to carry out his mission: to capture the legendary Reckless Correllian, Han Solo. For nearly a year and a half, Kalin had been serving as a dual purpose. He was placed as an intern, an administrative assistant to Solo himself, as well as, shipping credits and packages to Lumiya's contacts all over the galaxy.

In a way, Solo was assisting in the destruction of the galaxy, and it was happening right under his nose. The Venri Island shook slightly as it broke atmosphere, Kalin's lean smile spreading over his face as he thought of the day he'd take Han into custody. The man was arrogant, he was so high on a pedestal, that Kalin, a mere twenty-three boy would bring him to beg for mercy. The grand Hero of the Rebellion would beg for his life, or the lives of those he loved most. It was a humble thought.

The freighter touched down inside S.E.'s receiving yard, as cranes and droids prepared to swarm inside to sort and distribute the items retrieved from Coronet. As the bay doors opened, Kalin reached into his pocket and lit a Loopia stick. He puffed it momentarily, as a loading droid moved to lift the red-ribboned container. Kalin exhaled the smoke, saying, "Hold this until tomorrow morning for on site pickup."

"Sir, the shipping tag-"

"Override, Lohden 114."

"Administrative override accepted. Re-tagging, who is eligible for pick-up?"

"Jon Nixxel. Override Fingerprint acceptance, instead, request passcode. Passcode: SI942."

"Fingerprint Pickup Identification No longer required via Correct Passcode. Shall we make a notation into the logs?"

"No, omit entirely."

"Understood." The droid carefully wheeled the package out, as one of his coworkers approached him. It was one of the do-goods, a person that put way too many hours into pleasing the equally underpaid manager staff.

"Dude, what was that about? You sure you're supposed to do stuff like that?" This could be a problem.

"Can't really talk about it, you shouldn't either." Kalin said, without skipping a beat, "NR stuff." The kid looked as though he bought it.

"Oh, I gotcha. With the government and all, probably relying on Solo to get stuff somewhere in secret." The boy was much more interested in this line of thought. Kalin put his fingers over his mouth, and pretended to zip across them. "Oh, right man. I won't say a word."

Kalin smiled, and walked out of the freighter's cargo hold. He took another hit on the Loopia, humming a song he had attended with Lady Lumiya several years ago. The Opera House had been one of her favorite places, she had mentioned it was one of the deceased Emperor Palpatine's favorite entertainment venues...

Let me know if this is okay, if not, I will make adjustments!!

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Kalin Lohden

Joined: 25 May 2010
Posts: 42

 Post Posted: Sat, March 12th 2011 07:44am    Post subject:
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Kalin shifted his weight, he hated the Corellian freight lines. It might've been the days, weeks even, he spent memorizing configurations, specifications and Solo Enterprise modifications. He knew where every compartment down to the fuction of each wire, including some only the Captain or technical engineer knew of. It was this skill that Lumiya probably picked him in the first place. Kalin shifted through his datapadds, for the first time, he was actually sent to Bakura on real business. But how could he make this valuable to the Lady?

His secure frequency was easily established, the Venri Island's security system had a backdoor established since his first assignment here. "Bakura, I think I can get Solo there."

"You think?" Her voice was a mixture of interest and anger.

"I know. I can and I will."

"This is perfect, my boy, we have planned this down to the Corellian's disgusting bootstraps. Soon, I will have him in my hands... soon. Do not disappoint me, Lohden, you must not fail."

"I will not, mi'lady." The hologram flickered, but she remained. There must've been something else. "Yes?" He asked her, curiously.

"Lord Var will be on the surface, he will observe and collect Solo. I want you to remain in place, maintain your cover. Shoot at him, if need be. He's more than capable to respond to whatever Solo has a security force."

"I understand, mi'lady." A cool chill ran down his spine. Only once had he encountered Tarison before, and it was one of the most disturbing feelings he had ever had. Lumiya had a wicked charm about her, seductive almost, even though deep down, it was cold and black. Tarison lacked the sugar coat.

"Kalin," her voice sweet, he'd do anything for her now, "I want you to do something for me. There is another one of my agents, in a different group on the surface. It is time you learn of each other, in case things become... tangled... His name is Rylii Kuat."

Kalin wanted to spit at the mention of the name. The boy had everything. Fame, fortune, and resources. Kalin couldn't even offer a fraction of that, how was he supposed to win her favor?? Kalin looked down, he felt his fist clench and his heart sulk. He felt inferior, inadequate. Lumiya leaned forward, her hair falling perfectly over her face, the donned uniform of the old Rebellion days, put her in Rogue Squadron. Kalin knew everyone that was ever apart of the elite starfighter corps, but her? He would've remembered someone so beautiful. He made a note to relook at this, this clue to Lumiya's past.

"Kuat has been seduced by one of my pupils, and he will do as we command. He is nothing but a gamepiece in my masterplot. Kalin, you are much more to me than a sacrificial piece. You are my ace. I would not have placed you so closed to Han Solo, if I did not believe you could pull this off. I believe in you." He stepped closer to the hologram, though he felt arms wrap around him. Her ability to project her body across the universe was amazingly divine. He turned, as she leaned in, connecting for a soft to passionate embrace.

His body craved more, but she released and disappeared. The voice on the hologram said, "Get Solo to Bakura. Get him to Var and maintain your cover. Do not fail me, Lohden."

And she disappeared just as the ship slipped from hyperspace. Bakura.

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