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Nar Shaddaa, Corellian Sector
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hutt Space » Nar Shaddaa, Corellian Sector
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Badim Soilding
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Mon, September 13th 2010 04:07pm    Post subject:
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Badim waited, propping his arm against the holo-station as he did. He turned to Clare, standing with H6 out of view of the camera, even if it wasn’t needed for this kind of call. Her gentle features were hidden beneath her cloak, her hourglass figure within the confines of the fabric. She looked at him and gave an exhausted smile, her eyes looked like they were dug in from lack of sleep. Badim couldn’t figure out why, she had been sleeping just fine. Badim’s attention turned to the brief sound of static as Lucas came on:

"Hey Badim,” he said. Badim hadn’t seen him since they left Thyferra for Naboo, and he sounded different. Nothing to worry about, he was in contact with a friend again, “Can't really talk right now, what's up?"

“Where are you all at? I’m…” Badim paused, letting the correct words come to him, “Coming back.”

”Good to hear,” he replied, maybe he was being missed after all. “But I’m on Coruscant with Kyp, Firi and Dex. The Leaper was stolen and Tseneca, Sethe and Jonas are on Tatooine.”

“Well, that’s just great isn’t it?” Badim retorted, turning to H6 and tossing him a credit chit, “Get us a transport to Tatooine from the nearest transport hub, H6,” he let his head hang in reminiscence, “Tatooine… That’s where I met Clare for the first time.”

”I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t worry about it,” Badim smiled, “Clare’s alive.”

”What was the last part? You’re coming in on static. I only heard ‘Don’t worry about it’. What did you--”

The line cut into static. Badim shrugged it off, better to let him see in person anyways. He turned to Clare and wrapped an arm around her, leading her to the docks H6 had left for. Clare looked up at him with a bit of a worried stare, saying, “I don’t feel too good.”

“It’s just a lot to take in,” Badim said, ready to catch Clare in the event that she collapsed like so many holo-novels had portrayed, thankfully she didn't, “We’ll be with the crew soon.”

“Yeah,” she replied, looking in front of them and tucking her hood further over her forehead, “You’re right.”

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Corask Slen'da

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 Post Posted: Mon, July 04th 2011 08:01pm    Post subject:
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hutt Space » Nar Shaddaa, Corellian Sector
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