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Fountain Palace
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hapes » Fountain Palace
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Jacen Solo
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Wed, September 02nd 2009 09:49am    Post subject: Fountain Palace
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The blade of the lightsaber sang through the air above Jacen's head, leaving the smell of burning ozone in its wake. Grinning, he ducked and rolled backwards before bringing his lightsaber up to block his opponent's overhead strike. He jumped and somersaulted backwards onto a catwalk as his opponent swung her lightsaber at his knees.

For somebody who didn't consider themselves a fighter, Jacen Solo spent a lot of his time with an active lightsaber in his hand. Such was a requirement for the husband of a warrior girl. Though Tenel Ka had embraced one half of her lineage as the Queen Mother of the Hapes Cluster she was a Dathomiri warrior to the core. This sparring was a daily exercise for them and one that Jacen took part in only to please his wife.

His own training would take part later in the day in the gardens of the Fountain Palace, where he would meditate and allow his consciousness to expand and fill the palace, experiencing the vibrance of the life present within the jewel of the Hapan monarchy.

Jacen was yanked from his daydream by the sudden presence of Tenel Ka next to him. She thrust her lightsaber towards his neck, a move which would signal her victory. Taking an unconventional course of action to avoid the blow, Jacen leaned back and snatched the rancor-tooth lightsaber from her unprotected grasp.

"Ah," replied Tenel Ka, "you win."
"Only just," replied Jacen, "you almost had me at the end there."
"I presumed that you were not paying attention."
"I wasn't."
"Something on your mind?"
"No," replied Jacen with one of his father's best lopsided grins, "just kinda inappropriately meditating."
"It worked," replied Tenel Ka, slipping her arm around Jacen and leading the way towards the showers, "let us celebrate your victory."
"Lead the way," replied Jacen with a grin.

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Jacen Solo
Orrion Carn

Joined: 16 Aug 2009
Posts: 9

 Post Posted: Thu, August 19th 2010 12:15pm    Post subject:
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Jacen paced into the gardens of the Fountain Palace, striding towards a more silent portion he had found after coming here with Tenel to fulfill half of her linage. He stepped into the serine gardens, pushing past a bush or two until he came to a duracrete slab on the ground. He sat and crossed his legs as accustomed to meditating. He embraced the Force as he breathed in, letting his mind clear with every exhale, the connection getting stronger with every breath he took.
Soon, the world around him fell away and he could see the Force auras of the beings around him. Some faint as the standard of life, a plant or an insect. Others stronger and standing out, such as Tenel. He felt himself grin with one of his father’s lopsided grins again, but quickly wiped it away to continue his meditation.

He reached his senses past the Hapan monarch and found himself panting, feeling the pain his sister was. Jaina…Jag… He struggled to get a clearer picture of what was happening with her. But he saw something more, a faint hope residing within her.

His mind cleared, the world around him rebuilt and fell back into place as Tenel came rushing through the bushes and shouting his name, “Jacen! Come quickly!”

He followed her, feeling the suppressed fear in her, as with himself. He feared something had happened to Allana, but was taken to a holo-screen instead. He made a double take as he saw the screen with an infamous woman’s face on it, a woman who his parents had described several times to him. Daara Zend.
Jacen breathed a little easier, but was given the reason for Jaina’s pain after he heard Jagged Fel had been killed. Jaina’s husband.

Silence followed as Zend ended her speech, her announcement to returning to the Galaxy and establishing Order.
“I need to see Jaina,” Jacen turned to Tenel, “She’s going to need comfort with what just happened to her.”
Tenel agreed and embraced her husband, wishing him luck with the usual May the Force be with you, then going to check on Allana.

* * *

He paced into the royal hanger of The Fountain Palace, where his TIE advanced x1 resided. It was one of three given to the Solo children by their thought-of-uncle Lando Calrissian, first used in an asteroid belt owned by Lando in the Dubrillion system. Like the other two, they were identical, and modified with Class 2 hyperdrives, and a small, Class 12 backup from their father. The only difference between the three were the color difference in the graphic designs. Jacen’s was a deep red star around the cockpit with thick, horizontal lines covering the edges of the inwardly face wings. Jaina and Anakin’s fighters had the same designs, except Jaina’s was a crimson shade and Anakin’s was a bright yellow.

He used a flick of his hand to open the cockpit, then used the Force again to assist him in a jump, then slowly lowered himself into the pilots seat. His hands danced over the controls, using the Force again to flip one or two switches as he activated his long dormant fighter. His body lurched back into his seat as Jacen left Hapes and into Hyperspace. Heading to Bastion.

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