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Cybernetic Lab - Adjacent to the Pallanén-Davad Estate
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 Post Posted: Thu, December 08th 2011 01:27am    Post subject: Cybernetic Lab - Adjacent to the Pallanén-Davad Estate
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There was darkness before the light, as her replicated eyelashes bat open. Her humanity-impersonated, yet totally cybernetic reaction caused her pupils to shrink as she absorbed the light, though in reality, her viewing had not been compromised. Alisson ran her typical self-diagnostic and immediately noticed a plethora of new systems. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing happened, it was like she was on mute. A voice, identified in her memory banks as Kristopher Pallanén-Davad, answered the muted question, "Alisson? Dad. I think she's awake."

In a swivel, the droid and cybernetics master swung over, his eyes scanning her face, before nodding. "Alisson, can you hear us?"

Alisson opened her mouth, but shut it quickly. She nodded instead, and waited for him to explain.

"I'm running a few tests, you should be back to normal... What is the last thing you remember?" His voice was uneasy, almost emotionally uncertain. "Go ahead, your vocal subroutines have been completed, just do not try to move anything below your neck."

Alisson tried to recall the last thing, in fact, it had been her update prior to departing with Lucas on the Blight Leaper, he had just returned home from Iego. "Leaving with Lucas. He was boarding a ship designated as the Blight Leaper with a woman named-"

"Tseneca, yeah." Kris finished, "Dad, she's.... lost quite a bit of time. Can we fix that?"

"Not without compromising her memory banks. I don't know what will happen with all this jargon caused by the Empire."

"Empire?" Alisson was confused, weren't they the Empire?

Kris put his hands under his chin, "Yeah, a long lost Grand Admiral came out of the Unknowns... Muunilinst, Bilbringi, Bakura, Bespin... all gone."

Alisson was taken back, "Ryan, did I?"

Ryan looked at her, sighing while putting his hand on his son's shoulder. "Alisson..."

"You saved my life." Kris answered, and pulled a long sheet of white cloth revealing a significantly damaged HRD unit. It was her, her own body laying there. "We restored you, but only back to your last upgrade. A lot has happened."

Ryan pushed against the wall, spinning in his hover chair and back to one of the diagnostic tables. "I would've upgraded you to your last check-in, but I found a corrupted file. It seems it was modified by Rylii Kuat, little bastard had some kind of background monitoring set up."

"He was working with Lady Lumiya, if I understood everything Bells explained to me." Kris answered, "Who knows what you would've done..."

Alisson didn't like the thought of someone having a sub-protocol hidden in her body, maybe it was for the best that her memory had been erased.

Judging by the time index, she had lost four months.
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Ryan Davad

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 Post Posted: Thu, August 09th 2012 07:42pm    Post subject:
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The cybernetics lab was his own personal solace in the news of the AmmaRa's passing. Arlyn had come to bed and explained everything to him, and for once, he felt a strain on his marriage. Not only had his wife permitted this woman, Lumiya, to kill one of their homeworld's greatest men, but she had sent their son. It was time like these that he felt more comfortable with the artificial sort, than the living, breathing alternatives. He was working on the Slyfer Communication terminal, one of the major networks had a hiccup that resulted in nearly 1.1 trillion users being off-line for almost three minutes. To most, they wouldn't notice it, but it wasn't the kind of publicity he needed with such a fresh product.

The door of the lab chimed letting him know a member of the family was entering. It wasn't difficult figuring out who, but Ryan slightly dreaded the kind of conversation he would have with his son. Lucas entered quietly, observing for a moment what Ryan had been working on, before turning his attention to something in the corner of the lab. In fact, Ryan had been so involved in the Slyfer Crash, that he hadn't even noticed the new object sitting in the corner. "Lucas, what is that?"

"A project I thought we could work on, and honestly, I could use the distraction right now." Lucas said, his voice was emotionless, absent of the joy and innocent excitement he generated normally. Ryan walked over to him putting his hand over his boy's shoulder. They didn't have many interactions, not since he had left for the Jedi Order all those years ago. Lucas was a man now, as odd as that was to think about. He wasn't the little kid climbing into his lap to get a look at a protocol droid's inner workings. No, he was old enough to hold his own.

Ryan unlatched the crates and was surprised to find an Old Republic era relic. It was a Destroyer Droid, a Droideka, of the Clone Wars. Considering the condition, it was surprisingly well maintained... just disassembled. "Incredible! You found this?"

"Yeah, I did." Lucas laughed, "I thought it was in pretty good condition, enough to salvage and put back together." Lucas looked it over, before he started to unload it. Several of the Cybernetic Lab droids assisted them, laying out the pieces in such a way that would make assembly easy. It would take them an hour, maybe two if they used all the help from the lab, but Ryan waived off the artificial assistants.

"Let's do this the old fashion way?" Ryan said, "I could use a distraction or two." Lucas nodded and two went to work. They worked in tandem, assembling and contorting the old droid. Ryan would request parts from his storage facility which would be produced fifteen or so minutes after having requested them. The day went on, stopping only for a drink or a visit to the fresher. Once assembled, Ryan connected the droid to the supercomputer and began an analytic of its software. Purging all files, he implemented something that would adhere to only Pallanén-Davad and use its personality matrix to act in a way that would benefit the family and the family's goals. He had perfected these personality subroutines over his long career and when he was finished gutting out the old files, he walked over to his son.

"Well, it's ready. I gave it a neutral personality... It's about as loyal as loyal can get. It would seem as though it didn't come from the Old Clone Wars, something much more recent."

"Yeah, I wasn't sure if the crime lord had manufactured this one or was using it as a base model from some scrapyard."

"It has been gutted though, so it has the standard Pallanén-Davad loyalty personality, though you can tinker with it if you want." Ryan said, "You wanna be the one?" He asked, indicating whether or not Lucas wanted to be the one to activate the droid for the first time. Lucas nodded and Ryan stepped aside, turning the lights down to a minimum. The first activation of a new droid, even one that had been refurbished, was one of the most exciting parts of the job.

Lucas approached and hit the switch on the control panel, effectively activating the droid. It's eyes glowed, blinking several times. "Greetings, I am Droideka 3-0021AK2."

"Hello, I am Lucas Pallanén-Davad." Lucas said, "Do you mind if I call you Dreda for short, Droideka 3-0021AK2?"

"That is acceptable. I am Dreda." The droideka's eerie vocal processor sent chills down his back. Ryan put his hand on his son's shoulder.

"I'm going to go up and visit with your mother, why don't you two get to know each other."

"You are Ryan Davad. Greetings." The droideka said. Ryan dipped his head and departed from the room, leaving his son with a sparkling new toy and for a brief moment, Lucas looked like a kid again.
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Droideka 3-0021AK2

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 Post Posted: Thu, August 09th 2012 08:50pm    Post subject:
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Dreda peered around the chamber he was in, mechanical parts strewn here, tossed there, organized everywhere despite the apparent chaos in storage. 56.009 Percent Storage Efficiency, Dreda calculated as he glanced around the room as a projected, dull green outline identified each individual object of note played in his vision. Lucas blinked blue, other droids in the room flashed gray, a deactivated but menacing looking combat droid in the corner blinked red.
96.875 Percent Of Current Environment Logged. 100 Percent of Logged Environment Added to IFF.
There was one piece of information he didn't have, after peering around the room in a full circle, he stopped in front of Lucas, "What sector are we residing in?"

Lucas paused for a moment before answering, Dreda recognized an emotion in his databanks as a combination of sadness and acceptance, "Core Worlds, Kuat Sector, Kuat. You know you can lighten up a little?"

"Affirmative," Dreda wanted to impress Lucas, make him not sad. Dreda took a couple steps back on his spindly legs, and activated his forcefield to lighten up.

Tag: Alex Lucas would likely be thinking back to AmmaRa, and responding to Dreda being so robotic, not as lively yet as SAMM or H6.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

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 Post Posted: Thu, August 09th 2012 09:43pm    Post subject:
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"You took that a bit more literally than I thought." Lucas chuckled, it was the first time he laughed since Bespin. "You should have access to your memory banks, everything about where we are and who you belong to should be in there..." Lucas said, "Can you confirm that?"

The forcefield disappeared. Then after a few minutes the droideka responded with, "Affirmative. I am still processing all the new information."

"I understand, once you get a hang of things, you should understand more. Do you have any more questions?"

"What is my purpose? My designation?" Dreda asked.

"For a while you will assist me on a couple of missions, which is why we have not included a morality subroutine. You will do and enact everything I say, is that clear?"


"Excellent. I believe this companionship will be mutually beneficial. I included a couple of different languages in your process, but only the Core 100. If we crashland on Endor, you're going to be useless though." Lucas smirked, then bent down to examine its weapons. "Well, not totally useless."

"I am programmed with a wide variety of weapon and tactical information. In fact it consumes nearly 60% of my database."

"Yes, it does. You also have the ability to act as an astometic droid and perform roughly the same abilities. The R-series droids are great, but I think you're going to pan out to be something a lot better. But we'll see, you have a lot of...growing to do yet."

"You stated I will be your companion. Where are we going?" Dreda was to the point and Lucas liked that.

"Devaron." Lucas said, "We're going to need those." He pointed to the droid's blasters.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 01 Aug 2009
Posts: 1153
Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Fri, August 10th 2012 04:54am    Post subject:
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Lucas and Dreda have left the cybernetics lab and are now aboard the Spirit of the Maw.
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