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CR90 Enforcer's Bane
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Maximillion Cyrus

Joined: 20 Jul 2009
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 Post Posted: Sat, March 13th 2010 09:04pm    Post subject: CR90 Enforcer's Bane
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CR90 Enforcer's Bane

The Enforcer's Bane is a heavily modified CR90. It has four extra ion engines powered by solar panels, resulting in resemblance to the Sundered Heart. Also, various other internal modifications have been made (pending).
The slots for the Faberstein-Lago 37s escape pods have been replaced with a housing for a single small vehicle on each side, the one on the right (whatever the nautical term is) contains a very old HTT-26 with most of the parts missing, replaced, or damaged, and the left side has been empty since the Aethersprite-class starfighter that originally occupied the slot crashed (the pilot was playing Battlefront in it haha).
The ship is owned by Jarren Callahan, who got it from his father. While Jarren knows the ship better than any authority that has ever inspected it, and most of his crew, there may be something about the ship even he doesn't know about. Jarren mostly uses the ship to steal items of relative value and escape from the authorities afterward.

The ship currently resides in a port on Corellia.

I posted in the game! Are you happy? Because I'm happy. For no particular reason.
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Jarren Callahan

Joined: 04 Sep 2009
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 Post Posted: Fri, August 06th 2010 08:59am    Post subject:
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Callahan walked up the ramp of the Enforcer's Bane and looked around the cargo area. He took a deep breath and reached down to a box of water bottles on the deck. He looked at it.

Partially Hydrogenated

Whatever. He took a sip.

"So, where are we going next, captain? Did you get any good info?" A nearby pirate asked.

Callahan frowned. Partially hydrogenated water is disgusting. "I found a buyer for some historic artifact thing from a museum on Kuat. Sounds like it's worth the thought and time it'll take to get. Also, we have a new crewmember..." Callahan gestured behind him to where a rather well-dressed gentleman was walking up the ramp behind him with a duffel bag.

The other pirate looked at him suspiciously. "How do we know we can trust this guy? He looks like some kind of aristocrat."

"Well, for one, police usually try to look like pirates when they're trying to snoop, and some people I trust vouched for this guy. Now go to the bidge and tell the helmsman to get outta here."

The crewman left with one more sideways glaze.

Callahan turned and headed to the captain's quarters to plan how things would go down.

CR90 Enforcer's Bane is now going to Kuat.
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Jarren Callahan

Joined: 04 Sep 2009
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 Post Posted: Sun, September 26th 2010 06:11pm    Post subject:
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Everyone seemed so sad that I wasn't around, and it seems like such a pity to have pretty much figured out how this whole dang story is going to go but not use it, so I'm going to try to finish it. :)

Jarren breathed a sigh of relief. Yet annother smooth getaway. Most police organizaions didn't realize that most tricks actually didn't get old. You just had to use them on someone different every time. The details never made it to someplace else. Yet there was always a feeling like, just maybe someone would figure it out on their own.

He turned to the two girls in the back of the vehicle. One looked kind of confused, the other scared. Otherwise they were identical. "So about that payment you promised us..."

"Oh, right." The scared one said. She started digging through her purse. "I have a few credit chips, my credit card..."

What the hell? Jarren thought. Everyone knows the underground doesn't take credit! Except of course when all money is credit >_> That's how idiots get themselves caught!

"Who are you exactly? Are you even wanted anywhere?"

"Um, no." Holy crap. "I just... needed to see the underground... because..." She trailed off.

For a while Callahan had thought that the two were cons of some sort that needed to get off the planet quietly. It would have taken quite a bit of planning and information to manage that. It could mean stupid but determined cops, or of course it could be one hell of a coincidence...

You need time to think about what you just did, lady? Well I need to think about it too.

"Well, come on. Let's talk about this inside the ship itself." Callahan said as everyone began to walk out of the speeder and into a door in the side of the tiny hangar. "Well since you're new to this, I want to tell you a little about life on this side of the law. See, we have rules of our own." Blatant lie. "There's kind of a... pirate code, you could call it. Since you're on our ship, we won't let any harm come to you." If you're useful. "We can work out payment later, and you can just stay on board until then." Because we'll be looking for other ways to make you worth our time. At that point they reached an empty cabin. "You can stay here."

"Oh, thank you. I guess this isn't as bad as I expected." She got a look on her face as if she had said something wrong, then moved quickly through the door. Her lookalike - sister, most likely - followed her. It was at that point that Callahan realized he'd never heard her talk. She was just following the other's lead. Hmm...

He closed the door behind them and turned toward his crew. "Alright, that whole speech about a pirate code and crap? I want you to make them believe it. Make them think we're the nicest group of pirates ever. I want 'em to think they're on the The frickin' Good Ship Lolipop. So spread the word to everyone else that we're living by some kind of code now. And taking showers."

"Captain, what do I do with the atrifact?"

"Put it anywhere. If anyone needs me, I'll be making a private call in my cabin."

"The new guy's gone!" Someone said to Callahan's back.

"I know."

* * *

"The artifact is fake."

"How can you be sure?"

"I just am."

"Well that's alright, it still has-"

"Save the crap about it 'still having value', you know you're not fooling me."

"Fine. Maybe I had other motives for sending you there. Do honestly think you gained anything by telling me that?"

"Yes. A bigger cut of the action. You want to know more about the KDY, right?"

" did you..."

"That's why good help is so hard to find. The better they are, the more they figure out. Maybe that's why most of the dumb pirates already died."

"Tsk... fine. But I'm telling you now, there isn't much for someone like you to get from this."

"Except, perhaps, more money? I got two people here who probably know a lot about what's been going on at KDY, and they don't even realize they're about to tell me all of it."

Wow! I just kind of started typing and poof! Story! Maybe I can come back. Oh, and please put this thread at Kuat.
Fearless pirate and scourge of the seven sectors! Owns the CR90 Enforcer's Bane.
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Joined: 05 Aug 2010
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Location: CR90 Enforcer's Bane

 Post Posted: Thu, October 21st 2010 11:45am    Post subject:
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Sayede and Kyrie (crap, it's been so long I forgot which is which, and I can't use my computer to check xD (drafted on paper)) walked into the cabin and looked around. Sayede (yeah I'm pretty sure it's that one) checked her purse. Barely any money, no changes of clothes, no toothbrush, no phone. Just the necessities, which were starting to not seem necessary at all.
She looked up at Kyrie. "All right, I owe you an explanation. I owe myself an explanation. Someone out there hurt you. I thought that by doing this, I could catch them and bring them to great justice. I meant to help..."
Kyrie smiled at her. "Oh, that's so sweet. I didn't realize you were doing this for me. And you only just met me. You're such a nice person."
Sayede smiled back. "You're my sister. What else could I do?"
She turned toward the door. "I didn't get anything to eat before we left. I'm going to see if there's any food on this ship. After all, there's nothing to do in here."
"I'll go with you!"
Sayede took a deep breath and opened the door. There was nobody there. She searched the hallways until she found someone that led her to the galley. The cook got them both something to eat. The pirates began to filter in to chat and get some food themselves.
Then the captain walked in. "I don't believe you told us where you wanted to go..."

Not much I guess, but tune in next time for some piratey lulz!
Oh, and I give up. I'll just wander the galaxy without ever moving.
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Han Solo

Joined: 14 Jun 2009
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 Post Posted: Thu, October 21st 2010 03:11pm    Post subject:
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OOC: For future reference, if no one moves your thread within a reasonable amount of time, please send one of us a PM. We'd be more than happy to help you out!
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Kastor Antilles

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 Post Posted: Thu, October 21st 2010 07:57pm    Post subject:
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Tag: Dudop Or tag one of us to move it. :)
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