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The Harbinger of Order
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Daara Zend

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 Post Posted: Mon, June 21st 2010 04:38pm    Post subject: The Harbinger of Order
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41:1:11, 2335 hours

The message is forcibly broadcast into evening news programs and hundreds of other Holonet channels. The image of a face from galactic history appears, practically unchanged from the holostills taken decades ago. The woman is clad in a glimmering Grand Admiral's dress uniform, and the backdrop is an austere meeting room devoid of any significant landmarks.

Greetings to the denizens of The Galaxy. I am Daara Zend, Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire. It has been some years since I have been able to talk to you as a whole, and I will not waste your time.

I speak now to clear the ambiguity with which you have been faced, and to bring a solidarity out of the murkiness of the modern galaxy. I will not mince words. I will not treat you like children, nor will I lie and claim to value your opinion over my own, as is the manner of the current galactic puppet government. I would not tolerate falsity from you, and nor should you from me. However, your best interests are close to my heart, I assure you.

The so-called Galactic Union is void. I am not telling you anything you do not already know. The leaders are corrupt. They cater to the whims of their egos and act solely by their own interests. Any hint of blemish on their "legacy" is suppressed; all is framed perfect though the truth is opposite. It is an old story, and an open secret.

Meanwhile, the galaxy suffers.

The "New Republic", the hypocritical instigator of galactic discord, preaches the idea of freedom and tolerance. They do not know the meaning of the words. True freedom is the bliss of a dedication to an ideal; that ideal is enshrined in the Galactic Empire, not mired in fruitless, ostensibly "democratic" meetings orchestrated by a greedy oligarchy led by drunkards and marshaled by bigots. True tolerance is surrendering yourself and working together to accomplish what is difficult, not permitting the vulgar and blasphemous.

The Imperial Remnant have sinned the greatest of all. If you hear nothing, hear this. They are the direct descendants of all that was tolerated under selfish Imperial warlords and villainous Moffs. They are the scions of slavery, discrimination, sexism, specism, genocide and murder. They outwardly oppose these things, but they happen behind closed doors. You know this. They are Remnant; they are what was unworthy to join us, impure and evil.

I have dealt with them. I know all of you are wondering what has happened on Bastion. I will tell you, since your own leaders are too afraid of you, afraid for their own power, to admit the truth. The Remnant Defense Council has been exterminated. Jagged Fel, the whore of the Galactic Union, has been sacrificed. Even now, they have chosen a sacrilegious "emperor" to lead the traitors' social club. They are not able to protect you from themselves. They have not even explained themselves to the paper Union that they claim to adore.

This comes as a surprise to you. It shouldn't. What has the Remnant stood for? Revitalization, perhaps? Or is it devoted merely to preaching its own manufactured story of repentance? My friends, you cannot repent that which you have not admitted. Even while they espouse choice and equality, they deceive their own citizens and return to the ways of old, which they claim to reject so fervently.

The Union is no different. What unification has it truly accomplished? Are you safe? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled?

No. Not since the era before the Civil War have such things been assured.

I regret that I have not been here to protect you from these traitors. I regret that for the past two decades, you have been told lies and silenced. I regret that for years the marauding Rebels and the Usurpers have tarnished the names "unity" and "peace."

Your suffering was not in vain, my friends. The true Empire has returned.

As the only remaining Grand Admiral, I am the leader of the Empire. I have been for nearly thirty years. Therefore, I hereby annul every action the Imperial Remnant has enacted since my exit. The Moff Council is illegitimate. The new emperor is a usurper. Every word they have ever said is without meaning. Their utterances are those of bastard imposters with ill-gotten power. They have no authority. They are not the Empire. They are rebels.

I rightfully claim, on behalf of the True Empire, the sovereignty that was established by the Galactic Republic since time immemorial. We claim the forces of the Empire in The Galaxy. We renew the offensive against the terrorist Rebellion.

There is no judicial requirement for me to say these things. They are true, whether I say them or not, whether you accept them or not. I am simply reminding The Galaxy.

I do not do this for me. Let none of the parasites deceive you on that point. Do not let them shout platitudes into your ears. What have you gained in twenty years? Nothing. What have they gained in twenty years?

I need not answer that one.

I offer you a choice. I do not believe in undue grudges, and I give people only what they deserve. I treat them as I myself want to be treated. I am not cruel, and I am not ostentatious. I offer to everyone - to the Moffs, to the Senators, to the Corellians, to the Hapans, to the Hutts, to the humans, to the Bothans, to the pilots, to the troopers, to the Jedi, to the mothers, to the fathers, to the children - a chance to reconcile with the True Empire. There is no discrimination and there is no slavery, physical nor virtual. The Empire will forgive any infraction. Return into the Order willingly, and you will prosper. Refuse, and you will be cast aside. Only those who oppose the greater good and value their own prejudices and greed will perish - and they surely will perish. Do not doubt this ultimatum.

I am offering a fresh chance for all. Reunite with the True Empire, rid yourself of the parasites, and fulfill the true calling of galactic unity. We will restore that which is greater than the mere sum of all of us.

Long live the Empire.

The transmission ends, and normal programming resumes.

The galaxy at large now knows about the death of Jagged Fel and the Defense Council. The attack on Muunilinst begins seconds after the completion of this message, although that fact is not yet known to the galaxy outside of the planet.

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Grand Admiral Daara Zend
Leader of the Galactic Empire, Flag Officer of Arquebusier

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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Galactic Communications » The Harbinger of Order
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