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Coruscant Underworld
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Tue, August 07th 2012 04:32am    Post subject: Coruscant Underworld
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(Continued from Here)

It couldn’t truly hope to compare to the usual atmosphere of Nar Shadda, but the further one traveled beneath the surface of Coruscant, the less attractive the environment got. It was almost like traveling to another planet, really. On a planet as populated as the ‘crown jewel’ of the civilized galaxy, the planet everyone wanted to claim as part of the infamous ‘rule the galaxy’ quest, it was impossible to police every hangout and back alley that ran through the planets ultra-mega-metropolitan all-encompassing superstructure.

Some might have considered such features a ‘blight’, something to put extra effort into rooting out. For Morgan, it was exactly what he was looking for. With ‘blight’ came less than legitimate business opportunities. The kind of thing that Morgan wouldn’t find on the surface, or even at all on some less-populated or less-covered worlds. Worlds where there wasn’t a maze of places to hide things and put together otherwise innocent looking pieces into less-than-legal goods.

Morgan had come to one of the lowest levels of the Coruscant that was still reasonably inhabited to look for some of these items. There were still people further down, but he was near the cut-off, where the Underworld took on yet a new atmosphere filled with dead-air when what wildlife still remained weren’t on the prowl, hunting for whatever they could find.

The doors of the establishment he walked through revealed one of the seediest clubs he’d ever seen. The place really wouldn’t have felt out of place on Nar Shadda itself. Which meant that Morgan would be able to handle himself just fine.

”I’m sensing a Hutt-inspired decorating scheme.” ZIM commented as they traveled further into the room. Morgan looked about and choose his steps carefully – he wanted a good look at the place before getting anywhere close to comfortable with the place.

”I can’t argue with that.” Morgan replied. ”Place definitely has the look of a wanna-be crime boss.”

That came complete with lighting that wasn’t entirely there, a less-than inviting mood, and no shortage of female employees of at least half a dozen species dressed up in highly provocative outfits. Several of them were traveling about, delivering drinks and waiting on the customers, though a few were being a tad more up-close-and-personal. There was nothing to suggest anything about the outfit involved any kind of slavery, not that he would have expected much even this far down on Coruscant, though the ultimate answer to that question was often difficult to answer. Not that he meant to concern himself with the question anyway.

Another telling feature was that many of the patrons paid close attention to Morgan as he came in. Most only gave him a passing glance, though a few paid closer attention. Mostly the rougher-looking ones, the kind that could probably tell that he was a bounty-hunter of some kind, and were willing to put up a fight if he had come down to collect on someone’s head.

“Can I help you?”

Morgan’s attention turned to his left, where some kind of feline woman was standing – ZIM quickly identified her species as Farghul.

”Yes, I hope so.” Morgan said. ”I’m looking to see your boss.”

She didn’t respond at first. Her head tilted at a couple angles, as if looking at him to get a sense of why he might be making that request before responding.

“Hmmm…” She replied, her voice backed-up by a touch of a purr. “I don’t know. They are rather particular about who they are willing to meet with.”
”I’m mostly making this request as a courtesy.” Morgan replied. ”I pretty much know where your Lady Ellison is already, and if I really felt like it, I could just barge in there. But I’m here on business, and I have a feeling that she will be much more interested in conducting such business if I’m nice about it.”

A moment passed, and then a sly smirk passed onto the felines face.

“I’ll see what I can do.” She said. “Someone will come for you if she is interested. Until then, feel free to ’enjoy’ yourself.”

She turned and walked off with sway of her hips that no doubt was supposed to be seductive, but looked far too unnatural in Morgan’s opinion.

”She probably practices that a lot.” He thought.

He found an empty seat as a small booth and waited, his eyes mostly focused on the end of the room the Farghul had gone out. Not one to leave his wits about, however, he was also keen to keep his attention across the room, regularly scanning for any signs that someone might be trying to get the jump on him. A couple of women came over to his table as he waited, each time offering him a drink, but he declined out of concern for the potential that Lady Ellison was planning to drug him or something.

”You are really focused.” ZIM said. ”I can’t remember the last time you went into a bar and didn’t have anything to drink. At least not any time you spent any real time there.”
”This is serious business, ZIM.” Morgan replied. ”You said it yourself – I need to have a plan if I want to go toe-to-toe with Nico and not get myself killed against that tricky little sith of a woman.”

Several minutes passed, then a human woman with a loosely cut outfit approached.

“She will see you now.” The woman said. “Please follow me.”
”My pleasure.” Morgan replied.
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

Joined: 01 Oct 2009
Posts: 536
Location: I am here -> *

 Post Posted: Wed, August 08th 2012 02:35pm    Post subject:
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The woman led Morgan to a double-door and let him in, though didn’t follow. The back room he entered into was a far cry from the front end, being much better lit and looking far more professional than the rest of the building. Almost as if someone had taken the trouble of transporting an office from the upper levels all the way down here.

In addition to the better lighting, the room was decorated with a homely appearance. A table sat in the center of the room with a selection of chairs on one end. The Farghul that had first greeted him when he came in was seated in one of them, a glass of something or other in her hand. A statue stood in each of the rooms four corners, though closer examination revealed them to secretly be security and bodyguard droids.

”Clever.” ZIM thought. Most wouldn’t give the statues much though, leaving anyone who thought they might have the means to get the upper hand unaware as to how well-guarded the room actually was.

All of it was subtly designed to draw attention to the desk placed at one side of the room. At it was seated a female Muun wearing a business suit – ‘Lady Ellison’. It was a low-cut business suit, but a business suit all the same. Standing over her shoulder, looking like a more traditional body guard, was a Trandosian with some kind of high-tech looking eyeware.

“Morgan ZIM.” Ellison said as Morgan entered. “Please have a seat.”

”You know who I am?” Morgan asked.
“I’ve heard of you.” She replied. “Now please, have a seat.”

”Face it. We may not be a household name, but we’re not nearly as obscure as you’d like to think, Morgan.”

”I think I’ll stand.” Morgan said to Ellison.
“I insist.” She replied.

Morgan got the feeling she wasn’t going to discuss business if he didn’t comply. He checked the chair to make sure it was clean before finally sitting. The Farghul offered him a drink, but Morgan again declined.

“It’s clean, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Ellison said.

Looking at it again, then changed his mind and accepted.

Mmm…tasty.” He thought.

“Unlike my friend, I’m less than amused by your attempts to all but demand to see me.”
”I didn’t demand anything.” Morgan countered.
“No.” Ellison replied. “But you might as well have. Saying you’re asking as ‘a courtesy’ does little to improve the situation.”

”But clearly it worked, since you let me back here.” he said.

“Maybe.” She said. “On the other hand, I might have just asked you back here in order to tell you to never step foot on my property again.”
”That would be quite the personal eviction.” Morgan said.
“It would. But I take pride in my work. I don’t just hand out jobs to my subordinates just because I can.”
”It would also be a good way for someone to get back here and kill you easier.” Morgan said and took a drink. ”Assuming that’s why they were here.”

“Anyone able to kill me that easily wouldn’t be here for just business.” She said. “I may take pride in my work, but I also know my customer base. The people who could kill me that easily wouldn’t be coming here for just business.”

“Which brings me to my question.” Ellison continued. “Why are you here?”

”I did some asking around, heard you were the best person to get weapons from. Military-grade weapons, specifically.”
“You heard correctly.” Ellison said with a nod. “But you’re already armed, and I have no doubt you’d have little trouble finding such weapons elsewhere. Why come to me?”
”I’m going to another planet where I need to have the drop on someone the moment I arrived. And time is of the essence. I need my weapons ready the moment I arrive.”
“What are we talking about?”

”Sniper rifles.” He said. ”Sniper rifles that I can move around without attracting much attention. And high-powered remote explosives.”

“I had the impression you were a bounty hunter, not an assassin.”
”I am a bounty hunter.” Morgan replied. ”But there’s someone I’m trying to kill.”
“It’s not someone important, is it?”
”Some would say they are. But if you’re worried I’m planning to assassinate someone who’s death would bring the weight of New Republic down on your head, you can be rest assured that I’m after someone who’s widely considered a mass criminal.”

Lady Ellison thought for a moment, then tapped something onto a datapad. Snapping her fingers, the Farghul got up from her seat and handed it to Morgan.

“For you, it’ll cost extra.” She said. “And that’s my final offer.”

Morgan took the pad and looked at what she was offering and the price. The feline went around to the back of his chair and leaned on it to look over his shoulder as Morgan considered it. The weapons certainly looked like they qualified, and had had more than enough to cover the price she was asking. The money he’d been given for bringing Han Solo back safely more than saw to that by itself, with more than plenty of reward money left over.

”I’ll take it.” Morgan replied, and handed the pad over his head back to the alien.

“Meilaa will show you out.” Ellison said. “Someone will meet you at the door with instructions for pickup and payment. Thank you for your business.”

”And thank you for the hospitality.” Morgan replied, downing the remainder of his drink before giving the Muun a nod.

(Click Here to Continue)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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