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The Kallerium Nebula - Kuat System
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Kuat » The Kallerium Nebula - Kuat System
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 01 Aug 2009
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Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Wed, April 14th 2010 05:35am    Post subject: The Kallerium Nebula - Kuat System
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The Kallerium Nebula was one of the most spectated sights inside the Core, and had been a childhood favorite. With his mother's permission, the Nebula territory had been closed for two hours, as Anakin and Lucas underwent starfighter training. The Nebula served as the perfect arena, as proximity to certain colors provided different elements of combat. Inside the green aura, speed would increase, but if you slipped into a blue arrangement, the engine would stall or drag. Red dampened sensors, and yellow provided little to no visibility, due to brightness.

Lucas piloted a TIE prototype, his mother had handpicked the design, and saw an opportunity to field test it. Anakin sped alongside, piloting a modified republic fighter, something he was much more accustomed to. "You know, Corellian designs are an arguably better -" Anakin shot off, causing Lucas to laugh out loud.

"Master, I never considered you a liar."

Anakin laughed, his voice resonating against the communicator. "Last one to the nebula, buys breakfast."

Without hesitating, Lucas floored it on the accelerator. The TIE whined, the signature sound muffled behind newly designed twin ion engines. He looked to his right, outside the small window, to see Anakin matching his speed. He could sense, however, that the Republic fighter was having difficulty keeping up.

"What were you saying about the Corellian designs?" Lucas taunted, before punching the second accelerator. The engines reached their peak, tossing him back in his chair slightly as the speed nearly doubled.

Anakin had always exhibited fancy flying, and how he managed to modify the Republic fighter in the short amount of time, Lucas would never know. His master cleared the nebula just inches before him. How?! He thought, before congratulating him.

"Well done, Master."

"My father taught me that one, when you're ready, I might show it to you." Lucas placed his hands on the trigger, ready to begin the real reason they were out here. Weapons had been replaced with laser sites with targeting sensors around their fighters' hull. It wasn't a deathmatch, but their stats would help determine which and where the Jedi required improvement.

"You ready?" Anakin asked, maneuvering so they were staring at each other.

"Always." Instantly trigger fingers tapped downwards, Anakin performing a delicate swirl, before a dive. Judging by the targeting computers, most of the shots Lucas had fired, missed entirely. Anakin would've obliterated him, had it been a real engagement.

"One-Zero." Anakin counted, stating the obvious. Lucas remained silent, taking his fighter into the yellow hues of the nebula. Though sensors operated fine, the visibility had been next to nothing. The red dot on the radar suggested Anakin's fighter was coming straight at him, only 180 degrees to the side.

Under typical circumstances, the average TIE fighter would've fallen victim to this type of assault, but due to the advances over several generations, it pivoted just nicely. Attempting to barrel roll, Lucas managed to get two direct shots, but nothing lethal enough to score the round.

"Interesting," Anakin encouraged, but it had been the surprise pivot of the TIE, not his targeting skills that stirred the Jedi Knight. Lucas watched the radar, believing Anakin to be well outside weapon range, when a volley of shots had registered on his sensor arrays. "Two-zero. You're not using the Force, even if I cannot see you, Lucas, I can sense you. And that's much more accurate than a computer. Don't rely on what it says you can or cannot do."

Lucas took the mental note, albeit grudgingly. The radar suggested Anakin wanted to explain the lesson further, taking them into the red hue of the nebula. This particular color had dampened sensor detection, leaving his radar completely useless.

Lucas closed his eyes, extending himself beyond the TIE and into the nebula itself. He could sense Anakin's presence, but where in proximity to his location, had been much more difficult to pinpoint.

There. Lucas opened fire, believing to hit his target, but Anakin had adjusted his course, and dodged all but one of the shots. Lucas accelerated upwards, twisting and turning to avoid his master's relentless chase.

Taking a calculated risk, Lucas twisted the maneuvering stick, thrusting him upwards, then backwards entirely. His fingers squeezed the triggers, bringing a green screen of victory. "HA!" Lucas broke his silence, "Two- one."

Anakin spun and shot into a different direction, evading all of the trailing shots Lucas had sent for him. "You're getting better," was all Solo had to say...
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 01 Aug 2009
Posts: 1153
Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Wed, April 14th 2010 06:04am    Post subject:
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TIE Oppressor II- Prototype - Piloted by Lucas Pallanén-Davad
45 Minutes Into the Training Exercise - 1 hr. 15 min Remaining
17 to 3, Anakin Lead

Lucas followed the republic fighter, hoping that Master Solo would make a mistake at some point, but the sheer velocity of their chase, made each and every pivot crucial.Anakin had flexed his abilities as a pilot, Lucas barely able to keep up, let alone target and even attempt to score any points. The Force came more natural than before, but an hour had worn on his endurance. Lucas had to keep reminding himself, that the Solo family were the best, and to learn and taught such techniques...

"Nice work, but remember to watch your side panels." Lucas glanced at them, and sure enough, unattended alerts, caused him to lose a precious speed-boost. Anakin had disappeared into a green portion of the nebula, effectively ending the twenty minute long chase. Lucas immediately began his defense, taking a lower track in space, hoping to come underneath Anakin's fighter.

"Do you think you're low enough?" Anakin asked, but the question itself had given an answer. Lucas dived, calling on all the forces of the TIE to respond to his sudden adjustment in speed and direction. He spun, inside each rotation, a laser had passed, yet his sensor network had remained untarnished. He had survived, but Solo's advances would continue to press on. No doubt, each more difficult than the last...
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