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Ord Mantell
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Sara Soto
Orrion Carn

Joined: 10 Oct 2009
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 Post Posted: Thu, August 12th 2010 12:52pm    Post subject:
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Listen: Boneyard

Sara, Sethe and Jaira quickly rushed their way through the hallway. Sara could almost feel herself getting faster as the thoughts of being too late to help Badim filled her mind. But she was going only slightly faster than the others. Just adrenaline, she reassured herself.
They stopped at a door, leading them to the first room. Sethe quickly was able to hack into it’s control panel and open the door to absolutely no resistance. No guards in this area whatsoever. Sara sighed and took the chance to gather herself as Jaira went to start on the next door. More crudely than Sethe would have, but she’d get it done.

Sara stopped by a computer console situated on a wall about chest height, Jaira would take a while and she had nothing better to do. She peered behind her, seeing ten empty prison cells, one with a blood trail leading out of it. Sara cringed slightly, before looking at the holo-recording for Cell - 6.
The screen flickered on as Sethe joined her side, watching the footage too. She had started the recording at seven days prior. Seeing…
Clare…” she whispered, loud enough for Sethe to get the idea that this is what all the killing here was for.
Her frozen and dead body, motionless as the guards and mercenaries carefully placed her on a metal cot, then locked her in.

Sara didn’t need to see Clare, not like this. She quickly turned and went to help Jaira as Sethe continued to watch, even though there was nothing to be seen except a frozen corpse that wasn’t in Cell - 6 anymore. She reached her hands into the control console, quickly sparking two wires together as Jaira did the same simultaneously, and the door began to hiss open, leading into yet another hallway. Jaira ran down it’s length to begin on the next door as Sara turned to Sethe.
“Sethe,” she said, “Door’s open, let’s go.”

Sethe didn’t move, not tearing his eyes off the console.

“Sethe!” Sara shouted louder this time, “Badim needs our help, let’s go!”

Sethe looked at her, back to the console, to the blood on the floor near and in Cell - 6, and then quickly joined Sara as Jaira opened the door down the hall to, unsurprisingly, a wall of blaster bolts as she dove in.

After yet another repetitive battle… :p

This battle was finished, but there was another one waiting for them. The door that separated them from Badim, a Krayt sized room of mercenaries and Jelahan Loren lay before them. Jaira began on this door as well, as Sethe looked at the ground at his feet, contemplating what he had seen in the holo-recording. He was holding something back, however. She could almost… Feel it. Something emanated from him that suggested he was trying to organize what he had seen, and how Badim was feeling after the loss of someone even Sara considered beautiful.
She wanted to ask him what else he had seen aside from Clare‘s frozen body, but Firi contacted them.
“Sara, we’re at the door. Waiting for you.”
“We’re set on our end. See you inside.” she quickly replied.

The door Jaira was working on slid open to the sudden noises of blaster fire and…

Tag: Jess Sent you a PM on this.
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Sara Soto First Previous Next Latest
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Badim Soilding
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Thu, August 12th 2010 12:53pm    Post subject:
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Listen: Bunker

The door opened in front of Badim, revealing a large room adorned with desks, chairs, guards and the one who had murdered the one he loved: Jelahan Loren. There were far more guards than what Badim would have comfortably wanted to face. But he wasn’t in his comfort zone anymore, not since the monster before him killed Clare.
“So,” Jelahan began, “The man of the hour, or should I say, week and a half, has finally arrived.”

Jelahan reached into one of his pockets with a robotic, prosthetic arm and retrieved a cigarette, lit it and placed it in his mouth.
Out of sheer instinct, remorse and a lust for vengeance, Badim aimed his E-11 and fired at Jelahan. A flash of light, and he was still standing. Ray Shields, Badim hissed in his head.
“Are you letting your blaster speak for you, Soilding?”
Badim just stood there, glowering at the man. Jelahan shrugged, “I’ll take that as a yes, then?” he let off a sigh, “Shoot him in the arms and legs, then bring him into my office.”

Two guards followed Jelahan as they entered through a large, elegant wooden door. The ray shields clicked off, and Badim dove for cover as the guards that surrounded him opened fire in his general direction. He was out of his element, even as he slowly picked apart the guard’s numbers one-by-one, it was a fight he couldn’t win. But he was determined, and fought on anyways. Hope was still on his side, and a chance of survival was still his if he didn’t let his guard down.

He gripped three vibroknives from his shoulder pad, counted to three, stood and flung the sharp projectiles at the mass of guards. One missed, the others hit home and dropped two guards. He lay his head against the metal desk he was behind, continually counting off sets of numbers, shooting a guard or two, taking cover and repeating the process. His E-11 clicked. Empty. He set it down for now, he had more clips, but he needed to continue to fire and not reload at this time.

He pulled his DL-22 out of the holster on his hip. Just as he was about to open up on the guards again, two doors opened on either side of the room, Sara and the others barging in, taking out the closest guards to them and taking cover. Badim sent a nod to Sara, then continued to fire at the guards.

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"No One Deserves To Die, Except For Those Who Do."
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Badim Soilding
Orrion Carn

Joined: 26 Aug 2009
Posts: 907
Location: Aboard The Killer's Fate II

 Post Posted: Fri, August 13th 2010 05:21pm    Post subject:
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Listen: The Enemy of My Enemy

The battle outside Jelahan’s office was over, and the group stood in front of the door that separated Badim from avenging Clare. He slowly paced to it as Kyp, H6, Jaira, Sara, Sethe, Dex and Firi pressed their bodies to either side of the door.
As Badim paced to the door, he saw Firi and Dex glance at each other, making sure each other were fine from the engagement. The care he saw in their eyes was the same he and Clare had. He hoped they stayed together and flourished where he couldn’t anymore.
Badim stopped feet away from the door, wondering what he’d see inside, what he’d do to Jelahan for turning Clare into a martyr. Emotions began to swell in him, the same feelings he had felt on the landing pad on Coruscant nine days ago.
Jelahan was suffering from the same pain as Badim, enduring it longer than he had, forging it into a thirst for revenge not unlike himself. But his friends didn’t share the same remorse or thirst like him, they cared for their murdered friend and Badim’s wellbeing, seeing him through to the end of this ordeal. But they didn’t know that Jelahan was only the start of his ordeals, his life was changing far more rapidly than anyone could barely comprehend, let alone bare it.
Sara straightened herself, then moved next to Badim, priming her leg to kick the door down. Badim placed a hand on her shoulder, then patted it gently as she retook her position. Sara was a loyal and good friend to him and Clare. She would follow him to the Ends of the Unknown Regions and beyond if it meant helping him. But she was also trying to fill the void in his heart, but she didn’t know that nothing would fill it now that Clare was gone. But she still tried to comfort him in the least.

Badim’s leg tensed, waiting for him to give to order to launch a wrath filled kick. The hatred for Jelahan and the remorse for Clare filled and mixed inside him, but so did the conflicting thought of Retribution or Forgiveness, as Kyp had told him on Cato Neimoidia, but so did Tseneca‘s words of wisdom: A life for a life is a cycle that can never be broken… He let it all go and vented the feelings through the door, watching as the elegant, blastpoint charred wood door fell open.
Badim stood in the open doorway to see Jelahan, daringly opposing him from in front of his desk. The walls of his office adorned with holo-screens reaching from the ceiling to the floor, with video footage of the more graceful areas of Worlport to add a feel to the room, instead of a bunker underground.
He entered first, the rest waiting for the sound of two blaster bolts before entering, quickly seeing two hidden guards, dead from burning blastpoints in their foreheads.
Jelahan stood his ground, unfazed by the absence of his guards or Badim‘s advance.

Badim aimed his weapon and shot the blaster Jelahan suddenly tried to bring to bare. Badim continued to walk towards him as everyone filed into the room, watching him slam his leg into Jelahan’s genitals, watching as he heaved onto the ground.
Badim glowered over him, then lifted the stunned man up from the floor and pressed him against the desk, using so much force it pushed it back a foot and screeched as it scrapped against the floor. Badim placed the tip of the blaster to Jelahan’s forehead, letting him glance at it.
“Go ahead,” Jelahan said in a weak voice from the blow he had taken, pressing the blaster deeper against his skull, then spat, “Shoot me and avenge your girlfriend. Let the pain I‘ve felt for five years come out and--!”
Badim shifted his aim, pressing it to his shoulder, next to the prosthetic joint to his robotic arm, and pulled the trigger. He listened to the man’s scream of pain from the explosion, then his wincing as it set in and the metal on his arm burned his skin, “You don‘t get to mention Clare!” Badim aggressively shot back, leaning in and spitting the words into his face.

Jelahan recovered slightly, “You still don’t get it, do you? Clare didn’t matter to me, I killed her in front of you to make you feel the pain I had been enduring for the five years since you killed my son. It was the best revenge I could have ever wanted!”

“I killed him in self-defense!” Badim protested, still leaned in and still spitting the words at him, pressing the blaster to Jelahan’s other shoulder, in the same spot as last time.

“You killed him all the same, and I got the justice I wanted,” Jelahan let a squirming smile of mischievous victory cross over his face, “I’ve destroyed a once strong man, and avenged my son.”

Badim used his other hand and punched Jelahan in the face, then pulling the trigger again once he had straightened from the hit, hearing him scream on both accounts.
Badim grabbed the man’s neck and screamed in his face, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” he had rarely used that sentence in his life, the only one coming to mind was inside the Terentatek cave on Kashyyyk, but it was eerily appropriate. He punched Jelahan again, then re-grasping his neck, harder this time, “I haven’t felt anything like I had with Clare, and I will never feel it again because of you!”
Sara looked at Badim as he spat the words into the murder‘s face, seemingly understanding where he was coming from, but she felt pained almost at the latter remark. They all watched as Badim pointed the blaster at Jelahan’s forehead again.
“Kyp. Jaira. Sethe.” Sara said, keeping her eyes on Badim and Jelahan, “Make sure there’s no one else here and get Dex and Firi ready to leave.”
She didn’t want them to see what Badim was going to commit, to see the beginning of the path he was going down. H6 stayed along with Sara, and after the others left and were out of earshot from their voices, there came only silence as Badim thought for what seemed like an eternity. He tried to press the blaster deeper into Jelahan’s skull, to bring himself to pull the trigger.
Retribution… he straightened his aim.
A life for a life is a cycle that can never be broken… his hand shook subtly.
Or Forgiveness…
His hand lowered, jumping up as it fell to his side in confliction, he wanted to kill Jelahan, but he couldn‘t. Clare wouldn’t have wanted it, and it would have set him down a path that he could never return from, something his friends would have shunned him for.
Jelahan began to laugh as Badim turned and began to walk away and passed H6 and Sara. They turned to Jelahan as his maniacal laughter turned to a taunt.

“Can’t bring yourself to do it, can you? Kill an unarmed man? Even if he was the one who killed your girl!?” Jelahan scoffed, mocking Badim’s resolve, still egging him to murder him, “You’re weak, you can’t do what you want. Even to avenge her.”

Sara stepped forward and past H6, “Clare wouldn’t have wanted it, to have him kill an unarmed man despite the man beneath. He’s bound to her, he can‘t. And he‘s strong for doing so, and has avenged Clare by not following down your path,” Sara said, then stepping in front of Jelahan to make her presence known, “Clare was my friend too, and she would have wanted Badim to leave it be.”

Sara raised her blaster to Jelahan, “But that doesn’t mean I can‘t avenge Clare in my own way, and stop you from hurting anyone else.”


The blaster rang throughout the base, echoing in eerie reverberation. Jelahan lay dead, strewn over his desk. Sara turned to Badim, watching as he tore his black cloak off, then toss it aside. The weight it had was released now, over with. Clare had been avenged, for himself, Sara and the rest of The Leaper.
“You shouldn‘t have done that.” Badim said solemnly with his back turned to the two, breaking the silence that fell over the base after the blaster bolt sounded.

“I disagree,” Sara said, holstering the blaster as she strode to stand next to him, “Things change, and Clare was my friend too. He had to die. If he lived he would have come after you or someone else, it was… Precautionary.”

Things change…” he repeated, the words standing out amongst her words, echoing them in his head much like the blaster bolt had. Things did change, but it wasn’t the crew or Sara, it was him. The Leaper didn’t need him, they didn’t need his cold, heartless personality that began to grow, “And so do my relations.” Sara looked at him surprised and puzzlingly, wondering if he was going to allow her in, but it soon vanished with his next sentence, “My time with The Leaper is done. Everyone is safe, and Clare is avenged. I‘m done.”

Sara staggered, tensing up at his words of departure.

“Badim…” Sara said, approaching him and placing a hand on his shoulder, scarred, but hale for the most part now. He could feel the beat of her heart through her wrist, racing at the thought of losing a friend or something more. She didn’t voice the feelings she held, “You can’t. There’s too much left to do, we still need to go after Nico, and you know Tseneca‘s going to need you too after what she just went through with Emmett.”

“I’ve done too much already, Sara… lost too much,” he said, realizing that he was now all alone in the galaxy, even if his friends were at his side, he wouldn’t be the same, life for him would never be the same.
He had lost everything important to him: Clare, his foster parents and his own heart and way of life. Even with his newfound parents, it didn’t make a mark against what had been lost.

Tseneca also didn’t need him, she needed space and to not worry about caring for a broken man. She didn’t need him hopelessly and depressingly lingering the ship, waiting for the next chance to kill or take on Nico.

Nico was another matter entirely, it wasn’t his fight or his battle anymore. It was never his battle to begin with, he was only wrapped into it because he was forced to for a ride that had transformed into a family. “You and the others can watch out and care for Tseneca, and you’re more than capable of taking on that karking maniac, without me.” he said grimly.

“Badim, please,” Sara begged, gripping his shoulder tight and caringly, not wanting to release it, fearing she‘d lose a friend or something more, “It won’t be the same on the Leaper without you there. Everyone will miss you… I‘ll miss you…”

The same… Funny you should say that,” Badim said, realizing he had resolved in his head a moment ago that he wouldn‘t be the same. He gently shrugged Sara’s hand off his shoulder as he began to pace out of the room, “Goodbye, Sara. Give my regards to the others…”

Sara stood still, watching as he left, “Badim! Please don’t leave!” she shouted fruitlessly as he continued to walk out of the room, his mind and body being determined to leave and find a new purpose. But she kept it up, but not daring to move an inch. Badim felt a gentle nudge, a push to stay. But he needed to get away and nothing was going to stop him, not even Sara’s pleas.
H6 took his side. There was no stopping the droid from following it‘s master, and they left for one of the speeder hangers, one that H6 had brought up in the layout of the base. They headed in the opposite direction Kyp, Jaira and Sethe had taken Dex and Firi to, they didn‘t need to see or hear of his departure until after Sara told them. They entered the once sprawling bays, devoid of workers or mercenaries, abandoning Jelahan and his men when Badim and his friends entered and started shooting.
It was quiet as Badim and H6 got into a speeder and he slouched into the passenger seat, crossing his arms as H6 drove off into the wastelands of Ord Mantell, heading back to Worlport. The wind blew against Badim’s hair, free to beat against him with no cloak hiding his face against it anymore. Among the whips of the wind, he could hear H6 asking him a question, “Query: Where shall we go, Master?”

After a moment of thought, Badim announced where they were going next, “…Nar Shaddaa. Where it all began and where we’ll begin anew, H6.”


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"No One Deserves To Die, Except For Those Who Do."
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Sara Soto
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Fri, August 13th 2010 05:23pm    Post subject:
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Sara watched Badim and H6 leave, screaming at them fruitlessly as they left, trying to get them to stay. She tried to will them to stay, but there was no stopping them and she finally stopped after they turned the corner to leave the base, and soon the planet. Sara had lost not one, but three friends now. They were gone, leaving her alone amongst others she barely knew and one she had been dimly curious about. They were caring and friendly, but still strangers to her. Her only true friends at the time were Badim, Clare, and to a lesser extent, H6, she wasn’t alone when she joined The Blight Leaper with them. But she hadn’t reached out very much, and now she was alone with no one to fall back on.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally moved inch-by-inch towards the door and down the hall that Kyp, Jaira and Sethe had taken Dex and Firi. She felt alone, afraid to continue on without her avenged friends.
The others came in sight, standing in silence before they looked at the her curiously, Sara looking at the floor as she slowly walked. She was in thought, trying to organize what had just happened in her head.
“We heard a blaster go off,” Firi said, she quickly darted her head behind Sara, trying to find H6 and Badim, “What happened in there? Where’s Badim and H6?”

“They’re gone.” Sara said, but she quickly had to correct herself, disturbed faces began to show thinking they both had been killed, “Badim took H6 and left after we dealt with Jelahan. Badim said to give his regards, and his Goodbyes.”

“He left? The base or the--” Dex tried to clarify.

“The Leaper,” Sara retorted sadly, “He said he’s lost too much and left.”

Jaira was quiet, feeling sympathetic towards Badim and his feelings, she would have possibly done the same thing if they went through what he had just gone through.

“He can’t leave, what about Nico?” Firi asked. It was strange, Badim had already answered this question to Sara, their friends having the same questions.

“It started out as just a ride, Firi. Nico wasn’t his fight, he was just thrown into it for a lift,” the others looked at Sara a little deeper, realizing that she was apart of the claim too. After what seemed like forever, Sara added, “But it’s still mine.”

They felt partly relieved, but they all had lost part of the crew and friends. They all seemingly wondered if they would meet again, and what he would be when they finally did. Sethe looked down the hall where Sara had come from, trying to see if Badim would suddenly appear, as if he had something important to tell him. But quickly looked back to the others and said, “Let’s get on the Escrow and head to Naboo,” Sethe said, motioning for them to leave with him, “We’ll rest there and tell the others about Badim and H6...”

Next post should be on The Escrow unless you want to make a quick post here, no rush.

Badim’s Convictions plot is considered finished now, and Badim and H6 are heading to Nar Shaddaa.

But as a once great android once said, ”I‘ll be back.”

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Kyp Durron

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 Post Posted: Sat, August 14th 2010 07:16pm    Post subject:
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Sara Soto
Orrion Carn

Joined: 10 Oct 2009
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 Post Posted: Sun, August 15th 2010 03:52am    Post subject:
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Continued here:
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