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Muunilinst, Harnaidan, Tranchida Tower
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Katya Tranchida

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 Post Posted: Wed, May 26th 2010 02:05am    Post subject: Muunilinst, Harnaidan, Tranchida Tower
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Towering skyscrapers of transparisteel and durasteel. Throngs of bankers and their assistants mulling through grand avenues below. The composite murmur of thousands of tongues of various species, each speaking their own native language. The bright rainbow of holographic advertisements at night. And a penthouse where one could see it all from the safe, comfortable distance of a magnificent window. This was the place Moff Katya Tranchida called home. And yet it was not enough. Especially in recent days, when the only solace she found to drown her thoughts was the sizeable cellar that her servants replenished on a monthly basis.

It had been just barely a week since Daara Zend successfully beheaded the Remnant with the bombing that killed High Moff Fel, among other leading figures. Even for one as cold and calculating as Katya, the former Grand Admiral's strike at the heart of the Empire was alarming. Though Zend's reign and sudden disappearance had occurred when Katya's career was still at its infancy, it left a dramatic enough mark on Remnant space in its wake that the memory still stuck in her mind as fresh as an Alderaanian flower blossom on a bright spring day. All jokes about the late planet aside, of course. Billions of credits worth in Imperial military capital, all vanished in a single hyperspace jump with one commander's departure. The problems that ensued understandably caused many headaches for the Banking Clan's financial officers, as they struggled to work out new agreements for Bastion's already substantial loans, but it was such an environment that allowed Katya to take advantage of her late father's name and make her mark, authorizing continued support for low interest loans to borrowers in order to maintain the flow of currency.

If Zend's act wasn't short of terrorism, and under different circumstances, Katya might admire the woman. Much like her more admired predecessor, Daala, she accepted the adversity that came with her gender, she embraced it as an opportunity to distinguish herself in the male-dominated hierarchy of the Imperial Navy, enough so that she caught the eye of the cloned Emperor, who appointed her the first Grand Admiral since Thrawn, and the first female to hold that title. In the arenas of banking and politics, which, while being completely separate in some respects, sometimes resembled the field of warfare, Katya herself had climbed through adversity and developed a carefully crafted and well-maintained reputation for a heart of Mandalorian iron and a cutthroat nature that might have made even Palpatine cringe.

But Zend had crossed Katya, even if the two women never had the chance to meet personally. Her assassination of the Imperial leadership interfered with Katya's own plans, forcing the banker to reassess the current situation in galactic politics and reconsider her own plans for the immediate future. The Council had agreed to Moff Jendob's proposal to the restoration of the throne only days before, and the other Moffs were swarming Katya like blister gnats to a rotting honeyboar carcass to inquire as to which candidate she and the Banking Clan would support, and try to sway her position to one side or another. The truth was, she still had no idea who to appoint to the throne that had only seen one ruler since its institution. It all happened so suddenly, that Katya had had little time to do what a corporate businesswoman did best - plan. While the regent would serve as little more than a mere figurehead, boosting morale for loyalist hardliner citizens while presenting a fa├žade of a united front that the Moffs could hide behind while they continued to bicker as usual, the image itself carried with it immense influence. Whoever the Council elected would effectively be succeeding Palpatine, bearing a portion of the clout the late ruler had built up while in power.

Loath as she was to admit it, if Katya had to throw her support behind a candidate for Imperial Regent, it would be Ams Jendob. While it irked her that his presence on the Council violated Imperial political tradition, with him having earned his position not based on his control over a sector or oversector, but rather his work as Director of Intelligence, and it disgusted her to no end that unlike most of their peers, Jendob seemed to be a Moff with actual integrity, the man was not stupid. If anyone could properly deal with Daara Zend and the threat her potential return posed to the established order, it was him. His connections with Intelligence could also prove useful for Katya's own purposes in the future, in the event that her support and the support of those in her debt was enough to tip the outcome of the vote in Jendob's favor.

Katya took a sip from a crystalline glass of finest Chandrilan wine, as she continued to gaze out at the Harnaidan cityscape. The reappearance of Grand Admiral Zend had changed the game board, that much was certain, but Katya could still stand to gain from the unexpected, if she played her cards right. The current situation would prove to be more difficult than she at first anticipated, but not unmanageable. She still carried the advantage of the vast resources at her disposal, and if the other players chose to underestimate her ability to play the game well, they would thoroughly regret it later on.

"Ready my shuttle," Katya said, speaking to the holographic image of her secretary, a man who was as thin, pale, and gaunt as any Muun. "I intend to leave for Bastion by morning."
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