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Serenno News, Worried Citizens
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Shaddam Corrino

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 Post Posted: Fri, August 21st 2009 03:09am    Post subject: Serenno News, Worried Citizens
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AMIDST the whirling rumours of the last few days of a coup - which Serreno does not need - it is perhaps the right time to ponder the question of the Planet’s future. It can serve as a reminder to those involved in political plots, subplots, and counter plots, real or imagined, and all those who care about the fate of future generations, that our ship needs a navigator and a map to negotiate the increasingly treacherous waters all around us. With more intense competition, the ocean is getting redder, not bluer.

The last few years have been a total waste and a series of missed opportunities for The Count of Serreno. On top of political instability, internal division, turmoil, apathy and deficient vision, Serenno faces a double whammy of possible economic strife. With thorns in its side from both antagonists and "allies" alike, the current government has been dealt an extremely poor hand. But the fact is that, even if one cannot tell which way the political wind will blow tomorrow or next month, this does not mean that a long-term view should not be considered. After all, the future is all about the big picture.

Residents in Serenno termed the turn of events in the state as unfavourable, following The death of the Count and Countess

They are disappointed that the process of development will come to stop on Serreno.

"People wanted a stable government that would work for the development in the state. People want development. That is why they had come out to show support for the Count. If the government is not stable, then there can be no development. All these issues send across a wrong message and portray a wrong image of Serenno in a Galactic sense," said a resident.

The ongoing squabbles between the Noble Houses have made them increasingly wary of the Current Governmental system.

"All these things are a blot on the Count whom the people have great hopes for. But when all this mud slinging takes place, it dashes the people's hopes. It is not appropriate and good," said another resident.
Count Shaddam Corrino
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Galactic Communications » Serenno News, Worried Citizens
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