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Wayfarer-class Medium Transport "Galaxyrunner"
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Outer Rim » Wayfarer-class Medium Transport "Galaxyrunner"
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Kristopher Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 25 Jun 2010
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 Post Posted: Thu, August 09th 2012 03:42am    Post subject: Wayfarer-class Medium Transport "Galaxyrunner"
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Diplomatic Recognized Ownership: Trillx 5, Recognized by all powers except the Hapes Consortium
Wayfarer-class with Two Starfighter Escorts


The Galaxyrunner is owned and operated by the Galactic Transport company, "Trillx 5", a large public company that has seen considerable growth from the Eastern portion, including Hutt territories, to its current state of stops in all major territories of the galaxy, including the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, Hutt Space, the Commerce Guild and other major political powers.


#3 and 4 have been converted into 10 additional quarters, allowing for a maximum of 20 guests

Captain: Gabriel Zeal

Employed by various shipping organizations, including Solo Enterprises, until he was finally offered a better financial package at Trillx 5. Hearty personality and once maneuvered his ship through a firefight between a clan war, earning him the Citizen's Protector Award of the Year 39 ABY.

XO: Brandon Ziles
(Also the First Starfighter Pilot)

Kara Parrs
Second Starfighter Pilot and Passenger Ambassador

Server Droids
9 total

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Kristopher Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 43

 Post Posted: Thu, August 09th 2012 04:13pm    Post subject:
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The server droid brought over a tall glass of Kuati Orange Juice with two large ice cubes bobbing up and down. Kris reached for it after setting a couple of credit sticks onto the tray and took a long gulp. "It's good." He said to H6, "Really good. I wonder if they have been to one of our colony worlds..." Tourism travel was strictly prohibited to Kuat's main planet, however, they did have several colony worlds which replicated the experience. It was possible the juice came from one of them, as it was likely the Galaxyrunner wouldn't have been cleared for Kuat itself. "Any ways, you were about to tell me about Circumtore?"

"Yes." H6 took a moment, it was strange that while he may have just been watching the waitress-droids, it could almost come off as though he were checking them out. Kris shuddered at the thought of H6's libido. "Circumtore is inside Hutt Territory and home to the largest of the crime families, and I mean that quite literally. Their mass outweighs the typical Tatooine or Nal Hutta Hutt by several thousand."

"Shell Hutts?" Kris asked, tipping the glass so the last of the juice and pulp slide into his mouth. "Yeah I've heard of them. Not much though, just the basic Imperial run down."

"So you know of the shells of durasteel they wear around their bodies and the hover lifts they use, which basically immobilize them as their bodies do not have the strength to move, except to shuffle food into their mouths." H6 seemed to recalculate his story, then after a moment, started again. "Their vices are many, to be sure, but I had the most unique experience with one of the elder brothers of the clan. Dumack the Hutt was like the rest of his family, large and mobile only by his hovercart, except he was in need of a translator at the exact moment I happened to be passing by."

By this time the artificial waitress had dropped off some of the grapes Kris had ordered and he was spooning them into his mouth, listening intently to H6's travel stories. The droid continued, "It would appear as though the clan had been cut short of nearly ten-thousand credits. The Rodian was speaking a special dialect that only my antiquity allowed me to understand."

"And? What were they saying?!"

"They were trying to apologize, knowing their lives were in danger, and that a second ship was due to arrive within the hour with the rest of the cargo. They had been boarded by a NR inspections crew and were forced to dump the cargo a system before the check." H6 recalled, but his tone changed slightly, onto a more serious and deeper tone, "But the Shell Hutts were not having anything to do with it. They were ready to kill the rodian captain and his crew, mount them to the walls as a sign to other smugglers. Had it not been for the ship captain, I might have left and allowed them to proceed without any kind of interruption... but the Rodian captain was crucial to finding Badim's lost Sara Soto. On Carratos, I was led to believe she might've interacted, or even, bought passage aboard his ship at one point, and she may, have been abroad right then, ready to be slaughtered by Dumack's hired guns."

Kris was locked now.

"I decided it was in my best interest to intervene. So I talked to the Shell Hutt in his own native tongue, then to the Rodian, clarifying to each that I understood them. In about five minutes, the pair were laughing and sharing a drink at the bar. The Rodian's second ship arrived and all was well. Only, I did not find Sara Soto aboard their vessel."

"Wow," Kris started, "Just wow! You really have interacted with all these criminal syndicates?!"

"Affirmative." H6 seemed to gleam in that response, "But the story is only 66% complete......"
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Orrion Carn

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Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Thu, August 09th 2012 09:46pm    Post subject:
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H6 recalled the remaining 44% of his journey to Circumtore...

Two Standard Months Ago

H6 had just brokered the agreement for Dumack the Hutt and the Rodian Captain, Sheol Rascul. The second ship bore no signs of Soto, and he was at yet another dead end similar to Carrotos. Master would be disappointed if he came up empty handed on this journey, so he would keep searching until Master recalled him or he found Sara.
Dumack the Hutt was surrounded by guards, but laughing and enjoying himself that H6 had intervened and saved the life of a truthful, loyal smuggler, keeping Sheol in his service. H6 approached and stayed at an acceptable distance.

"Pogwa: Stuka pawatu Dumack ja Hutt, jee wata un wabdah che chuba. Wabdah: Konchee wonk jee fa du inkabungafu koosebirgon? <Promotion: Oh powerful Dumack the Hutt, I have a question for you. Query: Where might I find an information broker?>" H6 said in the tongue of a Hutt.
"Unko, choy kickeekonchee enoch? Ovv ya, do ja gool. Drelek Kunka. <Here, why anywhere else? Over there, at the bar. Drelek Kunka.>"

H6 identified Drelek, he matched a profile leading him to be notorious in the underworld, or in the least on Circumtore.
The human was well kept, wearing a leather overcoat, and had a duel blaster pistol harness underneath something Drelek wasn't entirely used to wearing. While to the untrained eye, he passed it off as a mere backpain to others, but in reality backpain would be much more annoying and/or painful than this. H6 put it down as a 96% chance of Drelek wearing said harness. When H6 got closer to the human, he raised the percentage to 100%, Drelek did a horrible job keeping the pistols hidden when he was this relaxed.

"What do you want?" Drelek snorted at the droid.

"Statement: I am H6-32, I am in need of information. You are a broker of an illegal stature, are you not?"

"Yeah? What of it?" Drelek sighed, and then turned fully to the droid whispering, "What do you need finding?"

"Clarification: A woman, human, twenty-four, red-hair. Sara Soto. A Jedi in training."

"Okay, I think I have all the information I need," Drelek confided. H6 detected he was taken aback by the last bit of information he had provided, "I might have seen her, but I don't know you may need to jog my memory."

H6 provided a dummy credit, real enough until he determined if the information was sound.

"Mmhm. Try the Jedi Temple," Drelek scoffed, then went on to laughing. H6 was about to write it off and move on, when a telling glance told H6 that Drelek knew something about Sara but didn't want to share it.

"Statement: Too likely of a place. Query: Perhaps you need some help jogging your memory further?"

H6 slammed his hand upside Drelek's head, making his head ring and his eyeballs spin.

"Sarcasm: Did that help? I can jog your memory harder if you wish."

Drelek pulled his blasters on H6, but Six had predicted the movement and disarmed each blaster within milliseconds. Both of Drelek's hands were now twisted backwards, forcing him into a submissive form.

"Query: I can take that as a yes, then?"

"What are you doing you karking--!" With that Drelek was knocked out unconscious by a swift action and ejection of a small amount of the hallucination gas the Mycah had employed against the crew recently.

Dumack's voice boomed, asking why H6 had just done that.

With Drelek slung over his shoulders, H6 simply said,

"Hagwarmo: Hee waba nobata mo azalused. Jee waba granee hee sa tunku winko. <Assurance: He will not be harmed. I will return him in ten minutes.>"

Tag: Alex The bits with Kris can continue as you are already doing it, I like writing the first-person recollection from H6, and then Kris gets the run-down of the next part, going from the perspective of the storyteller, to the storytellee. :D
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Kristopher Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 43

 Post Posted: Fri, August 10th 2012 05:15am    Post subject:
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Kris was already finished with the grapes and his rodian farmer's sandwich when H6 paused. A server droid filled the glass with water, before departing. H6 resumed, "Dumack allowed me to take Drelek, more out of curiosity of my own actions than anything. So now that he had been hit by the neuro-toxin, his sensations were heightened and he was on the verge of hallucinating. This particular brand of neuro-gas had a 35% possibility of immobilizing him, but I took the chance that he would speak out in an effort to stop whatever happened to be tormenting him. The terror is specific, each person's hallucination different, unique."

"Is that how the rest of the crew reacted, in their own horrors?"

"Yes. I was unaffected, but I can recall the usefulness of the drug, which is why I had saved a small portion of it. And Badim was adamant in my mission to find Sara Soto, and I would not fail." H6 answered reflectively. "As I took Drelek to the back, he began to scream and contort his body in a variety of defensive postures. I waited, allowing the drug to overtake him for several minutes before I finally intervened. He begged me to make it stop, though I must admit to you, Kris, that while I promised him I would, I did not have the anti-toxin. It was a calculated mis-truth that I would soon correct."

"Oh? Well, did he tell you what you needed to know?"

"Yes. Mycah's noxious gas was quite effective in this way, though to deliver Drelek back to the Hutt clan unharmed was becoming more of a concern. I neutralized him by putting him into an unconscious state. It is probable he slept for the rest of the day, allowing his body to detox in the process. The Hutts were actually amused and with the right credits, which I had reserved, they did not mind the trouble."

Kris watched one of the crewmembers, a female, walk from the cockpit to her quarters. She was beautiful, maybe around Clare's age if he had to guess. He ignored her, still enthralled by Six's story. "Drelek had told me the location of my next planet. Dorvalla, a relatively underpopulated mining world..."
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Kristopher Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 43

 Post Posted: Wed, November 13th 2013 06:46pm    Post subject:
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Kris was laying in bed when the automatic lights came on, or at least, he thought they were the automatic morning lights. H6 was up before him, he was already reading the data read out displayed on one of the emergency screens. "It appears, Mister Davad, that we have come out of lightspeed in the middle of a war zone!"

Kris allowed his jaw to drop, his body started to sweat from anxiety as he raced over to the console. The Galaxyrunner was displaying some sort of technical read out on emergency protocols as a server droid tapped the door handle. It's robotic voice sounding off some script, "Please remain calm. Our Captain is extremely adept in high-risk situations. You are instructed to remain in this room, until the battle alert has been cancelled."

"Like hell!" Kris said, attempting to shove the server droid aside, but it was much too heavy for him to really do anything. H6, however, clambered over and shoved the droid back. "Come on, we can assist the Captain in one form or another."

He pushed his way into the cockpit to find two men shouting back and forth at each other as a variety of Star Destroyers were seen firing at each other. TIE fighters and strange True Imperial droid fighters shot passed them, lasers firing back and forth. "Kid, get the frak out of here!" One of them shouted.

"Captain, can you tell which force belongs to the Remnant?" Kris asked, taking the third and last seat, allowing H6 to study the readouts behind them.

"Gods damn it kid, now is not the time to play co-pilot. You will get us killed."

"My entire family....we're ace pilots. I might not be as good as Bells and Lucas, but I'm better than Damian." Kris said, "I'm transmitting my authentication code, we can land in one of their Star Destroyers."

"No, kid, we are going to try to get around the Interdictor-class Destroyer and get the hell outta of here." The Captain said, "I've got some cargo..." His voice trailed off, "We gotta keep movin' kid."

Kris sighed, but adjusted his tactics. "Fine. We do it your way. We can slingshot out the gravity wells range by passing through those two Destroyers.... it's our best bet Captain."

The second man, who hadn't said anything spoke finally, his voice deep and full of anger, "That will get us killed. It would be a frakkin' Force-driven miracle if we made it. Right between two turbolaser fights?"

Kris shook his head, "At their rate of fire, their vessels are both fatigued. According to the sensory data, the top destroyer is angling itself, and in three minutes, its rate of fire will be cut in half. We'll have about a minute before they have the new turbolasers in position."

The Captain looked it over.

"Captain, I went to Bastion's Imperial Academy. I was top of my class. I never lost a war game. Not even in the Thrawn scenarios."

The Captain accepted the information. "I'm going with my gut. Ready the hyperdrive. We might not be able to make it to Corellia, but we might be able to make it to-"

Snap. Thud.

A rogue turbolaser bounced against the shields.

"Captain, reroute power from the shields. Forward shields only, the rest to the engines." Kris tried to make his tone sound less like an order and more like a suggestion. "If we can punch through....we can make a jump to Dorvalla once we are able."

The second man grunted, "If we are going to do it, the kid is right. We need all the speed we can muster."

"Do it." The Captain said, bringing his luxury freighter around.

Kris closed his eyes, he could feel the engines jolt with the additional energy, and the loss of protection from the shield drop. He didn't like the odds, even if they were in his favor....
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Kristopher Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 43

 Post Posted: Wed, December 31st 2014 02:54am    Post subject:
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Kris blinked, the intensity of the lights around him forced his head to pulse, but after some thought, he remembered a turbolaser had thrown him against the wall. He blinked again, the lights dissipating to reveal the Captain staring at him. "Kid, you're alive." It wasn't really a question, but a statement attached to what looked like a feeling of relief.

"Ya, I guess I am." Kris said, rubbing his head. He felt like he had been slapped back and forth between a wookiee and a gamorrean. "All right, did we make it?"

"Not in the slightest." Kara injected into their conversation. She was holding her eye, blood running and splashing onto the deck floor. "But, we're all alive. For now."

"For now?" Kris asked, looking to the viewport. From the looks of it, they were staring at a couple of TIE fighters, and some other starfighters. A Lambda class shuttle. "No things are good, we made it inside one of the Empire's ships."

"Uh kid..." The Captain's voice trailed off, "Those fighters, they're not Remnant. We're inside an Imperial ship.... but it belongs to Zend."

Kris looked again. "Shit."
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