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Nar Shaddaa, Club "Ardent Confessions"
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hutt Space » Nar Shaddaa, Club "Ardent Confessions"
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 Post Posted: Thu, September 13th 2012 09:50am    Post subject: Nar Shaddaa, Club "Ardent Confessions"
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“Denac, your target should be coming out any minute now, are you in position?”

“Yes. On the rooftop, quarter mile from the club. I can see the door from here. Lots of security... are you and Char clear?”

“Of course. Char wanted another drink though.”

“He can drink all he wants once this is done... wait, there's something wrong...”

“What? What is it?”

Adjusting his grip on the rifle in his hands and peering once again through the scope at the door to Ardent Confessions, a club catering to the more depraved and rich of individuals on Nar Shaddaa, Denac – Oarssd'ena'calsdassi – furrowed his brow. He cleared his throat softly and frowned, “looks like,” he said softly, his voice being carried along the waves of space between him and his comrade by way of a throat-mounted comlink, “someone special is arriving. Speeder limo, entourage, lots of anxious looking black-suited types. You know the thing.”

Angling his head slightly to look through the scope again Denac sighed, “this much security and our guy is bound to be in the thick of it.” The Chiss adjusted the mouth mask attached to his helmet as his comrade spoke to him through his earphone, “what, two attempts on his life this month isnt enough to get him nervous, you think? Hah. He hadn't even bothered to increase his own security.”

Chuckling a little to his friend Denac wrapped his hand around the grip of the rifle as the doors to the club opened, “show time. Our guy, two goons... no four goons and an assistant. She looks cu... no, wait. That's a man. Never mind.” He reached up with his free hand and adjusted a knob on the scope, “ping ping,” and he squeezed gently upon the trigger sending a sharp crack into the night air and a solid slug of metal careening towards his target.

“Solid shot,” came a voice through his earpiece, though not the one from before, “through his right eye and out the back and into the chest of his bodyguard. Pack it up, Denac, we're out of here.”

“Char!” Denac practically shouted down the comlink as he moved to disassemble and pack away his slugthrower rifle, “I thought you were clear of the area!” Chuckling softly, Char responded, “I am clear. The security cams, remember?” Silently cursing himself, and Char, Denac sighed loudly, “meet you both at the Rounded Corner? I need a drink...”

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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hutt Space » Nar Shaddaa, Club "Ardent Confessions"
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