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The Palace of Kuat
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Kuat » The Palace of Kuat
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Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 05 Mar 2010
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 Post Posted: Sun, March 21st 2010 07:36am    Post subject: The Palace of Kuat
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The thundering falls of the Palace splashed downwards as the elegant figure of Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad arrived at the Grand Entrance of Mithaina. Several male Telburns had greeted her at the gate, her presence noted and quickly whispered across the channel of those present. Historically the Pallanén bloodline remained the most pure, thus gaining much of the public and upper class support. The demise of Kuat of Kuat brought many misfortunes, including the minor setback of her father's lineage when she was a child. It wouldn't be until she was older, that she would reclaim her Kuati rights.

"Madame Pallanén-Davad, it is with great honor-" a servant to the Palace greeted her, and normally the formality would undergo for several minutes, however, she did not intend to wait.

"Forgive me, I must speak with the House of the Common People. It is of great importance." Arlyn whispered swiftly, the large deep-purple cloak she had been wearing symbolized terrible tragedy had befallen her or her family. "I require the presence of the AmmaRa." The servant bowed her head in an unique and delicate form, it had taken her years to perfect this act of sympathy.

"Lady Pallanén, your wish is granted by the gods, and may our ancestors bless your family." With a twist of her heel, the small woman was gone and into the Chamber of Politics. Several older women whispered in a hushed silence, their eyes not leaving the ground as they spoke of her.

Arlyn bit her tongue, but spoke softly enough for them to hear, "Ancient women gossip like bantha flies, yet the flies are bella compared to the hags before me." The women were silenced immediately, unsure how to respond. It was customary not to speak to the one cloaked in the color-purple, only the Servants to the Palace. "Your families are dishonored, begone, before I expose you for all the House of the Common Peoples to see." Instantly they rose, tipping their head in respects, before vanishing outside the Palace gates.

"Lady Pallanén," the servant had returned, "The House of the Common People await. AmmaRa has granted your hearing." Arlyn stirred, it was here and now.

The Chamber was small, seating only a small majority of the people. Thousands of years ago it was filled with people from all the different worlds, Kuat and her colonies across the system. Now, the bloodline of the Ten had dwindled into a small company of 167 nobles. At the center, sat the AmmaRa, a figure recognized by all Kuati, as both divine and politically humble. Though the aristocrats had bickered since the foundation of the Old Republic, the AmmaRa remains one of the most prestigious and delicate positions in the system.

"My child, come forward and speak your tale of sorrow." His voice was deep, filled with age as he rose, draped in gold and platinum colors.

"AmmaRa, members of the House of Commons, I have dressed in the Colors of Tragedy for I may have lost a son." Chatter erupted around the room. The loss of a male full-blood was rare, especially one as noble as her own. "His company has not yet been found and it has been over a month... I fear he may be dead, lost to the corners of the galaxy. I seek your blessing."

AmmaRa remained silent, "This is a terrible tragedy, mi'lady. One that Kuat may not soon forget. We will mourn the loss of young Lucas Pallanén-Davad.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 01 Aug 2009
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Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Thu, July 26th 2012 02:47am    Post subject:
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The sound of the Mithaina waterfalls had been etched into Kuati poetry since the colonization of the planet. It was near the brink of dawn, so it was the darkest period of the day. A sobering thought, considering what they were about to do here. Lucas had pledged his loyalty to peace and life, and now, he was throwing all that away. AmmaRa, the political and spiritual leader of Kuat, was to be eliminated. Life would be taken from this man, but he wasn't just any man. Lucas had known him for many years, even grew up idolizing him. He was practically family.

A Telburn was at the edge of the river, she was spooning water into a religious bowl when Lucas approached, Lumiya cloaked beneath her robes and only a few feet behind him. "Greetings friends," The Telburn called out, "Hello?" Lucas said nothing, merely stood there watching. He could sense the fear from her, in a way that he had never sensed it before. It was empowering. The fear slipped away, instead, relief spread throughout her body.

A small projection was made, no doubt erasing what the woman had just visualized. Instead of two figures, Lucas and Lumiya, she now saw a small deer. The darkside projection morphed into a horrendous creature, surging the woman with fear again, before the image swallowed the woman from a dragon-like state. The projection ended, the woman dead on the floor.

"How did it kill her?" Lucas asked curiously.

"The projection didn't. Her heart stopped. In fact, she is still alive, but in a matter of minutes, her brain will lose enough oxygen and blood... then, then we can consider her dead." Lumiya answered, "Terror controls life, Lucas."

And then for a moment, he was shocked at what he was seeing. This innocent woman, she was dead. "Stop it." But nothing happened, "Stop it. I want her to live." Lumiya remained still forcing Lucas to drop and give the woman respiratory care. After several tries, she coughed and began to breathe normal. Lucas took his hand and placed it over her head, knocking her out. By the time she came around, the day would break and they would have been long gone.

"In time you will learn that the innocence you project onto these people is a ruse conjured up by ancient Jedi doctrine. All are guilty, and no one soul deserves life over the dark side's ambitions. A Sith looks beyond the small, insignificant forms of life. We see the greater picture. Even the most primitive insect colonies understand this. In time, Kuati child, you will as well. You have many things to re-learn. And your education begins now."

"Yes, my master." Lucas said, surrendering to her thought. It was logical that if he were to go down this path, he might as well begin to understand her ideology. "But I will not kill her today. I am not ready."

Lumiya lifted her lip, "Fine." She approached the woman, setting her palms on the woman's chest. The surrounding darkness received a glimpse of light as Lumiya's palm burned bright. The woman was dead now... resuscitation was impossible. The grass was red, the blood running down and pooling into a small part of the water, before the current flushed out the color entirely.

"Was that necessary?"

"The Sith do not yield. We do not show compassion when a task is at hand. We are relentless, but we are especially not careless. If we left her, she might have identified you. To kill the AmmaRa, is to kill many. Many will die to protect him, Lucas. You're mother has given us her blessing. We must proceed before the day breaks and with each passing minute, we lose precious time."

Lucas nodded, "All right, let's move." He started to move pulling his own, newly fashioned dark cloak over his head, shutting out his face from the rest of the world. The lightsaber he had stolen from Lord Var had been disassembled. The red crystal was now inside of his own, perhaps the most obvious symbol.

He was now a student of the dark side. And after today, there would be no going back. As Lumiya had said, The Sith do not yield, and now was not the time to yield for second thoughts. Life does not allow do-overs and it was time to stop letting the galaxy do the controlling. Now it was time to control the galaxy.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 01 Aug 2009
Posts: 1153
Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Sun, July 29th 2012 04:26am    Post subject:
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The early morning hours of the Kuati Central day left the Palace in darkness with only the smallest of lights illuminating the pathway before them. Lucas ran across the ground, his new teacher close behind. They made it a consider ways before the guards noticed them. Using the Force, two were tricked into thinking they were simple servants, but another group hadn't been so lucky. His hand was forced.

The red lightsaber hissed as it opened into the darkness between them. The one guard scrambled to get to his blaster in time, but Lumiya's palms ignited with the energy, the brilliant flash shooting through the air and hitting the man square in the chest. His companions were faster on the draw, and while they had managed to get a few shots to ring out, Lucas was already moving his blade to counter the incoming volley. As he stepped forward a simple swing of the energy sword separated their hands from their bodies, fingers still clenching their weapons.

Lucas brought his blade up and forced it into one of the man's hearts before using the Force to thrust him across the room in enough time to decapitate the last guard, saving them the pain of a security alert. "Well done." Lumiya's mechanical voice breathed, "Continue to move. We cannot stop now Lucas."

Even if he wanted to, he couldn't. His body was beginning to crave the power his malice had produced. It was like a drug, the raw connection to the Force. And with each life fading, it overcame him. Twenty men died in the next room, all similar fates as the last. As Lucas prepared to enter the AmmaRa's personal quarters, Lumiya stopped him. "I must give you a special gift. A memory of a young girl. Close your mind and allow me to show you."

Lucas was wary of lowering his guard, making himself so vulnerable to the woman, but he did it any ways. At first it was difficult, considering the amount of hatred he had pulsing through his veins, but slowly, that drained away. It was likely due to the Jedi training, but today, it would serve the Sith before him. Slowly the memory overtook him, until finally, he was in a room with the AmmaRa, only he appeared much younger. It was clearly him, his voice hadn't changed much, but it was the laugh that gave him away. The way his chuckle carried with squinty eyes and large pearly white teeth, it was unmistakable. Finally a young girl was revealed, brought in by a servant of the Palace.

The rest of the image was vile and disgusting, so when Lucas came around, he felt attuned to the Force like he had never had before. He stretched out his hand, the door crumbled and shredded into tin can scraps. He stepped through the door and greeted the cowardly man waiting before him. "Your grace." Lucas kneeled, "Such a lovely lifestyle for a terrible man."

"I don't... I don't know what you are talking about.... Lucas... Lucas is that you?" The man was squinting. "Boy, what are you doing here?"

Lucas held out his hand, holding the man by his throat, blocking any kind of oxygen from filling his lungs. He gripped it so tightly, the man began to cry.

And here he was, the ruler of Kuat, the holy man of their people, close to sobbing, begging for his life. Lucas lifted the man into the air, his body dangled in a strange contorted way. He toyed with the Force, snapping a bone here and there. "Lucas, please. My dear boy." It wasn't over, the rage he felt from the memory Lumiya had given him, no, it wouldn't be for a long time before it ended.


Several hours went by before the AmmaRa was finally dead. Lucas approached the window and on the edge of the waterfalls, the morning light was beginning to peak over the eastern mountains. "Who was she? Did you know her?"

Lumiya nodded, "The girl is a pupil of mine."

"What's her name? I need to know her name." Lucas said, grabbing the small personal jetpacks. He attached one to Lumiya, then set up his own. They were a rare design, used by Bothan spies, in that they were collapsible. They were pocket size to begin with, but now, they would serve as their extraction. When the rest of Kuat woke for the day, they would be greeted with the most horrendous news.

Lumiya took a moment to answer his question. "Valexxia. Her name is Valexxia." And she jumped, the jetpack igniting and sending her up and into the fading night.

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