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New Republic Intelligence
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Coral Callatros

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 Post Posted: Thu, June 03rd 2010 04:26am    Post subject: New Republic Intelligence
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New Republic Intelligence Headquarters, located inside the The Abyss

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Coral Callatros

Joined: 02 Aug 2009
Posts: 88

 Post Posted: Thu, June 03rd 2010 07:36pm    Post subject:
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Coral's alarm had blared, according to her neighbor, for six hours, before she stirred. Her head had pounded like nothing before, the amount of alcohol she must've consumed... She groaned, vomiting into the toilet, and surprising, she felt a lot better. Her holocommunicator buzzed, vibrating, but where?! She hunted momentarily, before finding it inside the kitchen sink. What the hell!, she retrieved it at the bottom of a bowl filled with cereal and vegetable juice.

"God, I'm never drinking again," the sight of the green liquid brought her back to the bathroom, where the rest of the alcohol was purged from her body. Cringing, the Intelligence Agency had been trying to get a hold of her for nearly half the morning. Shit. If of all days she needed a sick day, it was today...

She flipped on the holonews, and of course, the galaxy had gone to hell. Imperial rumors that the accident resulting in the death of the entire Imperial leadership were confirmed. An attack had been made on New Republic officials, the Jedi Temple robbed and the main bank destroyed on the Galactic Union world Denon. Naturally. Coral sighed, shifting her body into the shower. There was no way in hell she was about to make a holo-call to her boss looking like the disaster she woken up to. Combing strange things from her hair, she began to recount what she had remembered from the night before.

She recalled meeting Trenald, no wait, Trenor. Frak, she thought, her heart racing, was he killed in the New Republic assault?! She reached frantically scrubbed her body, then remembered something about a Jedi. Yes! His name was Tavie, well, thats what she had called him at the end of the night. Sean Tavell. Her eyes fell on her body, did they? No, she recanted, they were on their way to the Jedi Temple, when Coruscanti security had stopped them...

She was there, at the robbery... Tree of Life!

Coral rinsed her hair, before toweling her body. A cosmetic droid approached, drying her hair and applying a thin layer of makeup. She punched a juice blend into her smoothiecreator... staying hydrating would be important, especially after the binge drinking she had so delighted herself with the night before everything fell to pieces. Year Forty-One was making one big-bang of a start...

* * *

The Intelligence Agency was filled, she hadn't seen this many people, ever. The jumpstart of the attack on their government started to pull every resource. Agents were sending and being received from all over the galaxy. Holo conferences emerged and reappearing, as handlers gave out new orders. Mandalore seemed a prime target for most of the agents, though a large majority were beginning to shift their attention to something much more bold.

An officer had blatantly blamed the Empire, his instincts nearly shouting at the desk across from him, "It's them, I tell you! Decade of peace my ass! He's probably not even dead!" He was speaking of Fel, "All an act, to generate somekind of sympathy." Coral was out of ear range when she approached her commanding officer.

"Gods, Coral, where the frak have you been. The galaxy has gone to hell in a hand basket, and your late." Her attendance had never faltered from perfection. "Gods damn it." He briskly began to walk, "You've been reassigned, your Iego tango has put you inside the team tracking Nico. Last night, she blew the Denon's Financial Promenade to hell and back. She cracked the security measures placed on the Stock Exchange, some strange bug is giving the Union boys hell. Asked for our help... and you know what, I'm sending them the best we have."

"Me?" Coral was shocked, though extremely pleased.

"Damn right," his voice didn't skip a beat, "Look, listen." His mind was clearly elsewhere, "We're going to need some good news, people are getting a little worried, and Senators are flaring up all over the place. The Senate will be in a uproar, and all of our asses are on the line now. If we can give them Nico, it might give us some time to solve this NR leadership fiasco."

"I understand, sir."

"Good, now get your ass to Denon. The bug she planted is sending information... somewhere. By the end of the week, she'll have the full archives of the god damn galaxy." It was a vast overstatement, but she'd have the Union Stock Exchange mapped out pretty well, at least, the resources to expose a lot of sketchy companies. "And please, Coral, don't piss on the Union. The last thing we need is for relations to sour."

"I won't, sir." She said that as confidently as she could.

"Good, I have a shuttle waiting for you. You have twenty minutes." And he walked away, shouting at some poor techie...
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Wed, July 04th 2012 03:17am    Post subject:
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(Continues from Here.)

It was a little touchy, but the ships engines were simple enough to re-route excess energy away from and re-wire for their current state. Morgan had underestimated the amount of stress they’d taken during the emergency launch from the Koda station – they’d more than just burnt themselves out, they’d almost overloaded and exploded all together. Using them from here on out would be something that would have to be done with care, lest he ruin them for good. The backup engines weren’t looking all that much better, and he didn’t want to loose them.

”That’s all you’re going to be able to do.” ZIM informed him as Morgan looked around for anything else he could tamper with. ”Unless you want to spend several hours tearing up the ship for spare parts. We’re more than ready to take off as it is. Need I remind you that we are currently carrying a VIP that’s so drugged up it’s a wonder he’s not high?”

Morgan did the closest thing he could to a shrug and scooted his way back out of the engineering section. It had become clear early on that the ship the GUNs had commandeered for their escape had not been designed with long term or long distance travel in mind. The engineering section, for instance, was intended to be accessed from outside the ship, but featured a small access hatch and chute for emergency use while in space.

“How we all still doing?” Morgan asked as he walked through the ‘Lounge’.

“Still surviving.” Trax said. “Though staying out here isn’t good for Hui, Syndulla, or Solo. Least of all Solo.”
“At least he’s sleeping through his pain.” Hui said from a seat on the opposite side of the room. He indicated to the unconscious Han Solo, who was currently lying on the floor hooked up to the meager medical equipment that the GUNs medic had found and covered in extra bacta patches.
“It’s not sleeping, exactly.” Trax said. “In my professional opinion it’s more like a coma.”

”Semantics aside, you’ll be glad to know that I was just about to set a course for Coruscant.”
“There’s got to be a better location than that, doesn’t there?” Trax asked.
”Eh, you got a problem with that, take it up with the pilot.” Morgan said. As he reached the entrance to the cockpit, he stopped and did a brief turn. ”Oh, wait, that would be me, wouldn’t it?”

Not waiting for a reply, Morgan finished his turn and entered the cockpit.

”Anything happen while I was gone?” He asked once he noticed that Syndulla had stayed in the co-pilots seat.
“There’s been some movement.” She replied. “Whoever they are, there hasn’t been any attempt to contact us.”
”Works for me.” He said as he plopped himself in the pilots seat. ”I think we’re finally ready to get on our way. You set the coordinates?”
“They’re ready and waiting.”
”Good to hear. Let’s punch it.”

If whoever was left in the system could see them amongst the remains of the station, the transport soon began to speed away from the wreckage, and soon enough disappeared in a blur as it jumped to hyperspace.


Most of the time spent during the trip to Coruscant was spent sleeping. It wasn’t until they had moved to hyperspace that everyone realized how exhausted they were from the events that had taken place on the station.

For safety’s sake, Morgan had set the ships destination warning to let them know when they’d be arriving a couple extra minutes ahead of time. When it woke him up, Morgan was surprised that Syndulla had found her way into his lap, about as closed to curled up as she could be with her leg still wounded.

”Hey, we’re here.” He said, tapping her on the shoulder.

She stirred, but took slightly longer to actually acknowledge that she was actually awake.

“I don’t think I ever said ‘thank you’.” She said. It was barely audible, especially with her face half pressed up against his chest.
”For what?” Morgan asked, still trying to maneuver her up and off of him so he could properly bring the ship out of hyperspace.
“For saving me. And the others. We probably would have been wiped out had you not been there.”
”Didn’t help save most your friends.”
“Sadly, no.” She said, finally sitting up and stretching with one arm. “But you helped save some of us. More than would have lived if we’d been there on our own.”
”I suppose that’s the optimistic way of looking at it.” Morgan said with a shrug. ”You think you could start thanking me by getting up and letting me drive this ship?”

“Sorry.” She said, picking herself up and doing a bit of tricky maneuvering to get herself back into the co-pilots seat.
”Nothing against you, it’s just hard to pilot when there’s someone sitting in your lap.” He said, giving the Twi’lek a quick glance before turning his attention to the ships controls. ”Though if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were starting to get a bit clingy.”

Syndulla let out a brief mild chuckle at what had been only half-intended as a joke.

“I was cold.” She said with a sly grin.
”Not exactly the best person to curl up with.” Morgan replied, tapping his metal arm. ”Probably would have been easier just to put your armor back on.”

“What would be the fun in that?” Syndulla replied, briefly leaning sideways in the chair far enough for her head to come within centimeters of Morgans shoulder.

Morgan kept a close eye on the ships positioning as they closed in on their destination, and it was only a few moments longer before they reached optimum safe distance from the planet itself.

”Exiting Hyperspace.” Morgan said as he pulled the ship back to realspace, an announcement made mostly for his own sake.

“How are you planning on handing off Solo?” Syndulla asked as they approached the planet.
”I’m playing that one as it comes.” He replied.

Unrecognized vessel, please identify.” Came the voice over the comm. system as they neared Coruscant.

”Well…here goes.” Morgan said to no one in particular before responding.

”Uh, hi.” He started. ”I’d like to identify, except I haven’t had a chance to look that stuff up yet. See, we’re currently…”
Unrecognized ship, I’m afraid I don’t understand how that’s possible.”
”Kind of rude there, don’t you think?” ZIM said.

”If you’d give me a moment, I can explain.” Morgan said. ”See, we recently, uh, acquired this ship escaping from an exploding space station.”
Are you telling me you’re currently flying a stolen vessel?” The person on the other end said before Morgan could continue.
”Probably not.” Morgan replied. ”I’m currently assuming whoever used to own it is currently dead.”
I’m afraid I don’t understand.” the voice said.

”What part of ‘I can explain’ doesn’t he understand?”

”Maybe you’ll understand this – this ship is currently carrying one Han Solo. Does that make any sense to you?”

There was a long pause, making Morgan begin to wonder if his message had gotten through and if he should have continued flying towards the planet.

Excuse me, did you say you’re carrying Han Solo?” the voice finally replied.
”Yeah.” Morgan replied, a touch of force in his voice. ”Whatta you think I said?”

There was another pause, longer this time.

“You sure you know what you’re doing?” Syndulla asked.

Morgan wavered a bit before answering.

”Probably not.” he finally replied.

When the communication with the surface continued, there was a new voice on the other end. This one sounded quite like a Mon Calamari.

”This is Commander Okaa.” He said. “Unidentified vessel, who am I speaking to?”
”You can call me Morgan.” the bounty hunter replied.
”Mr. Morgan, I’m being told that you claim you are currently transporting Han Solo aboard your ship?”
”I’d ask him to tell him yourself, except he’s kind of in a coma right at the moment. And I think his jaw is broken, so he’s really not in any position to be talking to anyone right now.”

Again there was another pause.

”Why do these people insist on drawing this conversation out?” ZIM asked.
”I’m sure they have a good reason.”

“Hmm?” Syndulla asked, wondering who Morgan was talking to.
”Just thinking out loudh.” He replied.

Mr. Morgan, is this a joke?” Okaa finally said.
”Trust me, Mr. Commander Okaa. There are a lot of things I might joke about, but this is not one of them.”
”I swear, if we find out that you’re lying to us…
”Which is exactly the reason I’m not.” Morgan said, cutting off the Mon Cal mid sentence.

”We will be sending fighters up to escort your vessel down to the planet. Do not deviate from flight path we are sending you.”
”Understood.” Morgan said. ”You’ll probably want to have medical teams standing by. For everyone. We’ve got other injured present here as well, and on the whole we’ve all kind of been through the wringer recently.”
”Just fly where we tell you and don’t do anything stupid.” Okaa said before cutting the channel.

“Guess you knew what you were doing after all.” Syndulla said.
”Guess so.”

As they reached the atmosphere, the ship was greeted by four fighters which took up an escort position around them and directed them down the rest of the way, making very sure Morgan didn’t fly off on his own. They also directed to them to an area that Morgan hadn’t been expecting – the planets New Republic Intelligence building. According to his sensors, the landing pad was specifically part of the wing intended for Coruscants planetary security.

The pad was much larger than the ship itself required, but there was a reason why. They people he had talked to had taken Morgans call very seriously, and in addition to the medical personnel waiting below, there were also several squads of security officials, police, and soldiers. There were no signs these people were prepared to tolerate any funny business.

”I think we may be out of our element.” ZIM said.
”Yeah, it looks that way.”

Once the ship came to a halt on the landing pad, Morgan grabbed his helmet, stood up, and headed for the exit. Synulla tried to stand and follow, but Morgan waved her off.

”Just stay there and waid, would you? I’ll do the talking, I’m sure they’ll send someone in for you shortly.”

In a huff, the Twi’lek complied and let Morgan head off by himself.

Exiting the ship, Morgan was greeted by roughly half a dozen blasters aimed at him.

“Mr. Morgan?” came a voice that sounded a lot like Okaa. “Where is Solo?”
”He’s right up in the lounge. Main area.” Morgan said, pointing over his shoulder. Immediately, a team of soldiers pushed him out of the way and escorted a medical team with a repulsor stretcher up the ships ramp.

”Yeah, you’re welcome.” Morgan shouted after them.

“Based on what you said, we’re giving Solo’s health top priority.” Okaa said, stepping forward through the crowd of armed people.
”They’ll probably want to talk with the medic who’s in there, he’d been watching over the guy since we found him.” Morgan replied. “Once you’ve taken care of that, there’s also a Twi’lek and Rodian who’ve had their legs shot up. They’re going to need medical attention too. Oh, and there’s a woman onboard who probably needs a psychological evaluation.”

With shouts coming from behind him, Morgan moved out of the way as the medical team ran back off the ship with Solo secured to the stretcher. Trax followed closely behind, and there appeared to be a conversation that Morgan didn’t catch any of.

“It seems your claim was accurate.” Okaa said.
”Told ya.” Morgan said matter-of-factly. ”Now how about the rest of the people on board?”
“Do not worry, we’ll be sure that all of you are taken well care of.” Okaa said. “If you could follow the security team?”

”Me? No, I’m good. I just need a place to clean up and rest a little and I’ll be on my way.”
”I don’t think they’re going to offer you a choice.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Morgan.”
”I figure while we’re at it, you might as well call me by my full name.” Morgan said. ”Last name’s ZIM. It’s Morgan ZIM.”
“Very well, Mr. Zim.” Okaa said. “But as appreciative as we are, I’m afraid we can’t just let you wander off. We’re going to need all of you to stay here for the time being while we sort this whole mess out.”

Morgan looked around, wondering if it was worth trying to run.

”Probably not.” ZIM said, as if reading his mind. The part that he couldn’t read already, that was.

“Please, Mr. Morgan, don’t make this situation difficult.”

”Fine.” Morgan said with a sigh. ”Lead on.”

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Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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Coral Callatros

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 Post Posted: Thu, July 26th 2012 02:43pm    Post subject:
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Being held up on Kuat in a detention cell, although one of the most luxurious facilities she had ever been in, was not her cup of tea. It seemed they didn't take being a New Republic Intelligence agent all that well. Understandably so, since it was one of their most militaristic zones, and going there was forbidden by the treaty. The Director of Kuat Drive Yards was understanding and offered her a different mission to clear all the wrongdoing. It seems a prisoner of war had been taken on Muunilinst, likely to a facility deep within the territory of the True Empire. This man was of considerable value to the Imperial Remnant, and if recovered, could really make her own financial future... well, she wouldn't have to worry about anything for the rest of her life.

The credits weren't everything, actually, they were.

Arriving home on Coruscant, she decided she would collect a few things from the NRI before she left for the Unknown Regions. Some of her favorite equipment could not be provided, not even by the Bothans. Alisson was her companion, and now, her true identity was clear. The woman, well, the appearance of a woman was actually replicated, simulated by the finest quality of replica droids. Coral did not mind Alisson's artificiality as she herself was slicer, and she understood computers more than humanoids. They had certain parameter of programming and being unpredictable was impossible.

When she arrived through one of the main entrances, something was happening. There was a buzz in the workplace. It was probably the war, some key planet falling to the True Empire. It was a disturbing thought, but perhaps more disturbing, she was beginning to lose hope in her own government's ability to win this war. It wasn't that she would quit, but she was beginning to think the odds were not in their favor. That all this, would be for nothing, but to go out in style.

She sighed, Bespin had forced this change. They weren't going to win. But Arlyn believed they could, especially if they had the resources of this supposed prisoner. And if Coral received a shuttle filled with credits, she could sort out what was right later. To fight for the New Republic or retire on some planet and have a bunch of attractive men of different races fan her next to the beach.

But to get to the beach, she needed her equipment. The ride in the turbolift was not conversational, at least on her end, but other two, probably desk-bound analysts were talking excitingly about Han Solo being alive and in the building.

"Woah, woah." Coral said, "He's alive??" She thought he died back on Bakura. "I saw him hit, I saw the explosion myself."

"He's alive, some guy with a half of a face landed with him about fifteen minutes ago. And get this, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo's entire family, well, we believe they are coming here. Isn't that.... awesome?"

"Awesome?" Coral said, a little starstruck herself. "Yeah, actually. It is."
And just when she thought all hope had been lost, that nothing could beat the Grand Admiral from nowhere, a small light appeared. She gave Alisson a glance, who flashed her a smiley response. The turbolift doors opened and there was Commander Okaa and none other than Morgan Zim. She laughed, "Commander, he was the one that rescued Han?" It was a little convenient that Morgan was present in the same battle Han Solo went missing in. That's probably why several of the most...effective interrogation officers were walking right behind him. Yet, he didn't exactly know that.

She had a pretty good idea it wasn't him. "What's up Morgan? You seem to be everywhere." She smiled, curious as what his response would be. If it wasn't a good one, she might just...forget...some details until later, after Tom and Tobias finished up with him.
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Thu, July 26th 2012 04:14pm    Post subject:
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It took Morgan a moment to recall who Coral was.

”You are…” He started, knowing he was supposed to recognize her but not being sure where from.

”Coral, I believe. Bakura. I think we met her briefly on board a Star Destroyer.

”Oh, right.” Morgan said as the memories returned. ”Yes, I just stopped by to drop off Han, though these fellows insisted I go with them.”

He briefly gave the people that had been escorting him an annoyed look.

”Soon as I’m done with that, and maybe after I make sure my new pals are being taken care of, I’ll be right on my way. Places to be, people to find. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.”
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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Coral Callatros

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 Post Posted: Thu, July 26th 2012 05:21pm    Post subject:
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"Actually, I do, Morgan." Coral said, "Commander, he is good for his word. You can use Tom, but I would advise against using Tobias. He's a good man, from what I can tell. Saved Han Solo from something, I'm sure." Coral said without another thought on the matter. The Commander looked at the group then nodded his head, dismissing the interrogators. Coral leaned in, "I just saved your ass, Morgan. You owe me one."

She walked away without another word to the man, she was here to collect her things, not dabble in some kind of conversation with a cyborg. It seemed more and more things walking around were more fake than real. It was hard to find a real human, one that wasn't affected or tuned into the Force either. Her career left her with all the metal heads, tuned up in some fashion or another. A quick look out the window and into the Coruscanti mid-afternoon reminded her that there were trillions of regular folk out there, maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

Her desk was dusty in areas the cleaning crew had missed. She couldn't remember the last time she actually sat at it. It was small, but hosted a keycard that would allow access to her storage room. The storage home hosted a variety of gadgets, some of them were privately obtained over the years as an intelligence officers, others were gifts from various agencies. She took what she needed, handing some to Alisson, before walking back to her desk.

A small picture of her grandfather was really the only thing she had of family. She dusted it off and contemplated on whether or not she should take it. If she left it, it would mean she would return to the New Republic after all this was finished.

Not skipping a beat, sort of speak, Alisson said, "Leave it."

Coral agreed slowly, lowering his image back onto her desk. She had another like it in her apartment complex, but she was too haunted to return there. On her way out she caught the half silver-man for a second time. "Who are you looking for, Morgan?"
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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Morgan wasn’t sure what Coral was talking about. She claimed Morgan owed her one, but that remained to be seen. With two of the men being dismissed, Okka and what guards remained led Morgan towards the medical area and then directed him to a room that wasn’t exactly an office, but probably filled a similar function for whoever needed it.

“Wait here, please.” Okka said, then left.

”I’ll think about it.” Morgan said, though with the guards being left nearby, he’d have to weigh whether he’d be willing to put up with the effort it would take to get past them.

For the time being, he’d wait.

As he did, he saw the rest of the GUN’s being brought past, taken to get their wounds healed up whether through basic medical care or being led to bacta chambers. Soon after, he saw Coral returning.

“A friend.” Morgan said when she asked him who he was looking for.

"A mutual friend?” She asked. “Or another one of your...freighter rats?"

”Freighter rats?” Morgan asked, his live eyebrow rising at the question.

"Don't get me wrong, I grew up with them, but they are generally less than noble company.” She said. “Where exactly did you find Han Solo, any ways?"

She folded her arms defensively as she waited for a response.

"Han was being held on Koda space station, if you've heard of it." He explained. "There was something going on with a fake biological scare. The people I was with, and came in on, they got someone looking to investigate what was going on. Just so happens we show up for something that's not actually going on and get mixed up in an Imperial something or other."

”You seem awfully forthcoming.” ZIM said.
”Meh. Might as well get the story out of the way now.”

"Battle droids and everything trying to kill us. If I recall correctly, there were Sith involved, too. Finding Han, that was just luck. Found a kid and a soldier trying to escape with him, stole him back, and escaped just as the station was about to go boom. Most the people on the ship I got there with died, the one out there we stole from whoever used to be the administrator."

He then shrugged, realizing his words may have made the statement come out worse than things really were, but then loosing any desire to care.

"Figured they didn't need it anymore if they weren't on board already"

"Would you be able to identify the kid?" She said, her voice sounding excited. She poked her head out the open door of the office and grabbed a datapad from one of the guards.

"Our intelligence reports listed both Han Solo and his aide missing." She continued, and produced a familiar face on the datapad. “Is this him?”

”I remember him.” ZIM said. ”The jerk.”

“Yeah, looks like him. Morgan said. “Though when I approached him and offered my help, an Imperial thug attacked us. Kid shot me in while I was trying to beat the guy up."

Remembering the damage, he tried to look for the damage, but aside from not being able to check his back, he remembered that he would be hard pressed to show her the damage anyway, seeing as he’d never spent much time cleaning his armor up or removing those kind of scruffs. He quickly gave up after that.

”If he was trying to help Han, he had a funny way of showing it"

“Interesting.” She said, and stepped out to grab an analyst that was nearby. Morgan didn’t pay much attention to what she said, but soon enough the analyst was rushing off to attend to something. Clearly it was important.

"I guess we'll know for sure when Han comes around, but I have a hunch he's been behind this the whole time.” She said when she stepped back in. “And you said, a Sith?!”

“Yeah. Funny you should mention the Jedi.” Morgan said with a loose chuckle. "Wouldn't you know it, I actually met some of them there. Luke Skywalker, no less. Think Anakin and some other Jedi..."

”The Kaut kid.” ZIM reminded him.

”Right, that Kaut kid. One of the big hot shot royalty types, I think? They were all there, too."

"Oh great, so they knew about this? The Jedi think they can handle everything." Coral Scoffed at the information.

"Good work Morgan, and that Kuati kid, I'm sure his mother is going to be glad. I'll patch her word. He make it out alive?"

Morgan shrugged.

"No idea. We got separated, I ran into Han when I was trying to help out these folks."

He pointed out towards a rough direction of where he thought he had seen the GUNs being taken.

"And we never saw any of them after that. That was about the time the station was set to explode, so we were more concerned about our own skins at that point anyway."

"For a couple of freighter rats, sounds about right." Coral said. She checked her Chrono.

"We're running on a tight schedule. I'm heading off to Thyferra to catch a shuttle. The woman you're looking for? I was tasked to bring her in for the last five years. I'm one of the best agents. Not only considering the NRI, but the Bothan Spynet and the IRI as well. And I've never caught her...”

Her voice trailed off, but for what reason Morgan couldn’t tell.

"She's good, real good. I've got two watching her now, she's on Dac. And don't ask me how I know you're looking for her. I'm one of the best, just remember that."

"Wait, Nico?” Morgan asked, assuming the name of the woman Coral was talking about. ”She's good, real good. I've got two watching her now, she's on Dac. And don't ask me how I know you're looking for her. I'm one of the best, just remember that.”

“Nico.” Coral said with a smile. “My slicer net around her has generated some interesting traffic. She's interested in you, Morgan. Though I can tell she hasn't really come up with much. Your background isn't really... established anywhere. But hey, that's your business, not ours. She was the one you were looking for right?"

”Interested in a good way or a bad way?” ZIM asked.
”I’m going to assume a bad way.” Morgan thought back. ”I certainly hope it’s in a bad way.”

”Technically, no.” Morgan said with a smile of his own, taking some small pleasure in knowing something the intelligence officer didn’t. "I'm looking for a friend who I lost when we were escaping Bakura. Though I'm not even sure if he would have shown up on the grid again yet. Ship was running on an emergency hyperdrive when he blasted out of the system. For now, I'm just looking for a way to ensure he can contact me when he shows up again."

He punched a fist into his open hand as he came back to Nico.

"In the meantime, though, if you know where Nico is, I certainly wouldn't mind getting my hands on her."

“If you give me the ship's information, I can have you alerted if he shows up within New Republic territory.” Coral said. “I can run it to my contacts in the Remnant and even the Spynet, if need be. The least we can do for Solo's rescue. For now, Morgan, take care. Especially if you're headed to Dac. You might see some old friends there. The Blight Leaper just launched from Kuat a few days ago.”

Morgan thought a moment. She was asking for information that would help make it easier to track the Shape, and was running on the assumption that Zu’fa would show up in NR territory first.

"Hmmm..." He said as he considered the offer. "The downside of that, of course, would be what happens after I find him. Certainly would make it easier for you to track the ship in the future."

But after a bit more consideration, he realized that help finding Norr would be worth the inconvenience.

"But sure, why not. Worst comes of it, we can always get a new ship."

Which came with another realization.

”Speaking of which, I think I need a new ship. Or at least a ride."

"I'm sure the higher-ups will see to that.” Coral said. “Now that you are cast into the Solo's lot, you'll be well taken care of in the New Republic. Shuttles for Dac leave every two hours. You shouldn't have any trouble. Until next time Morgan. Perhaps we'll have a longer, more meaningful conversation, because for a freighter rat, you aren't so bad."

She smiled and touched his arm, then began to leave.

“Oh and Morgan, I'd give Dac a second thought.” She said over her shoulder. “Nico might be a little much for you to handle... just saying!”

”She hitting on you?” ZIM asked. If he’d had the ability to do so, Morgan would have given the droid a slap upside the head.

"Oh, I think I'll do fine." Morgan said as she left. "I've tangled with her before, I'm ready to do it again.”

Morgan wasn’t sure how he felt about the idea of being considered part of ‘Solo’s lot’. It was exactly the thing he had hoped to avoid when the war had started. He wouldn’t even consider himself the enemy of Zend’s Empire if her ships hadn’t shot at him first. Now, though, he was worried his involvement was only going to get stronger from here on out. Only the idea of getting another crack at Nico was keeping his thoughts positive on the matter.

"Is there any place you would prefer to be buried?" Coral said with a laugh. He wasn’t sure if she was laughing at his confidence or the idea that he had a successful shot at taking her out.

”That would assume I plan on dying.” Morgan replied.
“I'm thinking a trade world...or maybe a junkyard... lots of freighters, Morgan.
”Yeah, thanks.” He said, his voice not sounding thrilled by the fatalistic attitude Coral seemed to be showing. ”Great job with the cheerleading there.”

“I was always more of a cybernetic nerd, a realist by some standards.” She replied. “If decide to bantha out, my shuttle is leaving in an hour on deck 39. There won't be many chances to save your own skin, but you do have a higher chance of walking away from this one... think about it.”

She walked off without Morgan saying anything else.

”Yeah, I think she was hitting on you.” ZIM said.
”Don’t make me punch myself.” Morgan said. Not that he was, but it was about as close as he could come to actually giving the droid the smack he deserved.

Whether ZIM was right, and regardless of how much she actually was hoping he’d be there, Morgan would be leaving her disappointed. He knew where Nico was, he had a shot to go after her, and he was not about to pass it up.

Though now that he was standing there, he also realized that first, he’d probably want to take some time to clean up and do some fine tuning. As much as he wanted to go after Nico, doing it in his current condition when he wasn’t up at fully readiness was certainly no way for him to ensure success.

(Joint Post Approved)
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Morgan ZIM
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While he wasn’t keen on the idea of direct association with New Republic Intelligence, Morgan was more than happy to use what facilities they felt comfortable providing him access to as long as he was there. Key among these being a work area where he was able to tend to his armor and whatever gear he had left. He needed to make sure it was in the best shape he could manage before taking his shot at Nico.

”So do we have a plan for going after Nico?” ZIM asked while Morgan was busy checking his rifle.
”Yep.” Morgan answered matter-of-factly.
”And what would that be?”
”Find her, kill her.”

There was a moment of silence from ZIM, and by the time he spoke up again, Morgan had moved on to his blaster pistols.

”No, what I mean is, do you have a plan of attack?” ZIM asked.
”Yep.” Morgan replied.
”And what is that plan?”

ZIM paused once more, not speaking up again until Morgan had moved on from his pistols to his armor, looking for potential dents or cracks that could prove dangerous in a fire fight. Or worse, if he needed to go out into space.

”That doesn’t seem like a very smart plan.”
”It’s straightforward.”

Another pause, but much shorter this time.

”I only bring this up because I can’t help but notice that your desire to kill Ms. Nico seems to be interfering with your normal reasoning skills.”

That brought Morgan to a stop. He put the armor down to better focus on what ZIM was getting at.

”What is your point?
”I am 100% behind you on the ‘Find and Kill Vera Nico’ thing. However, let’s consider the last time you tried to kill her. You almost got killed yourself.
”Yeah, that happens.”
”Not like that, you didn’t. You are in danger of letting this woman’s sole position on your grudge and revenge list destroying you.”

Morgan took a moment to consider that idea. Once he had a moment to think it over, he had to admit that ZIM was right. He was in danger of letting this turn into an obsession of the worst kind rather than a ‘simple’ matter of giving the woman what she had coming to her.

”Never thought I’d see the day where you were the more rational half.” Morgan said.
”Surprise, Surprise.” ZIM replied. “First time for everything.”

ZIM’s point made, Morgan returned to his armor. He still had quite the checklist of things to go over.

”So…what is the plan?”
”Finish here first.” Morgan said. ”Then I arm up.”
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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”Here you go.” Morgan said as he handed a computer core over to the New Republic Intelligence personnel. He had taken it out of the shuttle he had stolen back at Koda Space Station, which seemed to be the primary condition they had on letting Morgan use the shuttle for whatever reason he was interested in.

Morgan knew he’d need a ship to get him to Dac, and he also knew he didn’t want to rely on whatever regular transports the general population relied on. That was when he had realized he already had access to a perfectly useable shuttle. Sure, it wasn’t in the greatest shape and wasn’t intended for long term travel, but he could take the ship to Dac and trade it in for a more long-term vessel once he got there.

”Assuming this thing is compatible, this girl should be up and running in no time.” He thought to himself as he looked over the new, replacement core the NRI had given him. Which was nice, since the one term they had on letting Morgan take the shuttle was that they be given the original datacore, in order to look over the ships records for any useful information. Not that he had any idea what they might get out of it.

Not that Morgan cared. They had their data, he had a ship, and a bonus that would come with it. As it was, the near nameless ship was still registered to the former Koda administrator – some woman named Trix Lcarr, not that Morgan had any idea who she was. Nor did he care. Considering she’d never gotten to her ship, the cyborg would have put good money on her being long dead. Probably an early Imperial casualty. And now, someone whose name would likely be lost to history.

”Kind of tragic when you put it that way.” ZIM said.
”Meh.” Morgan replied with a shrug as he carried the replacement datacore to where it belonged. ”That’s that way it goes. She’d hardly be the first person to become less than a memory.”
”I really don’t care anyhow.” ZIM replied with the mental equivalent of a shrug. ”I just thought it sounded cool to say.”

That just got Morgan to roll his eyes.

Even if Ms - Or Mrs., he again didn’t know or care one way or the other – was dead and likely to be forgotten by the galaxy at large soon, she still could potentially prove useful. Or at least her name could. As far as Morgan could tell, the full events of Koda were by no means public yet. That included the likelihood of M(r)s. Lcarr being dead. If nothing else, there was certainly no way anyone could confirm it yet, not if they hadn’t been part of the Imperial operation.

And that was something he knew Vera Nico couldn’t possibly be in the know about no matter how good her supposed intelligence network was. Even if she knew much about Koda, there was no way she had any way of knowing whether Trix Lcarr was alive or dead. Assuming she was even a person who cared. And even if both those were true, she would also have no possible way of knowing that Morgan ZIM was currently using her ship. Which meant she would have no way of knowing that he was coming for her.

That meant that he had the perfect opportunity to get the drop on her and kill her without her even ever knowing what was going on until it was too late.

”It’s perfect.” Morgan said as he connected the new data core, referring to both his golden opportunity and the connection between the new core and the old one.

”Which is why I just know that before you’re done, something about this entire operation is going to go horribly, terribly wrong. ZIM countered.

”Hey, don’t jinx it.”
”I didn’t jinx it.” ZIM said. ”You did.”
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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Morgan ZIM
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“I heard you were leaving.”

Morgan turned from his work on the ships engines to see that Trax had come aboard. Syndulla, wearing a brace of some kind and using a temporary cane, looked to be close behind.

”Yeah. What about it?” He replied.
“I decided I might as well come by and say ‘thanks’ before you head off.” Trax replied.

”As long as you’re not planning on trying to thank me the way Syndulla wanted to thank me.” He replied.
“What?” Trax asked, oblivious to the reference.
“She knows what I mean.”

“So you’re not planning to stick around?” Syndulla asked.
”Nope.” Morgan replied. ”Places to go, people to kill.”
“Shame.” She replied. “I’d ask to come with, but I’ve still got a bit before I’m going to be ready to start running around again.”
”That assume I’d want you to come with.”
“What, don’t you like us?”
”I didn’t say that. But this is kind of a personal thing. I’m not interested in mixing other people into it if I don’t have to. Gets uglier than it needs to that way.”

“I’m not sure whether to think of that as sweet or pathetic.” Syndulla said. Morgan couldn’t tell whether she was leaning one way or the other on the matter.
“If you’re still alive when it’s over, feel free to come back.” Trax said.
“Here?” Morgan asked. ”Why would I come back here?”

“Way I see it, you’re the closest thing the GUNs have to a leader right now.” Trax explained. “Assuming we don’t scare you off. I’m currently getting the impression that they’re all but ready to help set us up with positions of some kind, and with no where else to go at the moment, I know I’m keen on anything they might have. At the very least, I’m probably going to be staying till Solo’s well. They want me to be here in case things come up, since I was tending to him on the way here.”

“We did well as a team before.” Syndulla added. She hobbled over to Morgan and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I think it would be a shame to break that up.”

”Sorry to disappoint.” Morgan replied. ”I’m not much for the long-term.”

He gave Syndulla’s hand a toying pat, though didn’t make much effort for it to be sincere.

”Of any type, really.”

”You realize that’s kind of bantha fodder, right?”
”How so?”
”You been riding around in Norr’s ship for how long?”
”I didn’t say there weren’t exceptions.”

“Shame.” Syndulla said, and started to slowly move back out of the ship.

”Besides, I’m not sure the ‘team-up’ I think you’re looking for would work out that well.” He said to the Twi’lek as he picked up his leg and gave the metal portion a tap.

“I’m sure that could be fixed easily enough if you wanted to.” She replied.
”Could.” Morgan said. ”But I’m happy with the trade-offs I have.”
“It wouldn’t be that difficult to change it.” Trax said. By now, he too was heading off. “But I’m sure someone such as yourself wouldn’t have much trouble figuring that out. Shame about you leaving, but if you change your mind, you know where to find us.”

”Don’t count on it, but thanks anyways.”

With them gone, Morgan was easily able to finish up with the touch-up repairs, making the ship ready to fly. A check of the systems when he warmed up the engines confirmed he was ready to go.

But before he could leave the planet, first he had to pick up a few things. Things he’d have to travel further down into the planet to find.

(Click here to Continue)

Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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The New Republic Intelligence shuttle waited to the last minute, before Coral finally fired up the engines. The only souls aboard were Coral and a young male Bothan, Broxx, who seemed to enjoy the company of a couple of females. Since her download, Alisson had missed several key memories, including the Battles of Bakura and Bespin. Anything that had happened in between the two, had been lost, including some personal notations about Lucas, one of the triplet Pallanén-Davad children. She had made a note, a journal to herself, but it seemed the passcode had been changed during her time between Bakura and Bespin, though it was extremely unlikely that she herself had done it.

Had Lucas changed the passcode? Was there something he didn't want her to know? And where was he now?

That didn't matter. Completing the mission mattered now.

"No Morgan?" Broxx asked, "I thought you said-"

"No, I didn't." Coral said, smiling. "Look, I've been on Nico's tail for years, and half the time, I was spending it in some frakkin' underworld crap shoot trying to get an idea of her next job. Just because I'm taking a Kuati Security mission, doesn't mean that I can't bring Nico in... albeit through Morgan. His desire to capture or eliminate her just might rival my own. It's a career maker for some, but for Morgan and me, it's personal."

Alisson enjoyed the rational thinking. It was obvious that taking a detour to Dac in an attempt to arrest a Pallanén-Davad asset would not bode well with Arlyn. In fact, Alisson would have been forced to stop Coral from completing that mission, but what she knew of Morgan, it was unlikely he would succeed. "The nav-computer has finished plotting the course for Thyferra, with Tseneca's diplomatic codes."

"Excellent." Coral said, "Once we clear Coruscanti Space, punch it."
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Anakin Solo

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The Koda Station had been one revelation after another, but Anakin couldn't be happier to hear that his father had not only survived, but made it to Coruscant so quickly. Now that Lumiya, a self-proclaimed Sith Lord, made her presence known, it was clear the Jedi would be facing another, perhaps more sinister dilemma than the one already presented by Grand Admiral Daara Zend. Anakin sighed as the turbolift doors opened, leaving the public entrance to New Republic Intelligence sprawled out before him.

Some of the best doctors were kept here, but it was also one of the easiest access points from space, without being redirected to some of the major hospitals which could have cost his father precious time. Using his meditations, he had kept a close watch on the older man, worried that his age might not allow him to make the trip home. They were fortunate the mercenaries hadn't the idea, or the balls, to carry out a hostage agenda. But something told him, they might've considered it, but when all thought out, they wouldn't walk away from such an idea alive.

So now, they would be honored citizens of the New Republic, with a considerable downpayment on their actions. Fame would follow them, if they wanted, but the cyborg didn't seem that interested, as he was already gone and out of the building. The doctor that greeted him gave him a run down of his father's condition, but stressed that he was stable for now. "The old Corellian has a fight in him yet, son, don't you worry. We'll make sure we give him his best chance."

Anakin nodded, there wasn't much he could do now, but meditate until the rest of his family arrived. As he entered the room, a pain shot through his body when he recalled the sight of his father broken and bloodied, only now, he was bandaged with bacta wraps. Anakin stopped short of the bed, only a medical droid was between them now, before the droid rolled out of the room. His feelings were a combination of awkward, happiness, and regret.

It was awkward to see such a strong man so helpless and hanging onto life. Everyone in the galaxy knew the vitality of this man, the amount of strength and will he had shown time and time again. And now, he was just resting there, teetering. It was joy to see that after everything, they'd get to see and talk to each other again. His father wouldn't leave this existence with the last words they had spoken to each other, a heated conversation over the family business.

And he felt regret for not living up to the old man's expectations. His brother and sister had gone and done what they wanted, both living far from home and with little contact. Maybe Anakin envied them, their solace and independence from all this Republic madness. But he knew that he would've regret it. Not that he didn't want to live his own life, but his life was here. With his father in Solo Enterprises, and his Uncle Luke at the Jedi Temple.

Anakin took a seat across the room and kicked up his feet onto the desk. He hadn't slept in three days, and the thought of losing his apprentice to the woman who had done this to his father was beginning to settle in. But those were thoughts for another time. He closed his eyes, trying to picture how happy his mother would be, and before he knew it, he was drifting into a dreamy state....
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The first thing to reach his awareness as he opened his eyes was the light. Everything was so damned bright that it appeared as if he was looking into a sea of white. In fact, it was so stark that he initially thought that he had died and he was looking into the next existence until he realized that it was causing him pain. The intensity of the lights was hurting his eyes and as far as he could tell, there was no pain in the after least, he hoped not. But just in case he still had any doubts about whether he was alive or dead, the light began to fade and the details of the room began to come into focus.

In reality, the room was fairly dim with only a couple of glow panels activated overhead. Each one was emitting a soft glow, which brought a real warmth to the room and was no doubt designed to offer comfort and strength to the occupants. That was his first clue that he was in a medical facility. The second happened to be that he felt neither comfortable or strong. In fact, he felt quite miserable as he lay flat on his back on the sterile bed. A tangle of wires and tubes were hooked to his vulnerable form and a flurry of machines continued to whine and beep as they monitored his vital signs and assisted him with mundane tasks such as breathing, eating and disposing of waste.

As if that wasn't enough, every fiber of his being seemed to be calling out in protest. His legs and face ached, his right arm, which was wrapped in a cast and slung across his chest, throbbed with each beat of his heart, but the most disturbing of all was the lack of feeling in his right cheek and chin. It was completely numb and whenever he tried to move his jaw, it refused to cooperate, not due to his own lack of control, but because the doctors had apparently wired his mouth to keep it stationary. That was a telltale sign that his jaw had been shattered and he had endured some kind of surgical procedure to mend it. Godsdammit. That Force Witch dressed him up real good and from the looks of all the equipment surrounding him, he was damn lucky to be alive. But a broken jaw...that's the last thing he needed. He was sure he could still talk, but this was gonna be a tough injury to endure and recover from. He thought he was uncomfortable now, just wait until the pain meds wore off...

Han unleashed a shaky sigh and closed his eyes once more, half hoping that going back to sleep would solve all of his current problems. But judging by the gods awful taste of bacta in his mouth, he had been submerged and out of it for quite sometime. There was no telling how long its been since he had been rescued from that station. And then his heart nearly stopped. What if he had never gotten off that station and he was still there, resting in one of their facilities until they could get him well enough in order to torture him some more?

His eyes snapped back open and for the first time, he noticed the figure sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed. Squinting, he tried to get a better look and for a moment, he could have sworn that it was Anakin. Maybe he had made it out of there after all. But out of everyone that cared for him, why would Anakin be the first one here, especially after everything that happened with Solo Enterprises? Where was Leia and Luke?

He tried to shift his position to get an even better view, but gave up after several moments and simply collapsed back into the pillow. He was too weak and he hurt too much; it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to say that he was completely helpless and he hated it. What the hell did he ever do to deserve this?

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A dream ended just as his father moved for the first time, most likely trying to prop himself up and out of his current slump. Anakin took a moment to collect himself, shaking away the fantasy and bringing his mind and body back into reality. He approached his father slowly, his eyes wide as he leaned in towards the man. "Hello old man." He said softly. He had never seen his father so beaten, so... fragile. It was like all the youth and the feeling that his father would always be there melted away. The only thing in its place was a man recovering from a savage plot bent on revenge. That they were that close to losing each other for forever. It made him reflect on all the recent arguments they had on Solo Enterprises. It all seemed so petty now.

A nurse entered, no doubt triggered by all the electronics connected to his father, but Anakin waived her off. She took a look at the machinery and then another at Han, before disappearing, most likely stopping the dozen of doctors that would be rushing in. Anakin understood they all loved his father, after all, he was a hero to these people. But he understood his father better, and the less people that saw him like this, the happier the old man would be. Anakin touched his father's hand, clasping it. "I made it out, dad. We all did. Mom was worried, but she will be along shortly with Uncle Luke." He could sense this relieved him and opened his mouth to speak, but the pain from the broken jaw forced him to shut it quickly.

It was difficult to see him in pain, but he had to admit, a very small part of him felt the humor in seeing the old Corellian so quiet. No smart ass remarks. "You're quiet dad, it's nice." He smirked. "You remember anything? About the Koda Space Station... Bakura? Anything at all?"
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Han Solo

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Most of his time in captivity had been a blur and he must have been so far gone, that he hadn't even been aware that Anakin and Luke had showed up to rescue him. That bit of news brought a frown to his features and he diverted his eyes away from his son. No one should have came to rescue him. Hell, he should not have even been in a situation where he needed rescuing to begin with. It wasn't right that they had to come out there to risk their lives...for him. And yet, despite the embarrassment and guilt over having to be rescued in the first place, he felt relief as well. His family - everyone that the Force witch had been threatening to harm - were safe.

That thought alone was enough piece of mind to allow him to drift back off into that deep sleep, but Anakin was persistent. Despite everything that transpired between them concerning the future of the company, his son wasn't going to grant him the easy way out. In that regard, Anakin had more discipline and character than he ever had. He seemed to truly want to be here - he wasn't doing this because it was the right thing to do or Leia had forced him - and he showed it by taking a hold of Han's good hand and giving it a squeeze.

Han didn't immediately respond and just laid there, allowing Anakin to speak. He took his comments about remaining quiet as a challenge and this time, he fought through the pain in order to answer his questions - and maybe ask a few of his own. He owed him that much.

"I-I don't wanna remember i-it, kid," he muttered, his speech slurred and garbled due to the injury. Even with that small effort, there was pain. Dammit, everything hurt. He winced and took a moment to relax, his gaze now moving beyond Anakin to scan the rest of the room.

"H-how long was I here?" he asked after a moment, almost afraid to know the answer.

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Anakin Solo

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"You've been out for almost four days." Anakin responded, not sure how his father would take the news. "Three on Coruscant." He waited for a moment, but his father didn't answer. It was probably hard for him to speak, and every time he opened his mouth, his eyes would water. But his father wasn't one to bend to such weaknesses, instead, he held in whatever tears might've spilled out of his eyes and remained silent for a moment. His eyes would blink until they were regular and he would try to speak, only to shut it again and start over.

The moment allowed Anakin to reflect on the old man's wounds. Anakin had been present all three days, watching as his father go through some major medical operations. His entire jaw had to be reset and mended, bacta was smeared, replaced, smeared, and replaced. They were going to use a tank, but a couple of medic droid protested rambling off some random facts about the freshly set jaw. So instead, his father was forced to sleep it off.

"Galactic News got wind of your valiant return, but not for almost a day after you actually got here." Anakin decided to say. His father hated that kind of stuff, but it was fun to talk about. It was also a much lighter subject. "I've spent the last two going over everything Lohden was involved in. He really did a number on Solo Enterprises, Dad." Anakin felt his father tense up, realizing that probably wasn't the right thing to say, but it was too late. Whatever pain had kept his father from speaking was unlikely to prevent him for speaking his mind now...

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