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Tseneca Lowry-Fink

Joined: 05 Aug 2009
Posts: 921
Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Tue, October 05th 2010 04:15pm    Post subject: Dahrtag
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Necropolis was a tombworld located on the Giju Run of the Core Worlds. Serving as a burial place for beings from all over the Core, it was also the home of boneworms and cryptberries. The planet was first colonized in 14,975 BBY. The planet was originally known by the name Dahrtag. However, after the planet and its surrounding system was opened up to the rest of the galaxy, the name Necropolis was coined by many visitors in reference to the Necropolitans' reverence for their dead. Over time the original name of Dahrtag was all but forgotten, remaining only on military starcharts *

Since colonization and after many years, the planet has become a major city point, a virtual metropolis founded on the souls of the dead.
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Tseneca Lowry-Fink

Joined: 05 Aug 2009
Posts: 921
Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Mon, October 11th 2010 12:33pm    Post subject:
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Part III: The City of the Dead

The crew of the Blight Leaper continue to try and track their ship, following Mycah's expressly put star map to Necropolis, where they hope to find the ship and face Mycah. The planet turns out to me much more sinister than imagined.
Parties Involved:

Crew of the BlightLeaper (aboard Escrow)
Tseneca Lowry-Fink
Sethe Bhren
Jonas Eisley

Crew of the Blight Leaper (aboard the KDY shuttle
Lucas Pallanen-Davad
Ryles Kuat

Spacecraft Vigillance
Kyp Durron

Private Shuttle
Coral Callatros

Villians (possible and certain)
Mycah "The Myc" Lunn


Dr. Tobias Fitz

One of Dr. Evazan's biggest fans, Dr. Fitz has continues his work in brain transfusions and the reanimation of dead and decayed tissue. Fitz works primarily underground, in the old burial catacombs of Tod, a township not far from the outskirts of Necropolis' main city.

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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

Joined: 01 Aug 2009
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Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Tue, October 12th 2010 03:56pm    Post subject:
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The Necropolitans were a quiet, yet eerie bunch. Their feet moved as though never touching the ground, with long fabric of dark colors surrounding their entire bodies - then there were others with tightly stretched black-leather covering just the bare minimum of their bodies. All the different garments had one thing in common: dark, dead-respecting colors. Strange religions surrounded this planet, chants and ceremonial escorts were on every block. Lucas had sensed something on this planet the moment they dropped from hyperspace. He understood why Durron had warned them, it was almost as though it crushed him. It took a few minutes, but he was able to recover.

"What is, Lucas?" Rylii had asked him, just after making preparations to land.

"I can feel it. The agony of losing a family member, a wife, a brother, a child, its all there." Lucas wanted to weep for them, "It's a mixture of depression, agony, anger and regret. It's horrible." He wanted to be all these things, and none of them at the same time. Rylii massaged his shoulder, it was small, but the gesture helped bring him out of the trance. Long enough for them to make-do with the city official, who welcomed them with persistence and over the top diplomacy. The man had been sent to please.

"Please, Dopo'var, we wish to seek these lots in privacy, surely you can understand such a quest? Your city has done wonders for the people of Kuat, and we will surely pass that on to our government." The old man was thin with dark eyes. The sun in this system was not the brightest, and the strange revolution of the planet, left the capital city and the majority of the dead in complete darkness. Only six days a year, did it grace the city-scape, many natives considering it a moment of divinity.

After nearly an hour of running through strange streets and buildings, they found themselves into a quaint little diner. Here, they'd meet with Master Durron.
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Coral Callatros

Joined: 02 Aug 2009
Posts: 88

 Post Posted: Tue, October 12th 2010 04:18pm    Post subject:
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Coral hadn't realized how much control the Imperial Remnant really had on this world. With it being so close to Coruscant, it was almost disturbing. The military presence wasn't magnificent, but moreso on the business and sanctions side of things, the Imperials were in deep. Coral needed to change her attire, realizing she was beginning to emulate a twi'lek dancer from Ryloth, and she was well on her way to becoming one, if she had allowed the pleasures to run wild. The loss of a man like Sethe could be healed, and the travel over hyperspace had provided that. But something had wakened inside, something that laid dormant for the majority of her life, desires. She hoped for friendship, but could understand why Tseneca could hate her.

Coral was in an archive database, one her NRI contacts worked here, providing the Republic with death records, both official and unofficial. Some interesting work was also going on, and if she recalled correctly, there had been some scattering reports on a certain doctor's research... she just couldn't remember the name, and her contact wasn't talking.

"Come on, Joe. I've got three ships coming in, and if this is as big as it sounds, I could really use this. Just imagine taking down an IR pet project and arresting Mycah. Could you believe it?" Joe was a labrat that was sent by accident. Coral was the director's favorite analyst and had been privileged with nearly unlimited access to the department's work, and knew this guys MO. He was easily seduced by woman, and the odds are, he hadn't seen or been in such proximity with one in a very long time, because that was all it took.

He handed her over a large pile of data pads and old paper documents with sketch and drawings. Coral took a seat in the corner, discreetly concealed by a large pillar, and began reading Doctor Evazan's research, but most importantly, someone else had been accessing Evazan's work. It was local, and very frequent, according to the archive records. It was possible to conceive, that someone was trying to continue the deceased scientist's work. It was a disturbing hypothesis, but the evidence supported it.

She was deep into reading an article about zombie reports, when her communicator buzzed and vibrated against her leg. After letting out a small scream, she tossed an apology to Joe, and whispered into the badge. "Coral. Corellia"

"Tseneca. Thyferra." It was a code she had devised on Bespin, they'd use their homeworlds when communicating in order to prevent Mycah from using a program to emulate their own voices. "We are surface side."

"Good, I'm sure Sethe knows how to lose any tails, you might want to get down to the Archive of Mortal Demise. I have some disturbing news."

"What? What is it Coral?"

"Tseneca, I think someone is trying to reanimate the dead."
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Sethe Bhren

Joined: 29 Jun 2010
Posts: 128

 Post Posted: Wed, October 13th 2010 12:14pm    Post subject:
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The Township of Tod:
Tod can be seen as a relatively new age town made up of adobe and duracrete homesteads. For OOC refferencing it looks like a mix of an old american western town and post-taliban Kabul in Afghanistan

They stepped out of the Escrow, and Sethe saw Tseneca shiver.

"That bad, huh?" He asked. He knew, if Kyp had been right, her nerves would be shot the moment she put her foot on the ground. Without his own force sensitivity he had no idea.

She nodded. "Like someone just dumped a bucket of ice water on me."

It didn't take them long to catch up to Coral at the archive in Tod, only a few hours from the main city. Tod itself was one of the oldest townships on Necropolis, removed from the bustling mecca of the city itself, and home to the grim undertakers and morticians who provided most of the planets income with their trade. Tod was also home to the governmental archives, historically. They met with Coral there now, in a city hall like building close to the town square.

"Where is everyone?" Sethe asked, approaching, Jonas and Tseneca flanked him, scanning the wide street carefully. Coral's eyes were wide, in an almost childish display of exitement and horror. She thrust the papers at him, talking excitedly about zombies and mad science and governmental affairs.

Sethe scanned the papers quickly, a deeply disturbing feeling rising in his chest. Stories of the starscream projects came rushing back to him. Evazan had sucessfully created an army of the dead using transplantation and a serum created specifically for bodies post-mortem. He remembered getting reports of Mammon Hoole putting a stop to the project, calling off funding etc. Now, though, and as Coral was explaining in hyper-detail, Republic officials on the planet had reason to believe someone was continuing Evazan's work. If the imperials running most of the planet knew about it, they were keeping quiet, though there was no proof to say they were supporting it either. Like most of Necropolis, things were being kept under-wraps.

Coral finished her mini-tirade and sat heavily on the bottom step of the hall.

"The others are in a guest house near the outskirts of town. Some folk have set them up for a while, especially with Lucas's bribes. But as you can see the place isn't so... lively.

She was right. Looking around, the place looked almost post apocalyptic. It was desolate and dust-ridden, even with the strange humidity from the mist that locked in the place. Sometimes, he would see the form of people walking, but other times it was just... deathy quiet. It gave him the creeps.

"But thats beside the point." She said, waving her hand. "We got a tip off SAMM's network, we know where the ship is, but we also know that it matches this." She pulled a paper out from the stack she'd handed Sethe.

There, on a photo-copied map, was a highlighted grid. It was a spread of underground catacombs stretching from the southern most part of Tod to the badlands. "They think this might be where the scientist is, but they've never had warrent to search there. But with the Leaper grand-thefted, now we do."

"Hang on." Tseneca put her hands up. "This expedition just got political..."

Coral shook her head. "Not hardly. The intel we have means that only a few government-sanctioned officers can go in at once. That means me, and another from Necropolis's Republic outpost. The rest is up to you guys..."

Sethe counted on his fingers. "Jonas, me, Tseneca, Kyp, Lucas, Kuat... you and your officer. That makes eight. I think we can handle a search party well enough with that number, especially to spite whatever Mycah has planned."

Jonas' eyes were narrowed. "So we get the leaper back and stop two sickos at once. Not a bad plan."

Coral nodded. "I thought so." She looked around. The sun was starting to dip. It wasn't anyone's favorite idea to be out in the city of the dead after dark. "We should head back to the bungalo where the others are, see if they'll spring for a couple more tenants for the night. We can get started in the morning."

With that, the group headed out across town.
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Jonas Eisley

Joined: 02 Sep 2009
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 Post Posted: Wed, October 13th 2010 05:59pm    Post subject:
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The outer town was much worse than he had originally expected. It was dark and reminded him of the demon's lair on Iego. Jonas wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere but here. His body felt numb, though all of his senses were to the maximum. He was on edge, and physically uncomfortable. Stormtroopers in the corner meant Lucas was here, it was kinda cool in one aspect, to have a personal squad of Imperial soldiers as a your own personal entourage.

As they entered the room, Jonas laid across the bed and pulled the sheets over his body. It felt comfortable in here, especially knowing there were five or six stormtroopers holding their position. "I hate this planet."

Lucas laughed, and curled up behind him. "Tell me about it. In a strange way, it feels more alive than any other place I've been. Except, maybe, the Sarlacc. It's like a collective cohesion of misery, despair and death. I feel like people are alive in places of mind I've never experienced before."

Jonas looked at him, curiously at first. The Jedi were so strange, their gifts or senses often catching something that was unavailable to him.

"It's like the dark corner of the mind that is never explored, is suddenly on the surface. And the happy-positive thoughts are buried and forgotten." Jonas shivered at the thought, but it could've been because Lucas' fingers were tracing along his back. "Any ways, Tseneca and Sethe are in the honeymoon suite, if wanna call it that. I felt it was appropriate."

"Why?" Jonas felt stupid asking the question, it was obvious the way the two had act around each other on the way here, they had did something different. "Actually, I think I get the point."

Lucas laughed, and the two shared an uneventful night, but one filled with conversation.
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Tseneca Lowry-Fink

Joined: 05 Aug 2009
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Location: Aboard the Blight Leaper

 Post Posted: Thu, October 14th 2010 11:29am    Post subject:
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When everyone awoke the next day, the republic intel officer, Lt. Hiro Zachs had arrived and was wheeling and deeling with their hosts.

Tseneca arrived in the foyer to see the wife of the owner of the guest house standing near her stove, facing the officer and shrieking in Necropolitan at the top of her lungs. She stopped in the doorway. The officer ran a hand through his hair, face red.

"What did you say to her?" Tseneca asked.

The man looked at her and shrugged. "She just doesn't like officials..."

Coral squeezed past Tseneca and went to talk to the proprieters wife, who seemed to calm down if not reluctantly. The man came over to Tseneca. "You must be the captain whose ship we're going after. Lt. Hiro Zachs, at your service." He held out a hand, which she took. He was tall and lean, not much in the way of intimidation, but regardless, he looked reliable.

The others came into the front of the house and, after eating a small breakfast, Coral and Hiro laid out the plan. They would follow the tracker down to the miles of catacombs below the city, then split up in different directions in order to cover more ground. Sethe, Tseneca, Coral and would take the eastern area; Hiro, Lucas and Ryles would handle the west sections and, Jonas and Kyp would go north straight through . They all agreed they could regroup if need be.

So that was it then. They left the proprieters guest house and headed across Tod to where the graveyards sat. It was a wide expanse, but the job of burying the galaxy had done enough so that this place was a place of business rather than an actual graveyard. There were no tombstones for example, but rather large, duracrete, windowless mausoleums towering over and rocly courtyards and a wide electric gate.

Hiro put in entrance and the group stepped inside...

Okay heres how it is:

The opening to the catacombs is the largest mosoleum, It was once a place where workers (like miners) took the bodies to be embalmed, registered and finally buried. The catacombs themselves lead to smaller mausoleums where bodies are kept in rooms (like a very long and deep hallway with rooms that are family plots). I felt by separating us up like this, we could all have our own experiences with boneworms, ghosts, whatever. I have a plan, but i thought we'd wander around a bit. let me know.
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Coral Callatros

Joined: 02 Aug 2009
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 Post Posted: Sat, October 16th 2010 04:26am    Post subject:
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Catacombs - Eastern Area
Tseneca - Sethe - Coral

"Ahh-choo!" Coral flushed out the dust from her nostrils, apologizing for the sneeze as they pressed further into ancient graveyards. It wasn't land covered gravestones, but more like rooms with layers of tombs, some stretching for miles or several stories high and below, reserved for hundreds of generations. Sethe and Tseneca were behind her, even though she had just met Sethe, it was more awkward than she liked to admit. It was better to keep them out of eyesight, and avoid forced conversation. "I think we made a wrong turn, possibly at the Tallioan lot."

The further they dived into the catacombs, the worse the lighting. Coral felt something slide across her waist, and when she turned, Sethe was nearby and tossed her a look. Coral couldn't believe it. He was hitting on her, right behind Tseneca's back. She narrowed her vision, attempting to convey that she wasn't interested. Jerk. She forged ahead, activating a wrist light and skimmed the tomb-signs. She swept the floor casually, before reading the next marker, which happened to have a computer terminal.

It was brief interaction, the catacombs had been placed on some sort of power-saver, but the interesting part, was that it was also being routed to a nearby mausoleum. It was massive. "Guys, I think I might've found something." Tseneca and Sethe approached her from behind, the two had been disagreeing about something, but their voices dropped in order to listen.

"Go ahead," Tseneca mentioned, one of her hands were propped on her side. Coral didn't understand the pregnancy, no one had taken the time to explain it, but she exhibited all the obvious signs, and a few key words made it clear between conversation with Lucas and Rylii. Apparently the child inside was a bastard, with a deceased Imperial father. Coral smiled at the Thyferran-born woman, trying not to glance at the pig next to her.

"This mausoleum is collecting a lot of energy, draining all the power from the lights-" There it was again, Sethe's hand tracing along her thigh, around her butt, and up her side. "Sethe, Stop it!" When she turned to face him, something snarled. It wasn't Sethe, never was. It was something much worse.

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Kyp Durron

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 Post Posted: Sun, October 17th 2010 07:03pm    Post subject:
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Kyp disliked the idea of splitting up. It weakened them. It didn't help that he was stuck with Lucas' significant other. He didn't expect much from the Nar Shaddaa native. That's why he had extended his own senses while the pair walked in the dank tunnel. On each side family plots lined the walls and a natural mist blanketed the floor. Why people would want to be placed down here was beyond him. Necropolis was a very bleak place. "Looks like house keeping's been slacking," Kyp muttered as he ignited his lightsaber and burned away a spider's web. The little buggers never sat well with him. Not after Kessel.

"It's not that bad." Jonas kicked a mound of dust and a human skull rolled across the stone floor.

Kyp looked over and watched the skull roll over and tap his boot. "You were saying."

I don't have much time so I just wanted to post something to keep us moving forward. I'll let you decide what craziness we run into, Alex.

Tag: Alex
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Jonas Eisley

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 Post Posted: Mon, October 18th 2010 08:13pm    Post subject:
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The skull did not help the feeling of digging around in a tomb-city. Even if it was on the outskirts, this place was riddled with death, and he didn't like roaming around in it. Mycah was sick, disgusting, and whatever came of him, would be just fine by him. Master Durron seemed more on edge than his cool demeanor on Kuat, around the time they had first met. They, more or less, had been through a lot together, but never exactly one on one. Aside from Lucas, Jonas felt safe with the Jedi master so close.

"I was being sarcastic," Jonas stepped away from the skull, kicking or crushing it just felt wrong, so he left it there. "That just made things worse."

Strange clunking sounds were heard, something was moving in the dark. "Hello?" Jonas called out, as Kyp settled his hand around the cuff of the saber. No answer. "Let's get the hell out of this walkway, it dead ends any ways." Judging from the map, they were pretty much cornered, and something was coming at them. Jonas pulled the blaster from his hip, if anything, his instincts told him it wasn't sentient.

A low growl rumbled in the dark, just before the hiss of Kyp's lightsaber igniting. His reflexes were quick, but there were too many to really make a difference. The fauna resembled something of a Corellian Coyote, but their eyes were bloodshot, with blood-colored pupils. Three of them barked and howled, Kyp moved his blade, but backed off for a moment. "What are you doing?" Jonas hissed

The coyote pack jumped across the rocks and tombstones, before wimpering pass and back the way Durron and Jonas just came from. "That was bizarre, why did they run? Oh right, Jedi mind tricks?"

Kyp shook his head, "No, I did nothing."

A strange snake-like organism slithered from the ceiling and fell onto Kyp's shoulder. Just as the jaws extended and jerked for the vulnerable tissue around his neck, Jonas unleashed a clean shot. Green splattered against the wall, with its bottom half twitching on the ground. Durron looked incredible, his facial features a combo of gratitude and anxiety. "Run!"

Jonas obeyed instantly, the pair sprinting off... The mausoleum floor vibrated they couldn't outrun them, not for long any ways. Durron used the force to blast open a tomb, "Get in!"

"Oh gods, forgive us." Jonas crossed his chest several times, before diving in. Three of the creatures managed to get in, but several shots sent them withering to the dusty ground. Durron sealed the opening, using the Force to move the rock for cover. Jonas removed the light from his pocket and flicked the switch. A mixture of tombs and bare skeletons, left to rot and degrade over centuries. "What now?"

Kyp was breathing a little heavy, and Jonas couldn't blame him, he was a bit older. Not that Jonas ever held that against the Jedi Master. He had considerable stamina, and he was in relatively great shape. The energy used to blast the tomb open, then piece it back together, and without a doubt the Jedi had used considerable amount of energy to push advancing boneworms from biting off their heels- Kyp stopped, "Do you feel that?"

Jonas shook his head.

"The air. It's not as foul or dull as it was out there. And it's... moving."

Jonas noticed it. There had been some sort of breeze. Kyp took the light from Jonas' hand and extended it to a corner. Jonas noticed several things. One, a tombstone had been pried open, and an inscription read: None shall hold me, no doubt carved in haste, before the entombed fleed into the hidden path. The tunnel was dim and extremely narrow, navigating it would take time, and considerable energy. They had no idea where it led or what they could encounter.

"Let's go." Kyp motioned and crouched down. Jonas didn't like following a path a deadman created or had used to crawl out from his deathbed. As he dropped to his knees, he found a strange metal bar. Whomever escaped this tomb one hundred and seventy-five years ago, had outside help. Koll, entombed for High Crimes and Treason against Lord Kul'DeCuat

"All right, Koll, if you could do it..." Jonas began, shuffling and using his elbows to push his way through...

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Tseneca Lowry-Fink

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 Post Posted: Tue, October 19th 2010 12:06pm    Post subject:
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Tseneca slashed out with her lightsaber as multitudes of white toothy worms dropped down off the cieling and through the cracks in the walls. She smacked at the ones that clung to Coral's clothes, yanking them off and slicing them in two.

Sethe was shooting wildly, even as Tseneca grabbed coral and pulled her down, back to the wall.

Boneworms. She'd heard enough about them to compare them to leaches, with the advantage of being furiously strong. If a boneworm was strong enough to break through rock, Coral had been lucky to avoid her own similar breaking. No doubt the things were confused, trying to sense whether or not its potential hosts tissue was living or dead. Coral, definitely living, had confused it long enough.

They were coming fast, Tseneca cried out, feeling a sharp vice on her leg. Coral whipped her vibro out and hacked the worm to pieces.

"I owe you one." She grinned at Coral, and the other woman grinned back.

"Fucking rediculous!" Sethe shouted. "Cover me!" Tseneca trussed her lightsaber, hacking and slashing out. Coral shot around her, carefully picking off the nematodes. Sethe was reaching in his belt.

"What are you doing!?" Tseneca yelled.

"Hold on!" Sethe yanked out what looked like a pipe and flipped a knob, then, with an old fashioned lighter, he lit the tip of the pipe. Flames sprayed out vigorously, and Tseneca pressed the wall, shielding herself from the blast. Coral did the same, still shooting as the makeshift torch Sethe had created waved about. There were popping and screetching noises as the boneworms hissed to their deaths among the inferno.

After a few minutes, Sethe extinguished the fire. Tseneca coughed a bit and waved the smoke out of her face. It was noxious. "What the hell..."

He shrugged. "Had a feeling we might need a blow torch."

She rolled her eyes.

"We need to get to clearer ground." Coral wheezed. "The dead might be able to deal with the smell of gas and charred boneworm, but I can't."


They'd passed enough of the mosoleum doors to know they were getting deeper down. The passages were marked with richer inscriptions, as the wealthy could pay for lower tombs, lest their desceased be disrupted. It was silly, dead was dead.

The dim light of the sconces bore little help, but even igniting her lightsaber wouldn't have added anything but eerie crimson light, which, in effect, was stark.

Sethe was up ahead, most likely keeping as far from the two of them as he could. She felt bad for him... to have to deal with the two of them, the women, like this. It had to be somewhat embarrassing.

She glanced at Coral. She liked her, she was spunky and resourcefull, and at the same time, didn't wonder why Sethe had been attracted to her. Coral, also, seemed to be avoiding her...

"Hey." Tseneca whispered. "I think if we're gonna get through this, we'll have to at least talk a little."

Coral looked over, meeting her eyes. "I thought you might be angry with me..."

Tseneca made a face. "About what? the fact that you made a move when I didn't have the guts to? Its my own damn fault, I gave you the go ahead."

She smiled a little. "Lets call it a draw and blame the one who thinks with his nether-regions, shall we?"

Tseneca chuckled.

"and anyway," Coral continued. "You should have seen the article I did end up with that night. no offense to your man, but..." She whistled her approval. Tseneca laughed again, yeah she definitely liked Coral.

There was a noise. "Um, I hate to break up your little tea party, but i think we might have company..." Sethe said. He was backing up into them, pushing them backwards.

Tseneca couldn't sense anything, but even so, could see the shadows bottle-necking themselves out through wider part of the corridor. Then, a sound behind, and both tseneca and coral whirled around.

"Oh... my god." Coral took in her breath, and Tseneca felt the color drain from her own face.

there, before them, lurching in some retarded staccato, were three figures. They were men, or had at least once been, but their movements, the blank stares, the fact that Tseneca just couldn't feel them made them less than men. They were pale, and reeked of rotted flesh. their faces were nearly covered in a webbing of wires and electrodes that trailed down their partially clothed bodies, embedding themselves in the gangrened skin of their arms.

She felt Sethe grab her wrist and squeeze. They were surrounded. Surrounded by zombies.

There was a clapping sound, then the lights lit more and the undead stopped and cocked their heads as if listening.

"Good... good, good." A strong male voice rang out through the cavern.

Tseneca didn't want to turn to greet the voice, didn't want to turn her back to the... things that stood before her. But Coral had already.

" Doctor Tobias Fitz, I presume." Coral's voice was strong, in a way that tseneca knew she didn't feel.

"At your service." Fitz said, and Tseneca, knowing the zombies wouldn't budge unless the man gave the go ahead, turned as well.

Tobias Fitz was old, and somewhat distinguished looking, despite his pallid complexion and ghost white hair. he wasn't fat, but round, and his eyebrows sat thick and heavy on his beady eyes. His accent was proper, if anything, and he smiled at them.

"I apologize for the sudden-ness of the greeting party, but i'll assure you, they shant move unless its ordered. We haven't had... guests... in ever so long."

"I wonder why." Tseneca heard Sethe whisper beneath his breath.

"Well, come come. If you follow me, we'll leave the dead to themselves. There's refreshments in my apartments and you can tell me why you've come..." He turned and snapped. The undead shuddered and moved forward, effectively herding them to follow the doctor.

"Accomodating..." Coral muttered, so the doctor couldn't hear.

"You have no idea." The doctor said, and turned and grinned.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

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 Post Posted: Thu, October 28th 2010 03:45am    Post subject:
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They were deep inside the mausoleums now, nearing the most prestige and ancient of the tombs. Some were marked, others, lost to time or secrecy. Strange arachnids clicked against the walls, but disappeared when the lantern's light swooped over their bodies. Lucas had felt something else in the darkness, a presence he had felt on Anzat. "Hello?" He called out, the presence was very much alive, despite the corpse and coffins around them. His voice echoed slightly, as Rylii stopped and turned to him.

"Did you have a reason to call out?"

"Uh, I guess not."

Rylii returned, and shuddered, "You're really starting to freak me out."

Lucas continued, a long cavern with a spiraling staircase. It reminded him of an epic childhood holo film, involving dwarfs entering the dragon's lair in search of treasure and glory. The steps were narrow, winding against the wall, and took them the better part of thirty minutes to reach the bottom. While the cavern extended below, only creatures with wings could explore the planet's true underworld.

Lucas held up his lantern, curious as to why Rylii had brought them so deep into the world tomb core. Lucas pressed forward nonetheless, but suddenly, the Force sent an overwhelming alarm across his sense, enough for him to release the grip around his lantern. The artificial light cracked before disappearing forever. Rylii twisted, his blaster raising, but lowered instantly. "Lucas, Gods, you are going to give me a heart attack."

"Sorry," He rubbed his temple, something was wrong, very very wrong here. "What is this? Why did you bring us here?"

Rylii shrugged, "Seemed like the logical place, if you ask me."

Lucas shook his head, "It's not. We are way off course from Coral's indicated energy readings. There is no way a power source could be provided here. Rylii, come on, let's get out of here. I have a really bad feeling about this."

"Lucas, wait. Don't you find any of this curious? Not even Grand Master Skywalker knows of this place. It could be groundbreaking for you."

Lucas did like the sound of that. He needed an edge, after all, he was keeping a secret. "Lead the way..."
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Rylii Kuat

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Rylii hummed a Kuati theme, it seemed to lighten the mood, as Lucas loosened up a bit. His thoughts had been mildly absent, rethinking the events that had taken place on Bespin. Tseneca had managed to survive, alongside her unborn child. His escape was a success, nothing really caught up with him, and his ability to dodge security feeds proved useful. His charade wouldn't have to last much longer, the farther Lucas went into the underworld, the more Lumiya had of him.

Rylii never favored dark rooms, and while Lucas was careless with his own lantern, Rylii's firm grip was overly protective. He wouldn't drop it, even if a surge of womp rats chewed his legs off. Fear of the dark was healthy, it kept him alive and the spiders of the dead at bay. Boneworms also existed, but Lumiya had carved a delicate path for them to follow, away from their feeding grounds. Coral and the rest, however, would be walking straight into them.

Rylii let out a laugh, he had managed to alter Coral's navigational computer when the brunette babe fell asleep on the couch. Tseneca and Sethe would be walking straight into a trap... it was unlikely they would make it out alive. "What's so funny?" Lucas asked, he was closer now. Rylii didn't mind the proximity, in fact, it reminded him of the kiss shared with Jonas.

"Jonas, actually."

Lucas took a while to process, but asked, "What about him?"

"I don't know. I told him I wouldn't say anything."

They were entering into the deepest, lowest of the mausoleums. This was reserved for a species long expired, now officially extinct on all galactic records. Their name lived on, but only within a special sect of religious circles. Historical documents were rare, but present on Core worlds. Rylii kept the mums of the name, no need to spook Lucas into a full-paced run for the stairs. The Jedi, if properly instructed, were told not to dabble in the dark arts, and they were reaching the thick of it now.

"Tell me!" Lucas grumbled, the low breathing tolerance was making him much more agitated than Rylii expected.

"He tried to kiss me."

Lucas stopped. Rylii didn't anticipate the pair being so involved, it was so... un-Kuati nobility of him. "Interesting." Lucas admitted, and kept walking.

"Why?" Rylii jogged to keep up, "You haven't claimed him or anything, have you? I just figured with all the prospective Telbuns at home, Jonas was just a friend with benefits type thing. I never would've thought a Pallenan would-"

"Let's just drop it." Lucas demanded, and Rylii did just that. It was the seed of knowledge and jealousy that mattered, it would fester and boil over time, eventually spoiling another foundation supporting the Jedi. Finally, they arrived. Rylii stopped, holding out his lantern and extending the energy output to maximum. A large statue towered before them, and in his palms, two lightsabers with red coloring.

"Oh my gods. It can't be. The Sith," Lucas looked traumatized, "Why did you take me here?!"

Rylii opened his mouth, but there were footsteps.... It was no longer his turn to speak.
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Jonas Eisley

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Place Holder
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

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The revelation of the ancient Sith tomb had taken him completely by surprise. Rylii was involved in something much darker, Lucas could sense that now. The Kuati noble was able to mask these feelings, but something disturbed the cloak surrounding them. "Rylii..." Lucas breathed, a little more confused at what was going on. Footsteps emerged, echoing against the grand halls of the mausoleum built for the ancient Sith. His skin pricked and tingled, a sensation reserved for utmost caution.

Lucas pulled out his lightsaber and ignited the blue blade. It sent a small vibration throughout the rock formation, but the figures continued to advance. "Rylii, who?"

A woman's voice pierced the void, though the shadows continued to shroud her true identity. "Lucas. I have waited a long time for this moment."

"I'm afraid I do not understand. Who are you?" Lucas questioned as Rylii knelt.

"Lady of the Sith Lords," The woman stopped, the silhouette from the shadow casted from the light made it difficult to make out her face, but she was holding someone. Suddenly a green hiss and a gurgle, like blood surging from a punctured stomach and upwards through the throat, before spilling onto the floor. The woman pushed her victim forward...

Jonas Eisley squirmed on the ground, blood spattering against the pavement of the ancient rocks and stones of the staircase, before the woman stepped below. Only her hand was revealed, as she stroked his back, following the spine. Lucas collapsed to his knees reaching for the one he loved, but the Force was so tightly wrapped around him, he could not move.

"I have liberated you," The woman breathed into the air, "What you are feeling right now, blood boiling from rage and hatred, it contains power... so much power." Lucas couldn't take his eyes off Jonas, the lightsaber wound had, no doubt, punctured vital organs. He only had a few moments. Time was so precious now.

Rylii rose from his side, "Lucas, we have to get out of here."

"You did this, you tricked me into coming here, so I could watch him die?" Lucas spat, he couldn't contain the emotion. He screamed sending cracks into the foundation of the Sith chamber, Rylii and the woman tossed across the room. The woman ignited her saber and tossed it, a Force bubble so powerful, Lucas could not deflect it, instead relying on his reflexes to catch the hilt as it nearly severed his head. The woman wasn't entirely lost, in the darkness, a new blade ignited red.

The woman appeared in the light, and finally, Lucas recalled her. Her name was Mia Lou, a twi'lek from the Outer Rim who was thought to be lost nearly a decade ago. Her disappearance had rippled on for years, her story lived on as a cautionary tale.

Their blades met over Jonas' body, the boy from Iego still withered in pain, as the green woman smiled. She had aged since her last holograph, but it was certainly her. The woman's boot stepped onto of Jonas' body and with a powerful swipe of the Force, the boy was swept off the rocks and plummeted into the abyss. A vision of the Force took over his body, Jonas had hit the bottom, his body breaking under the severity of gravity, brains and blood staining the rocks. Jonas Eisley never to rise again.

The vision disappeared as Lucas shot the twi'lek with a powerful blast of the Force, using rocks and shards of glass to pummel her. Her lightsaber fell and distinguished, and when the Force energy dissipated, the twi'lek had been beaten to death by small stones, some puncturing and shredding her insides. A strange feeling of remorse accompanied total satisfaction. He cried out, he wanted to do more to the alien, but Rylii took him.

"We have to get out of here, I didn't know anything was down here, I'm sorry." Lucas shoved the boy away.

"Liar," His Jonas was dead, and there was nothing he could do about it.

The long trek back was a mixture of meditation and emotional solitude. He was able to bottle the rage, but the woman was right, raw hatred was an amazing strength.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

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Tseneca Lowry-Fink

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Fitz had locked them in the ante chamber of his laboratory, desired guests or no. The chambers were cold, and cluttered. It was freezing down here, but...

She blanched, her blood freezing. she felt Coral place a hand on her arm.

"Whats wrong?"

Tseneca shivered, once, then twice. Lucas she could feel his distress, a snapping almost, and then silence. "We have to get out of here" she whispered.

Sethe had been scouring the walls since Fitz had left them. the door, of course was locked, and there distinctly lacked an alternative way out. He growled "easier said, mesh'la."

She grimaced, trying to rub the feeling back into her arms. If Lucas was in trouble...

the door opened, and the silouetted figure of Fitz appeared, backed by his undead companions.

"My apologies for the guest quarters, we were, as you can imagine, not set up for accomodations..." Said the old man.

"So you took away our weapons and locked us away?" Coral was biligerant, and Tseneca nudged her a little.

"Well... So it would seem." Fitz was coherently ambiguous. try as she might, tseneca couldn't get a read on him. He wrung his hands a little, presumedly warming them, and picked up a few instruments. "We've collected your friends, as it were." he explained. "They'll be surfacing presently... of course this place," He waved toward the room flippantly. "Its not meant for our plans..."

"Our plans?" Sethe gritted his teeth. this made Tseneca more nervous, as he was normally so composed. Fitz looked at him with an expression of utmost patience.

"Well, yes." he said primly. "A gamble as it were. You didn't think i'd just give you your ship?"

"You?" Tseneca stood, guarded, and saw Sethe raise a hand at his side, warning her to be calm.

"Ah, no." Fitz fumbled with more equiptment. "Credit where credit is due. Mycah, after all, took your ship. Ive never been one to travel much. space sickness and all."

"So whats the catch?" Coral asked sharpely. The man had a talent for beating around the bush.

"So simple. so..." Fitz grinned at himself in a way that made tseneca realize he was more than a little mad. he mumbled a little about his genius then focused on them, eyes filled with clarity. "theres a lovely little quarter of the old town closeby. its ghosted, abandoned... nothing there. Thats where you and your friends will go. Mycah has hidden your ship there... you just have to find it."

Sethe rolled his eyes. "I dont see the point of these games."

Fitz waved his hands again. "Ah, well, mycah, you know, he love his hide and seek. for me its a matter of science."

Tseneca's hackels raised. "How so?"

The doctor grinned again. "the old quarter is the best place for my specimens to run unhindered. It will be difficult to get to your ship without causing a ruckus with them. Should you succeed, i have mycah's promise you'll be free to leave the system. If not, well..." he drew his lips in a ponderous purse. "I have been wishing for... fresher materials to work from."

Tseneca hissed. "Your insane.

The doctor frowned and tsked. "Name calling.... name calling." he turned to leave. "Come... we should surface imediately. i have reason to believe your friends already have and are nearing the quarter... you'll have no weapons of course... Mycah has seen all of them stripped and safe aboard your ship. come.. come.."

They had no choice but to follow...


The town of Tod stopped being the town of Tod a little further past the burial grounds and began to look like an dusty decrepit version of itself. It was as if the town had moved a mile to the right, and left its prior self like a snake sheds its skin.

And so it was that they all stood, the leaper crew, before the downtrodden old ghost town.

Tseneca had embraced Lucas, but sensing something held him at once at arms length.

"What? What is it..."

The younger man shook his head and didn't make eye contact with her. Ryles put a hand on his arm in consolation. She looked at Kyp who stood next to Jonas, distracted. Kyp caught her gaze and shook his head almost indiscernably. She retracted her hold on the boy. whatever it was would have to wait.

No sooner did Dr. Fitz dissapear from their line of vision, then did she hear the resonant sounds of ambling beings, a grunt-groan of the undead. They made their way into the deserted square, weaponless.....

Time to battle zombies! We are looking for the blightleaper as well. I have no plans, so i figured we'll fight, find the leaper, and get the hell out of this dead end plot... help!

Tag: alex, kyp
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Sethe Bhren

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Sethe didn't know what made him more uncomfortible, his potential one-night-stand being friendly with his current lover, or the group of zombies that surrounded them now in the ghost town's center square. He swallowed.

"You look a little pale..." Tseneca's voice carried over from where she stood against his back. She was teasing, but there were notes of nervousness in her voice. She was brave, sometimes outrageous, but not stupid. They were outnumbered in the twenties, and none of them had weapons.

"Oh surely, you can't be that naive." She said again, and Sethe grimaced. No matter what anyone said, her force abilities were manifesting, and quick. He wished she wouldn't read him like that. He glanced over to her, even as she removed a vibroblade from the leather upper of her boot. He saw her glance at Coral, who, eyes never leaving the closing crowd of undead, removed a tiny chirp blaster from a strap on her lower back.

"Sons of bitches aren't very good at frisking..." Coral grumbled.

There wasn't time for chastizing the enemy. The zombies, where previously they'd been lurching and dragging in typical text-book undead fashion, suddenly jerked as if hearing a sound none of they, the living, did. The zombies popped a little, almost robotically, then set their eyes on the group predatorialy.

And pounced.

Sethe attacked the first one with a driving kick to its chest then another to one of its team members. They were moving so quickly now, surging on the leaper band like insects in a feeding frenzy. There were rules, of course, that Sethe thought were known, because even as his foot met flesh, it sunk into one of the zombies soft chests. He flailed, pulling his foot out and grasping the head of the thing, pushing it down and smashing it on the ground. In a matter of good timing the drooling sucker died... again.

He felt a sharp pain as one of the things tackeled him and sent him sprawling. It bit him on the shoulder as he turned and tried to pry it off. Suddenly, as if invisible fists struck it, it disengaged and was thrown bodily into one of the old buildings. Sethe got to his feet, grinning at Tseneca who, with the help of Kyp and Lucas, continued to fling the things away from the group and into sharp objects and solid walls. That was one thing Fitz and Mycah hadn't counted on: Three force users. Three angry force users.

But there was more to this then that. Sethe found his legs and bolted up. Coral was shooting her chirp, bleeding the things to secondary death. She was the only one with a working weapon.

He sideswiped one of the monsters as it came at him and shouted at her. "Stay with the group!"

"What! Where are you going!?" Sethe was already grabbing Tseneca by the wrist and pulling her along. as if she knew what Sethe was up to, Tseneca tossed the vibro Jonas and ran along with him.

"We have to find the ship." Sethe said this both to himself and the fighting group. Even as they fought, a mass graves worth of Zombies replaced the ones they'd already fought off. The Leaper was their only chance.


It was dark where the alley's were concerned, but it wasn't the dark that he worried about. It was being unarmed in streets where he knew Fitz watched them. It was like being in some horrid game, one that he didn't want to play anymore.

He glanced at Tseneca. Her face was blocked by locks of hair as she skimmed the streets, eyes half closed, listening. Her hair had gotten longer since they'd met. It now fell just above her shoulders, matted and filthy since they'd left the crypts. She was still beutiful though, under all that. Her wide eyes met his for a moment and he turned away from her and tried to concentrate on the walls that surrounded them. He could hear the others fighting, even as it echoed in the abandoned city streets.

"Hey... your hurt..." Tseneca's voice was barely above a whisper. She reached forward and touched the top of his shoulder lightly, where the zombie had taken a chunk out of him. It smarted and he, despite himself, winced.

"Not bad." he assured her. Though he knew she could tell differently. That was a drawback to this relationship, he could rest assured.

He heard a rattle above the white-noise din. He stopped dead, causing her to collide with him.

"Hear that?" He hissed quietly.

"Boneworms." her voice was low. "Maybe I should have held onto that vibroblade."

He shook his head. "I'm not so much worried about the boneworms as I am Mycah. He knows where we are, he knows we're coming."

"Then we'll have to be extra careful, won't we." She made it sound like she was talking to a child. He grinned, They pressed on.

They traveled without incident until they reached the trading district. It was lit low with long since used lanterns. the kiosks were covered in dust and molded goods, fed upon by the boneworms and other fauna that thrived in decrepid atmosphere. for the most part, being that it was unsettling but not nearly as dangerous as he'd imagined, Sethe relaxed just a little.

"I think---"

One of the kiosks they stood near exploded.
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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

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Tseneca and Sethe slipped away, no doubt, to find the ship and get them out of this mess. "We need to take cover, provide a distraction." Lucas called to the others. In the undead riot, he had never felt so disconnected from the Force. He was using it, but the light and the serenity of it, had been vanquished by the woman in the caverns. Master Durron, despite brawling nearly two dozen lifeless beings, could sense the dark confusion beginning to penetrate his once serene take on the teachings of the Jedi. Anakin Solo had never been so wrong.

Now wasn't the time for this.

Lucas shifted uncomfortably, and looked at Jonas. A brief smile was exchanged, despite the amount of gore and death filling in around them. "May I?" Lucas asked, looking at the vibro blade. Jonas nodded, and tossed it towards him, but in mid air, it swirled around and beheaded two of the nearby 'zombies'. They were no doubt animated from somekind of perverse cybernetic control room. The vibroblade danced in the air, removing limbs and slashing necks were needed, but proved most effective when shot forward like a blaster bolt, then recalled through one or two nearby horde brothers.

The most terrifying of them all had been the gungans. They were sheepish and wildly amusing in upper class society. Their disgusting amount of stupidity and inability to politic the arena of galactic affairs was often discussed by Kuati nobility. But here, they were lords of death. Hauntingly skin and their large vacant eye sockets. Their fingers protruded bone and the stench had been remarkably potent.

"Gods," Lucas muttered, "Jonas, catch." He hurled the vibroblade towards him, before taking the gungan and hurtling it far, far away.

Three things happened at once. A tingle in the Force, an image of Tseneca then the sound of an explosion in the distance.

"Shit!" Lucas turned in the general direction, as did the undead horde. Suddenly they surged forward. Some were faster than others, but Sethe and Tseneca were about to receive a whole lot of visitors.

Coral emerged and called to them, "Guys!" She was standing over Master Durron. He looked bad, but somehow, managed to stand.

"Did not see that coming from a Gamorrean." Durron brushed his robes, and Lucas couldn't help, but find a little humor in the situation. Of all the places in the galaxy, they were on Necropolis defending themselves from animated corpses. Riles rounded the corner, looking rather preserved.

"I think we should split up. Durron really isn't in a position to move. He's safe here, for now." Riles pointed out, only the slowest of the horde were left in sight. Lucas knew Tseneca was in danger, and time was running short.

"Lucas, Jonas and I will go on ahead," Coral answered, "Riles you should stay here with Durron, maybe tuck him into a safe place, somewhere high." Durron accepted his temporary setback, but nothing a medical bath couldn't fix.

Moments later, they were chasing the dead...
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Tseneca Lowry-Fink

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The district came to life in flame. Tseneca was knocked from her feet and thrown to the ground as hellfire fell around the both of them. She glanced up and witnessed the old market domino into a ring of fire almost as tall as the buildings surrounding it. The booby trap had set off a chain reaction.

"Stay low!" She heard Sethe yell over the sounds of explosions ricocheting off the walls. Did he think she was an idiot? Like she was going to get up in this...

The barrage continued extensively, for another five minutes. Sethe crept closer to her gripping her wrist tightly, almost in an effort to keep her from fleeing. But she could feel his fear, tight inside him. The waited it out in the center of the market, away from the circle of continuously growing fire. If Mycah had thought to blow them up, he had missed the very vital part of....

The rattling again, now only louder.

She jerked her head up, eyes meeting Sethe's. The Boneworms. There was a horrifying skittering noise as they slithered forward, hurrying away from the fire and heat that that driven them out of their dark, safe homes. They made their way to the center of the market, seeking shelter, seeking...


Tseneca cursed and found her feet, pulling Sethe along with her. There were thousands of them, skuttling toward them with sharp rows of teeth and tongue bared, ready to strip them of whatever was edible.

She reached out quickly. She was talented, but completely untrained. What had kyp told her...

She searched deep, letting the force flow through her arms and fingers, letting it surge outward, toward the offenders that now surrounded them. She felt it form a wall, felt it solid and defending. And she pushed.

The creatures squeeled and flew backwards and into the surrounding flames, she shuddered hearing them sear and pop, listening to their cries of agony and feeling their life force leaving them. She kept it, up flinging them into the ring of fire over and over. Pushing until there was nothing left.

She slumped, exhausted and a little dizzy, felt Sethe's strong hands grip her shoulders. She felt a rage build up inside her and straightened.

"IS THAT THE BEST YOU"VE GOT!?" She screamed hoarsly into the darkening quiet. The flames around them were dying a little, and all she could hear was their soft popping of cinders and the groaning of little boneworm bodies. She was breathing hard, trying to not to fall over from exertion while at the same time struggling to contain her fury. He's taken her ship, almost killed them numerous times and made them travel half the galaxy tracking him. If she didn't kill him she's certainly make him pay.

"Come out you coward!" She yelled again. "WELL!?!?"

Sethe tugged at her elbow. She pulled away from him and continued walking through the market. "This has to end." She hissed at him as he followed. They sidestepped the burning vendors booths and kicked at the embers smoldering in the dark. He didn't say anything, a fact that both surprised and impressed her. when she was being irrational, Lucas was usually the one to tell her she was acting inane. Sethe said nothing, let her temper run its course. In this case, she needed it to. For that she was greatful.

"I'll kill him." She told him through gritted teeth.

"Sure you will." He said, his voice lilting into a coddling patience she both resented and admired. She narrowed her eyes.

Now, before them stood a hanger, unlit an wide like some gaping maw. She shivered, but her anger held her better then anything could of. There it was, there was her ship looming in the darkness. She strode forward, but Sethe caught her arm.

"Your amazing and I love you, but don't be stupid."

She exhaled out her nose. He'd said that again...

She felt the rage turn to to a simmering boil, even as the gangplank opened and sillouetted against the light was the... thing that played with them.

"Sneaky sneaky..." His voice chirped in an awkward way, disjointed and not pleasing to hear. "You spring the traps and then jump from them, silly little womp rats...."

"Mycah." she hissed, but Sethe still held her arm. She didn't, couldn't move. The man was wearing her clothes from Kuat, the remainder of her make-up. He/She had been in her cabin, had been in her things... She glowed with anger.

"Yes yes yes." The man flipped his wrist about dismissively. "you want the ship back, such a lovely toy, nice things, and pretty's too."

He tapped the side of his head, the tech there jutted out over his skull where the colorful braids and locks of hair cascaded over his shoulders. "ticky ticky, your chippy is brillig bastard. Come up, come up, there are terms to discuss."

His voice floated from insane and high pitched to a controlled and proper murmering. it was as if he were dozens of different people at once.

"It's that thing in his head..." Sethe whispered. She nodded.

"do stop, the trickling talk... so rude.. so rude." He pointed at her. "Cap, i seen your holo. I see it now...." He pressed the side of his face and the little holo Emmett had taken on Thyferra so long ago gleamed to life before them. Tseneca started as if bitten, looking at her young self, and the image of her dead love, brought to life before her now, in this horrible place. "Ticky Ticky, Cap. Times a-wasting."

Sethes hand tightened around her arm, but she sprung, pulling him off and running through the holo at mycah. He made a screetching noise as she caught up to him, flinging him to the metal of the gangplank, her fist tightening around his scrawny throat. She heard Sethe yell at her to stop, but her blood pulsed. Even in her hold, the man continued giggling. "ticky ticky, Cap, ticky...."

She slammed him down so that his shoulders were flush to the durasteel plank. "You little coward."

Mycah shook his head, unable to speak over the pressure she was exerting on his windpipe. He pulled a hand away from where he was trying to ward her off and grinned.

There, strapped, to his palm and wrist was another detonator.

"You son of a bitch." She hissed.

"Boom" he whispered back.

An explosion from somwhere rocked the hangar. She saw Sethe knocked off his feet. It wasn't around them though, it was farther out, into the town. The others. He didn't...

She slammed his head back against the metal plating, and he grimmiced before his eyes rolled back in his head. He was out cold. She tossed him off the gangplank even as Sethe ran toward her.

"It came from the town square." He cried as aftershocks made the ship rock.

It didn't warrant an answer. They boarded the Leaper and she slid in to the captains seat, starting thrusters and pushing the thing to an early take off.

"SAMM!?" She yelled, trying to raise the ships AI.

Tseneca? You will not believe--

"No time! get us up and running, now!"

The ship lurched to life rising above the hangar and into the dim light of the city outskirts of Tod.

Sethe pointed down, leaning over her chair.


The blast Mycah had set off had hit both the city square and the cemetery beyond. A gaping crater, now serving as some sort of morbid sink hole stood in its place. The mosauleums were colapsing in on themselves pulled downward by the hollow series of catacombs that made that part of the planet unstable. It was like a whirlpool.

Toward the center of town, where they had left the others in the square, there was nothing but the scorched remenants of buildings and ash. the bodies of the zombies filled the streets, but even they were cinders and dust.

"No." Tseneca reached out, trying desperately to seek the others, any sign of life. Mycah had known this all along, had been planning it. To get her ship back... but at what cost....

"Look!" Sethe was pointing to one of the buildings still standing. There, a shadow moved. She saw a glint of light. Coral. Signaling them with her blaster. They were okay.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she eased the ship over to the now bare city center. She ejected herself from her seat and ran down the plank.

"Sithspit, we thought you were dead!" She said as the others rushed to the ship. Lucas and Jonas held onto Kyp, who sagged between the two, unconscious. Tseneca felt a twinge of horror as she looked at the Jedi Master. He was worse for wear but he would live, she hoped.

Coral came up, scanning the ruins. "The blast was off, hit more toward the catacombs. At any rate, Kyp warned us and we managed to find shelter."

"Fitz?" Sethe asked.

Lucas handed Kyp off to one of the others. "Dead, we assume. Or buried in his own shelter. There's no way he could have survived that blast. It hit right over his laboratories."

"Good riddance to bad rubbish." Tseneca made sure all were aboard before sealing the gangplank. "Lets get the hell off this rock."

ow. finger cramp. leaper crews back on board and Kyp's in sickbay. Sethe's put the escrow in autopilot via remote, and its en route to Corouscant. I'm assuming this is the same with all other ships. We are cleared for take off. Next post should be aboard the Leaper. Yaaay!!!
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