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Image:Ooc-icon.gif Out-of-Character Section
The material in this section refers to out-of-character information. It may describe organizational or practical matters, or something else entirely.

This timeline details in-game events that have taken place. Most of them take place after the game has started, whereas other significant events before the game may be included. This is written from an omniscient standpoint, meaning certain parts may be restricted. It is not an indication of common knowledge; it is just a representation of the events that had taken place.

All dates are written according to the Union system of timekeeping. 1 Galactic is equivalent to 1 ABY, and 1 Senate is equivalent to 1 BBY.



Image:Ic-icon.gif Omniscient In-Character Section
This section contains information that is in character. However, it is written from an omniscient, third-person perspective; the information may or may not be known by anyone, or may be restricted. All that follows is, however, within the game universe.

12 Galactic

Image:Extracanonical-icon.gif Out-of-Canon
The information that follows was featured in canon, but has been altered in significant or subtle ways. Please pay attention as you read so that you are aware of these changes.

13 Galactic

  • Daara Zend reasserts her legitimate authority as the last Grand Admiral appointed by Palpatine. She declares Daala's actions illegal, reversing the promotions of the warlords to Grand Admiral, posthumously demoting Daala. She undermines Pellaeon's succession and invokes the chain of command. Pellaeon abandons his stewardship in order to prevent Imperial division.
  • The Imperial Remnant punishes deserting warlords, resulting in Teradoc's death.
  • The Imperial Remnant begins a massively successful offensive against the New Republic, reclaiming many worlds. Unhalting war occurs for the next seven years.

15 Galactic


  • Badim is born and soon abandoned by his birth parents, but quickly adopted by the Soildings.

18 Galactic


20 Galactic

21 Galactic

31 Galactic


32 Galactic

33 Galactic


35 Galactic


  • Vera Nico is arrested, killing four men of royal descent involved in attempted rape. Overnight, she becomes a political sensation.


  • Vera Nico is freed the day before her sentence, serving 108 days in solitary-confinement.

38 Galactic


40 Galactic







  • New Year's Eve. Beings around the Galaxy celebrate the end of the new year, often with assorted intoxicants and mating rituals.

41 Galactic







  • The Moff Council meets, and suggestions of reinstatement of the Imperial lineage of emperors surface.


  • The New Republic military meets on Rendili to discuss strategies against the "Mandalorians". Ares Valure, Tren Drexel and Kira Daast are in attendance. The meeting is assailed by a task force coordinated by the True Empire and ends in the death of Admiral Akatos, the pre-eminent replacement for Fran Ulgo.
  • The Moff Council conducts its first round of candidate-selection, eliminating twenty-five candidates from the pool of prospective emperors.
  • Vera Nico carries out an attack against the Galactic Union, citing political change is needed. The Financial Promenade loses its Politician Branch and Stock Exchange buildings, no one is killed.



  • The True Empire attack on Bilbringi begins. The result is a victory for the True Empire. Admiral Gavin Darklighter and Captain Jonathan Ferris are among the New Republic officers taken prisoner.
  • Ams Jendob is crowned as Emperor of the Imperial Remnant.
  • The Imperial Remnant learns of the attack on Muunilinst and scrambles a reinforcement fleet.
  • The True Empire-allied forces at Dosuun are defeated by the soldiers allied with the Imperial Remnant. The death, imprisonment, or incapacitation of all higher-ranking officers leaves 3rd Lieutenant Nick Zorrin in command of the base.
  • Muunilinst falls that evening.


  • Kris and Kendra Jendob meet on Bastion Orbital Station 17 before deploying to their posts.


  • Emperor Jendob holds his first formal meeting with representatives of the Imperial military and Galactic Union to discuss how to deal with Zend. The results are less than spectacular.


  • A small New Republic Task Force under the command of Commodore Tira Gaains travels to the Unknown Regions on a covert scouting mission to try to locate Zend's hidden territory.



  • During an attack on resistance forces on Bakura, Han Solo is believed to be killed. He is in fact captured by True Empire ally Lumiya as part of a plot against the Skywalker family.


  • The True Empire launches an attack on Cloud City.
  • The True Empire launches a secret invasion of Terminus under the command of General Dath-ron Khail.


  • A Union-allied Kaut fleet arrives to defend Cloud City. Despite their efforts, True Empire commander Selena Krauss orders her forces to fire on Cloud City. Despite the mass evacuation efforts, millions are killed when Cloud City is destroyed.


  • A majority of the refugees from Cloud City arrive at Varonat.


  • Lumiya kills the administrator of the Koda Space Station and fakes a bio-hazard signal in order clear the location.
  • True Empire forces complete their conquest of Terminus after successfully eliminating all major resistance cells on the planet.


  • The Imperial Army detachment on Dantooine arranges a training exercise, pitting infantry against armored units.
  • A private vessel arrives at Koda Space Station in order to investigate the bio-hazard there, not aware of the presence of Lumiya or the True Empire.
  • The True Empire invasion of Terminus becomes public knowledge after the Imperial forces there cease blocking communications to and from the planet.


  • A True Empire assault squadron attacks Ansion, destroying the local Remnant naval forces. However, responding New Republic strike force under Vice Admiral Harrington Shepard drives Zend's forces off. Among the Remnant prisoners taken is Prince Kris Jendob.

Using the Timeline

Image:Ooc-icon.gif Out-of-Character Section
The material in this section refers to out-of-character information. It may describe organizational or practical matters, or something else entirely.

Please add to the timeline as you wish. However, it is not necessary nor recommended to strictly govern your characters by in-universe date and time. This timeline is best used for certain landmarks.

Important events which reflect the galaxy should be placed in bold; events which are relevant to only one or a few characters should be left plain. Events that differ from canon should be italicized.


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