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Shayera Jendob

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Shayera Jendob
Shayera Jendob
Type PC
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 175.26 centimeters
Weight 61 kilograms
Skin Fair
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Born 11 BBY:10:24
Homeworld Tralus
  • Imperial Naval Officer (former)
  • TIE Interceptor Pilot (former)
  • Imperial Intelligence Pilot (former)
  • Executive Pilot to Intelligence Director (former)
  • Empress of the Imperial Remnant
Affiliation[s] Imperial Remnant

Shayera Jendob (IPA: ʃаɪ'(j)ɛərə 'dʒɛndɒb) (born Shayera Hjaldalnia) was an Imperial officer and Intelligence operative. She would go on to marry Ams Jendob, and later have children Krischen and Kendra Jendob. In 41 Galactic, she became the first woman to claim the title of Empress since Ysanne Isard.



Early Life


Shayera Jendob was born Shayera Hjaldalnia on Tralus to Carter and Sara Hjadalnia. From an early age, her parents told her of the evils of Palpatine's tyrannical regime. Unfortunately for them, their efforts were zealous to the point of being tiresome for young Shayera. Over time, this would lead to an irreparable strain on the parent-child relationship.

Even so, their moral values did have an impact on Shayera. With the cosmopolitan population of Tralus and a firmly-instilled belief in the equality of all sentient beings, Shayera was able to resist the waves of humanocentrism sweeping the Galaxy since the Clone Wars. When Shayera was 14 (by a meager three months), the Battle of Endor changed everything. Shortly after, the Rebel Alliance attacked Tralus, capturing Storm Commando General Weir. As reports of his crimes came out, Hjadalnia's parents tried to point out to their daughter that Weir was little different from many others in the Empire. But, teenage rebellion coupled with a long-simmering resentment toward the lesson being repeated so often only widened the rift. Shayera tried to run away for the first time shortly thereafter.

The Runner

However, she did not get far. A friend of her parents' recognized her trying to get into the spaceport, and brought her home. Although she was tempted to claim her parents were mistreating her to gain sympathy with her "rescuer," Shayera found she could not bring herself to malign her parents in such a fashion. Ultimately, she accepted her defeat and faced her parents. To her surprise, they were more concerned than angry.

Even so, as the Rebel Alliance began to win victory after victory against the Empire, which was also faltering to internal strife, her parents' gloating over Holonet news feeds led Shayera to start to sympathize with the collapsing nation, which by her perspective had become the underdog in the fight. Imperial propaganda filtering from Corellia only fanned the flames of her own zeal. A year and a half after her first runaway attempt, the destruction of Grand Admirals Grunger and Pitta over her home planet and her parents' joyous reaction to the mass-annihilation of well over three million Imperial personnel chilled the young Shayera. Once more, she tried to leave home; this time, hoping to join up with an Imperial unit. However, her efforts were defeated once again. When questioned by her parents as to why she tried to run away again, she did not mention her attempt to link up with Imperial forces.

Realizing another spur of the moment attempt would surely fail, she plotted her next move. Shayera realized one major error was trying to find Imperials just after two Grand Admirals had just soundly obliterated each other: there were none left to join on her planet. And she'd have to be prepared to find them off-world, as the Alliance continued its determined advance to Coruscant. With that in mind, she planned her escape. She joined her parents in watching the Holonet feeds, and endured their cheers for the Alliance with silence.

Severing Ties

Although political friction had forged Shayera's resolve to learn about the Empire first hand, her life otherwise was rather normal. She attended her local school, studied, had a healthy social life, and even was a member of the school's choir. But she kept her pro-Empire feelings a secret even from her closest friends. She knew that if she succeeded in her plan, she'd probably never see her friends and family again and if she did, she might not be welcome. Nevertheless, she found herself drawn to the faltering Empire, her drive accelerated every time her parents attempted to convert her into a staunch Rebel.

Matters came to a head shortly after Shayera's seventeenth birthday. Unable to take the deification of the burgeoning New Republic and its Alliance forebears any longer, Shayera went off on a rant to her parents, blasting them for supporting "terrorists who wished to resurrect a corrupt regime." With that, she stormed off to her room, packed whatever belongings she could carry and left for the spaceport.

Imperial Soldier

Early Career

Shayera was able to book passage to Fedalle, where local Imperial forces were able to send her and other hopeful recruits to the Core World of Anaxes.




Service Record


Ensign (Junior Pilot Officer) - 10:5:1

Sublieutenant (Pilot Officer) - 10:6:1

Junior Lieutenant (Flight Lieutenant) - 11:1:26

Lieutenant (Flight Lieutenant) - 13:9:29

Lieutenant Commander (Light Duty) - 15:9:1

Major (Imperial Intelligence) - 16:3:31

Lieutenant Colonel - 21:1:33

Colonel - 29:F2:1

Commander - 36:F1:1

Posts and Duties

6 - 10 Galactic--Officer Cadet, Anaxes Naval Academy

10:5:1 - 11:1:26--Fighter and Light Craft Pilot, VHC Eviscerator

11:1:26 - 13:9:29--Flight Leader, TIE Interceptor Squadron Alpha, DHC Palpatine

13:9:29 - 13:10:27--Flight Leader, TIE Interceptor Squadron Gamma, ISD Terminator

13:10:27 - 14:1:15--Acting Squadron Executive Officer, TIE Interceptor Squadron Gamma, ISD Terminator

14:1:16 - 14:6:10--Executive Officer, TIE Interceptor Squadron Gamma, ISD Terminator

14:6:10 - 15:3:7--Pregnancy Leave, Executive Administrative Officer, TIE Interceptor Squadron Gamma, ISD Terminator

15:3:7 - 16:3:8--Maternity Leave

16:3:9 - 16:3:30--Light Duty, Bastion Naval Garrison

16:3:31 - 21:1:25--Scout Craft Pilot, 27th Imperial Intelligence Reconnaissance Wing

21:1:26 - 21:7:35--Medical Leave

21:8:1 - 40:F1:1--Executive Pilot for Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence

40:F1:2 - 41:1:2--Executive Pilot for the Director of Imperial Intelligence

41:1:12 - 41:1:20--Empress Consort of the Imperial Remnant

41:1:20--Empress Coregnant of the Imperial Remnant


Medal of Loyalty - 20:9:16

Order of the Imperial Cross, Third Class - 21:2:17

Wound Medal with Silver Clasp - 21:2:17


Shayera was first conceived as a love interest for Ams in the Tyderian Sector RPG, and was intended to be a passing interest. However, the character somehow managed to stay on and evolve due to sudden changes in the plot. In the end, it was decided she would marry Ams. After SWVII started, the character was carried over due to the player's strong interest in their ongoing story. Ultimately, she evolved from an attachment to Ams to a character in her own right, with a complex history and identity separate and unique from Ams.

With the close of SWVIII, Shayera was kept on but with several key alterations to fit the new storyline. First to go was her alien heritage, in favor of discouraging crossovers. In addition, certain aspects of her military career, relationship with her parents, and marital life were also altered to accommodate the new story.

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