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Image:Cmac-icon.gif Official Article
This information has been set down or approved by CMAC as official. It may be a rule, or something else altogether.
Image:Gameplay-icon.gif Gameplay
The information that follows describes an aspect of the gameplay, explaining and enlightening about how things work in the game.

Out-of-Character (or OOC) refers to the part of the game which is outside of the game; more specifically, it deals with the rules, motives, styles, personalities, technology, and other circumstances which envelop the in-character world.

What is classified as Out-of-Character?

Although usually harmless, out-of-character information can be used to the detriment of the game, by intentional or unintentional godmodding. Here are a list of things which could comprise out-of-character content.

  • Anything posted outside of the in-character forums is OOC information. This can include faction forums, depending how a faction is organized.
  • Things discussed via email or instant messaging service, unless it is priorly established as In-Character, are OOC.
  • By convention, portions of posts or private messages in yellow text are to be taken as OOC.


Sometimes, unfortunately, things aren't so streamlined. What it really comes down to is common sense. To further illustrate this, here are a few examples of situations in which knowledge of the boundaries of In-Character and Out-of-Character are extremely helpful.

  1. A character wouldn't know that the Death Star has a thermal exhaust port which is two meters wide and highly vulnerable to proton torpedoes, unless this information were made to be common knowledge in character by characters who already possess that piece of information.
  2. Just because a player sees a fleet arriving at some planet does not mean that his/her character would magically know that information.
  3. Similarly, a character should not know deep, dark secrets about another character, or know the whereabouts of that character just because the player posts these data on the boards.

Still, sometimes the line between In-Character and Out-of-Character is blurry. Take a look at the section labels, some of which may be used by contributors to designate clearly what is known in character and what is not. Nevertheless, sometimes even these labels may be confused, or the information simply undocumented on Holonet. To that end, CMAC is always available to help anyone to distinguish these very important game boundaries.

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