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Morgan ZIM

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Morgan ZIM
Type PC
Species Human (Cyborg)
Gender Male
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 113.6Kilo (250lbs)
Skin Fair/Metalic
Eye Color Brown/Yellow
Hair Color Light Brown
Deformities/Handicaps Half Cyborg
Born Uncertain
Homeworld Unknown
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Freelancer
Affiliation[s] None
Family None Known

Morgan ZIM was a cyborg bounty hunter and man-for-hire, who around Year 41 was teamed with a Gand hunter by the name of Norrteth Zu'fa, operating out of Norrteth's modified Skipray Blastboat Shape. Morgan ZIM is, by some standards, two separate individuals, with the name Morgan signifying the organic human component and ZIM signifying the droid intelligence living within his mechanical half.



Early Life

Little is known of Morgans life prior to his current state. It is believed that most of it was lost in whatever indicent it was that resulted in him becoming what he is now. However, he does have minor threads of his past life, most of which suggest he was once a soldier.


Image:Restricted-icon.gif Restricted In-Character Section
The information in this section, though it is in character, is not common knowledge. The events or details described may be restricted to a few characters or groups, or known by no one at all. A character's possession of this information may be considered godmodding.

Morgans first solid memories go back to late-Year 32, when he gained conciousness aboard a spaceship of an unknown class oribiting a planet in Wild Space. The owner of the ship, an eccentric scientist by the name of Phillin Kerr, told Morgan little about where he was or his situation, constantly promising to fill him in on details at a later point in time. This later point never came.

Mysteriouly, not long after Morgan came to, Professor Kerr took a trip off the ship and out of the system, and while a note said he would return soon, the man never came back. It was around this time that ZIM made his precense known. As time went by, Morgan quickly gave up on Kerr returning, and in an effort to do something with the ship other than stand around and wait for the ships remaining supplies to run out, he attempted to move it. However, in the process, he accidentally activated its self-destruct system.

Averting an explosive death, the cyborg jettisoned out in an escape pod, crashing on the planet the ship had been orbiting. For nearly two weeks, Morgan survied both coming to terms with the existance of ZIM and the elements of the terrain before a scout ship carrying a team of explorers landed on the planet, and found Morgan. Fortunetly, they were kind enough to offer him passage off-world.

Soon after this point, Morgan learned how to modify his mechanical sections, largely with ZIMs help. Between this discovery, his lack of knowledge as to where he should go, his surviving memories, and ZIMs encouragement, he decided to make his way in the galaxy by becoming a bounty hunter.

Bounty Hunter

While skilled, Morgan never managed to excel at the career, mostly doing well enough to pay the necessary bills. This was largely due to failing to take the job completely seriously, mostly relying on his ability to quickly make things up as he went, exploiting the advantages his cyborg form granted him, and dumb luck. ZIM, during this time, provided both a hindrance and a benefit, with the advantages the droid gave him usually being just balanced out by the advantages he provided. This was best exampled during his first encounter with an assassin known as Badim Soilding, who was hired to kill a man that Morgan had been hired as a bodyguard for. Despite his best efforts, Badim succeeded in his mission. With no idea of where the assassin had gone and seeing no point in holding a grudge against a man who had been doing his job as much as Morgan had been doing his, the cyborg made no effort to pursue him.

Despite this and other early setbacks, Morgan adapted to his newfound calling enough to scrape together the credits to buy himself his own ship, a YKL-37R Nova Courier he called the Schizophrenia. This ship, however, would soon be destroyed during a fight with a rival hunter when both of them tried to go after the same bounty. This proved to be a turning point in Morgan's career, as it gave him the drive to outwit and kill the other hunter. He then took that hunters ship, an MRX-BR Pacifier, as his own and renamed it the Nowitz Mine. With a turnaround victory and true experience of what he was capable of, Morgan began to find true success, though it would be years yet before he would begin to reach his true potential.

This new potential would get a real opportunity to be put on display when he again crossed paths with Badim during a mission where they were assigned to work together by Badim's boss, Urnath Dirod.

On one mission Early-Year 38, during which he was cooperating with a group of hunters, things took a turn for the worse. Against his better judgement and everything ZIM tried to tell him, Morgan helped save the life of a Gand hunter named Norrteth Zu'fa, though the action resulted in the destruction of the Nowitz Mine.

Thankful to Morgan for saving his life, Norrteth allowed the other hunter to tag along with him, and after the cyborg proved himself to be an asset, however odd, the two teamed up. However, Norr', as Morgan would come to sometimes call him, also quickly took notice of Morgans failings as a hunter, and so made an effort to teach the cyborg what he would need to know to improve himself.

With this training, the two became a team more than the sum of its parts, with the strengths of each covering for the others weaknesses.

Year 41

Early on in Year 41, Morgan an Norrteth were responsible for taking down a band of pirates that were operating and hiding in the outer rim, which was accomplished by Morgan stowing away in a stolen cargo container. Once at the base, he proceeded to cause havoc for them from the inside before he was able to signal for Norrteth and the paying authorities.

Following this, the two stopped on Nar Shadda. There it was that a woman calling herself Starbright introduced herself to Morgan, claiming she wanted to hire him for a job. Morgan initially resisted due to a lack of information, but eventually got details as to what Starbright wanted - she had plans to carry out a terrorist attack on Denon. Thinking that she was some misguided soul and having a desire to set her straight, Morgan agreed, but with the intention of trying to talk her out of the attack before they arrived on Denon and trying to provide some sort of forewarning to the Denon authorities about the potential danger.

Borrowing the Shape from Norrteth and modifying his armor before the trip, he then discovered Starbright's true identity - Vera Nico. Realizing the implication of this discovery, Morgan attempted to pull out of the agreement, but Nico refused to take no for an answer, and once the two discovered that they had reached a stand-off, they attempted to kill each other. While neither succeeded, Morgan succeeded in killing one of her associates and capturing another, while Nico succeeded in damaging the Shape before she was forced to flee, and the encounter left Morgan with a personal vendetta against the woman.

Soon after, Morgan and Norrteth traveled to Carratos. There, Morgan met who he would soon discover to be Clare Velez and Jevan Corr during a fight in a bar. While a short time of confusion followed when a Clawdite known as Char Sarkoze imitated Clare and attempted to kill Morgan, they all soon discovered it was part of a plan to collect on bounties on all their heads.

After capturing Char, they discovered that connections to the pirates that Morgan and Norrteth had take out earlier in the year had placed a bounty on the heads of Morgan and Norrteth. Traveling with Clare and Jevan to Nar Shadda, they got the attention of Badim Soliding, and discovered that Clare had been looking for him as well. With the help of Badim, they then proceeded to frame the man who had put a bounty on their heads by pretending to have him attempt to kill a Hutt he worked for before heading to Carratos to take care of the bounty that Clare and Jevan had on their heads.


To those not already acquainted with him, Morgan often appears to be not entirely sane and occasionally acts with erratic behavior. This is largely due to ZIM, who he is fully capable of conversing with, though no one else can hear him under normal circumstances.

Even to those who know him, Morgan is often known to be unpredictable and occasionally, careless. However, these traits work in his favor at least as often as they work against him, allowing him to keep his opponents on their toes and take risks that others would deem unacceptable.

Skills and Abilities

Thanks to his status as a cyborg, Morgan is capable of installing and upgrading special equipment and tools inside his mechanical half. Thanks to ZIM, this also allows him immense mechanical aptitude, as the droid unit is capable of working out problems Morgan would not be able to solve otherwise.

Among the most prominent of his built-in weaponry and equipment are a pair of repulsorlifts installed in his feet and a wrist blaster in his left arm. Other items include:

  • A computer jack, which allows Morgan to plug ZIM into data ports and interact directly with various computer systems.
  • A vast range of light-spectrum and targeting visual imput.
  • Retractable holsters and ejectors for small arms and/or explosive devices.
  • Magnetic walking grips.
  • A Holorecorded, linked to the visual intake on his mechanical side.

He has also assembled a suit of armor made from assorted parts, which while capable of providing him with additional protection, is more suited for providing him protection against hostile environments and the vaccume of space. Additional equipment available while in armor includes, but is not limited to:

  • Storage mount for two larger weapons; usually a blaster rifle and a grenade launcher.
  • Grapple cord.
  • Additional small explosives, including frag, flashbang, and glop grenades.

Background Information

Morgan ZIM was based on a very similar character from the Episode VII/VIII RP games, named Drake IMM-3, featuring a similar, if less fleshed out, background.

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