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The markup languages used by MediaWikis are fully-featured, intuitive and simple to use. The most common uses are here, while others can be found in the MediaWiki page.

Wikitext is the preferred method for markup on this site. It is simpler than HTML, although its less-complex nature makes it unable to implement some more advanced features.

Reference for common markup
Output Wikitext HTML
Italics ''Italics'' <i>Italics</i>
Bold '''Bold''' <b>Bold</b>
Bold italics '''''Bold italics''''' <b><i>Bold italics<i></b>
Underline <u>Underline</u>
Strikeout <s>Strikeout</s>
Main Page (internal link) [[Main Page]]
Home (piped internal link) [[Main Page|Home]]
SWVIII forums (external link) [http://swviii.swrpgs.net/forums SWVIII forums] <a href="http://swviii.swrpgs.net/forums"> SWVIII forums<a>
Hello! [[Image:Empire-icon.gif|Hello!]] <img src="Empire-icon.gif" title="Hello!" alt="Hello!" />
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# Item

# Item



Section heading (use only for organization) ==Section heading==

See also

MetaWiki Wikitext examples

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