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Badim Soilding
Type PC
Gender Male
Height 177cm
Weight 79kg
Skin Caucasian
Eye Color Hazal
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Born 15ABY;9:16 (25)
Homeworld Nar Shaddaa
  • Assassin
  • Independent
  • The Blight Leaper and company
  • Birth Parents:
    • Janos Soilding
    • Julia Miran-Soilding
  • Foster Parents:
    • Breena Li-Soilding (Deceased)
    • Jaalib Soilding (Deceased)

Badim Soilding (IPA: [Bædim Sɔɪlədŋ]) is, as with Clare Velez, a former Assassin working closely with The Blight Leaper Crew.



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Early Life (15 ABY-33 ABY)

In mid-14 ABY, Badim was conceived by two, fun loving adults, Janos and Julia Soilding. Born in 15 ABY, Badim was the apple in his parent's eyes. But after realizing how hard it was to care for Badim, they abandoned him in a dumpster located in the Corellian Sector of Nar Shaddaa, like it was no big deal. Several hours later, Breena and Jaalib Soilding came through the alleyway and heard crying. The little one year old was wrapped up in a thin blanket and placed in the metal cube, hungry and scared. Instictively, the Soildings rescued him from the cold and adopted him as their own.

Badim and his family lived poor, simple lives. Living on only the essentials of life. But when all that was stolen from them, Badim realized the life they had compared to others on Nar Shaddaa. He wanted his family to be like them. Not rich, but not poor. To be in the upper levels of Nar Shaddaa, with security at their call. When he turned nineteen, he went searching for a job that would sustain his family. While looking for employment in high places. He was attacked by several thugs. Able to kill one and prove that he was not one to mess with, the others backed off when Crime Lord, Urnath Dirod appeared behind Badim with ten bodyguards.[1] They ran shortly afterwards.

Dirod's Hand and Loren's Dreaded (33 ABY-40 ABY)

“Have you not learned? That you will never be excused, unless I tell you that you are Excused.”

- Urnath Dirod, speaking to Badim

Seeing the potenial skill Badim had within him, Dirod offered him a job as an Assassin. Though gave him a simple mission, kill a poorly defended rival Crime Lord. Giving him access to any weapon he needed, he picked the most powerful at first. Thinking that was the way to do it. Though he made a big mess of the target. But as he became more and more experienced, the jobs became more and more clean. His arsenal changed with each coming assassination. Two years into his job, he finally found a setup that fit him. An E-11 blaster, cleverly hidden beneath his white cloak, along with a small, knife sized vibroblades for throwing and silent kills. Strapped to his back was a vibrosword. He still kept other weapons for certain missions that required it, such as his X-45 sniper rifle.

After a lull in missions from Dirod, Badim signed on with Boz Loren, leader of Loren's Dreaded as a freelance assassin for work in between his career. One of his first was a Selkath named Sheol Sthiceus. A bounty was placed on his head, and exploited by Loren's Dreaded, sending Badim to collect. He traveled to Section 523-C of the Corellian Sector on Nar Shaddaa to a warehouse where Sheol was. He quietly dealt with the guards and was being efficient, despite him not having much experience in his line of work yet. He ran inside and found Sheol, and a cyborg protecting him. After a brief engagement that would cause minor injury to Badim, he succeeded in killing Sheol. He retreated, fearing the cyborg would come after him to get payback. In the rush, he stole a piece of white fabric to conceal himself: His Cloak.[2]

Two years into his career with Dirod and one year with Boz Loren, and at the age twenty, Badim was given a mission to kill a nineteen year old girl named, Sara Soto. Having no family left to speak of, she sought refuge with a close family friend, Shawn Collier. Badim asked what she did to Dirod to get on his 'Assassination List'. But wouldn't answer. Telling him to just kill her and get it over with and to bring back the necklace she wore around her neck at all times, as a prize. [3]

He left for the Meltdown Café on Level 88 in the Corellian sector, where Sara was located. He tracked her down to the living area of Shawn Collier above the main café, when he tried to trick Shawn into letting him see Sara, Shawn told him to get out. Badim pointed his blaster at him and demanded to see her. Shawn refused to do so. Instead of killing him, Badim decided to injure him to keep him out of his way. He shot Shawn in the shoulder, lept over the counter and proceeded to find Sara. He went up a set of stairs where he found Shawn's living area. He kicked the door down and Sara fired a shot at him. Badim dodged it, entered the room and found cover. Sara screamed at him, telling him to leave. Fired three more shots, but missed Badim. She ran through a door in the room that led to the roof of the café. Followed quickly by Badim. At the rooftop, he could see her looking over the edge. He reasoned her release with her handing over her necklace. They both looked at eachother for a moment, Badim would never forget the look on her face. She escaped with Shawn in a speeder seconds later.

Dirod believed she was dead, with the presentation of Sara's necklace. Like many other prizes that Dirod had wanted, had given them to Badim as 'prizes' for his victory.

Several months after he spared Sara Soto, he received another bounty from Boz Loren, a sixteen year old girl named Jaira Lionne.[4] After deeming her innocent, following in his newfound path, he helped her leave Nar Shaddaa. He returned to Boz Loren later in an attempt to cash in, but they knew of her release and sent another bounty hunter after her. The bounty hunter suddenly appeared and dragged Jaira in as she tried to fight against his grasp. After the bounty hunter left, Boz raised a blaster to Badim then pointed it to Jaira. Badim reacted in defense of the innocent and fired his blaster, disarming Boz, killing the man to his left and injuring his right hand man. Boz attempted to kill the two one last time, barely missing Badim. Badim acted in self-defense this time and killed Loren, offering a hand to Jaira to help her get off the planet for real, giving her contact information if anything happened to her.

Badim was sent to kill the Wookiee Warir'kar during an unspecified time in his sixth year of service to Dirod. It accured at the Rimmer's Rest Cantina on Nar Shaddaa.[5] The Assassination went like any other, except for Sara Soto, waiting for the target to arrive to a location for Badim to kill them swiftly. After failing to snipe the strong Wookiee from afar, Badim shot a grappling cable across the gap between his sniper post and the cantina, jumped off the edge like a daredevil, just barely clipping himself to the zip-line, just in time albet. He zipped down to the cantina where he found the wookiee, unscathed by Badim's attempt. He lifted him up and pinned him against a wall. Badim kneed Warir'kar in the groin, dropping him. When he was about to shoot him in the face to finish it, Warir'kar threw him across the room. Badim quickly retaliated by shooting the now charging Wookiee in the head with several, well placed blaster bolts. He proceeded with the usual prize collecting, in the form of the Wookiee's hair.

Freedom (40 ABY F1- 41 ABY:1:3)

"I will do what is right. And I will kill... For my career with you has ended, along with your death"

- Badim

On the first day of the New Year Fete Week, Badim was called to Dirod privately for a mission. Eager to possibly save another innocent life, or end a killer's, he asked who the targets were. Dirod told him of why he was hunting them first. They were seeking refuge with his rival, Candrog. And in order to set an example to not betray him or go to his enemies, he wanted them dead. Badim again asked who. Which Dirod told him it was his foster parents, Brenna and Jaalib Soilding. Shocked, Badim told Dirod that his career with him has now ended, along with his death. He thrusted his blade into Dirod's stomach and left him for dead.[6]

For some strange reason, Badim always said he would leave for Tatooine once he got a chance to get away from Dirod, be it from his death or a vacation. He traveled there in his ship, a YT-1250, The Killer's Fate, where he was begged by a man to take a girl onboard Badim's ship. After first declining, the man offered six thousand credits, which after thinking for a moment, Badim accepted the offer, thinking if she caused trouble he could just dump her on the next planet they went to.[7]

After waiting forty-five minutes for her, Clare Velez arrived and joined the crew. En-route to Corellia for some ship modifications, they quickly sparred and trained together, Badim coming out the victor. Later, while in the crew quarters, the two slipped on one another and shared a brief, embarrassing kiss. Later concluding it was a fluke, to the apparent dismay from Clare, they carried on their mission to find Sara Soto.[8]

After their brief trip to Corellia, they followed a lead on Sara to Kashyyyk. Where Badim had a nightmare, or vision, of him in a dark forest, facing a Terentatek to the death. Where they found an aged Shawn Collier in a cantina. After a brief argument, Clare stepped in and told Shawn of Badim's intentions on finding Sara. Shawn accepted and told them that she went to the Shadowlands several months ago. After permission was given by the Chieftian Chewbacca to enter the Shadowlands, Badim trekked alone into the dark along with young Wookiees going through their Right of Passage. [9] Badim continued cautiously through the dark forest. Getting startled by a Tach, he let his guard down long enough for a hulking Terentatek to knock him out and drag him back to it's lair. Once inside the lair, Badim quickly escaped, only to find that he would stand no chance against the creature. He braved the beast with his Vibrosword dispite the odds. When all looked lost, a barrage of blaster fire from an unknown person managed to distract the creature long enough to grab the exhausted Badim and retreat to safety. [10]

When Badim awoke, he found himself in shelter with a small fire roaring next to him. He found his savior, an armored Diann Reeves, who regretfully told him that Sara Soto was her friend, and was killed by that very same monster just a month ago. For saving his life, Diann wanted off the planet, to which Badim had the means of doing so and accepted her as a new addition to the crew, to which Clare didn't take Diann likely until they returned to Nar Shaddaa for Badim to make amends with his family. During transit, he remembered how he got into all this.

Loss (41 ABY:1:3-41 ABY:1:5)

After landing, the crew of the Killer's Fate made their way to Badim's old apartment where his foster parents lived. But to his horror, he found a group of mercenaries standing over their dead bodies. Swearing revenge and death to the leader of the group, he approached and found out that the leader in front of him was Urnath Dirod.

Badim had only struck a blow to Dirod, and several guards returned to him after having a bad Holiday, where they quickly got the near dead Dirod to medical attention. After a brief firefight, the assailants, except for one Weequay, were dead. Dirod was now offically and forever dead.[11] After quickly leaving burial instructions next to his fostor parents, he left without speaking for several hours while they went to Telos IV.

After a seemingly long ride to Telos, a rare Navicomputer error accured, dropping the Killer's Fate out next to Rhen Var. Before being able to identify the planet, their ship was struck by a stray asteroid.[12] Everyone, except Badim, escaped to the planet below via the ship's escape pods. An unconsious Badim was lucky to have survived the blazing heat of the planet's atmoshere and impact on the planet itself. Thankfully for the crew, there was a Jedi Archeological team with Jedi Healers who came to their aid.[13] After a brief discussion with the head Master, Senna Vucora, she allowed a quick drop off to Nar Shaddaa aboard one of their departing Jedi Transports.

After the short trip back to Nar Shaddaa, the crew of the late Killer's Fate traveled to one of Badim's old hangout locations, where he hoped to meet someone who could get them off the planet.[14] Leaving the first location without fruit, Badim rememebered a way to get them away from Nar Shaddaa, but first decided to change out of the bloody rags he'd acquired while bleeding profusely on Rhen Var (Effectively changing from his classic Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad look for an Ezio Auditore da Firenze one).

They soon traveled to a local HoloNet communications hub where he contacted Tseneca Lowry-Fink, Captain of the Blight Leaper. While he waited for her to respond to his call, Clare and Badim seemed to reach for each other, before Tseneca answered and agreed for a quick in-system pickup and told the three to meet them at a nearby landing pad.[15]

The Blight Leaper (41 ABY:1:5-Current)

Badim had previously run a mission with Tseneca out of Ootman Baatu while hunting Lodi Celis and promptly, she owed him a favor for killing a guard that would was sneaking up on the two. He pulled the favor on her and they were picked-up and introduced to the crew: Tseneca Lowry-Fink, Lucas Pallanén-Davad, Firi'Taknik, Jonas Eisley, Alisson, Kyp Durron and their ship's AI, SAMM.

Ootman Baatu

They made a quick moon jump to Nal Hutta, and back to Ootman Baatu, where the crew of the Blight Leaper were trying to find information to lead them to Vera Nico.[16] After landing, Kyp stayed behind to meditate, while Jonas and Alisson made their way back to Nar Shaddaa for personal reasons. The remaining crewmembers made their way to the Strak Cafe; where they met Dex, a sort of slave for Drekka the Hutt. He said he could get them to the Hutt to answer their questions, but it turned out to be a trap Dex was unaware of. Firi was captured to be a pet because of her beauty, and the rest of the crew were thrown into the Bunko's dungeon. Where they tried to make plans for escape. A rival Hutt soon attacked the Bunko as part of a gang-war.

Dex came, freed the crew and helped in the battle that ensued between three groups. After a silent suspicion by Badim, he fell behind slightly and watched as a Gamorrean Guard snuck behind the rest of the group. Badim engaged in combat while the rest continued. He bested the beast and met with Kyp, Jonas and Alisson and caught up to the rest of the crew.

After a brief firefight, Badim and Tseneca noticed a Nikto covered with explosives. Badim took action and fired at the armored alien. Missing, but taking it's helmet off. He rushed forward with his vibrosword and decapitated the alien. But noticed a death-switch in it's hand, jumped and caught it, but was suddenly in control of the detonator to the explosives. One slip and he would have killed the crew, if it weren't for Lucas and Alisson taking the explosives to dispose of them safely. Kyp took a large amount of thermal detonators and used The Force to disperse them throughout the area, telling everyone to take cover and detonated them.

After the firefight, Drekka released Firi and the others in agreement to no further hostilities between the two groups. Dex, with the permission of Tseneca, joined the crew to explore the galaxy, though promised to return to Drekka later on.


During Badim's stay on Denon while following the crew of The Blight Leaper in their ongoing search for Vera Nico, Badim purchased and re-programmed H6-32, an IG-152 Protocol/Assassin Droid in hopes of using him in their assault on Nico and whoever she had with her. After a day of searching, they found Nico's most likely target, assured by Kyp's use in the Force and Alisson's diggings at The Intergalactic Bank of the Galactic Union Headquarters. They planned their attack and left for their mission[17]. Badim stopped Clare for a moment, confessing he was worried about her, wondering if they'd ever see each other again, or if one of them would end up dead. Clare interrupted his sentence with a kiss to the lips, symbolizing everything would be fine.

Badim entered the Stock Exchange portion of the complex with Kyp, Lucas and Tseneca as they watched for Nico and her Barabel guards, while Clare, Alisson, Dex, Jonas and Diann went to the Political Private Lounge and Branch. H6-32 and Firi were on their way with an acquired speeder for air support for either team.

The assault started shortly after recieving a status update from Clare via his comlink, unbennounced to Badim the Political Branch was assaulted first. After Nico's short assault on the lounge, she traveled a short distance to the Stock Exchange and began the second part of her attack. Badim attempted to contact Clare, but with transmissions jammed throughout the entire complex without his knowledge, he feared Nico had killed her and the rest of the team.

After the stock exchange was cleared of civilians by Kyp's statement about a bomb, Nico was surrounded by the group. Tseneca and Lucas quickly interrogated Vera and recieved a datapad from her, Nico turned the tables and escaped. Badim helped a phased Tseneca off the ground and the group ran after Nico. They encountered three bounty hunters, hired by Nico to slow the group down. Badim took on the largest one, his first attacks failing and almost getting him killed. He took advantage of the man's honor and bulk to make a killing blow to his forehead with the bounty hunter's own blaster.

They exited the building to see Clare landing in a speeder. Clare told Badim to get in and left the rest of the crew before they could get in. Badim expressed how he thought he had lost her, she glanced over and returned the expression.

Badim and Clare landed in front of a hanger where he thought Nico was, they entered and to his surprise, Vera Nico wasn't there, just a foulmouthed pilot. Badim questioned Clare if this is the right hanger, she declined and shot him in the arm with her stun rifle. He sputtered and fell to the floor, before he fell out of consciousness, he sent a distress call to Tseneca, then blacked out.

Candrog De'lotre

Badim was taken to Nar Shaddaa, thrown into a cell that would hold him until Candrog and Clare were ready for his execution[18]. He sat in his cell within the large skyscraper for several hours, questioning the sudden compassion and romance he had with Clare, wondering if any of it was true. At this time, the Blight Leaper and it's crew had followed Clare to Nar Shaddaa to rescue Badim. After they plotted their move, they stormed The Black Stars' Skyscraper: Alisson, Jonas, Kyp and Dex distracting the guards while Diann, Lucas and Tseneca snuck inside. Firi and H6-32 were in a speeder providing air support, until they smashed into the side of the skyscraper as part of Firi's plan. They joined Diann, Lucas and Tseneca as they made a final push towards Candrog's Hall.

Badim was dragged out of his cell after beating a guard as he tried to get free. Inside Candrog's Hall, he was inches from being killed by the hand of the one he formerly loved, until she turned the tables and pointed the blaster at Candrog instead. He played surprised, then retrieved a device from his desk, activating an Advanced Slaving Collar that was given to her by Candrog for the ceremony, forcing her hand to point back at Badim. After realizing what was happening, she decided to try and commit suicide, trying to force the blaster to her chin. But Badim caught her in the middle, telling her that it was alright and he accepted his own death. She exclaims her love for him and how she didn't want him to die, but he took the only method that he could think of and forced the blaster back down to his head.

Just as it was about to fire, the doors to Candrog's Hall burst open and Badim took the opportunity to get Clare to cover and deal with the Slaving Collar. After the firefight, and the rest of the crew appearing. The Slaving Collar was deactivated and Clare proceeded to killing Candrog, then being carried back to the ship in Badim's arms. When they gathered to find out the best approach to escaping the skyscraper, Tseneca pointed out a flaw in Sara Soto's plan for escape. After a moment of confusion, Badim returned the locket that belong to her and finished his quest to find her.

Back aboard the Leaper, Clare and Badim slept together, symbolizing the end to their ordeals, and a new future for them.


After arriving on Coruscant with the rest of The Blight Leaper and it's crew, Badim changed his attire from his typical Assassination Clothing, to street clothing to put away his former life. Badim and Clare spent the morning together as they walked the streets to enjoy their new life of no secrets. Badim bumped into Dorniekke, a friend of his during his service with Dirod. He had helped him get away as well when he fell into the crosshairs of Dirod, as so many had before. After hearing of Dirod's death after a brief run in on Denon, Dorniekke left for Coruscant, hearing word of a Soilding, still alive and living on Taris.[19]

After hearing this, Badim thought it would lead to his birth parents and boarded Dorniekke's ship to Taris with H6-32. Badim and Clare encountered Jaxor Soilding and Jan Soilding, and heard all about the Soilding line. They heard about Jaxor's son, Janos Soilding had abandoned a child on Nar Shaddaa twenty-five years earlier with his wife Julia Soilding.

They rushed off to Naboo to close the mysterious chapter in his life.[20] During their brief time in Hyperspace, Clare had a memory of the loss of her entire team while she still worked for Candrog, before she became his assassin. She feared the same thing that happened to her her friend, Rath Yavoog was going to happen to him, that he was going to die in her hands. He promised it would never happen. They landed on Naboo, Dorniekke taking care of finding out where Janos and Julia lived while Badim and Clare went to enjoy the scenary. After seeing a doll, one that looked like the one Clare had lost during the raid on her family, in a window display, Badim bought it and the two quickly went off to The Lake Country to rest and relax.

After playing and laughing in the field, Clare had another memory of his previous life, thinking about her possibly dead brother, Shen Velez. Badim promised that if he was alive, that he wouldn't stop until he found Shen for her. They were both quickly arrested for trespassing on The Daeio Reserve and taken to Queen Kleiia Nappolian for their trial. She reviewed the case, and banished the two from Naboo forever. Badim's hopes sank as he felt the loss of his only chance of ever knowing if he was a True Soilding, and not abandoned by someone else. When she dismissed the court and asked, Damian Pallanén-Davad to escort them back to their ship, Badim spoke and asked if he was related to Lucas. He was, and Kleiia removed the charges, as long as they stay within the tourist areas, of which would be on supplied maps.

They thanked the Queen and left, getting a transmission from Dorniekke on where Julia and Janos' home was. They quickly traveled to their home and was relieved to find out that he was, in fact a True Soilding. After having dinner and catching up, Badim and Clare left for Coruscant to meet back with the crew.


Clare and Badim landed on Coruscant, quickly coming under attack from a bounty hunter, one searching to cash in on a bounty recently posted, targeting Tseneca, Lucas, Firi and Jonas. They joined the crew at the Jedi Temple, taking refuge there from the bounty hunters that tried to capture Firi, and had already poisoned Tseneca. After hearing that Tseneca had recovered and everyone went to their quarters, Clare and Badim quickly detoured again as they planned on heading to The Western Sea on Coruscant. After getting their tickets, Badim waited for the transport and Clare as she went to freshen up from their journey.

After a long time, Badim got a transmission from a mysterious man, telling him to meet him in the far Eastern Docking Ports. He quickly rushed to the location, only to witness Clare's Death.[21] Badim quickly dealt with all of the guards, except the man who killed Clare. The man took Clare's corpse away to not let him hold and cry for her. He looked at a datapad the man had left for Badim, and he looked at the two names on the list: Jelahan Loren and Dorniekke. He had killed Jelahan's son in self-defense, and Dorniekke had betrayed him.

Badim sat in a public bench, realizing that the crew had heard everything that had happened to him. He was stunned, shocked and full of anger and remorse. Tseneca came to him, and after a moment of discussing, Badim and Tseneca plotted to take revenge and kill the man who did this.[22] On their way to the Leaper, Badim stopped and purchased a bottle of black dye and a pair of wrist blades. Kyp also got word of it, and waited for the two aboard the ship to join them, to keep the two from the Dark Side. Badim took the black dye and dyed his assassin clothing black and redonned it. Staring and contemplating at himself through a mirror, trying to find some sort of humanity or mercy inside of him. He found that he couldn't. He hated the look of his face and smashed the mirror he was looking through.

He left for the cargo hold to recite The Way of the Blade in an attempt to calm himself, but found himself further remorsing and filling with even more anger towards Jelahan, Dorniekke and anyone who stood in his way.

Cato Neimoidia

[23]After a nightmare where he saw his friends turning away from him for the path he was taking in revenge, and Clare sobbing for the same reason, he awoke with a brief scream. Tseneca was stirred and checked on him and after a brief conversation they made a pact that they wouldn't go down the path of the dark side, whether it be through The Force or not, but Badim continually thinks he's betraying it. They land on Cato Neimoidia to begin their search for Dorniekke, Badim trailing off and searching on his own while Tseneca and Kyp left for a cantina to try and find information on Dorniekke's whereabouts. Badim, after several hours of fruitless searching, he entered one of the many Gladiatorial Arenas on the planet. He dispatched of several bounty hunters and participants until he clashed blades with Jaira Lionne, who he saved from death or slavery five years ago. They join in combat and come out on top. During a delay in the start of the next round, Jaira and Badim returned to the cantina Tseneca and Kyp were in to plan. Jaira revealed herself as a bounty hunter, taking interest in Tseneca, but tells her, Kyp and Badim that she follows Badim's way of releasing innocents.

Badim exits the cantina to get some air, where a deathstick dealer and supposed information broker brought him into an alley to try and make a sale with Badim. He reacts to the druggy's stubbornness and stabs him in the shoulder to the sudden audience of Jaira, Kyp and Tseneca. Badim tells the druggy to drop the deathsticks and broker business because someone was going to do far worse things to him than Badim had.

Shortly afterwards, Tseneca left for the Leaper to contact Lucas on a vision she had just witnessed, while Badim, Kyp and Jaira dealt with Dorniekke who had just appeared. After beating information on Jelahan out of him, he confessed the location of Jelahan's transmissions to Ord Mantell. Badim surprisingly let Dorniekke go on specific terms that he take his ship, enters hyperspace and never exits.


[24]Tseneca takes the group to Felucia, where Jonas, Sara, Alisson, Dex and Firi were to get a cure for a sudden ailment that had come over Alisson's skin. They land to find Lucas, Master Anakin Solo had arrived as well, along with Sethe Bhren who was hired to make sure Tseneca was kept safe from an unknown source. They trekked through the dark forest and after encountering a large dinosaur-like creature, they met up with Alisson, cured of her ailment, Sara, Dex and Firi, but told them that Jonas was eaten by the Sarlacc on Felucia known as The Ancient Abyss. Lucas plunges in to deal with the Sarlacc, where Sara quickly jumps in after him for worry of Jonas.

The rest of the crew retreated to the landing pads where they waited for Lucas, Sara and Jonas to return. When they did, it became apparent that Jonas was near death and Sara was in bad shape. The crew began to relax as they left for Medical Station 'XyyX' to help their friends. During the trip Jonas had passed out in sickbay, but Sara, though disturbed from her experiences in the Sarlacc, was feeling better. She inquired what happened on Coruscant to Clare, realizing that Jelahan had destroyed Badim with her death, asking if he was going to kill him.

After discussing the matter and some rest, the crew arrived at the medical station. Though Sara was found to be fairing well, Jonas was found to be in worse shape than they all had thought. Tseneca decides to take them all to Thyferra where an experiment form of Bacta could be used to heal Jonas' decaying organs.

During transit, Badim returned to sickbay to talk to Sara and after receiving treatment for his still scarred shoulder, Sara leaned in to kiss Badim on the lips. She quickly apologized while Badim left to rest, saying that he didn't judge her for doing so. He just couldn't venture down that path this soon.


[25]The crew of The Blight Leaper arrived on Thyferra and Jonas was quickly submerged in Acrid Bacta in order to heal his grave wounds. He was thought to have been lost, his life signs falling to zero. The native Vratix of the Ashern Resistance pulled Jonas' lifeless body out of the Bacta Tank and quickly began to work on him, reviving him after several efforts.

Badim left for a hill he had spotted on their way in, a perfect view of the surrounding area. Tseneca followed after a brief moment of secluded thought. They discussed Jelahan, and Badim came to realize he was another man enduring pain like Badim was now, the pain swelling in him for years and forging it into revenge. But innocent in a way, the lines between Guilt and Innocent getting foggy and blurrier as Badim continued. Tseneca tried to detour him from continuing his path, saying: "A life for a life is a cycle that can never be broken", shortly after she said this, Badim reassured himself he would avenge Clare and stop Jelahan from hurting him, or his friends, again. Sethe came up to the hill, telling Tseneca that the vratix were hoping she'd lead the resistance and overthrow her uncle Dmtir Bakh-Lowry, who had been terrorizing and enslaving the vratix since Tseneca's family was killed by Ysanne Isard twenty years earlier.

She agreed, and offered the crew to join her with the coming battle, though stating it wasn't their fight and they could leave if they chose to. Badim spoke,

“To know you’re close to the end is a kind of freedom.”
“Out of our minds. On a suicide mission.”
“But the sands, rocks, grass and waters here, stained with the blood of Vratix slaves and workers for their attempts at freedom 
during the Bacta Wars so many years ago…”
“They will remember us. For this.” 
“Because amidst all the vast array of nightmares and ways to die, or for the flickers of hope that line each and every one of us 
in any shape or form… This.”
“This is the one we choose for ourselves. For the younglings here and for the younglings yet to be born.” 
“With vigor in our hearts and the might that no man, woman, creature or army could withstand with one goal in sight:”
“Today is the day that Dmtir’s reign of terror and exploit ends.
And The Leapers will bring upon a Blight that Dmtir has never seen in all his days. And he will tremble.”
"I'm in."
~Badim Soilding, stating he'd join Tseneca in fighting her uncle

The crew joined shortly afterwards, followed by Sethe and then the rest of the crew. They trained the resistance for several days, preparing them in different forms of combat until they were ready to fight and overthrow Dmtir. Badim, after a training session with some of the vratix, went back to his hill and began to recite The Way of the Blade in order to calm himself, keep himself cool and collective while on Thyferra, storing it inside him to unleash on Jelahan. He saw a Theta-Class T-2 shuttle arriving and heading straight towards the small villa. Anticipating Dmtir, Badim rushed down the hill, almost tripping over Kyp who had been watching him recite The Way of the Blade, dismissing it, he ran towards Tseneca and warned her of the coming shuttle. They gathered vratix and Tseneca, Badim and several warrior vratix marched into the fading light and found Sethe near the landing site. Behind him, stood Emmett Fink. Tseneca was shocked that Emmett was alive and standing in front of her now and the two solemnly walked back to the vratix commune. Sara emerged from The Leaper, near where Fink had landed and asked who the man walking next to Tseneca was. Badim told her that his name was Emmett Fink, and Tseneca could be happy once more, he assumed.

The training went on with the vratix, Fink helping out and being regarded, by the rest of the crew, as part of The Leaper. Tseneca and Emmett got into a brief fight together, the two storming off in different directions. Badim followed Emmett, who accused Badim of recruiting Tseneca in his revenge mission against Jelahan. He told Emmett that she volunteered, that himself, Tseneca and the rest of the crew had all lost someone dear to them all: Clare Velez, stating that if he met her even once, he would be going after Jelahan as well.

He looked out into the sunset in front of them, thinking on how wonderful it looked, and how pained he felt that Clare couldn't see it.

Several more days passed, and the resistance was ready to overthrow Dmtir.

The teams split, H6 and Sara taking the majority of the resistance to the Lowry Estate to retake it, while the rest left for a secluded Bacta Production Facility, where Dmtir was meeting Lucas and Jonas, the two under the disguise of being sent by Kuat Drive Yards, who Lucas' mother, Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad, owned. Dmtir was smarter than he led off and set a trap for the two, just as Badim and the others entered and began to fight guards and the likes, while Dmtir retreated into another chamber. Lucas and Jonas were freed and the group barged into the dark, foul smelling chamber. Flashlights were lit, and they saw the mutilated and strung bodies of vratix hanging on the walls, being drained of their liguids to produce Acrid Bacta.

Dmtir was defeated by Tseneca, his bodily juices being drained in the same manner as the strung vratix. Tseneca defeated him after the guards opened fire on the group, fatally wounding Emmett with two shots to the chest. She let go of the sudden embrace of the Dark Side, otherwise she would have continued to drain the life out of Dmtir. The vratix took the vegetable that was now Dmtir and Tseneca rushed to Emmett's side, for his final breaths and goodbyes.

Badim carefully grabbed Firi's comlink and informed Sara of what had just happened, and to meet them back at the commune when they were finished at the Estate.

Emmett and the slain vratix were taken to the hill above the commune, where they were given a heroes' burial, letting their ashes solemnly float into the wind. Sethe gathered the ash remains of Emmett, and when the others had gone, Tseneca let the ashes go into the wind, saying a final goodbye.

Firi asked Badim if he was going to leave to attack Jelahan, and after a brief argument with Firi, Dex, Sara, Jaira, H6 and Kyp, they agreed to follow him to Jelahan. Despite Badim's protests, he agreed as well and Sethe gave them transport to Ord Mantell in exchange for an upgrade or two for The Escrow later.

Ord Mantell

[26](To be added upon soon)


Clare Velez

Clare Velez

Image:Restricted-icon.gif Restricted In-Character Section
The information in this section, though it is in character, is not common knowledge. The events or details described may be restricted to a few characters or groups, or known by no one at all. A character's possession of this information may be considered godmodding.

In his search for Sara Soto, he brought aboard Clare Velez, a supposed mechanic, to help maintain his previous ship, The Killer's Fate before it crashed on Rhen Var, and beyond repair. Clare and Badim slowly began to get closer to eachother, be it from training or fighting together, their relationship evolved from just a strict Captain/Crew relationship to a romance that began onboard The Blight Leaper shortly after the entire crew, save for Kyp Durron, were captured by Drekka The Hutt. After their escape, they shared an intimate kiss together, which Clare was trying to use to get close enough to complete her mission, she couldn't and left with a soft cry.

Shortly after their arrival on Denon in their search for Vera Nico, they continued to share romanctic moments together. Badim feared the worst for Clare when her comlink was jammed shortly after the assault on the The Intergalactic Bank of the Galactic Union Headquarters began. He later found that Clare was alive, and they traveled to a Hanger on Denon where Nico was supposed to be. Instead, they only found a pilot, Badim only finding a stun bolt to his shoulder from Clare.

He wouldn't find out until he awoke on Nar Shaddaa that Clare was one of Candrog's Assassins, sent to kill him. He was taken to Candrog's Hall, where he was to be executed, but Clare's love for him made her switch sides at the last second. But Candrog had planned for her betrayal, and had her wear a ceremonial collar, truthfully an Advanced Slaving Collar, effectively controlling her actions. She tried to commit suicide, but Badim wouldn't let her, telling her that he'll accept death. She exclaims her love for him before he pulls the blaster to his own head. The two were saved from death when their friends had come and rescued them.

Later that night, they slept together and their relationship continued to deepen through their travels later on in their search for Badim's birth parents, learning more about each other as they searched. When they found them, they returned to Coruscant, where the rest of their friends were. Clare came under attack from a bounty hunter looking for Tseneca, Jonas, Lucas and Firi, who recently had a bounty placed on their heads. With the help of SAMM, Badim was able to deal with the bounty hunter and the two left for the Jedi Temple to find an explaination for the bounty on their friend's heads.

After a brief stay, the two left for a transport station to head to The Western Sea for a visit. Jelahan Loren appeared out of no where and captured Clare, using her as bait to bring Badim in, so he could witness her death. Badim swore revenge for Clare and slowly fell towards his own variant of the Dark Side, dying his cloak black and redonning it.

Sara Soto

Sara Soto

Image:Restricted-icon.gif Restricted In-Character Section
The information in this section, though it is in character, is not common knowledge. The events or details described may be restricted to a few characters or groups, or known by no one at all. A character's possession of this information may be considered godmodding.

Badim had a sort of obsession with finding Sara Soto after he was freed from service to Urnath Dirod, trying to find and return the locket to her as a way to say thanks for her changing his ways, and leading him down a brighter path.

The relationship the two had started simply as a search, though Badim curiously wondered from time to time if there was another reason why he was searching for her, aside from the locket.

On Denon, he quickly found that the love of his life was Clare Velez and not Sara.

Badim's relationship with Sara was brief, Sara trying to comfort Badim after Clare's death with embraces. Sara hated seeing Badim in sorrow, seeing a broken man before her. During their trip to Thyferra, she leaned and kissed him, quickly apologizing and then trying to stay a distance from him, feeling she had betrayed Clare. Though she realized that Clare too wouldn't have wanted to see Badim in the state he was in, though she was acting on it too quickly and continued to keep her distance out of respect. On Ord Mantell, before Badim left after the death of Jelahan, Sara tried to get him to stay with her and the crew. But he left anyhow, to find a new path. Sara left alone amongst strangers.

It was ultimately the stress from losing so many friends so quickly, that made Sara's Force Sensitivity show itself on and during transit to Naboo.

Equipment and Skills

Badim was an assassin and capable of extraordinary acrobatic feats, adept of social stealth, and fully apt in the application of deadly arts.

Trained extensively, he was able to overcome any obstacle, human or terrain. He was able to get anywhere, climbing the tallest tower and jumping from the highest ledge without a hint of fear. Like other assassins, he was also trained in stealth assassination techniques, hand to hand and weapons combat, blade throwing, climbing, urban acrobatics, eavesdropping, interrogation, pick pocketing and anything else that may help complete a mission. Besides the physical prowess, he also had extensive knowledge of his homeworld, Nar Shaddaa.

Badim possessed a array of weapons at his disposal, comprised of a one–handed vibrosword, a vibroblade, throwing vibroknives, a variety of blasters and, as of recently, a pair of wrist mounted vibroknives that, when activated would extended outward with enough force to penetrate flesh for silent kills.


Badim was raised on Nar Shaddaa by Brenna Lin-Soilding and Jaalib Soilding, and possessed incredible skills, but these skills wouldn‘t be known to him until he began to serve Urnath Dirod and further trained and became more experienced. A cold and objective person, he fully devoted himself to the cause he chose to pursue. Later choosing to know more about his targets, then deem if they were innocent or not.

He had a rebellious nature; was impetuous, over–confident, demanding, arrogant, self–centered and impatient. As his missions progressed, his attitude changed and he started to perceive more between the lines and actions of the galaxy while drawing upon the teachings of The Way of the Blade, prior a guide, now a way of life since his release of Sara Soto. By the time of Urnath Dirod‘s death, all of his brash and rebellious nature had been put under control, and he became a calm, focused, driven, humble, patient and wise man. Badim was one of the most respected and feared assassins on Nar Shaddaa, second only to his great-great grandfather, Fon Soilding.

Also, his cold personality did not uphold his emotions. Badim is known to have fallen in love at least once, with Clare, who after their brief time together was killed by Jelahan Loren to enact revenge on Badim for killing his son five years earlier.

Badim, however, returned to his prior ways after the death of Clare Velez, promising revenge at any cost. Even if it cost him his own life, but not the ones who traveled with him to fulfill his thirst for revenge.


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  26. Convictions - Ord Mantell - Finale


Badim Soilding began the creation process during mid-late August of 2009 as an attempt by Orrion Carn to get himself into a groove with a character that was deep, mysterious and honorable, trying to escape his own past as he tried to find himself in the Galaxy. The idea sparked in his head one day when he watched his younger brother, another player named, L.E.N. play a used copy of Assassin's Creed in mid August. Originally based around the personality and skills of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from Assassin's Creed, Badim was cold and ruthless with small attempts at humor here and there. Keeping to himself except when he brought on Clare Velez as a passenger/mechanic for a sum of six thousand credits. They began to interact and get to know each other more and getting into deeper plots. Clare Velez was originally a PNPC who was suppose to be dropped after a while, but evolved into a full character and became the main love interest in Badim's Storyline.

He slowly became more outgoing, thoughtful and patient in his travels, quickly evolving himself from the cold personality of Altaïr to Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin's Creed II. Mixing clothing and looks four times so far in the game, from Altaïr to Ezio to Cole MacGrath from InFamous and finally to a dark cloaked variant of Altaïr and Ezio's signature white cloaks. He quickly found romantic companionship with Clare to the surprise of the player, realizing Clare was to be used only temporarily and how she evolved into her own deep character. Badim would return to his cold and ruthless ways to avenge the apparently killed Clare. Making for a darker turn of events in his storyline, Badim falling towards his own variant of the Dark Side.

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