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Rafa V, The Centrality
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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Sat, October 30th 2010 01:44am    Post subject: Rafa V, The Centrality
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Celebratus Archive Repository
Entry No. (400837213-8773619-223312)

RAFA V, RAFA System, Centrality (Grid U-4, 120.141.2) Homeworld of the Sharu, who activated the Mindharp Hibernation (#ref 23281-2293-8457) and the Colossal Pyramids of Rafa (23281-2293-8458) approximately 1,000,000 BBY. Settled by Old Republic colonists c. 20,000 BBY. Activation of the Mindharp caused the resurgence of the Sharu and the system-wide destruction of nearly all development under the Old Republic. Home of the Life Crystal Orchards.

Population: Native Species - the Sharu (#ref 23991991). Remnants of once substantial Human colonies; the majority emigrated after the activation of the Mindharp and substantial tectonic and physical damage to the colonies. The Sharu are uncooperative with outside researchers.

Technology: A mixture of the ancient Sharu civilization and modern spaceflight technologies.

Culture: Little is known of the Sharu. Researchers from the Obroan Institute for Archaeology continue to observe and interact with the species and research sites.

Politics: Rafa V was a member of the Old Republic, then of the Centrality. Colonists used the "Broken People" (see Toka) and prisoners as slave labour for Life Crystal harveting, a major export. The current rulers of Rafa, the Sharu, do not express any interest in galactic politics. Due to the continuing Centran Standing Emergency (#ref 11231-15910), and the unknown powers of the Sharu, the Centrality currently accepts the status quo.

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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Sat, October 30th 2010 01:40pm    Post subject: Prologue I - The Beginning of the End
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The rain gently came down from violet skies on the five soaked figures.

The first group of four stood facing the scout craft, looking tired but elated. They were senior members of the Obroan's research branch on Rafa V. One of the four handed a single datapad to the leader of the second, the scientist.

"This is it, master scientist. The location of the Firkann Crystal vaults, the secret of the life orchards, and the sources of the Sharu's power. After all of these years, we are on the verge of unlocking one of the great technologies of the Sharu, the smithing of the Mindharp. We should be able to access the caverns at Aleph Site within a few days. We'll transmit the feed of the caverns to Junkfort Station; then you must continue on to the Core. We must have more funding and resources to bring these ancient powers back to the Galaxy."

Dr. Brandt nodded. As the leading administrator of the branch, it was his duty to return to Obroa-skai and the Core, making his report to the Council and to those who funded the research site.

"Shall we go, Master Corask? Sergeant?"

The Bothan nodded. He also wore the the scientist uniform of the Obroan Research Institute, but his Jedi cloak covered much of it, and the lightsaber that hung at his side. At his right stood a member of the Obroan security forces.

"We will arrive at Junkfort Station within a few days, and await your signal." The leader of the four nodded, and started to turn back to the control center. He hesitated, then turned back.

"May the Force Be With You."
"And with you."

The scientists left the platform while the trio entered the ship. The scientist was eager to make his report.

"With what we now know, the galaxy may be changed forever." The Bothan nodded. Knowledge is power, Slen'da thought. As a Bothan, that simple principle had been ground into him from his birthing creche.

With his passengers checked in, Slen'da lifted off and entered through the violet skies. The violet turned to blue, and the the blue thinned and disappeared. This far out on the Rim the black of space seemed overwhelming, despite the light of a million powered diamonds.

He keyed the comm to the passenger compartment. "We will arrive at Junkfort Station within three days. The distances out here require several course changes and navigational adjustments."

On a submonitor, a flatscreen image of the doctor's head and shoulders appeared.

"Of course, Master Corask. Once we are finished our presentation at Obroa-skai, we will move on to the Jedi Council and the New Republic. They will be just as interested as our Institute, and be in a better position to assist us."

Corask smiled internally. The Doctor would make a good Bothan.

"Yes, Doctor. Are you and the sergeant settled in? We will be entering lightspeed momentarily."

The Pathfinder slowed, then sped up into impossible speeds as the stars blurred into starlines around them, and the blue tunnel of hyperspace enveloped them.

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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Sat, November 06th 2010 12:23pm    Post subject: Prologue - Beginning of the End Pt IV
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Outside the orbit of the fifth planet

They had exited lightspeed only moments before. Brandt sat across from him in tiny compartment, his anxiety mounting.

"I can't possibly imagine what the problem is." Brandt repeated again for the uncounted time. But, being a Bothan and and Jedi, Slen'da could understand the old scientist. Brandt was a being who dealt in acquiring evidence, in gathering facts, and then analyzing them. Being without information was a situation Brandt rarely found himself, and he couldn't adjust to that lack of control.

"I have no idea at all." Brandt repeated, "I hope it isn't serious."

Slen'da, unfortunately, could imagine what the problem was. During the trip, he had realized his deep-seated unease at the situation were intuitive signals from the Force. And it told him that there was something very seriously wrong on the planet below.

Normally, the fates of millions or trillions of beings who were brought into or sent out of the world did not have an impact on him. It was simply the life cycles of the Force, something to be understood and appreciated. But the relationship between a Jedi and those he had deeper connections with, not only just in the Force, were far more sensitive. And he did not like what he felt.

The sergeant broke into his thoughts.

"Master Slen'da, you had better come up here." When Slen'da moved forward into the pilot's well and leaned over the sergeant's shoulder, he could see why. Brandt followed Slen'da up, and they heard his sharp intake of breath.

When they left the system, the Centran station over Rafa V had only a few system patrol craft and a few older snubfighters inspecting the light system traffic. Things were totally different now.

Four Carrack Cruisers stood in blockade positions around the planet. The Centran military facility was now bristling with activity, snubfighters and shuttles seeming arriving and departing every few minutes. Another screen of mixed corvettes stood farther out, inspecting or corralling whatever civilian traffic into holding patterns.

Centran shuttles and customs corvettes were moving purposefully toward several stationary freighters. Several more had already docked with their target freighters or transports.

"Shall we continue, Master Jedi?" The pilot looked up.

Slen'da nodded. "We must continue. This doesn't look good."

For several minutes, the scout ship continued toward the screen. As they entered the Centran's sensor net, they were noticed.

"Master, there is an incoming signal from the lead cruiser."

"Acknowledge and open the channel."

A voice that enjoyed its authority spoke: "This is the Centrality Cruiser Intolerable. An Emergency has been declared in the Rafa System. In the name of the Scrivinar, stand down your engines and prepare to be searched."

Brandt took up the charge.

"This is Dr. Mammalian Brandt of the Obroan Research Institute; we are enroute to our facilities on Rafa V. What is the nature of this emergency."

It was clear that the name registered on the bridge of the cruiser. Stand by, the controller spoke.

Within a few moments, a voice used to command spoke. "This is Commander Breen. You are associated with the Research Institute on the planet below?"

Brandt affirmed that they were.

"Then we need to speak to you."

The pilot spoke. "I have a bad feeling about this." Glumly, Slen'da agreed.

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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Sun, November 07th 2010 08:50pm    Post subject: The Beginning of the End Pt V
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Obroan Research Institute, Aurek Site

Slen'da trailed the Centran Commander Breen and Dr. Brandt. Brandt and Breen leading the tour of the inspection. Rafa's violet skies brought the purple flecks out of his his golden eyes, as he stared up at them. He was trying to encompass the disaster upon them, upon him. As the most immediate representatives of the Jedi Council, the New Republic and the Obroa-Skai Research Institute, Brandt and Slen'da were brought down to the surface where the clean-up was in progress. The Obroan subofficer stayed with the scout ship.

All around them, Sharu and Centran workers were responding to the cries of the wounded or fighting the smouldering fires. A few more were beginning to compile samples for the investigation.

Commander Breen had given a thorough summary of events, eager to have Republic involvement in his investigation. The system defence force had recieved a report within minutes of the attack. By the time they had been able to respond, the pirates were already fleeing into lightspeed, already past any interception point.

The response teams had found the survivors and the administrative centre and archeological sites heavily damaged. The centre had been looted and explosives were used to split open the sealed areas and vaults. Scatter bodies and blaster marks marked the trail and limit of the attack. Any droids were stolen or blasted. There had been looting and destruction sprees within the complex. It was more of the same story at the Aurek and Besh sites. Some researchers had escaped into the ruins, but many more were caught in the open and destroyed. Explosives were used to completely foul Besh site, and many of the tunnels and caverns at Aurek were collapsed.

The tally of losses were still being conducted, but it was clear that the prize possessions of research centre's vaults were taken. All of the Firkrann lightsaber crystals and last remaining Life Crystals. And, overshadowing the thefts of the lesser collections, the subharmonic, multidimensional artifact known as Mindharp had been stolen.

Slen'da looked down, saw how far he had fallen back, and worked his way up to Brandt and the Commander. We all act in different ways, Slen'da thought as he looked at Brandt. Brandt had completely shut down, retreating into his worlds of facts and things to be done, reports to be filled out. There would be payment for that later, in nightmares and or mentals illnesses. But as the representative - the last senior representative - of the Obroan Research Institute, he had responsibilities.

Slen'da caught up as Breen was beginning to lay the blame. "..this has all the hallmarks of the Renatasian terrorists."

Slen'da broke in "How so?"
Breen stopped and turned, startled that his monologue had been broken. His face set into a polite expression, but pale blue eyes sneered as he addressed the Bothan. His reply dripped with condescension.

"Well, it's clear from the thoroughness of the destruction that it wasn't just simple pirates or slavers. The terrorists have a record of thoroughly devastating their targets, and spare no innocents! The mere fact that they focussed on the most valuable items indicated they were here for simple theft. They were not slavers, as they did not take anyone away with them."

Was he humanocentric? Did he believe he was dealing with an underling? Or did he not like being questioned? Brandt also picked up on the tone, and narrowed his eyes. He almost spoke "Do you know who you are talking to?" before the Bothan shot him a calm look. From his long association with Slen'da, he knew what the look meant, and subsided.

He had not identified himself as a Jedi to the Commander, yet; although that would come out sooner or later. His people had ingrained into him the retention that knowledge is power, and as a Bothan, it was good to acquire information, not share it.

In fact, Slen'da had several rejoinders of his own to throw back at the arrogant Centran, but held them back. It would do no good, and this early on, perhaps Breen was right. Slen'da didn't think so, however.

Slen'da had some thinking to do. About his responsibilties.. as a scientist of the Obroan Research Institute, as a representative of the New Republic, or as a Jedi Knight.

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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Mon, November 08th 2010 07:38pm    Post subject: Prologue - Beginning of the End, Pt VI
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OIR Rafa V Administrative Centre

Looking out the viewport to the landing pad, he saw his Vangaard Pathfinder dwarfed by a pair of large Centran military transports. Overhead, reverberating through the transparisteel viewport, a pair of Centran atmospheric fighters could be provided air cover against a threat long-gone. It was raining again.

Rain was good; it washed away the smells of death, burnt buildings and flesh, and destruction. The wounded had been relocated to the planetary wellness centres; and dead had been taken to the local starport for repatriation. Brandt had taken care of the survivors; they were currently in the nearest population centre, being debriefed by New Republic and Centran investigators.

Slen'da walked again through the corridors of the Centre attempting to think things through. As he wandered, the Force echoes of one of his friend's last moments were encountered, and distracted him. He let his eyes wander into cornders and down hallways as he thought about the angles yet again.

The attackers had left Renatasian insignia lying out at all three sites. The Centrans had then immediately accused the Renatasians of the attack; something Slen'da did not believe.

This had none of the marks of a Renatasian operation; the target is was non-Centran, only a few of the overall casualties were Centran, and while the artifacts stolen were valuable, they would be relatively difficult to sell; and the Renatasians were a hardy martial people. There were no weapons or starships to steal, other important objectives to the raid; and there were no researchers taken for interrogation. There were no declarations of responsibility or messages given to the galactic media; in fact the RLA flatly denied involvement. It was easy to see why; the Renatasians would never deliberately raise the ire of the Galactic Union nor of the Republic. Most of the exiled Renatasian communities, or their supporters, lived within those two government's member-systems. They wouldn't endanger the flow of funds or recruits from outside the Centrality that way.

So.. the insignia were an attempt to misdirect the investigators. A deeper investigation was required, something Slen'da did not think the Centrans were willing or capable of accomplishing.

Toward Slen'da himself, the Centran Commander Breen was quite.. disconcerted when he discovered Slen'da was a Jedi Knight. Most of the nearest New Republic officials had gone to him at once, circumventing his authority. As such, Breen had tripped over himself to offer Slen'da a place in the investigative team and access to the compiled evidence. Slen'da politely thanked him for his offer, but could see through the charade. The Centrans were going to blame the RLA in any case, to boost their case for assistance to the GU and the Republic. Having "consulted" a Jedi before "discovering" these conclusions would only bolster its credibility, something Slen'da did not want.

So he wandered the Centre alone, following the Force.

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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Mon, November 08th 2010 08:29pm    Post subject: Beginning of the End Pt VII
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* * *

Slen'da stood in front of The Vault. The Vault was where the treasures of the OIR collection were stored. The damage here was quite substantial, with the door blown into several pieces, and much of the wall supports cracked and sagging. Above, the rainwater had begun to seep in from the tears in the ceiling, and water began to drip down the walls and pool on the floors. Many power conduits and lighting panels were smashed, wires draping the walls.

Slen'da stepped, and lit his lightsaber, and played it's dim light over the interior of the Vault. Many of the stands and shelves had toppled, and here and there a dim twinkle marked a Life or Firkrann Crystal missed by the attackers. He moved in further, the light of the hallway becoming dimmer and dimmer, as if from the end of a tunnel.

He stepped lightly over pieces of wayward shelf, artifact or display stand, moving toward the rear, searching for something. In the dim light of the lightsaber, finally something glimmered.


Hidden behind a stack of collapsed shelves of the Vault was the remains of one of the OIR's research archival droids. The central processing unit was intact, thank the Force.

* * *

On one of the functioning examination tables, Slen'da plugged the cables into the rear of the droid's CPU. Immediately the droid's brain began functioning. It's vocalizer was destroyed, but words scrolled down the flatscreen.

I am PO-1X1. It appears that I have sustained tremendous damage. How may I assist you?

"Please display all images and recordings a few minutes prior to your recent damage and deactivation.


On a secondary flatscreen, a recording from the droid's own photoreceptors played out.

* * * *

Alarms wailed, and the several figures ran by the droid. The alarm klaxon blared, and the sounds of blasterfire could be heard. One of the figures stopped in their rushed.

"One By One, get to the Vault and seal it against the raiders!" The frazzled face of Xye Carlonso appeared to him, then disappeared as the droid tottled off to complete the Archivist's instructions.

Several minutes went by as the droid moved through the levels, blasterfire, screams could be heard. The view shuddered a couple of times as explosions rattled the facility. Then the droid entered the Vault, where several scientists and technicians were hiding. As the droid entered, the door was sealed behind them, and the sounds of blasterfire dimmed.

The droid took a look around the room; several of the researchers were injured. They conversed among themselves, terrified and in shock. From outside the room, silent fell.

A few minutes later, tapping was heard over the door, and then a muffled beating. Xye Carlonso screamed "Everyone, hide! They're coming through!!"

BAAARRANMMUFF. The view shook, shelves fell, dust was raised and flames licked into the room as the door shattered. As the dazed scientists attempted to hide behind the shelves, two, then four more mixed sentients stepped into the door. They were armed with a mixture of weaponry and all wore unique and ragged clothing. They fired at anyone they saw, and screams of terror were silenced.

Then, through the phalanx of six at the doorway stepped a cloaked figure. It lifted it's hood back to reveal the horned visage of.. a Zabrak. Slen'das eyelids widened, and his eyes and fur went flat as to his face as he recognized the image.

Aach Een.

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Corask Slen'da

Joined: 30 May 2010
Posts: 86

 Post Posted: Thu, November 11th 2010 09:11pm    Post subject: Beginning of the End Pt VIII
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Obroan Institute of Research - Rafa V Complex

"Aach Een? Who is he?" Ask Brandt, irritably. The dark circles under his eyes had grown noticeably since the calamity had hit them. He had come through the shock and horror of those first few days and now focused totally on his work and his obligations to his people. He led the rounding up of the casualties and prepped the bodies for repatriation to their respective homeworlds. He was tired, almost apathetic.

But Slen'da's Bothan side raged. He transmitted the image to Brandt's holoprojector. Again, the figure stepped through the blasted doorway and took off the cloak's hood. It revealed the Zabrak's distinctive hair and horn pattern.

"Remember Doctor Orstosis? That Aach Een!"

Brandt sat, back surprised and thoughtful. Aach Een, is a professional treasure hunter, tomb raider, grave robber. Born into limited means and raised on the garbage of the thousand worlds, he left home early in adulthood to learn by every non-academic method about the cultures and treasures in the galaxy. Een had spent much of those early years befriending and working for various galactic academics and universities, mostly on digs throughout the Outer Rim. Once he garnered what research and clues of future he wanted from them, he sold them off to private collectors or the priviliged, and almost always anonymous elite.

Een nowadays was known for leading illegal digs, or simply robbing temples and tombs and departing with priceless cultural artifacts before the more academic expeditions arrived.

Brandt shifted in his seat, a new focus rising out of him. He narrowed his eyes in concentration, bringing a lifetime of facts and memories to the fore.

"So we are dealing with that kind of scum. I remember him now. But as I remember, he does not collect, he is merely a thief. He will have passed the artifacts along to his client already."

"But who is his client? Who is he working for?"

Slen'da straightened himself out, his fur moving in a complex pattern.

"I intend to find out. Despite my engagement to the Institute of Research, as a Jedi Knight I must discuss my course of action with the Jedi Council on Ossus. I wish permission to take a leave while I track this thief and his client down."

Brandt nodded his approval. But then his face darkened again and made a confession.

"Corask, I have not yet told many yet, but I soon will.

We have received word from Commander Breen that the Centrans want us to shut down operations and return to Obroan-Skai due to the "Renatasian Terrorist" threat."

We could resist, but the Sharu planetary leadership is in concurrence. The Sharu are also concerned of another attack on their world, and do not want the pirates to have any reason to come back. It will be my responsibility to see our friends and colleagues home after this horrific disaster, and to move whatever is left of the facility and our remaining collection back to Obroa-Skai."

Slen'da nodded, saddened but aware of the issues. Brandt continued.

"The Centrans will provide an escort for our convoy to Junkfort Station, and they have promised to place watchers over the sites, buildings, and any materials we leave behind. We will leave in a few days time and I wish to ask you escort us as far as they Perlemian Trade Route. There, Galactic Union ships will escort us for the final legs back to Obroa."

Slen'da fought his impatience and assented. "Of course Doctor Brandt."

Brandt smiled, then added. "But I don't think the Centrans will like how you going to disprove their Renatasian theory. They already put out a bounty for the supposed ring-leader."

Slen'da offered the Bothan equivalent of a shrug.

"If this attack has nothing to do with the Renatasian Rebellion, then all the better. The New Republic and the Galactic Union are not in the business of supporting dictatorships. I will be happy to escort my friends and colleagues to the Perlemian, then I must go on my own journey."

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