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Beggar's Canyon
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Tatooine » Beggar's Canyon
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Jonas Eisley

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 Post Posted: Sat, September 25th 2010 04:16am    Post subject:
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If you would like to post from your characters' personal perspective, feel free to do so after this post, but its time to move on...:P

Selanno was about to trip one of the last traps, and there was simply nothing they could do about it. Or could we? Jonas thought, snatching the long rifle stapled to the side of the stolen swoop. "If we can't stop him from triggering it, maybe we could give him a heads up."

"What?" Tseneca said, while simultaneously, a blast rang off the from rifle. It was louder than he thought, but the shot made its mark and collided into the area. Droids, smoke, and a wild assortment of gizmos ranging from ropes to confetti. Even a small droid dressed up like an ewok stone-tosser emerged. Selanno swerved, and skid across the canyon, catching the last edge with his fingertips as his swoop went over.

"Frak!" Tseneca shouted, with a twist of her wrist, the swoop went sailing forward, Jonas barely able to keep the rifle in his arm, with his other around the pregnant woman's waist. Badim must've struggled, but he kept it to himself. Jonas nudged the goggles towards his eyes, before being able to open them again. Sethe passed the traps, he managed to take another route, but one of the DustRiders failed to make the course correction, and slammed into the makeshift ewok, then over the edge. One of their last riders, however shouted a yee-haa, and skipped over the ropes, while seemingly dancing over the random metal-seeking mines and confetti bombs with his swoop. It must've been Buck.

"Mycah is really twisted," Tseneca shouted, "Did you see what happened to that ewok?!"

"I think it was fake."



"Ohhh! I didn't see the snakes."

Jonas sighed, pulling the trigger on the blaster to clear the way from a collection of small rocks. Tseneca revved the engine, the swoop vibrated as it accelerated to maximum speed. The rifle whipped against the resistance of the air, and Jonas released it entirely and pulled his arm in and around her. Sethe was making his way towards the peak of the canyon, he'd thread the needle at any moment...


"He did it!" Tseneca shouted backwards.

Badim was calm, though Jonas could tell his mind was elsewhere. No doubt surrounding Clare. "Back to the group now?" He grumbled over the wind. Jonas pat him on the shoulder, as Tseneca flipped the swoop around and took the less direct way. It was safer, in case they missed any of the booby traps. Sethe sped along, and traced carefully in their cleared route. Jonas tossed him a thumbs up, before the swoop came to a stop.

The men were on the ground, their weapons removed. Selanno must've pulled himself off the cliff, and rejoined with the rest. H6 was present, his blaster trained on the fresh arrivals of the now-beaten Dustic Riders. "We won fair and square," Tseneca shouted, the rifle's blast must've knocked her sense of hearing a bit, not that Jonas really cared if she yelled at them or not, "Get your swoops and get the hell outta here." With their pride tucked between their legs, the gang mounted and disappeared over the dunes.

Sethe dismounted, and with the coast clear, tossed Tseneca a small data chip. "He left us the next clue. Something tells me the Leaper won't be on the surface any more. I think he is enjoying every minute of this."Jonas pulled out his data padd, Tseneca jammed the disc into an open slot...

The screen flickered...
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Badim Soilding
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Sat, September 25th 2010 01:23pm    Post subject:
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Badim’s swoop came screaming back to the group with Tseneca and Jonas. He hadn’t seen where Daegon had gone, but he was answered when he saw him with the gang members and the freed hostages. Clare was smiling, but she looked conflicted. She turned to look at him, flashing a faint smile, patting H6 on his metal shoulder and waving Badim over. Tseneca and Jonas had already dismounted and were overlooking a datapad with a recently arriving Sethe as it flickered to life and a small holographic display came to life. Badim didn’t noticed what was on there, mainly concentrating on Clare.

He caught up to her and she smiled again, her blue eyes wide. She slipped her hand into his and gently pulled him along so they were just a little farther from the others and the departing gang members. They were out of earshot now and were overlooking Beggar’s Canyon. It looked much more breathtaking here than before, either in the hostage situation or in the canyon itself. He trained his eyes on her, looking over the soft features of her paling face. Even against the glow and heat of the afternoon Tatooine Suns, she was pale.
Badim leaned and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, easing them to the ground to overlook the canyon. She declined and forced him to stand back up, “Badim,” she said shakily, though her voice didn’t hint at despair, sadness or anything else, not even fear. Just worry it seemed, “I-I need to go to Mos Eisley. I need to get something.”

Badim looked her over, “Is something wrong? What do you need to get?”

“I’d rather not tell you since, well, I’m not too sure myself,” Clare’s eyes slowly fell to the ground, her hair draping her head. She quickly shot back up, not bothering on moving the hairs that now covered the majority of her face while she continued, “I know what I’m getting, of course. What I mean is, it’s just I don’t know what the results are going to be, and I’d rather find them out before telling you.”
Badim couldn’t help the impulse and brushed her hair behind her ears, using his palm to caress her cheeks while he did. She smiled, and that was all the reassurance he needed to nod and agree to take her.
She probably didn’t want to wait for the crew to pack up or strategize with the datapad. They walked hand-in-hand back to the group, and mounted a swoop, Clare’s arms wrapped tightly around Badim’s waist and her head resting on his shoulder. Badim ignited the swoop and yelled back, “We’ll be right back!” he yelled over the shoulder Clare wasn’t resting on, “See you all at the Escrow!”

Before he could hear a protest or acknowledgement, they were heading back to Mos Eisley for whatever Clare needed.

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"No One Deserves To Die, Except For Those Who Do."
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Tatooine » Beggar's Canyon
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