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The Fel Residence
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Jaina Solo

Joined: 10 Aug 2009
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Location: Bastion

 Post Posted: Wed, June 16th 2010 06:26pm    Post subject: The Fel Residence
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Sleep had become a thing of the past and for Jaina Solo, tonight was no exception. Ever since the bombing that had claimed the life of all involved in Imperial command, including her only love, Jagged Fel, going from day to day had become a chore. She could no longer rely on the console and the security Jag had provided for her and in his place, she was now surrounded by aides and other echelons of the Empire striving for her attention. They treated her as if she was some fragile rag doll that would fall apart of the seams with the wrong touch or the wrong word. What they failed to understand was that she wasn't just the "Empire's Mistress," but she also held the title of Jedi Knight and she also carried the last name of Solo. Those two benefactors alone should have been enough to tell anyone that she was quite capable of surviving. She just needed time.

Unfortunately, time also proved to be against her every time she lay her head down to sleep. The night had a tendency to drag on forever, giving her thoughts and emotions free reign to wreck havoc on her mind. There was no escaping the reality of her husband's death and that was only heightened by the chime of the comm in the early hours of the morning.

She lay still for several moments, allowing the constant drilling of the comm to permeate the darkness of the room. After all, she had no intention of actually answering it. She wasn't in the state of mind to deal with more aides and anxious government officials who were impatient about how she was going to deal with Jag's legacy. It was none of their business to begin with and she decided she would make a decision on her own time. She would not be pressured into any action.

But as the chime continued to sound, there was something that kept nagging at her. It was a little nudge in the Force telling her that this was important. She needed to take this.

With a heavy sigh, Jaina rolled over and slapped a hand against the pad, activating the machine. The face that slowly materialized on the screen took her breath away and she consciously felt her pulse quicken.

"Morning, honey," the smiling face of her mother responded across the vastness that separated them.

Only now did she realize what the nagging in the Force had been. She shared a bond with her mother similar to the bond she shared with her twin brother, Jacen. It was impossible to ignore and despite the usual calm and comfort the bond usually exhibited, Jaina found herself restless. Seeing her mother now meant telling her mother what had happened and she wasn't prepared for that. Her surprise and shock carried over to her voice as she finally responded to the greeting. "...Mom!" she exclaimed, the grogginess now gone. "I didn't—it's early..."

A nervous laugh escaped her mother's lips as she ran a hand through the length of her dark hair, now touched with gray. "Oh, crap, right," she breathed. "Sometimes I forget the time difference."

The restlessness was still there and she did her best to hide it by reaching forward to fool with the equipment. "It's okay," she revealed with a small smile. Her tone grew serious after a moment. "I just...I wasn't expecting you."

Something flashed across her mother's face and for a brief moment, Jaina thought she detected a hint of disgust. "I'm not..." she swallowed, trying to think of the right word. It was obviously an awkward subject. "...interrupting anything?"

Jaina's jaw nearly dropped to the floor at her mother's forwardness. She would have expected such a comment from her father, but it was an entirely different feeling coming from her mother. She almost felt violated just at the thought of her mother thinking of such a thing. Drawing the covers up around herself to protect some essence of decency, Jaina responded with wide eyes. "What? No!" she stammered. "No..." Sighing deeply, she turned away from the display, the reminder of such an act eliciting a flurry of emotions she had been trying to forget. No matter what she did, everything led a trail back to Jag's fate. "Everything's fine," she continued quietly.

"Oh," her mother muttered, almost as if she had been disappointed. "Well, good." An awkward silence followed before her mother switched subjects and delved into the reason for her call. "Me and your dad were just talking," she revealed slowly. "I know, it's probably not the best time with all this stuff going on, but we were wondering if you want to come over sometime." A smile spread over her features once more. "To congratulate you and Jag in person."

The ache in her chest increased at the suggestion. Of all the things her mother could have wanted, it just had to involve Jag. The hurt was too much and she couldn't reveal her agony to her mother just yet. She didn't want either one of her parents to share in her pain. Placing a mask in place to hide her emotions, Jaina brushed the hair away from her face and slowly turned back toward the display. "Congratulate," she repeated the word as if he had been foreign. She scoffed, shaking her head slowly. " Y-You don't need to do that, mom. I-I got word from you and dad earlier, t-that's all that counts," she stated, recalling the comm call she had made on the New Year.

The cheeriness from her mother's face quickly melted away and she just stared at her daughter through the display. There was no doubt she was concerned for her...for her and her unborn child. Jaina couldn't blame her. The stress she was dealing with right now was unhealthy for the child, but what other choice did she have?

"Ah, come on," her mother continued to push. "This is the sort of thing that should be done in person."

Something cracked inside of her. It wasn't entirely over her mother's insistence, but rather the insistence of everyone around her. It was just that her mother simply wasn't helping matters and she couldn't bear to face the pain any longer. Jag was gone and all everyone else cared about was the continual well being of the galaxy. She couldn't keep her secret bottled up any longer. "It's too late for that!" she shouted, the sound of her voice even surprising herself.

Her mother visibly recoiled, unable to form words to respond to her outburst. With a sigh, Jaina slowly came to realization that she now had to pick up the pieces. It wasn't exactly how she had intended to reveal the news, but it got the job done.

Tears began to sting at her eyes as she gathered the strength to respond, her voice a mere whisper. "I-I'm sorry," she relented with a pitiful shake of her head. "'s just been a long week."

"It's... ok," her mother responded, still visibly shaken. A long paused followed as she drew closer to the display, detecting something was very wrong with her daughter. "What's wrong, Jaina?"

It was now or never. Drawing in a deep breath, Jaina steeled herself as she forced her brown eyes upon her mother's. "D-did you hear about the bombing?" she asked quietly.

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Jaina Solo Fel, Jedi Knight
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Jacen Solo
Orrion Carn

Joined: 16 Aug 2009
Posts: 9

 Post Posted: Sun, August 22nd 2010 01:25am    Post subject:
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Jacen had breezed through customs once his identity was confirmed and he was cleared. The note of his lightsaber on his belt also helped in getting him in much faster than without it, more than likely. He paced carefully through the streets of Bastion, trying to piece together what he would do when he saw Jaina, how she would react to his sudden appearance, or if she’d see him at all with her loss. But if she was still the Jaina he knew, loved and grew up with… “Stang,” he murmured, “This probably wasn’t a good idea.”

But he set his mind straight, she would need some sort of comfort. He knew that much as he entered her apartment and strode cautiously up the stairs, but still with hast as he resisted the urge to launch a Force-assisted leap up each set of stairs.
He came to the top floor; where at the top of the stairs and down a short hall, lay the door to Jaina’s lonesome apartment, now that Jag was…He dismissed the thought, quickly emanating calm and understanding through The Force as he knocked on the door, followed by a quick press of the doorbell. Each were in tune to a beat the twins had come up with as children, a secret handshake or knock of sorts. It was childish now, but the two instantly recognized the knock and would know who it was.

He waited, trying to push his senses through the door to find his sister inside to anticipate when the door would open.

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Jaina Solo

Joined: 10 Aug 2009
Posts: 3
Location: Bastion

 Post Posted: Tue, August 31st 2010 09:44pm    Post subject:
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Jaina knew. Even before she watched his ship descent into the security laden shipyard outside her window, Jaina knew. There had been no need for him to bother with the 'secret' code they had adopted as children to gain entrance or to even alert her that he was coming. Jaina had known even before he had triggered the hyperspace coordinates that would ultimately bring him to Bastion; the Force had told her so. It was said that the Force could traverse vast distances and reach the minds of those who were open to it. In this case, it allowed Jaina and Jacen Solo to share in a special bond that they had shared since birth. What one was thinking, the other would experience also. The pain one felt would be carried over to the other. In a sense, they were never alone and they always had the presence of the other to rely on. It was a sense of security and in this particular instance, Jacen had felt her anguish and grief from across the stars. He was now here to comfort her and Jaina was thankful for his presence. After all, she had known he had been coming.

As she approached the door to let him in, she reached out to him a final time, to drink in his warmth and garner strength from his presence. She was going to need it for what lie ahead. Steeling her gaze, she tried to control her emotions as she finally hit the door release. The door slid aside in what seemed like slow motion before finally revealing the form of her brother on the other side.

Thankfully, she was able to smile as she surged forward and embraced him, burying her face into his shoulder. "Oh, Jacen," she murmured into the fabric of his tunic, fighting back the tears that were now threatening to spill over.

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Jaina Solo Fel, Jedi Knight
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Jacen Solo
Orrion Carn

Joined: 16 Aug 2009
Posts: 9

 Post Posted: Wed, September 01st 2010 01:56am    Post subject:
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Jacen was taken aback at how quickly Jaina had wrapped her arms around him in embrace, her face buried in his shoulder as she murmured his name grievingly. Her Jedi training fighting a battle to hold her emotions and tears back. Jacen wouldn’t blame her if she let them pour out, if anything she deserved to cry a little for Jag, but as he felt her salted face, she had already done so. Wrapping his own arms around her to comfort her, he found it difficult to emanate calm and warmth through the Force as before, their bond and Jaina’s shared anguish and pain fogging his attempts at doing so.
Jag was a good man, strong and caring for Jaina and the wellbeing for the Solos. Dad might not have taken kindly to the two getting married, but he knew that Dad was just being a Father, much like Jacen was with Allana.

He ran a hand through her hair gently to pull her away from his shoulder, her salted cheeks rubbing brashly against his palm.
He looked into her eyes caringly, “I heard over the holonet. I felt it through The Force. I’m so sorry, Jaina.” he paused, gathering his breath shakily as his own barriers began to fail from being next to his sister, her pain trying to be blocked as it uncontrollably emanated into Jacen. He called upon all of his powers to keep his barriers up, to be strong for her in this time of pain.
“Jag was a great man to us, and a greater husband to you,” his barriers slowly broke, the pain being too much for him to hold down as well, but he still tried to keep them up, “We will all miss him. Does Mom and Dad know?”

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Shayera Jendob

Joined: 14 Jun 2009
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Location: All along the Watchtower

 Post Posted: Thu, May 26th 2011 02:16am    Post subject:
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I exhaled, swallowed hard, and pressed the doorbell. My mind swam from everything that had happened yesterday: Ams had received his official and public coronation, Rosset was shot in a botched assassination attempt, and Zend had hammered Muunilinst and Bilbringi. Even now, my husband (the kriffing Emperor?!) was back at headquarters, juggling fleets and squadrons, setting up new lines of defense around Bastion and nearby worlds.

And I was standing outside of Jaina Fel's residence, on a mission both official and personal. Lady Fel was a Jedi, much like her siblings and her uncle. She had also been an Imperial citizen since her marriage to Fel. And now, I'd been charged with a cynical attempt to appeal to her and make her stay in the Imperial ranks. On the personal level, I knew she was a young woman who'd had a major part of her life painfully torn away and didn't need the schemes of the moffs taking advantage of her grief. I'd wanted to say something to her since that horrific day. But who was I to just barge in then, in the days just after the attack? She was no doubt bombarded with half-sincere condolences and intense yet superficial pity. Having some nameless wife of an Imperial official throw her lot in with the rest would have meant less than nothing.

Does it still mean anything, now that you've been bumped to the wife of the Emperor? Hell, if anything, now it just emphasizes the political crap more, doesn't it?

I tried to quiet that line of thinking, dismissing it as cynicism or reading too deep... unsuccessfully. Gah, frak... yeah, try to talk to a mind-reader... oh shit, right, she can—dammit—argh! I was on the verge of physically slapping myself upside the head since the metaphorical and mental blows only seemed to elicit more problems when the door opened. A young, tired looking woman appeared on the other side. She looked rough—by ordinary standards—though far from slovenly. Her hair was loosely tied up and her jumpsuit was clean, but had a well-worn look to it. But those dark brown eyes revealed the emotional wreckage underneath. I didn't have Force powers, I couldn't read minds or sense emotions as though they were my own... but the sadness coming off of Jaina Solo Fel was palpable even to my merely human senses.

Her eyes took in who stood before her, and widened somewhat with surprise. I got the impression she was expecting another batch of socialites and condolence-offerers, and couldn't tell if her surprise gave way to relief or disappointment. An uncomfortable second passed in silence, and I, reluctantly, took the initiative. "Lady Fel? Is this a bad time?"

She looked over her shoulder, and I feared I'd intruded. Her parents were prominent—hell, they essentially were the New Republic in many hearts and minds—but it was possible they'd slipped in during the chaos for a consolatory visit with their daughter. I was about to step back and offer to return at a better time when she turned back and shook her head. "No, no. It's okay."

"May I come in?" I asked, not daring to presume. I had a fairly good—perhaps not identical, but good—idea of what she was going through. I would tread as lightly as I possibly could, let her make all invitations as she pleased, guide the conversation... and mostly importantly, not push on the issue I'd been sent to handle. At least, I wouldn't push for now. Damn the moffs and their wishes, I would not tear open this poor woman's wounds when they were so freshly dressed.

If she picked up on my internal doubts and worries, Lady Fel showed no sign. She stepped back into her apartment and casually waved me in. Her eyes were distant, despite the inviting gesture. Gathering my nerves, I stepped inside. I glanced around, taking in this decoration, that piece of artwork, the colors of the walls and floors and carpets. Bludgeoning her with political affairs would end our conversation quickly, as well as any possible personal credibility. I barely knew Jagged and Jaina, and I doubted they'd ever given that brief handshake at one of many Imperial functions a second thought. Truth be told, I hadn't either. But, despite our contact not even likely getting into distant acquaintance, I wanted to help this woman now. Not for the moffs, not for the Empire... but because she was hurting and needed a friend here and now, not a thousand parsecs away. Still, starting off with that note could also come off as... well, as kind of creepy. So, small talk would likely be the best way to lead in. But, even as I stood in the grieving widow's apartment, I realized how truly little I knew of her as a person. Sure, her file was full of biographical information and some psychological profiles, but... dry statistics and dates did not constitute a living, breathing human being... no matter what my husband's former department said.

"Quite a lovely home you have," I said softly as my observation of the immediate area finished. It was punctuated with a weak, but genuine smile. A small part of me wondered if I should've exaggerated the expression, but falsehood with a Jedi was stupid and futile.

"Well, it's functional," she replied quietly, looking around as if to gather supporting evidence herself. "Not much to mess up with just me around."

The pain in the words wrapped around a core of iron like a velvet glove. All right, so maybe you are in here... so much for small talk. "Typical Solo," I said with wry amusement mixed with solemn respect for how quickly she'd torn through my attempts at idle chit-chat. "Straight to the point.

"I wanted to come by, and..." And what, Shayera? "Uh..." Now you're stuttering. Be honest, dammit. "Offer my condolences," I finished.

"Seems like everyone has that idea these days," the Jedi said calmly, but her narrowed eyes added just a handful of buckshot to the statement. She turned and walked toward a couch near the center of the living room.

"I have an idea," I admitted and quickly got to the next point on the personal side. "But I also wanted you to know, if you need anything... you can come to us."

The younger woman sat down, looking up at me with mild surprise. "'To us'? Meaning you or...?"

I nodded. "Yes." Be more specific. She deserves that much. "Well, the Empire in general... and to the Emperor and I in particular. We would be honored to assist you." There was a brief pause. I added quickly, "In any way. We don't forget one of our own."

Fel gave me a small smile, but turned away. "I appreciate the offer." But...? "But here's the thing." There it is. "I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to stay."

I folded my arms up, in a relaxed posture instead of confrontational. "I see. Is there any way you might reconsider?" I won't push you... if it's what you really want.

"Is there a pressing need for me to stay?" the Jedi asked pointedly, her head tilted to the side.

I replied, a bit too quickly to realize and correct it, "Is there a pressing need to go?" What the hell is wrong with you, Shayera?

"I helped out where I could," she answered, her words more distant. She was retreating into herself. "None of my family or friends are here."

"That's not entirely true." The fighter pilot in me rubbed her hands together over the opening to exploit... the human being that cared for others made an angry and rude gesture to the pilot. Metaphorically speaking.

Fel scoffed, and put on a lopsided smirk made famous on another face in a thousand holos and vids. But her voice was halting. "I... I wish that were true. I mean, nothing against you or anything, you've all been very accommodating."

I shifted slightly, and touched the back of my neck before crossing my arms again. "Honestly, my lady." She probably doesn't like it anymore than you. That thought spurred me to do the unthinkable. "Jaina.

"Yes, we do need you." My limited diplomatic training and other military instincts screamed in outrage at the uninvited use of the woman's given name and for admitting that the visit wasn't entirely altruistic. And I wasn't done tearing all of the rules and the playbook to pieces. "We need a hundred of you. But that's not all.

"You've suffered a terrible loss. I can empathize," I picked the word carefully. "And just packing up and running back to Coruscant... it won't change anything."

Anger flashed in those dark eyes. "And how would you know what's good for me?"

"Like I said, I can empathize with where you're at," I stated. Maybe more, maybe less... how does one compare the loss of a child to the loss of a husband? But we both knew pain and loss and sorrow that came with such blows. And getting through hadn't been easy. I'd been lucky, though: I'd had Ams. Jaina had no one, not nearby... yet. "And we want to help you." No, that's not accurate. "I want to help you."

"Like I said, I appreciate the offer," Jaina explained, "But the Jedi... they..."

She trailed off. The pilot instincts smelled blood in the water. The compassionate ones saw a chance to offer a pained young woman the help she needed... and wasn't sure she could get from people she'd grown up with. And another part shook her head and was utterly disgusted with the opportunistic bent other parts of my brain were taking. "Look, I know you're uncle is the Grand Master. And both of your brothers are Jedi. And I'm not suggesting we sequester you in an ivory tower.

"But Jaina, you're not just the daughter of the former of Chief of State. Your ties aren't just to the Republic," I noted.

She sighed. Her eyes darted back and forth for a moment before fixing on me again. "But I'm alone out here. No one that I'm familiar with, that I can touch..."

I stepped closer, then sat beside her on the couch. "You've made more of an impact than you think."

Jaina scoffed again, and shook her head. "I'm just the widow of a dead High Moff! I'm not much now."

"Jag was a very important man, from a very well-respected family," I admitted. "And we're all lesser for his loss. But," I paused a moment, to make sure what came next was properly arranged. "When you married him, you joined his families too. You took his name to join on, and it's up to you whether you stay a part of them."

"But I can't stay here and ignore my family. And, well, I'm not sure they would be willing to 'join,' as you put it."

I suppressed an urge to put a hand on her shoulder. "No one is asking you to ignore them, Jaina. I'm saying you don't have to choose. You can be a part of both."

She shook her head. "I know I can, but what about them?"

I looked at her askance, and she continued. "We've had our issues and I'm not sure ho they would react to bringing you home to a family feast."

I scratched the back of my neck, finally understanding her point. "Well, I can't say I'd be entirely comfortable either," I confessed with a small grin. "Old habits d--" Don't you dare finish that word. "Go away hard. But, despite that, I'd still invite them here. If you wanted.

Jaina looked at me, and I could see her mind working over what I was saying. Well, why stop now? "I'm not going to lie to you, Jaina. Yes, there are pragmatic reasons for wanting you to stay. A Jedi in the Remnant would obviously be an incredibly useful," I stopped short, hating myself for carrying this single word for the damned moffs. Might as well let her know about that angle, then. I finished. "Asset, as the moffs would put it. A Jedi with your connections to influential voices in the Republic and Jedi Order would be double so. That's why the Council wants me to beg and plead for you to stay." I took a breath and let her take in what I said. It could very well break everything I'd built up so far, but she deserved the truth. And she deserved a real ally. "And to hell with them."

"Of course there's always an ulterior motive," scoffed the Jedi, rubbing a hand over her face. "I guess I couldn't really suspect otherwise." She took a deep breath. Meditation technique? Or just really angry? Or something else...? Then she turned to look at me. "Maybe if we can come to some sort of agreement." Her tone indicated that she more floating the idea than stating hard terms. "I just don't want to be snubbing either side." Now it was conciliatory and concerned. "Your offer to invite them may not be all that bad."

A small smile crept across my lips again."Well, like I said. That's the Moff Council's motive." The smile faded, and I spoke sincerely. "Mine is to reach out to someone who is in great pain, and let her know she can have a real friend. If she wants.

"And I will gladly do whatever it takes to help it along."

The younger woman looked at me, and slowly a smile appeared on her face. "You're a friend... and it would help."

She reached out a hand, and I clasped it. "You just say when and where," I smiled.

"I will. Thank you."

I stood, letting go of the hand only once Fel declined to rise as well. "Remember, if you need anything... please, don't be afraid to come to us. Even if it's something as little as someone to talk to," I offered warmly. "Or a shoulder to cry on."

Jaina Solo Fel's smile broadened a bit. Though it could still be called weak, it was a marked improvement over her mood when she'd invited me in. "I'll remember that," she said, and rose to her feet.

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