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The Grave of Shmi Skywalker Lars
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Tatooine » The Grave of Shmi Skywalker Lars
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 Post Posted: Tue, June 15th 2010 08:03pm    Post subject: The Grave of Shmi Skywalker Lars
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The twin suns had fallen beneath the horizon, as Lumiya approached the grave site of the ancient Shmi Skywalker. She was mother of the long deceased Lord Vader, a veteran of the Clone and Galactic Civil Wars. The man had trained her, had saved her from certain death and brought clarity from chaos. The woman below the ground was nothing more than a rotting skeleton, which over time, would disappear entirely. Lumiya could sense the sorrow, a stain upon time. This site must've been important, must've triggered something inside the boy, Anakin Skywalker, long ago.

His story was filled with adventure and his legacy would eventually unravel at the revelation of being the father of Luke and Leia, two of the most notable figures in galactic history. Their will and action had brought forth the destruction of the Galactic Empire and rebuilt the Jedi Order and the Republic from generations of ashes. They were a deep splinter in her plans, and needed to be disposed of. But before she could begin the task of restoring domination to the Sith, she needed to understand them. Lumiya's fingers, though cybernetic, grasped the sand atop the grave site. She could feel the heat, the essence of Tatooine. Skywalker's homeworld. "Hey, who goes there?" A man called out, approaching solemnly, with calculating ease. Her cloak concealed her body, and masked her face from his gaze. Not even the light he shined in her eyes could reveal any part of her identity.

"I'll be damned if a Tusken comes near here..." The old man, probably a caretaker assigned by Luke. He was disgruntled, angry that a member of the Sand People would dare appear near the woman's tomb. His wrinkled hands unwrapped a long rifle, raising it up so the tip was level with her head. "I'll blow it right off, don't second guess me. Get on outta here, leave this place. It's Skywalker's property now, and I'll be damned if someone like you hovers around here."

Lumiya refused to say anything. Skywalker. Luke had betrayed her, left her to die. Her mechanical attachments, the charred skin and agony of that day he shot her down.... Vader had nursed her frail body and built her into the supreme form she had now taken. Her beauty and elegance had been cast aside, but now, she serviced a greater cause. The Sith Order. Vader's words, "I remember the feeling of burnt flesh. Embrace the pain. Embrace the new additions to your body. Rise Lumiya. It was the day Shira Elan Colla Brie died, and Lumiya was born.

The memory faded, the man's finger approaching the trigger. In agony, she reached out with the Force, and the man dropped to his knees, shrieking like a wild boar from the Kashyyyk underbrush. She let him squirm and wile in pain, before beginning to suffocate him. It was one of her Master's favorite retributions. The man withered, panting and rolling against the sudden surge of energy around his neck. "Please, no." Were the man's last words, before he laid still, never to rise again in defense of Luke Skywalker.

Lumiya stepped over his body, now staring at the Lars ancient home. Luke would've been so young here, her eyes staring into the same sunset he would've gazed at night. Time passed slowly as she meditated, allowing the stars to emerge overhead...
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Tatooine » The Grave of Shmi Skywalker Lars
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