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Nar Shadda; Lower Levels
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hutt Space » Nar Shadda; Lower Levels
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Morgan ZIM
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 Post Posted: Thu, June 10th 2010 05:22am    Post subject: Nar Shadda; Lower Levels
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(Continued from Here.)

“Ahow, my everything!”

Coming back to consciousness for Morgan was particularly painful. His head hurt from the hangover that was developing, his face hurt from getting smacked by a Wookie, his back hurt from hitting the ground at less than safe speeds, the rest of his body hurt from getting squeezed by previously mentioned Wookie; there was probably a good reason any other part of his body that could feel pain was sore, too.

”And this is what you get for not listening to me earlier.”
”Brain hurt, brain hurt.” he said, though without making much effort.

His initial instinct was to just lie in place a while and let the pain run its course, but he had absolutely no idea where he was. That spelt trouble, and he had already used up his allowance of pointless unnecessary risks for the day, if not the week. That was when he noticed his first problem. His eyes were open, but only one of them was giving a solid image. From his cybernetic eye all he could make out was static, and that was when it gave him anything at all.

Sitting up with only the use of his still-functioning ‘real’ right arm, he reached over and felt around the metal half of his face to find that the eye was hanging right of the socket with a busted wire or two, plus there was an assortment of other damage around that part of his face.

He popped the eye back into its socket for safekeeping and switched off the signal, preferring not to mix his regular vision with any secondary sources for the time being. Then he switched his attention to his arm to see just how bad the damage was. Reaching over, however, he found the arm particularly hard to locate, and once he looked at it, he saw the reason why. The arm wasn’t just broken, it was gone entirely.

”He pulled it out of the socket.” He said, under his breath at first. Quickly, he realized just what he had experienced when the arm had stopped responding to commands.

”That frakking Wookie pulled my )@&% arm right out of my @$%^ SOCKET!” He said once more, this time much louder.
”They have been known to do that.”
”Well, yeah, I’ve heard the stories, but who the &%^# is suppose to expect there was any )@&^ truth them?!”
”Hey, it’s my arm too. You think I’m happy about it?”
”I could pull of more if it would make you happy.” Morgan said mockingly as he stood up.

”Yeah, that’s right, go ahead and cripple yourself even more. That’ll show me.”

”You’re the one who’s always talking like…you hear that?”

Morgan looked around the dimly lit area as best he could without his regular vision aid. He was pretty sure he had heard something, and that there was someone – or worse, some thing – hiding in the shadows.

”I need to get out of here. I’m officially postponing this argument till later.”
”No arguments here.”

He looked to his left, and saw some kind of hairy four-legged animal, no doubt a vicious predator, slowly advancing.

”Later, fuzzbutt.”

He began to activate his lifts, but quickly discontinued when he realized he was only getting elevation from one of them. Looking down, he saw that the other was only producing sparks.

Sithspit.” Both Morgan and ZIM thought at the same time.

Looking around, he saw another one of the creatures advancing on him from the other side.

”You know, I think ‘fuzzbutt’ is a term of endearment on some worlds…” Morgan said, knowing full well the comment served absolutely no purpose at all.

The first animal leaped at him, and Morgan lifted his leg up to step downwards right into the nose of the beast as it reached him. Thanks to the magnetic grip still working on his other foot, he managed to keep from falling over and instead left himself able to perform a one-lift sidewise summersault to evade the following attack from the second predator.

”Ha, yeah, that’s right!” He said as he landed. ”I’ll take you one with one arm behind a Wookie’s back!”

But his cockiness cost him, as he was hit by a third predator he hadn’t noticed that came at him from behind. Morgan was sent sprawling to the floor, but turned around in time to put his foot in between himself and the animal and stop what very well could have become a finishing strike. He pulled his foot back again, then kicked hard into the creatures jaw to send it standing on its back legs, ready to try again.

However, it instead found a blaster bolt piercing its underside, and felt over dead. The other two growled and ran off, leaving Morgan free to put his leg back down and catch his breath.

“Norr’teth would suggest you get over here.”

Turning around, he saw his friend, standing on the edge of a small open-top speeder and holding a still smoking blaster. He wasn’t sure if he had ever been more happy to see the bug as was now.

”You have THE best timing in the galaxy, you know that?”
”No, he would have shown up before you were attacked if that were true.”

“If you’re just going to sit there, this one can lift off and leave you behind.”

”No, I coming, I’m coming!”

The cyborg scrambled to his feet, rushed over to the speeder, and leapt into the passenger seat.

“Norr’teth brought you a present, too.” The gand said as he took his seat. From behind them in the vehicles small cargo area, he pulled out something Morgan could not help but recognize – his arm. Damaged from being pulled off it’s owner, of course, but more or less in tact and easily repairable and reinstallable.
”Did I mention you’re about the best partner a bounty hunter could ask for, too?”
“Save it for later.” Norr’teth as the speeder lifted off.

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Hutt Space » Nar Shadda; Lower Levels
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