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Senator Vereek's Office
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Dumoor ke Vereek
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Mon, March 22nd 2010 04:21am    Post subject: Senator Vereek's Office
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“Senator, I can understand where you’re coming from on this matter.” Said Dumoor to his visitor. “I can tell you that at this time, you can count on my vote for it, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline your request.”

The visitor, Senator Omnis of Nubia, nodded with subtle disappointment.

“It’s good to know that you’re on my side at least, but I had really hoped you’d be willing to speak for us on this.”

That made the Adumarian chuckle a little. Whatever presence or lack there of he had formed amongst the greater senate, his friends among it, Omnis included, knew Dumoor to be a big speaker. Big with his words, big with his voice, and big with the way he liked to use his body to accentuate his politicking.

“I’ll take that as a complement.” Dumoor replied. “However, I can hardly go out and make a ruckus about every motion and bill I intend to vote for. It would most certainly degrade my ability to make an impact given time, and I would rather build up a reputation as someone who speaks up about the things most important to me than just about anything that passes my fancy. Political capital and all. I’m sure you understand.”
“Absolutely.” Omnis replied. “But I must say your answer did surprise me a little for another reason.”
“Oh?” Dumoor said with a raise of his eyebrow.
“Dumoor Ke Vereek, declining an opportunity to speak? Next thing you know, Daara Zend will be returning from whatever grave she crawled into.”
“Do I really talk that much?” Dumoor asked with a small laugh.
“Oh, hardly, hardly.” Omnis said, laughing along. “It just feels that way sometimes, with the impact you like to make.”
“As I like to think of it, the more of an impact you can make, the more likely it is that what you have to say will stick.”
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Dumoor ke Vereek
Space Jawa

Joined: 16 Feb 2010
Posts: 12

 Post Posted: Tue, April 06th 2010 02:20pm    Post subject:
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Head in his hands, Dumoor sat at his desk and tried to figure it out. He wished it wouldn’t be this way – when he had originally returned to his office, it had been his intention to prepare a speech supporting the upcoming campaign against the Dor'to Mandalorians and remind the peacenicks about how this showed the importance of keeping the military as strong as possible. But something stuck out at him that didn’t feel right.

“Trouble, sir?”

Dumoor looked up to his droid, “Ido”, who had positioned himself across the desk.

“Yes. Very.” He replied, being frank about his thoughts.
“Can I be of assistance, sir?”

He sat back in his chair to consider the question. Ido wasn’t much for deep thinking, he mostly just helped keep things in order and other minor bookkeeping and secretarial duties that would have otherwise overwhelmed Dumoor’s time. He doubted the unit would be able to help him confirm his worries or dissuade him from them. But there was something he was built and programmed for that could possibly do as much.

“Yes. Contact the offices of Chief of State Valure. Try to arrange a meeting for me with one of his assistants. His personal aide, if possible. Mr. Drexel, I believe he is.”
“I will attend to that, sir.”
“Thank you. I don’t know if my mind is connecting dots that aren’t there, but if I’m not, I need to tell somebody.”
“Whatever you say, sir.” Said the droid, neither having any idea what Dumoor was talking about nor caring.
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Dumoor ke Vereek
Space Jawa

Joined: 16 Feb 2010
Posts: 12

 Post Posted: Tue, June 15th 2010 06:33am    Post subject:
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Anything you can tell us would be immensely helpful. There is a great deal of debate amongst the Perators at this time. Yet we’ve heard little news about the New Republic’s reaction to these events other than conclusions that have yet to prove accurate and supposed military action that has proven less than an ideal presentation of Republics military might.

Dumoor held his beard in his hand and stroked it a little as he waited to see if the speaker, Torrin ke Massah, or any of the other ruling members of the Adumar Union represented by hologram had anything to say.

“Unfortunately, there has been no official Senate discussion on the matter yet, either.” Dumoor replied when he was certain he was cleared to reply. “Most of the response thus far has been military in nature, and the Chief-of-State has yet to call the Senate to order since the first attack. All I can give you at this point is speculation, opinions, and unofficial statements on where other Senators stand on the events.”
”That is unfortunate.” Said Balass ke Teldan. ”We can continue the debate on for a little while longer, but Adumar will not be content with just words for much longer. We’re looking for some kind of action.”
“I can’t say they haven’t tried.” Dumoor said, thinking of the meeting on Rendili and planned assault on the Mandalorians which had gone so poorly.
Effective action.” ke Teldan replied.
“Of course.” Dumoor said, sympathizing with what the mood on his homeworld seemed to be.

“What is the most likely outcome at this point?” He asked, hoping to get a better idea of what was happening on the other side of communication.
Admittedly, there’s little we believe we can do at this time.” Said ke Massah. “Not without making things worse.
The best option we’ve considered thus far is increasing our defensive capabilities.” Yolia ke Rheem said. ”Overhauls and upgrades on our older vehicles for the most part. More notably, we are on the verge of approving purchase of some of the new Blade-38 fighters. Other new craft and weapons have been considered as well to replace any designs being used by the Adumar Defense Force that are obsolete entirely.”

Dumoor nodded his head as he listened to the woman’s explain. It was about what he expected, and so he already knew how to respond.

“For the moment, I recommend avoiding doing anything too extensive. Overhauls, of course, but refrain from doing anything that might be perceived as…radical…by Galactic Union standards. I think it best to avoid adding to the potential panic at the moment.”

He could tell the others were less than pleased with his suggestion, but this too he had expected and was prepared for.

“However, I sense that things will soon change, one way or the other. If you were to perhaps, say, have the paperwork for new, up-to-date military craft and brand new fighter designs filled out but not turned in, I believe it should provide proper deniability against anyone who might take offense to an ‘official’ buildup. Have it ready to sign off on and make official on a moments notice, if you will. As I understand it, there are at least a couple other planets that have already made such preparations.”
”We appreciate the suggestion. It should help up come to a final decision sooner and relieve some of the mounting pressure.” said ke Teldan.
“Of course.” Dumoor said. “I am here to serve. I’ll be certain to let you know when if the Senate makes any decisions of it’s own as soon as I can.”

The holograms gave Dumoor a nodding farewell, and the Senator replied in kind, and the transmission came to an end.

“Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.” He said to himself as he leaned back in his chair.

Looking up, he saw Ido approaching.

“Sir, I have news that your wife has sent word that she is currently on her way from Adumar.”
“Also, sir, if you wish to make it to your desired unofficial meeting with the colleges you listed for me, I recommend that you depart within the next couple minutes.”
“Thank you, Ido.”

Standing, he moved across the room, past the droid, and headed out to meet with his fellow Senators.

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