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Indigo Tower Restaurant, Senate District
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » Indigo Tower Restaurant, Senate District
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Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad

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 Post Posted: Mon, September 13th 2010 03:45pm    Post subject:
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The children were withholding something from her, but pinpointing what exactly, was much more difficult. The food was exotic this afternoon, and sampling new dishes made life outside of Kuat just a bit easier. She missed the fresh scent of oceans, instead, the industrialized aroma of Coruscant's planetary city filled the air. Isabel munched on several vegetarian dishes, while Lucas barely touched his. "Lucas, why aren't you eating?" Arlyn felt as though she were asking a toddler, and hoped he hadn't taken her tone as such.

"I dunno, I'm just not that hungry." His response was dull, she could tell something was bothering him. Her eyes narrowed momentarily, but lifted into a smile. Now was not the time to approach him, so she dismissed the motherly urge to press. He'd come to her when he was ready. Arlyn sipped the wine, it was from the colony world of New Alderaan, the people had certainly bounced back after a few decades of peace. Arlyn had been interested in exploring their culture after the dinner with Leia Organa Solo.

"Mom, you can't keep Kris locked up, you just can't." Isabel pressed, though Arlyn gave her a stern, controlled look.

"Bells, I know you mean well, but I know Kristopher. He needs a little stern backing right now."

Lucas came to the defense of his younger brother, "You could at least send him to Coruscant. We're all here, pretty much." Unified fronts by her children were rare, so it must've meant a lot. She conceded, wanting the argument to fizzle and disappear. There was no need for that now. Something beeped, it was a familiar chime of a holocommunications device. Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled it out. "Sorry, mom. It'll just be a minute." He rose from the table and walked into one of the waiting rooms.

"Is dad close to closing the deal with Mr. Solo?"

Arlyn let a smile curl on her lips. Their acquisition of a Republic shipping company was very near, and their ability to open up in their market, meant new found fortunes for their family. With war on the horizon, prices would double over night. Fees for "insurance" or "guarantee" would be prominent on almost every shipping enterprise. "Yes, he is." Arlyn released the smile, "It is very exciting. We hope to accomplish many great things. Your father wants to honor the integrity Han's put into it, and really give it his own. It should work out great."

Should, the business industry always left room for complete failure, but with their combined skills, that was impossible.

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Lucas Pallanén-Davad

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 Post Posted: Tue, September 14th 2010 02:49pm    Post subject:
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Lucas returned to the table, his mood had improved slightly, talking to Badim was like talking to a long-lost friend for the first time. It was good to know that he was alive and sounded well. His mother had made sure the food remained stacked and flowing, and with the dark clouds disappearing for a while, Lucas began to eat a little more here and there. Bella was chatting happily about some family vacation she wanted, but the tone dropped as soon as Damian entered the conversation.

"What about your brother, Damian?" Their mother had asked.

Bella must've resisted the urge to look over, and not only through the Force, could Lucas tell she was nervous about answering this correctly. "Mom, don't worry about him." She managed to deflect most of her tells, her usual signs of lying. "He is fine. Lucas and I have both paid him a visit in the last couple of months. Shouldn't you be happy he is on a long-term assignment?"

Lucas shoved a fork full of pasta in his mouth, it was his only way. The emotions were still raw, he was still angry with his brother. He wanted to tell that her son was not only dating a non-Kuati, but was producing a half-blooded royal-nightmare. "Yeah." He agreed with Bella, it was the only thing he could do. It was more than Damian would do for him, if the roles were reversed.

The evening went on, and conversation slowly picked up. His mother had a knack at improving his mood, but it was more than that. He needed somekind of shoulder, but the data chip they had stolen from Anakin's room burned a hole in his pocket. He could feel it beating against him, the more he thought about it, the more it wore him down. "Lucas you look a little ill. Maybe you ate too much."

Lucas took this as an opportunity to leave the table. He needed to rest, but most of all, he needed to meditate. "Yeah, I'm not feeling so hot. I'll see you tomorrow morning?"

"With Kris?" Bella injected, the two gave each other a smirk.

"Yes, breakfast at the hotel. Kris will be there." Their mother rose, kissing both of his cheeks, before he left. The drive back to the Temple was short, he ignored speeder lanes and took a direct route. He was lucky, none of the traffic droids had spotted him by the time he landed in the hangar...
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » Indigo Tower Restaurant, Senate District
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