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The Imperial Palace
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » The Imperial Palace
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Pennec Akor

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 Post Posted: Sun, August 09th 2009 03:12pm    Post subject: The Imperial Palace
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The youthful form of Pennec sat at a corner, consulting a map of Soundings he had made. The young Jedi, though he still didn't think of himself as such, didn't look like what people generally thought of his Order. Dressed simply, carrying a Fusion Lantern in one hand, a Datapad in the other, and a rather confused look on his face, he looked like some very foolish tourist. Only if someone had taken a look at his Belt, and noticed the Lightsaber hanging there might they have looked again. Pennec was not a Tourist. He was full blown Jedi Knight, the equal of those out dealing with Galactic Problems, putting right to wrongs and seeing that nothing ruptured the Peace of the Galaxy. And he played in the dirt. Pennec viewed it philosophically. They all served the best they could. Pennec served best by continuing his hunt, while other Knights served best by risking their lives. However, Pennec was at another one of those impasses that made him question if that was really true. The soundings showed quite clearly that there was a room on the other side of this wall. And he could see quite clearly that there was no door. He didn't think it. Examination with the Force made it quite clear.

"Curse that Sith Spawned Madman. I hope he's roasting in whatever pit they found for him."

Pennec sighed. There were rooms like this all over this place. Had no visible openings. There were ways to get into them. Sometimes from the ceiling or the floor. Blasting into them invariably collapsed the room, and sometimes that entire section of corridors. There was still plenty of in this place to be discovered, even though it had been picked over for 40 straight years. The upper levels were a popular Tourist Attraction. Pennec was below that, in the twisting corridors that had once formed the Palaces adminstrative areas. Countless Offices filled the place. And sometimes, nastier things. This had been the home of Imperial Intelligence, and there had been a facility for training some of the operatives of the Empire. And here and there, were vaults cleverly concealed. Some holding records, some holding treasures beyond imagining. And Pennec believed that somewhere in this Palace, removed by Darth Vader's 501st Legion during the sack of the Jedi Temple, was the Great Holocron.

"And I'll find it."

Pennec sighed, shaking his head, and tapping a few commands on the Datapad. It quickly plotted a path to directly beneath his position, and the Young Jedi walked off that way.
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » The Imperial Palace
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