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Tiberius Grayson's Den
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Coruscant » Tiberius Grayson's Den
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Tiberius Grayson

Joined: 17 Jul 2009
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 Post Posted: Sun, August 09th 2009 09:09am    Post subject: Tiberius Grayson's Den
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Running water and a comfortable place to sleep ... everything the body needs. Tiberius Grayson was similar to other people in a lot of ways. He liked to have a comfortable place to rest his head. He liked long showers. He liked meeting knew people. Unfortunately for those he met in the underlevels of Galactic City, he was also not like other people. He liked to torture and disembowel the people he met and he liked to take long showers while he washed the various parts of their anatomy off his body and clothes.

This particular night had been the same as any other night. Tiberius started at about the five-hundredth story, where the beings that roamed the streets wouldn't attack you just for looking at them. He had seen people like that near where he lived. He was always given a wide berth, but others weren't so lucky and Tiberius had even participated in their dismemberment on several occasions.

He carried nought but a blade on this excursion, his special powers removing the need for more sophisticated killing technology. There wasn't anyone that caught his eye, though. Nobody interesting enough to follow or take anything more than a passing glance at. Tiberius had been civilised once, but years of living in the Underlevels with the beasts had curbed his humanity to the point where it had been more than six months since he had uttered a word.

Descending almost fifty levels during his hunt, Tiberius finally found somebody who caught his eye. A pretty blonde girl who was walking hand in hand with somebody who was very special to her. Tiberius went fully into hunting mode, his footfalls inaudible except to the most sensitive of ears and his body completely shrouded in the ample shadows at this level. He stole ever closer, until he could reach out and touch her.

Raising his blade, Tiberius cut a lock of hair from her head, planting it on her significant other's opposite shoulder. Several metres further along the passageway the couple stopped near a sheer drop into the darkness. They looked down and speculated how far down the shaft was. Tiberius bared his teeth in a grin and used his special powers to throw the man over the edge.

The bloodcurdling screams as the man plummeted to his death echoed off the walls of the surrounding buildings, a marvellous symphony of death and destruction. Tiberius tilted his head back and added his own, inhuman screech to the din. The girl fled in terror, screaming at the top of her lungs. Reaching out his hand, Tiberius stopped her in her tracks, summoning her back to him.

She screamed again, begging somebody to help her. Frowning, Tiberius gestured at her throat, crushing her windpipe slowly until she couldn't scream anymore before releasing the pressure. The girl took the hint. Baring his teeth, Tiberius shoved her towards the nearest turbolift. Whimpering quietly, the girl acquiesced to his unspoken request.

As the lift plummeted hundreds of floors, her screams of pain echoed up the shaft. When the doors opened at the bottom, all that was to be seen was the unrecognisable remains of the girl and a lot of blood. Delighting in the unexpected meal, the bottomfeeders feasted upon the remains while Tiberius slunk off through the darkness back to his lair.
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Kyr'am Skirata

Joined: 03 Aug 2009
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 Post Posted: Mon, August 31st 2009 10:06am    Post subject:
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"All units, report," whispered Kyr'am into the microphone of his helmet and immediately wondered why. His helmet was completely sealed and the exterior speaker was turned off. There was absolutely no way that his foe could of heard him. Hell, he didn't even know where the kriffing Jedi was.
"How very military of you, K," replied Bevin.
"This Jedi's making me very frakking nervous."
"It's their Jedi tricks," replied Bevin again, "they make you see things."
"Just like a wraith," muttered Kyr'am. Several years previously, the Trio had been in Wild Space protecting a mining operation when it was attacked up spectral monsters that the colonists had dubbed wraith. It was the only job that the Trio had ever failed and they had barely escaped with their lives when the wraith possessed the leaders of the expedition and caused the remainder to resort to cannibalism by destroying all the food.
"That was a long time ago," replied Bevin, "besides, no way a wraith is getting to Coruscant. The Jedi wouldn't let them."
"Yet here he is," replied Kyr'am.
"He'd make a powerful ally."
"If he was a person, sure, but you saw the holos," replied Kyr'am, "the guy's a monster. I don't know who those scientists are kidding, this isn't anything except an extermination."
"Hey, D," said Bevin, "you found anything?"
"I'm sorry," replied a chilling voice, "Dee can't come to the comm right now, can I take a message?" The voice was unlike anything Kyr'am had ever heard before. The speech was oddly disjointed, as though the being wasn't used to talking. Knowing where Dane had been headed and trusting Bevin to keep up the conversation, Kyr'am headed for the den of Tiberius Grayson.
"Who is this?" demanded Bevin, "How'd you crack our comm frequency?"
"I found a pretty blue helmet that wasn't being used."
"What!? Where's Dane?"
"Broken? What the frak are you..."
"...and all these pretty weapons. Why do Mandalorians need so many weapons? Opening a shell to get the fleshy inside, they always fight and nobody wins. Can't understand why they don't fight properly."
"What are you rambling about?" replied Bevin.
"The green one sneaks up on me and thinks I can't see him. He has weapons, but weapons only work if the finger pulls the trigger."
"Okay, beast," replied Kyr'am, coming back onto the channel, "no weapons, no armour. We face each other as nature intended."
"Nature made me better than you with the coloured Mandalorian that can't shoot straight." It was a shot at Bevin, whose armour was a mix of gray, red and yellow.
"Step out and see how straight my shooting is," snarled Bevin into the comm, giving away that fact that he was looking at their quarry. While his partner raged, Kyr'am was stripping down to his bodyglove. He considered leaving his gauntlets on, but thought better of it. For what he was planning he didn't need to be armed.
"You sure about this, K?" said Bevin, "I know you can take a punch, but this hut'uun doesn't need to hit you to kill you."
"He wants an honorable fight. I'm going to give it to him even if it kills me."
"Aruetiise don't know the meaning of honor."
"Mando'a need metal skin, weapons and three times the manpower to take on one person with a dagger who was born different," replied the Jedi, who had apparently regained the full use of his vocabulary.

Kyr'am had heard enough. He removed his helmet and walked the last fifty metres to the entrance to Tiberius' hovel. As he approached, the sense of foreboding intensified, as though his quarry had bewitched the place with his tricks. As he reached the entrance to what could only be described as a cave, Kyr'am felt invisible hands lifting him into the air.

"You are brave for a Mandalorian," said a voice that seemed to belong to a pair of glowing red eyes.
"I am honorable," replied Kyr'am, "are you?"
"Honorable?" replied the eyes, as though they were thinking, "there's a term I haven't heard in a long time."
"Why not?" replied Kyr'am, curious in spite of himself.
"Do you care, Mandalorian?" replied the eyes, "are you concerned for my welfare?"
"I like to understand," replied Kyr'am.
"You do not prefer to just kill your bounties?"
"That I enjoy too, perhaps more than anything else," replied Kyr'am, "but I also enjoy the thrill of the hunt and in order to be the best hunter in the galaxy, I need to understand my prey."
"Do you believe me to be prey, Mandalorian?"
"No more than I am," admitted Kyr'am, "perhaps less so."
"Perhaps less so," the eyes repeated musingly, "you should know that your comrade is alive."
"Where is he?"
"With me."
"Why is he alive?"
"You wish him to die?"
"I wish to understand why you kept him alive. You do not seem the person to let your prey live."
"Mandalorians never travel alone. The need to know how many foes I faced was more important than killing him."
"You could be a powerful ally," said Kyr'am.
"I hold you metres from your death and you are trying to be friends?"
"You have been painted as a monster by my employers, but I see few differences between you and I, except your vastly superior powers."

His quarry didn't reply, instead pitching Kyr'am towards the cavernous space between buildings. Desperately, he stretched his foot out to try and catch the railing but was successful only in sending himself spinning into the crevasse. He reached out his hand to grab a piece of piping that ran down the side of the building, successfully stopping himself but dislocating his shoulder in the process.

Slowly and painfully, he climbed back to the top to see his quarry waiting for him.

"I will join you," said Tiberius, "but I will not wear armor or carry a blaster."
"You are dangerous enough without either," replied Kyr'am, "toss me the helmet and I will tell the colourful one not to shoot you."

Tiberius threw the helmet towards Kyr'am's injured arm, causing him to drop it with a clatter. Glowing with embarassment, he retrieved it with his good arm and place it on his head.

"What the frak is going on?" Bevin got straight to the point.
"He's joining us."
"He'll be useful. Besides, Dane and I are dead if he doesn't."
"Point. I'll try not to shoot him."

Tiberius Grayson is now a PNPC.

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