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Bela Vistal, The Tavell Estate
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Corellian System » Bela Vistal, The Tavell Estate
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Sean Tavell

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 Post Posted: Tue, August 24th 2010 12:55am    Post subject: Bela Vistal, The Tavell Estate
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It had been a long journey, but Sean was finally here. The funeral was scheduled for the day Sean had arrived and he barely had time to change into his formal Jedi robes and make the long speeder ride from Coronet to Bela Vistal. Sean was tired and exhausted, both emotionally and physically. It only made matters worse that he was barely on time for the funeral services and his mother, garbed all in black, had decided that she must sit next to him throughout it.

It was a small, simple ceremony held in the back of the estate where a grave had been dug, a modestly elegant headstone marking forever where Sean's father soon would rest. It was suiting of the man. Sean's father, Jacoba Tavell, was a kind and simple man. Even his mansion, set in the background, had a very simple, modest appearance about it that many on Corellia lacked. It was only right that his grave would be something that matched his simplicity.

The ceremony was likewise simple. A few kind words were said, and a few stood and spoke about the life of Jacoba Tavell. As it had been unsure whether Sean would be able to make the funeral or not, it had not been planned for him to speak, nor had Sean come up with anything to say, but they offered him the chance to speak nonetheless. Sean gratefully took it.

As he stood, he allowed every ounce of pride and honor exude from his posture in honor of his father. When he spoke, his voice was filled with the authority and certainty of a Jedi Knight. "My father was the best man I knew. When I left to join the Jedi, he was the only one that did not call it folly, nor say that I was merely a spoiled rich boy who would amount to nothing more than squandering my father's fortune. He looked at me the day I left and said, 'Sean, don't be afraid. Go with pride and honor, as a Tavell and my Son. I couldn't be more proud of you, and I know that you will succeed.'" Sean paused for a moment. "Those words got me through the Jedi Academy. Every time I thought to quit, I'd hear my father's voice telling me that I could do it." Sean now looked back at the open casket of Jacoba Tavell. Tears came to Sean's eyes as he thought that no more would he see this man smile, nor would he hear his voice. In a far softer tone, he said, "I will miss you Dad. Go with the Force. Find peace."

With that, Sean sat and the funeral came to a close.


Later that day Sean sat in his father's study. It was a magnificent room, walls lined with books and holopads, a massive, finely polished desk residing in the center. Three plush arm chairs faced the desk, though now they were pulled into a rough triangle, facing each other. In the other two chairs sat Jacoba's lawyer—a plump but pleasant man, older than Sean's father was—and Genevieve, Sean's mother. Genevieve was dressed in a flowing black gown and veil, a color Sean had never seen her in. Jacoba's Lawyer, Johnathan, was dressed in a fine, black suit. Sean stood out in his ceremonial Jedi robes.

Despite the fact that Sean had ill feelings towards Genevieve, the proceedings thus far had been quite civil... until now. Johnathan had been detailing the division of Jacoba's possessions. Sean could deal with only getting half the money. It was a substantial amount regardless. The other half was given to Genevieve, and Sean could swallow his pride and hate enough to be okay with that. It was what was said next that set Sean off.

"As for the estate, it is to be left to Jacoba's beloved wife, Genevieve..."

"He left it to her?" Sean interrupted.

"Yes, with," Johnathan countered snappily, "the condition that the entire estate is to be left to Jacoba's son, Sean, upon the death of Jacoba's wife, Genevieve."

"Heh. Is that so? So I won't see a bit of this again, will I? She'll probably ruin it like she does everything else."

"Seany.... that's not fair." Genevieve nearly sobbed.

"True though. Why do you deserve this estate anyways? What have you done for it? Why you?"

The room was silent for a long moment. When at last Genevieve spoke, her voice was not defensive or angry as Sean had expected, but subdued and almost hesitant. "Because.... for the past two years, this estate has been my home."

Sean grew deathly silent, and the other two in the room instinctively recoiled as a wall of icy, complex emotions slammed into them. "What?"

"Sean..." Genevieve started, "sweetie, your father and I... we've... we've been together now for two years. We wanted to tell you, but we knew... we knew you'd..." Genevieve began to sob openly now.

Sean wanted to deny it. Every fiber of his being rebelled, trying to drive this knowledge from his head... but he couldn't. He knew it was true. The moment she spoke it, he felt the truth in her words. Betrayal, hate, surprise, shock, denial... they all coursed through him while he sat there, staring icily into space. His gaze moved slowly and coldly towards Genevieve. After a time, Sean spoke. His voice was cold and matter of fact, devoid of emotion.

"We're done here then. Transfer my money to my account." And with that, Sean stood and left. His speeder was parked in front of the estate and it took him a very short time to reach it. He felt her before he heard her, but halfway to his speeder Sean's mother came bursting out of the mansion, shouting his name and sobbing.

"Seany, my Seany. Please, oh please, no, please don't do this. Come back, please..."

Sean stopped, his posture rigid. "What do you want from me?" His voice was still flat and hard.

"P-please, Seany, I just want my b- my baby boy back."

Sean spoke quietly without looking at her. "What do you expect, Genevieve? You walked out on me when I was five. I saw Dad destroyed. Your actions caused him to move me halfway across the planet. I didn't know what was going on. All I knew is I no longer had a mother. Every little kid did. I didn't. At the academy, everyone heard fro,m their mothers, I didn't. Then I learned what you had done, what you had thrown me away for... how should I react? How can I forgive? I am a Jedi. I'm not perfect." With those words, he closed the distance to his speeder and hopped in, heading towards the distant capital of Coronet without a backward glance, leaving his mother sobbing uncontrollably at the front door of his late-father's estate.

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