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The Adventures of Thomas Heckler and His Misfits!
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Assessment Room » The Adventures of Thomas Heckler and His Misfits!
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Thomas Heckler

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 Post Posted: Wed, August 11th 2010 01:55pm    Post subject: The Adventures of Thomas Heckler and His Misfits!
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Welcome to the Holo-Adventures of Thomas Heckler and his crew of brawny, brave and dysfunctional misfits!

Alright, so basically, my storyline for Upari has grown into a monster all its own filling up a word document. But, of course, I can see it and no one else can, so to organize things and give everyone a better picture to jump in and have some fun tagging along I'll be keeping a frequent update on any new ideas I have. If a side-plot or something part of his main storyline is in action, I can see where I can squeeze you in. Also, if you have a plot point or a storyline you want any of my characters to join into, I'll be more than glad to help out.

"Remember, you don't get 100% of what you don't ask for!" - a close friend :P

Heckler Plots
Settling Old Scores
_Atzerri: Escape to Coruscant

Sarta the Hutt makes his escape:
_Introduce Girsk (the corrupt CEO) and Sarta the Hutt (Nefarious crimelord)
_Meeting between Girsk and Sarta (In comes Tirefin, a highly addictive drug)

Arrival on Coruscant
_Hunting pirates
*_Renegade (This will be pending, probably)

Ongoing Pirate Arc (Needs a way better name :P)
_New responsibilities, becomes a fleet Captain and gets a fleet to fight pirates (awaiting the completion of Arrival on Coruscant sub-plot)
_Climax - death of Jao'alin
_Huge escape

Thomas Heckler and The Search for Celeste Morne!
_Pirates of Enarc (planet) - still under Trade Federation holdouts - possibly new character
_Capture of Celeste Morne by Sarta the Hutt
*_Rescue (big battle between Luke and Lumiya vying for control of Morne while she is in carbonite)
_Celeste joins the crew, with Talisman destroyed and her freed

(Open: This is for Zimp attacks and more Pirates - open areas are literally just that, unfortunately I don't know how my plots will work when put into the larger storyline, since I have no idea how it will unfold.)

Welcome to the Kalinda Sector
_Kirima, planet and government introductions
_Meeting the Fallanassi Sisters - The Love Interest the princess and her force ability (Training? Yes.)

(Open: Fighting more pirates, Zimp attacks: This draws his fleet off)

Ardna the Tyrant
_Under control by the Dark Lady of the Sith and a member of the Krath cultists, commands an entire sector
_Launches attacks from the Lambda Sector, Moff Ardna pushes to the edges of the Kalinda Sector
_Alassa Major - The two fleets meet, a major battle ensues and ends with an inconclusive result
_Stalemate - The New Republic occupied with the Zimps and Ardna's forces reeling from the Battle of Alassa Major

New Discoveries, side-plots and meeting the Masters
_These will be slowly developed (I already have numerous ideas, just trying to do more research before I try to write anything about them)

Sarta Strikes Back: The Exciting Conclusion!
_After numerous loses at the hand of Upari, the pirates return with a vengeance
_Kalinda is attacked by Sarta the Hutt, still looking for revenge
Sarta and Ardna team up
(Definately do not read the following!) *_The Kalinda system comes under relentless attack, they beg for New Republic assistance (work out with Zara)
_The swift counterattack, Kalinda becomes New Republic member and the Republic pushes back the Imperial Warlord, Ardna Lankin, however, his alliance remains intact with Sarta.
_Marriage: King, Queen and most nobles die in Sarta attack. (Upari's fleet was drawn off in the counterattack against Lankin)
_Fallanassi are taught to serve their own desires: blame is on the New Republic and the new Queen is furious
_Independence, but mutual friendship: The Empire is born
The end of Ardna Lankin (The Empire begins to expand to meet him)
The deal with Sarta the Hutt (Anticlimactic, but it just makes sense, he is after all a businessman)

*I'd like to note, there are spoilers for his storyline I'd like to keep a surprise if you like reading about Upari, so don't read them. :P (Also somethings still haven't been approved by CMAC, they are in red.)
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 Post Posted: Thu, August 12th 2010 10:41am    Post subject:
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Noooo! Word is eviiil, use Notepad. :D

I might be able to join in on that pirate hunting thing, since I have a pirate and a navy officer, but first I would have to wrap up what my pirate is currently doing.
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