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Galactic City Spaceport
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Xerros Orade

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 Post Posted: Fri, June 11th 2010 11:55am    Post subject: Galactic City Spaceport
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Hide in plain sight.

Xerros stood in line behind a dozen beings of various races, height, and sizes as he waited for his turn to go through security. Instead of his trademark beskar armor, which would have been a death sentence for him in public after the attack on the Temple, he wore a plain black suit and matching slacks, common dress for a businessman or middle class citizen. His duffle sat on the floor at his feet, containing a set of spare clothes to augment his disguise; beneath them, in a hidden pocket lined with anti-sensor weave, was his armor. The smuggler in the Works had guaranteed him that they would be able to walk through Customs carrying the parts for a proton torpedo and the agents at security would never know as long as they stayed in his duffle.

Xerros had thanked him with a blaster bolt. Loose ends always bit you in the ass.

He shifted his gaze slightly and saw Lyra in his peripherals. The hard-as-nails warrior looked slightly uncomfortable in the shimmersilk dress, but the porter droid carrying her bag-similarly lined to carry her armor-completed her disguise as an actress. The haughty look on her face betrayed a slight amount of nervousness, but only to Xerros' trained eye. The custom officials wouldn't suspect that a minor Aargauan businessman and a Kuati actress were the perpetrators in the Temple heist, and that was exactly how Xerros liked it.

As he turned back to the front of the line, he saw that the Barabel in front of him had moved forward. He pushed his bag along the floor with the toe of his shoe and took a couple of steps to close the gap, then resumed looking bored and aggravated by the delay. Above the security checkpoint between the passengers and the starliner they were about to board, a glowing red holographic message floated.

Due to recent events, expect delays at Customs. Thank you for your understanding.

Xerros had been shocked to hear about the flurry of terrorist activity that had occured in the past few weeks. The bombing of the Galactic Union Bank, the destruction of the New Republic's flagship by Mandalorians-Xerros still didn't fully believe that one-and rumors that something could have occurred on Bastion, the capital of the Imperial Remnant, as well. Admitedly the last one was pure speculation with no evidence or facts to back it up, but the number of events, including Xerros' own attack on the Jedi, was startling. It's as if the entire galaxy is unraveling beneath us, he thought as he shuffled forward another step. Almost there.

* * *

Xerros managed to slip through customs with barely a second glance, and he waited with the other passengers for the turbolift to arrive he surreptitiously watched Lyra undergo the same beaureacratic process he had been subjected to. First her bag was scanned, then she was scanned, then her droid, then her bag again for good measure, until the officer in charge gave her a cordial smile and thanked her for her patience. Lyra smiled in response and stepped through, her chin held high as her droid walked behind her with her things.

She strode over to the same lift Xerros was waiting for, and for a brief moment their eyes met. Hers tightened as their gazeslocked, and Xerros knew she was still angry with him for Fargut's death. He'd have to talk to her about it later...and tell her why they had risked their lives in the first place. She'd understand.

The lift doors slid open, and the passengers crammed inside.

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Badim Soilding
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Wed, June 16th 2010 08:24pm    Post subject:
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Badim, Clare and H6 paced towards Landing Pad 314-J, a large hanger that could accompany several craft of varying sizes. They entered the crowded and sprawling hanger, people boarding and leaving on ships, while others arrived as well. Dorniekke had The Dancing Remedy repaired elsewhere, farther away than where The Blight Leaper was, so they decided to meet in the middle. Now the three were waiting in Hanger J for Dorn to arrive. Badim leaned up against a metal beam as he instinctively tried to reach for his hood to cover his eyes, realizing that he had left it on the Leaper, though he didn‘t feel bare without it, it felt good for a change. Clare laid down on the two bags, using them as either a makeshift bed or pillow as she tried to get a little sleep. H6-32 had shut down during the long half-hour wait.

Badim began to imagine what would happen between him and Jaxor Soilding, his body freezing again in deep thought. What if he was his father after all? What if he asked for forgiveness? What if he forgave him? He shook his head, the answers would flow through him as it always did. He almost felt a calming sensation, it seemed things were looking up at every turn now. First he had information leading to his birth parents, second he found the woman he was searching five years for, and lastly he had finally found happiness through Clare. He was confident that she was happy now too. He just wondered when it would crumble to dust as it always did. Like governments, empires and fate, they were all bound to gravity, following a simple rule: What goes up, must come down.

The Dancing Remedy quick soared into the hanger as it lowered it’s boarding ramp. Badim gently rocked Clare awake, who quickly grabbed one of the bags and waited for him. He pounded on H6’s chest plate to wake him up, then grabbed the other bags. He turned to see H6 eagerly following him.

The three entered the ship, being welcome by Dorniekke. He directed them where they could stay, even offering H6 his own room. But he quickly declined, opting to stay in the ship’s main hold, near the gunnery stations. Dorn introduced the two to their room, which would be the First Mate’s quarters, with a large bed for the two to sleep on. Dorniekke quickly left the two alone, H6 following to the cockpit to assist him in leaving the planet. Something just clicked in Badim’s head. He pulled a comlink from his pocket and sat on the bed, Clare wanting to unpack.
He tried to contact Tseneca, but her comlink was offline, so he left a message, “Tseneca, by the time you get this message: Clare, H6 and I will have gone to Taris. We ran into a friend of mine who had information leading to my parents… it’s just something I need to do,” he paused, thinking of what else he could add, “And don’t worry, I’m not a hostage this time.” he finished jokingly, clicking the comlink off.

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"No One Deserves To Die, Except For Those Who Do."

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 Post Posted: Sat, June 26th 2010 03:57am    Post subject:
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The Galactic City spaceport was crowded, but it would provide the easiest transportation around the galaxy. She required special documentation to land and transverse Felucia's most exclusive terrain. A rodian spoke to her in Basic, before mumbling something to his comrade in his native tongue. She understood his frustration and the dislike of the work he was currently performing. It seemed as though they were unhappy about the wages being so little, for so much work. Her eyes made quick work of the moving crowds, catching and storing over one thousand and three facial expressions she had never seen before. Some were impossible to replicate, either requiring an extra mouth or additional eyes.

The rodian returned with the passes, extending the Imperial and New Republic citizen credentials. Felucia authorities were unpredictable, their space rarely covered by space travelers. But should she run into unexpected trouble, the documents would give her full rights of passage. Alisson thanked the creature, attempting to ease the man's day, but it did not seem to work. She left him a small credit chip, hoping his life would approve to his standards. A task she had seen Ryan and Arlyn do, with satisfying results.

The crowd moved, the emotions ranging from glee to depression. A girl wept at returning to her swampy bacteria-ridden shithole. Another boy, much younger than Lucas, skipped alongside his parents, exaggerating at the amount of undersea adventures they would have on Mon Calamari. Alisson put the documents safely into her bag, before pushing the key on the elevator. It zoomed downwards and to the speeder-garage, where she located the sporty red vehicle she had rented.

All that was left, would be contacting Lucas and the rest of the crew. She'd have to explain that she was searching for a strange pollen that would allow the synthetic skin to create an immunity against the parasite she had collected on Nar Shaadda. Only deciding she'd leave out the part that her skin was fake, simply replicated to look like organic flesh. The speeder flashed as Alisson approached, the internal security mechanism recognizing the key, and disarmed itself to allow her to enter.

Alisson wasn't aware of the person in the backseat, until after she had paid the parking lot attendant for the two hours she spent inside the spaceport. By the click of the blaster, she was able to identify it as a KYD-21 blaster pistol. The model, after searching her database, was widely discontinued just prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. They were typically favored by the bounty hunters, for the stopping power and the ability to absorb the emitter flash. The perfect killing weapon.

"Land ontop of Krill Tower," the voice was muffled by an artificial scrambler, and would be virtually impossible to detect. Only the assailant was near, and the mouth was not entirely covered. Alisson's enhanced senses over her human copy, allowed her to run the vocal pattern against her database. What surprised her, was the identity of the blaster-wielder.

Vera Nico.
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 Post Posted: Mon, June 28th 2010 05:16pm    Post subject:
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The sporty vehicle took a graceful fall from the speeder lanes, before landing on the designated tower. Nico's breaths were short, controlled. Alisson shut the speeder off, and tossed the ignition pass-key out of the window. Slowly she rose from her seat, and outside, standing beneath the lights of the passing hover traffic. The buildings as far as her ocular implants could receive, gleamed in the darkness of the night. Coruscant was very much alive at night, as it was in the day. Alisson preferred it this way, the beauty of the artificial colors. Nico's boots hit the ground, judging by the whip in the air, the blaster appeared next, resuming its aim.

"I know you are a servant of the Pallanén-Davad family," Nico finally spoke, her voice was her own, the vocal mask hurtling downwards and into the abyss of the Coruscanti underworld. "I know that you are sympathetic towards my cause." Alisson remained silent, though her back was turned, her other senses painted the picture where her sight had failed her. She saw Nico, the rogue Kuati, her hand outstretched with a blaster just a mere second from ending life. Alisson opened her arms, letting the wind carry beneath her. "What are you doing?"

Alisson took a moment, collecting all the data from the feeling she was generating. She felt as though she was a raven, mystique and beautiful on her perch. The wind russled her hair, flinging it from one side to another, before answering the question. "Pretending."

Nico's boots came closer, and the change in the sound they had made, suggested her posture became much more relaxed. "Pretending what?"

Alisson breathed in slowly, and in as much as she could hold. She held her breath, the city sounds disappearing against the melody Ryan had played just prior to her activation. It was an instrumental piece, played by the most exotic collection gathered. The way the Alderaanian Harp accompanied the Gungan Organ, sent a flutter of happiness to the tips of her skin, producing what humans would call "goosebumps". "I am pretending to be a bird."

"A bird?" Nico retorted.

"Look," Alisson opened her eyes, the Coruscanti square of city-scape had returned. "At one time, they had complete freedom over this world. We took that away from them." Nico approached, though the blaster faltered, she remained silent. "I agree with you, Nico. I believe the governments have taken away something from the people, and in turn, fuel war and crime."

"I am glad."

"I am standing on the edge of a building, pretending to be a bird, and you stop there?" Alisson closed her eyes, "Close your eyes, Vera. Feel the wind, feel the emotion of the city. There is so much here." Nico followed her, which reminded her of the Kuati wise tale.

Never forgive the Dubai Bettle.
Forget the Andarlo lion.
But most of all, Never close your eyes on the Kaupoa Viper.

Alisson overtook the woman, kicking the blaster aside, and heaved her body over the edge...
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Vera Nico

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 Post Posted: Wed, June 30th 2010 06:34am    Post subject:
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Nico clung to the woman's arms, her fingers digging into the flesh as she held on for dear life. Their eyes met, the woman reaching to disconnect the hold, before Nico shouted, "What are you doing, Alisson?" The girl seemed surprised by the use of her name, long enough for Nico to plant a foot on the skyscraper's lower ledge. It wouldn't be enough to save her from a free fall, but allowed her to minimize the flailing and provide resistance to the wind. "Gods, of all the people in the universe, you should be the last to do this."

The girl wrapped her fingers around Nico's arm, providing safety from gravity's grasp. "What do you know about me?"

"I know you served Ryan Davad, maybe you still do!" Nico shouted over the howling wind, and the blaring of the nearby speeder traffic lane. "You were meant to do great things, Alisson. And all you've ever been is a babysitter."

"Not true."

"Then what are you doing with Lucas?" Nico grew to favor the Kuati youth, now padawn to Anakin Solo. He was resourceful, and left her alive, when he could've killed her. A favor she would return to him one day. But now, she needed someone inside the crew, someone under her hold. "You can be so much more than that."

"You want me to join you?!" The woman asked incredulously, "You put a bounty on his head." Her grip loosened greatly, Nico dropping several more inches. Inside her pocket, a transmitter had been activated. She needed to stall for another forty-five seconds.

"All I want, is for you to listen. I remember you," Nico revealed, "I remember you visiting me inside the prison." The grip tightened, allowing Nico's heart rate to slow slightly. "I was all alone in there, and even though we could never see each other, I knew you were there."

"How did you know it was me?" Alisson questioned, still not believing her.

"I didn't, really." Nico looked downwards, the plummet would take nearly an hour, if she missed all the lower levels... "But I felt you."

"Felt me?"

"I can't explain it. It was comforting. To know that someone on the otherside of the wall cared about me. I knew it was a woman, someone with a celestial destiny far greater than my own. I'm the messenger, I can show people the way." She saw it, a blue dot in the distance sailing towards her. Now just to distract the woman. "Someone gave me the security footage. He's an old friend of mine, has ears and eyes all over the galaxy."

Information kept the geers turning, and the eyes blinded to what was closing in. Vera continued, "I didn't recognize you on Nal Hutta, nor Denon. Only recently has it come to my attention. You were my angel, Alisson. You were the presence that kept from the madness ."

"I think I failed. You hurt people. You destroy magnificent achievements."

"Alisson, think what you are saying. I hurt the wealthy and those who believe they are entitled to govern our lives into nothing but poverty and war! What good is replacing an Empire with a government of lies and bureaucracy?" Just a few more seconds... "Alisson, I'm your friend, not your enemy. Together, we can accomplish great and unimaginable things. We can bring an end to corruption. You can be so much more than a family pet."

Nico breathed in deeply, "Good-bye Alisson. I can't be taken. When the time comes, I'll be counting on you to let me go." She released the air inside her lungs, all of it, then said, "Like now." In a delicate twist, Nico pulled out of Alisson's grasp and fell into the open Coruscanti air. Several seconds later, she hit and rolled onto the extended shuttle ramp. Tisar grabbed her, and hit the switch.

Moments later, the Khan jumped to hyperspace...

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 Post Posted: Wed, June 30th 2010 06:59am    Post subject:
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Alisson watched the Khan sprint into high atmosphere, until it was no longer visible. The conversation with Nico had changed her outlook. Before, she was weary about joining the woman's cause, but now, she was down right manipulative. Lucas and her family were not to be trifled with, and the next time they'd encounter each other, Alisson would put a blaster bolt between the woman's eyes, causing her cranium to explode and shower the ground with gore.

Picking up the ignition security key, she brought the red sports speeder to life, and launched towards the Jedi Temple...
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Clare Velez
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Wed, June 30th 2010 11:56pm    Post subject:
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Clare left for the ladies’ room to freshen herself up from her long journey. She felt sticky and sweaty from the adrenaline that had surged through her just a few hours ago. She ducked into the restrooms, walking through the dimly populated area as she searched for the ladies’ room. She made it to the door, pushing her weight on it to make it open, when a gentle sounding man spoke up.
“Excuse me, Miss?” he said, clean cut and well dressed. She didn’t feel anything wrong with him, but something nudged her to escape, but she ignored it, “Are you Clare Velez?”

“Yes,” she said boldly, feeling confident that nothing was going to happen to her, “Can I help you with something?”

“Actually,” he said, his fingers twitching into a wave, “You can help me.”

The man nodded beyond her, she turned in worry that she had made a grave mistake. Seeing the butt of a blaster smacking her on the forehead.

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Badim Soilding
Orrion Carn

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 Post Posted: Wed, June 30th 2010 11:58pm    Post subject:
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Badim waited and waited. Their transport wouldn’t arrive for another fifteen minutes, he wasn’t worried about that though. He was more curious as to why Clare was taking so long in the restroom, she’d been gone for ten minutes already. He rested, letting his mind wander, unconsciously to the thought he continually dreaded thinking of: Like governments, empires and fate, they were all bound to gravity, following a simple rule: What goes up, must come down.
Almost on cue, his comlink beeped, he didn’t even have time to answer before a man began to speak: “Soilding. Come alone to the far Eastern Docking Port.”
Before he could reply, the man had already disconnected the connection. He instantly jumped to his feet and looked at a map of the entire complex, quickly sprinting in the apparent direction the Eastern Docking Ports, fearing something had happened to Clare. He cursed his thought, something was going to happen, but he left his E-11 at the Leaper, feeling safe on Coruscant now. Instead he reached into his pocket and felt for his DL-44, kept hidden on his person incase something happened where he, in this exact situation, left his primary weapons behind. He touched the grip, feeling it there, he took his hand out to assist his body’s speed by cutting through the air in front of him.

Next portion written to: Not In Blood, But In Bond

He finally made it to the Docking Ports, devoid of life as it seemed. Covered in shadow with construction and remodeling equipment laced everywhere as The Union workers took their natural lunch breaks. He saw a landing pad with a shuttle ahead, Badim walking slower this time against the wall in an attempt to conceal himself. As he got closer, figures meshed and formed in front of it. He got closer, the lead man yelling out, “I see you, Soilding!” he said, kicking his feet hard as a datapad slid across the floor to him. Badim was exposed and left the datapad where it stopped as he left the shadows. Boldly and cautiously approaching the man.
“That’s far enough,” the man, in a crisp clean cut suit replied. Armed guards taking his side, aiming loosely to detour him from coming any further.

“What do you want?” Badim asked aloud, his fists curling as he waited.

“Recognize her?” the man said, waving two guards into the shuttle, then bringing out a bound Clare in front of him. Clare… No, not--

“You Frakking--!”

“No talking! Just watching,” he yelled in reply, cutting Badim off halfway into his cursing.

He snapped a finger, a guard tossing a blaster to the man, promptly pointing it to Clare’s back. “You killed the only one I had left in my life. The only one I had left to love and cherish. Now… I take one of yours.”

Badim only got one glimpse at Clare, dazed and confused. Only able to glance at him with a sad, hopeless face that donned her. Then a flash of red exploded, screams from Clare ensued, then a deathly silence falling over her as she fell to the ground. Dead and motionless.
Badim screamed in anger, rage, revenge… Sorrow and remorse quickly following in their wake as he charged forward with his DL-44 in hand as he fired pointlessly at the group as they took the man and the dead corpse of Clare into the shuttle. Not allowing him to take revenge on the man, or hold and remorse for his love.

Astella and his son, who he didn’t even know as yet, were gone. Vanished without any hope of return.
The guards turned as the shuttle began to depart, taking potshots at Badim, grazing him in multiple places. Even landing one directing on his shoulder as the explosive heat washed over his body, further blackening his clothes, and exposing and scorching his skin underneath. But Rage kept his going, killing all the guards except one.
He shot him in both legs and shot the blaster out of his hand. Then charged forward, grabbing the man’s neck. And throwing him off the edge despite his pleas to live.

He fell to his knees, crying and screaming at the top of his lungs in what was now pure remorse. He let the pain in his shoulder swell and boil. It didn’t hurt him, only his heart as he could literally hear it ripping out of him as he screamed it out. He didn’t realize that his comlink had activated on accident, and the crew were chiming in to figure out why he was screaming and what was happening. He took it out of his pocket and stared at it. Then stepped on it and kicked the broken remains off the edge of the landing pad. He looked over, watching the pieces fall, thinking how quick it would be for him to do the same.

He shook his head, quickly slapping his cheek to keep himself from suicide. He had new Convictions, to kill the man who killed Clare… Who killed his soul.

He stood, tears falling down his face as he panted, stopping at the datapad, seeing two names on the list: Jelahan Loren and Dorniekke. He screamed at Jelahan Loren, a relative to Boz Loren no doubt, who he had killed five years ago. He screamed and cried even louder when he read Dorniekke, his trusted friend had betrayed him. The two, and anyone who stood in his way were dead. More than dead, they were going to melt an infinite amount of times in Hell for all of time, and for millions of years beyond that.

He would return to the crew, and gather his things. No matter what questions they asked on what had happened, he would only repeat one line: No One Deserves To Die, Except For Those Who Do…

…And He Deserves To Die.

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"No One Deserves To Die, Except For Those Who Do."
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Thomas Heckler

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Captain Upari sat on stage, near the podium. He wasn’t really paying attention to the speaker. The speech was being delivered by a man he didn't even really know, but that did not stop this stranger from lauding him in praise. "There will always be choice, in this galaxy, between the good and evil," the man pronounced as he finished listing for Upari the reasons he would not only be a perfect addition to the New Republic as a citizen but also as a Captain. His dossier, the only true record of an Upari anywhere, would have said as much. That Upari had lived under the Empire, but he joined the rebellion when he was old enough to get away. "Our present situation will not drag us away from our more civilized way of life. A new future, with our place in it, will come from our good intentions. Now is not the time for more rhetoric, but bold action filled with noble confidence which Captain Upari has exemplified again and again," at the pronouncement of the word "bold", an obvious connotation for war, the crowd and Upari stood in ovation for the orator who now charmed the room. Upari could see the obvious hypocrisy, but old war heroes needed to vent their frustrations for impotent action in some way.

The peace between the Empire and the Republic was obviously tense, their ceasefire and union could not settle all their bickering, their obvious differences. Certainly, Zend reappearing has put everyone on the edge of their seat, the last time she was in the Galactic core she engaged in a brutal Second Civil War. Millions were dead, thousands of credits gone, lives abruptly torn apart. The cost of her war to restore a broken institution and her own ambition was immense. Then in a single day, all of it was over with her vanishing into the void of space. Now she has returned and old animosities, buried with her disappearance, have resurfaced. Not that Upari minded, he was unfortunately apathetic when it came to politics he only cared if he had the freedom to do what he desired most. The Republic reborn gave him that answer he long searched for.

He wanted to use his new rank with his new crew and a new ship. In the crowd, while he clearly realized a large portion were the graduating class of the New Republic Naval Academy on Coruscant, he only truly noticed those who he handpicked for his crew. A number of them in the room were destined to be on his new ship, but the others would not have a chance. Upari had a reputation for not just independent thinking, but also a picky choice of those who palled around with him. Almost, in the case of all of his choices, he was giving these fellow sailors a second chance...

...Upari awoke up from his vivid dreams about the other night. He awoke to the crowd of people stumbling through the spaceport rushing to their ships. A floating equipment skiff flew past him, the passing breeze side sweeping him. The Sullustan who was maneuvering it waved back, "Sorry sir!" He then gave him a formal salute. He could see that it was Dua Kujaan his Chief Navigator on the Elusive. "See you on the ship, sir!" Another sailor passed by, giving Upari another salute. He was a celebrated Captain. For these men this wasn't just about welcoming him. Rather they were thanking him. He gave each one a new chance to start over again on a new ship. Some would be from the ships he served on. Others had only just been reattached from tough reassignments where they were serving on the Republic's backwater worlds.

The Captain had spent the better part of a month handpicking men for his ship. Broadly, he had chosen based on how they could each add to his commission. Individually, how they could benefit his unorthodox approach. The few lucky he chose were his personal friends or acquaintances from his distant and rich past history before he went to the academy. It was still hard for him to acknowledge his true past instead he attempted to conceal it with his identity. He didn't want to talk about his past.

Keeping the secret for all this time had turned it into a burden, a lie. Only a few of his friends even knew. These were his close friends he would probably come to rely on for guidance. He had installed precisely these same friends in his officer corps on the ship. While they obviously kept secrets about him, he did the same and kept their secrets ever looming. He prided loyalty to the lie. It was important to his reputation and ambitions, but sadly he could feel the guilt over his rampant cronyism and its obvious side-effect, loneliness and despair. Before he got ready to board the shuttle that would take him to his ship he thought the verdict was still even out, for a few of them, on the threat they posed to the ship.

That is when Gial Tresbrac, his gruff and already seemingly drunk second-in-command showed up, "well, its not even half past galactic standard five yet and you are already drunk, aren’t you? I can tell. Typical.” Nearly lost on a Mon Calamari focusing his concentration on standing up straight to salute. He started to laugh, his chin bulge puffed in and out, he placed his slimy arm around Upari. “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do," Upari smiled. "Just remember to wake me when the situation gets bad enough," Tresbrac grumbling, taking deep breaths in between his words. "I'll be pretty desperate," this time he smiled. They both took seats near each other as the doors behind them closed. The shuttle would be taking off soon for the Elusive.

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