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Set Harth

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 Post Posted: Fri, June 04th 2010 10:11am    Post subject: Lur
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[This is a introductory post. The location of Set Harth's cloning tanks should be considered Set Harth's most valued secret.]


Set Harth opened his eyes, as he had done for thousands of years. Groggy, and slightly disoriented. The goggled furry faces that surrounded the low table he was looked at their arrays, then at him.

Set looked over to the other table, at his previous body. It's shrunken and wasted features told of the tremendous energies that consume his original body, when he transferred to the new. On a pedastal between the two tables, stood the Holocron.

Small furry hands began disconnecting the various restraining straps monitoring leads and tubes. The project lead cloner spoke:

[The transfer is complete. No genetic abnormalities have been detected, and the clone's original mind has been subsumed into your own. Another successful transfer.]

"As always, excellent work. Your great-grandfather would have been proud of the work you do."

The project leader preened with the compliment, the fur on his face changing colour to reflect his pleasure.

"Please dispose of the remains."

[Of course, master.]

Set did not trust many, and would still slaughter these Lurrians to preserve his secret if he needed to, but in the centuries of business with them, he still hasn't found a reason to. Their natural discretion and loyalty to their projects and of their customers ensured secrecy to not only him, but to a plethora of customers over thousands of years. Their remote location and lack of galactic interest in the sector the Lur system was in created a low profile on a friendly, but reclusive species.

In addition to payments, Harth also responded to the cloner's requests for assistance from time to time, driving off pirate bands or diverting galactic attention when needed. If worst came to worst, he had other cloners, and other genetic samples of his original body recessed away with his artifacts, but he never found a reason to slaughter the Lurrians, nor find others.

Harth had now transferred his spirit so many times that he knew when it went well, and when it did not. This was one of those times that it went well. He watched his 20 year old body stretch it's muscles, and find his balance. He stood, and began to collect his gear. First was his robes, then his belt, then the lightsaber, blaster pistols, an amulet of Sith design, and recessed the Holocron into a pocket in his clothing.

[We look forward to your next visit, in 15 years time.]

Set Harth smiled the smile of the young at heart, and strode out.

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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Outer Rim » Lur
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