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Dense Jungle, Togoria
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Mid Rim » Dense Jungle, Togoria
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 Post Posted: Wed, October 21st 2009 01:00am    Post subject: Dense Jungle, Togoria
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As something softly stirred in the underbrush below, the lone figure sat patiently in the sturdy branch of the tall Togorian Elm. Silently pulling back the string on his home-made bow, the figure took aim at the lumbering beast of burden that had pushed it’s way through the dew-covered leaves of the fern below. Closing his left eye, the figure silently and slowly released his breath and, quickly, released the string, sending the home-made arrow swiftly into it’s target.

Collapsing the bow and shoving it into a pouch on his belt, the figure dropped down from the tree with a cat-like grace and padded it’s way towards the fallen beast. Crouching low, the figure drew a large hunting knife from a sheath on his belt and began butchering the deceased animal until, suddenly, a beam of light shone right in his face. The figure recoiled, his eyes quickly adjusting to the light as he scowls and sends out of slight hiss of hostility towards the light source, “Tynan, why is that light on?”

The light dims, but does not extinguish completely. The light remaining enough to make out the features of the two figures in the night. The one with the knife, now rendered into a fallen seating position on his tailbone, was obviously older. The greying of his obsidian fur and the length of the lashes around his eyes indicated he was well beyond his youth, his orange eyes flicking all around, scanning the environment with every movement. The one holding the glowrod, however, was young. Four years old, though fifteen by human development standards, and obviously on one of his first hunts. The two shared the obsidian toned fur, though Tynan’s was lined with white on his stomach. “Sorry Dad,” Tynan pleaded softly, “I must’ve knocked it loose.”

The older figure shook his head, “unacceptable. If you were to have done that any earlier the beast would have run, and you would not be eating today.” A slight shrug, however, from the older figure and he returns to his crouched position, “help me cut up this animal. We will send some to Togorn and his family, since he has not been able to join us on this hunt.” A glean in the older man’s eye betrays to the younger man a secret pleasure in this fact, however this secret is not acknowledged as the older man continues, “the rest we will eat. What remains you will carry.”

“Aww dad…” the younger begins to complain, shifting on his paws uncomfortably, the dried leaves crackling beneath his claws as he extended and retracted them, a sign of nervousness that his father quickly detected.

The older man shook his head slightly and frowned, “no more complaints. You endangered yourself with the glowrod, and now you must suffer the penalty.” Hacking away a large slab of the animal’s flesh, and roughly peeling the fur away, the older man took a generous bite of the raw meat, much to the chagrin of the younger man.

“Dad, honestly…” Tynan recoiled slightly and shook his head, “don’t you even want to cook it?”

His father chuckled softly and shook his head, “I’m sorry son. Next time I will bring out your mother’s silverware and a full staff of butlers and attendants, shall I?” Gesturing with his knife, the older man points out a particularly healthy looking cut of meat, “try that bit there. Full of nutrients, and it’s close to the heart, so it’s warm. You can pretend it was cooked, if you really must.”
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Star Wars: Unity Forum Index » Mid Rim » Dense Jungle, Togoria
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