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Solo Enterprises - Headquarters
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Han Solo

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 Post Posted: Wed, January 26th 2011 06:04pm    Post subject:
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Kalin Lohden had an unhealthy habit of barging into his office unannounced several times per work day and with each grand entrance, Han found himself becoming increasingly volatile towards the young man. Where he once found it tolerable to deal with him day in and day out, he was now finding it difficult to muster the patience to even stare him in the face in order to address him directly. The kid had to learn to settle down and relax a bit, but judging from what he was currently rambling on about, it didn't look like he had plans of doing that anytime soon.

The kid apparently had enough guts to come out and say that he thought that Han had been wrong in his decision making - that selling the company would result in a major catastrophe that could destroy everything he had spent years working hard to build up. As far as Han was concerned, Lohden had overstepped his bounds. He hadn't been hired on to serve as his adviser in major business deals and he would be sure to let the kid know it. Issuing a sigh that was stemmed from annoyance at the whole situation, Han shifted in his chair and glowered at the young man under lowered brow.

He had been successful in his silent warning in that the young man noticeably flinched under his crucial gaze and he trailed off, but unfortunately, it didn't deter him for long. He pressed onward, diverting his eyes away from Han to avoid his glare and continued on about the Empire and how Solo Enterprises could aide the war effort by providing pilots, supplies and ships to combat the renewed threat.

Han had been very open over the years concerning his distaste for the Empire and he even had his own reservations over the current "Union" between the New Republic and the remnants of Pellaeon's old Empire. He had to admit that Lohden's plan sounded plausible and in any other circumstance, Han would have been all over the opportunity to knock back the Empire a few notches. The part that troubled him the most was the kid's suggestion that he stay behind and orchestrate the whole thing - to get involved one last time before riding off into the sunset. But to Han, the sun was already beginning to set and it was too late to do anything now if he intended to make his grand exit on time.

Crossing his hands before him on the desk, Han leaned forward and studied the younger man, his expression softening marginally. "I understand where you're coming from," he started carefully, keeping his voice restrained as not to betray anything to Lohden. "But the problem is, I don't need to track the Empire. I'm done with that sort of thing, kid. I've done my time and I ain't in this to put people's lives in danger - I did that enough while I was with the Navy. I need to move on."

He spread his hands, hoping the kid would understand, but when it became clear he would need to do more convincing, he sighed and spun his chair a bit to face the viewport overlooking the Courscant skyline. "Look, kid," he drawled, deliberately taking it slow so that Lohden would grasp the concept. "This will probably be hard for someone..." He trailed off with a shrug, still finding it difficult to openly acknowledge that he was growing older. "...your age to understand, but I've been fighting the Empire for over 40 years now and I've more than put in my time. I want to be able to step back and...enjoy what time I have left while I'm still well enough to enjoy it."

Turning back to face Lohden, he allowed himself a small smirk. "Besides, Daavad's more than capable. I'm sure if you raise the issue with him, he'll be able to work something out. You don't need me."

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Kalin Lohden

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 Post Posted: Fri, February 11th 2011 06:26am    Post subject:
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He could feel Lumiya pressing, cornering him. Solo's resistance could be fatal. Kalin shifted uncomfortably, perhaps to the Corellian, it looked as though he didn't believe what he was hearing. But deep down inside, he was terrified of not pulling this off. Months had been put into roping this bastard in, and he'd be damned if he didn't do this right. "Look, Han, I'm going to be frank. Davad probably could run this company a little better than you," He was expecting a roll of anger, but Kalin ignored the muted protest from the older man. "But no one can take down Zend as quickly as you can."

Kalin folded his arms, "I studied you, we all did in primary school. You saved the galaxy from Palpatine, and then again from the Remnant. You're the best. End of story." He picked up a family picture, "I'm not pushing you into anything, but I can tell you, that this kid." He was pointing at Jaina. "Your grandchildren will grow up in a place where everything you accomplished, was in vain." Kalin approached his desk, "Look I'm not asking that you go in blasters blazing. Leave that to kids like me. We need a commander, one that knows his chops, and can get the job done, a lot faster than any other guy."

Kalin retrieved the data pad from his pocket, "Think it over, Han. I think you're counting yourself out a little early in the game. You can sit at home, drinking your wife's Alderaanian tea blend, or you can restore unity. One of our shipping officers have reported some mysterious activity on Bakura. And, actually, one of our largest contracts in the sector is up for renewal."

He paused, sliding the data pad in front of the Corellian, it didn't matter if he looked it at now, but he would later. "The men are all behind you, sir. They won't be as motivated behind Davad. Davad's just in it for the profits, I reckon. Maybe not, but he's never seen the battlefield quite like you. The shipping captains, they'll rally. The Republic could use a sensor network like the one you have. Best fleet in the galaxy."

Kalin felt like his monologue might've dented Han's ambition to retire. "Are you the General of Endor? Or just a relic of Unification?"

Kalin slipped out the door, retrieving his coat from atop his desk, and exited the building. Han might've called or said something, but the darkness of the Lady pulling away from probing his mind, was incredibly distracting. The speeder ride was uneventful, as he pulled into a garage across the skyline. It was a lower garage, the owner smiled as he passed, and Kalin dipped his head. Entering a different speeder, and pulling a mask that looked much like a green twi'lek over his head, one used for theater, it disguised him enough for the average passerby. He accelerated from the building, pulling into the traffic lanes, and carefully made his way to the home of the Solos. There he'd wait, parked in the distance. He spent many nights like this... just watching.

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Han Solo

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 Post Posted: Fri, March 04th 2011 01:58am    Post subject:
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Han worked his jaw and remained silent as the kid strode from the room. It was nearing the end of the work day and he was no doubt heading home for the evening, but his words would not be so easily forgotten. If he looked beyond all the flattery and elitist nonsense, Han discovered that there was some semblance of truth. Something bad was on the horizon, that much was certain. He had never been one to believe in psychic powers or predictions of the future, but in this particular instance, it was hard to ignore the odd talk and strange behavior shared between his wife and Luke. They were rarely wrong when it came to these instances and Han would need to be prepared any way that he could. If that meant remaining with the company, well...

Releasing the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding, Han rounded the corner of his desk and sank back into the chair as he tried to forget Lohden's visit. His eyes traveled across the flimsi and other junk littered across the desktop until the glint of a datapad caught his attention. It was the same datapad that Lohden had dropped off and Han was half tempted to throw the device into the trash receptacle in spite of the kid's words, but he knew that wouldn't be possible. Lohden had mentioned something about an incident on Bakura and he surmised that the information concerning that very event was contained on the tiny device. It was work and there was no getting around it, especially if it meant a loss in credits.

Han reached out and grudgingly pulled the datapad towards him, but before he could flip it on, a shadow appeared in the doorway to his office.

"Uh, Mr. Solo?" came the small voice of his secretary, Sonya. She stood casually in the doorway, arms crossed firmly at her midsection. Han could tell from her posture that whatever she had to say, she wasn't going to back down easily. He hated it when she was in this kind of mood.

"Mmm?" he half grunted/muttered in response, not even bothering to look up at her as he fiddled with the controls for the datapad. If he appeared to be busy, maybe she would go away.

She huffed slightly, becoming irritated. "Look, sir, I need to talk to you. It's important. It concerns your...tenure here at the company."

Han inhaled sharply, clenching the datapad tighter within his grip as he struggled to control his temper. So, Lohden had managed to share his musings with Sonya. It wasn't surprising considering how closely the two worked together; what worried him was who else did the kid ramble his mouth off to?

Furrowing his brow, Han raised his eyes from the datapad and met Sonya's gaze grimly. "Yeah? What about it?" he asked coldly, shifting in the chair and adopting a more casual position.

His demeanor did very little to deter her and if anything, only fueled her fire. She stood more erect and met his gaze with an equal intensity. "Permission to speak freely," she said flatly, keeping her expression hard.

Han remained silent for a long moment, studying her, before he simply lifted a hand and waved at her lazily, allowing her to continue.

A hint of a smile lifted one corner of her mouth as she began. "Well, Solo, to put it bluntly, I think you're making a big mistake. You know, selling the company and moving on. Do you even realize who you're handing us off to?"

He simply raised his brow at her question and opted to remain silent.

"A dirty ex-Imp, that's who!" she sputtered, stepping closer to the edge of the desk. "I heard what Kalin told you - about what's going on in the galaxy. We all know peace won't last and when it shatters around us, do you really expect that two-faced bastard to side with the good guys? You'll be seeing Solo Enterprise vessels fighting alongside Star Destroyers and Interdictors, stomping innocent people and nuking planets and everything else in their path. He can't be trusted. He may be innocent now, but don't let him fool you. All Imps are the same - all it takes is a little time for them to show their true colors."

It had been something that had been nagging at the back of his mind since its inception. The only reason he could not admit it to himself dealt with other issues - issues that dealt with his youngest son. Pushing the datapad aside, Han sighed and started to rise from the chair. "What do you want me to do about it?" he asked simply, his voice taking on a more gentle tone.

This time, Sonya allowed herself to smile outright as she visibly relaxed. "You know what to do," she said evenly, pulling a piece of flimsi from her overcoat pocket and setting it on Han's desk. With another daring smile, she exited the office.

She was right - he did know what to do. The hard part was telling everyone else his decision and how he was going to explain it to Leia. Then again, he could always worry about that a few days later...or a few weeks...months...

Shaking his head, Han cleared that thought from his mind and took up a stylus from the unorganized mess that was his desk. With a quick gesture that looked nothing more than a scribble, he signed his name to the document Sonya had left for him.

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