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Shape (Modified GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat)
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Jonas Eisley

Joined: 02 Sep 2009
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 Post Posted: Fri, April 30th 2010 05:04pm    Post subject:
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Alisson spoke into the communicator, "Nevermind, Kyp. I think we have things under control. Alisson out." She pocketed it casually, overlooking the lizardman. Jonas felt a little bit of pity for the creature. According to Alisson, Nico had been excellent at brainwashing, and the emotional anger expelling from the half-cyborg, meant she had a good run with him as well. "Can we please get out of the open, it's cold out, and people are beginning to stare." A half-cyborg, a beat up trandoshan, and a man without a shirt, seemed an odd collection. They dragged him around the corner, and into much more private nook of the spaceport.

Alisson propped up the trando, dabbing his head with a piece of cloth retrieved from ripping off a piece of her own clothing. "You're all right now. Do you understand?" The creature looked into her eyes, but remained mute. "Vera Nico left you," she let that sit, but still, nothing stirred the creature. "She's very fond of those who help her, going to great lengths to rescue and save them. She must not think of you very highly, if she took off without you."

Alisson played an interesting game, and Jonas was shocked to see it working. "Vera Nico is legendary for a reason, and despite her manipulations," even though she was speaking directly to the trandoshan, Jonas felt as though she was saying it for all to hear, "she has morals. She doesn't kill innocents, and she doesn't leave them die."

Jonas laughed, "Yeah, right."

Alisson turned, as if expecting one of them to refute that, "She risked her life helping Selanno's wookiee friend, Malbacca, right? And Firi? Or did I misunderstand the details?" Jonas thought for a moment, recalling the events on Iego. She was right, Vera had saved them. "She's not just some crazy madwoman, looking to blow up random buildings. She's systematic. She listens to the people, and acts on it."

Jonas stood quietly for a moment, Lucas had spoken with prejudice against the woman, but Alisson had taken a more defensive stance. "Her trial on Kuat was legendary, a landmark case, had it been seen through to the end. She had saved a young girl from a vicious gang-style rape, and because Nico had slaughter three of the four nobles responsible... the fourth escaping, and demanding her execution, the entire judicial system had been placed on trial.

"She was tortured and tormented, all for saving a little girl's life from something that would've haunted and destroyed her from the inside out. Nico spent month after month in that cell, solitary confinement. And the night before the closing of the trial, she fled." The trando had taken interest in what was being said, in fact, they all were. It was a Kuati's experience, not what the rest of the galaxy drew conclusions of, "Core Worlds rejoiced over her. It wasn't very often that something put Kuat, a gem of the Galactic Empire, through a 'humbling' experience such as this. They offered her refuge, even publicly. She made friends and allies in powerful places, became an image for rights and justice."

Alisson paused, mending the trando's arm, "She made some dark choices after that, liking setting the House of Tarrg on fire." The noble home of a one of Corellia's favorite families. "Two months later, the remaining family members were hunted down and killed, all in brutal and disgusting ways. No one really knew why or who, but the speculation of a red V.N. symbol on each of the victims suggested only one name. She went from a powerful political poster image to enforcing her beliefs.

"The House of Tarrg, CorSec discovered, had been trafficking slaves throughout the Outer Rim. Most family members worked and were employed, fully knowing what was being done..." she continued, "You all know what took place after that, a wave of destruction, but rarely, had she taken the life of anyone, but an officer in uniform. She pressed that governments were dirty and wrong."

Jonas spoke up, "Then why do people love her? If she did all this crazy shit?"

"Because she was doing something. She was fighting against the rich, the political powerhouses. She was ending humanoid trafficking, sex lords, drug markets, and crippling some of the Hutt factions. Some contribute the Peace to Nico. It kept their minds off war and each other. A unified effort began to bring her down." Alisson turned the story into a much more personal one, "Now, what had you done? Nico would not have left you, had you been innocent. What did she promise you?"

The trandoshan spoke, his tongue slipping in and out like a snake on Iego, "Redddemptionnn."

Jonas was floored by this concept. "How can she offer you redemption?"

The lizard tightened up, and did not speak for the duration of the meeting. Alisson ultimately gave up, "You said she was heading to Denon? Then we we are heading there, as well." In an attempt to ease the relations, Alisson took a credit chip from her pocket, loaded with 100cr. "Thank you for your time, maybe a few drinks on us. We need to go now. I suggest you market him in the Core, or to the Republic. You'll get your top dollar there. Do you have a name, by the way?"
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Sat, May 01st 2010 04:54am    Post subject:
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”The name’s Morgan ZIM.” He replied, taking a chance that he could trust them. At the very least, he doubted he could expect them to try to pull anything on him the way Nico had. ”But if you think there’s a genuine chance you can catch her on Denon, I’d like to tag along, if you don’t mind.”
”Wait, you’re just going to leave the Shape here?”
”I’ve got a feeling that ship isn’t flying anywhere right now.” he said, half answering ZIM, and half trying to give the two other people a reason to go along with his request.

”I’ll contact that guy Norr’ usually takes it over too, he can take care of it. In the meantime, I’m not inclined to sit around and just feed and water this slime bag for however long that takes, Denon handles that problem. And if you think you have a genuine shot at catching Nico, I want in.

he said, pointing at Jonas. ”I think you’re on the right track. You, he said, pointing at Alisson this time. ”I think you’re giving her far too much credit. Buying into whatever positive spin she’s no doubt help spreading around. I’m pretty )@^& sure she just brought that transport you were on, for what? To cover her escape? Right after trying to kill me for nothing more than refusing to help her? After I even offered her an opportunity to walk and forget I’d ever seen her.”
”Woah, pull back. Too much information.”

Morgan stopped as he realized what ZIM was pointing out to him, and tried to fix his train of thought.

”Don’t ask.” he said, hoping to dissuade any questions his last sentence may have brought up in their minds. ”Anyway, I could go on like this for a while, but whatever. Point is, whatever method there may be to her madness, it’s still bat-sith madness, and if you think going to Denon will give you a shot at her, I want a piece of it. Give me a moment to see what gear I’ve got left, and I’ll be more than ready to help you kick her sorry excuse for an @$$.”
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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 Post Posted: Sat, May 01st 2010 02:33pm    Post subject:
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Alisson thought for a moment, but it wasn't her decision to make. Her communication device chirped and Durron's voice emerged, "Allison. We've got a big problem back here at the Hutt's joint. Seems our friends have gone and got themselves locked up. I'd prefer to not storm a Hutt's palace alone. Cutting down those fat sacks of poodoo is tough work."

"Understood, we will be there within the hour. Alisson out." She turned to Morgan ZIM, "I do not mind if you travel with us, but you require permission from our captain. Who, unfortunately, is currently in the captivity of Drekka the Hutt. I ask that you make arrangements for our friend here, if you want, I can pay you enough to get your ship repaired. It's less than what you'll get from the Republic, but consider it a quick-sale. Not to mention all the questions and interrogations they might put you through."

It didn't matter to her, but she was eager to get underway. "Jonas, I regret that we will not have much time with your parents. I will pay for the last shuttle of the hour, so please hurry." Jonas nodded, "You might want a shirt, beforehand."

The boy laughed, before thanking her and departing. "Morgan, the inner politics of the Hutts, are not usually one wishes to tamper or interfere with. I will not be asking you to join us on this cause. I have sent word to both Kuat and Coruscant, our friends will be freed, whether we succeed or not. I ask that you keep our trandoshan well protected. If we are able to bring our shipmates freedom, I will persuade Tseneca to bring you aboard and take you to Denon."

Tag: Kyp

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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Sun, May 02nd 2010 01:47am    Post subject:
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”Works for me.” Morgan said. ”I doubt I’ll be going very far in however much time it’ll take you to get you friends free. If by some chance I’ve moved that quickly, look up the name Drekk. Duros, he’s a mechanic with a shop on-planet. Till then…” He heaved the Trandoshan back to his feet, and gave the two a kind of parting, casual half-salute. ”Come on, slimeball. Oh, wait…”

He stopped himself as he came to another realization.

”Hey, I think I missed your names the first time around, Ms…”
”It’s Alisson.” ZIM told him, having been in a better mindset than the human half at the time. ”She didn’t give a last name, the other guy’s named Jonas.”
”Oh. Ok, wait, never mind then, I got it.” Morgan said in a self-correction, then began to march his new prisoner back to the Shape. Hopefully, at least one of the prisoner cages would still be functional, or at least not so badly damaged to get them back up to reasonable condition without too much work.

”So why are we cutting our profits on this?”
”Because it means as soon as they have a way to transport him, I can let him off my hands. Even less time that I have to worry about him.”
”Is it that much trouble?”
”Probably not, but the less I have to worry about him, the more time I have to make sure I’m ready to take down Nico.”

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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Jonas Eisley

Joined: 02 Sep 2009
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 Post Posted: Mon, May 03rd 2010 04:35pm    Post subject:
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Jonas had only taken a few steps, when Alisson called out to him. "Jonas! They're under attack!" Jonas stopped dead in his tracks. Ahead, laid the piece of shit family he had deserted over a decade ago. On the other hand, his friends and new family were in danger. It didn't require any thought at all, he turned around and bolted to Alisson's position. "What's going on?" He asked, curious as to how she knew.

"Tseneca sent a signal, we need to get there... now." A new fire had lit in her eyes, exchanging shuttle tickets for one that was already boarding. Together, they ran across the hangar deck, slipping in and out of the chaos the downed shuttle had caused. If it had been another planet, maybe the entire spaceport would have closed. But it was Nar Shadda, and these types of things happened much more frequently than one would like to think about...
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Morgan ZIM
Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Fri, May 07th 2010 04:19am    Post subject:
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(Continued from Here.)

It had taken longer than Morgan had expected for Alisson and Jonas to return. It was getting to the point where he was starting to wonder if they hadn’t gotten themselves killed. Or considering who they were going after, run into something worse.

”You aren’t worried about them, are you?”
”Hardly. I’m sure they know all about the Hutts, and it’s no skin off my back if they’re dead.”

He didn’t bother asking the question in return. He already knew the droid couldn’t possibly give a womp rat’s behind about them.

But with his armor already cleaned up and back to it’s proper setup, his things prepped to leave, and things arranged for the ship to get moved to Drekk’s placed while he was gone, he had run out of things do in preparation for the trip to Denon. Since he didn’t want to not be easy to find if they showed up soon, that left him with limited options.

Fortunately, some of them were really good ones, such as preliminary repair work on the Shape’s interior. At the very least, get it back up to where it wouldn’t be a hazard just to fly, and it would hopefully reduce the total cost of Drekk’s repair job. He couldn’t be charged for things that weren’t broken anymore.

Currently, his task was getting communications back up and running.

”Alright, you see it now?”
“Statement: Affirmative.”
”Ok, then plug it in and we’ll boot it up.”

Pulling himself out from under one of the Shape’s stations, Morgan took a seat in the co-pilots and allowed himself a moment for the droid, whichever one of the two it was, to complete it’s task.

“Statement: Task complete.”

Bringing the system online and bracing for the worst, he breathed a small sigh of relief when it appeared to be functioning as normal. Well, as normal as could be expected given its wreckage and initial repair job. He was also surprised to discover he had a message waiting for him.

”Well, well. What do we have here?”

It appeared to be from Allison, confirming she wasn’t dead. The rest of it, however, was less appealing. They had left him behind in their continuing search for Nico, with not a single mention of his prisoner to be seen.

”Well that’s not very nice of them.”

The hunter leaned back in his seat and gave the armrest a light smack. He couldn’t blame the woman or be angry at her for him being left behind. She had said she would ask about it, so clearly whomever she was running with had declined the request. For that, he was just upset that they had a clear shot at the woman and he would have to miss out.

”You see the problem here then, too?”
”Oh, yes.”

What he could be upset with Allison about was the little issue concerning his prisoner. He had agreed to the trade off on the assumption that he would only be holding on to the Trandoshan long enough for her to rescue her friends, get a ship, and that he’d be picked up as soon as possible. But no, instead she’d gone chasing after the real prize and left him babysitting the side order. That just wouldn’t do.

”You going to write a nasty reply?”

As much as he would have liked to, his better senses prevailed. He would reply, of course, he’d just be civil about it.

And maybe take a little bit of his anger out on the Trandoshan later.

Allowing his head to clear, he leaned back in the chair and stuck his feet up on the panel to clear his head and as to avoid making things worse with his response. Once he felt safe that he wouldn’t go off and make a fool of himself, he made up a quick response and sent it off.

It was a simple message to the point, laying out the situation and how he was going to handle it. He would be on Nar Shadda for a few days yet while his means of transportation was repaired, he’d be fine to hold onto the Trandoshan till then. However, he wasn’t about to just sit around and wait for her to pick him up. If his ship was ready to fly, and he was left holding an extra body, he’d take care of it himself. Fly off for the core, collect the real bounty himself, and then refund her the initial trade-off bounty.

It was also one of the nicer and more civil-sounding messages he could remember writing. Perhaps overly so, like it contained a secret, unspoken 'thanks a lot, jerks' message for anyone who looked deep enough and was willing to take it for more than it's face value.

He didn’t say it in his message, but if he happened to see Nico between now and then, he probably wouldn’t bother to wait and tell them about it before taking a shot at her himself. Sure, he wouldn’t keep a secret or anything, but if they didn’t see a need to include him in the picture, he saw no reason to run things any differently going the other way.

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)

Tag: Alex
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Morgan ZIM
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 Post Posted: Sun, June 13th 2010 05:09pm    Post subject:
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(Continued from Here.)

“Where’s your arm?”

Morgan looked at the hole in his shoulder where there was usually a limb sticking out.

”It was torn out by a wookie, remember?”
“Not that. Norrteth thought you had fixed it. You were certain you had succeeded much sooner than expected.”
”Oh, that.” Morgan said as he sat in the co-pilots seat. ”Nah, I was wrong on that. Still having some trouble with the connection system. Going to have to rebuild a part or two, and that’s going to take me a bit of time yet. Fortunately, I think I should still be able to finish before we reach Denon.”

The ship started up, and Morgan kept a close eye on his half of the ship as they went through the more thorough version of the launch sequence.

“You have paid them, correct?”
”What kind of question is that?”
“Just making sure.”
”Hey, forgetting something like that would be far more trouble than it would be worth. You’d hear from them and then I’d never hear the end of it from you, and…”
“No, that’s alright. Norrteth was just asking.”
”But usually, when someone asks a question like that, it implies something more.”

Morgan looked to the Gand before he realized what the question was about.

”Oh, no, that was to ZIM.”

After making sure they were clear to lift off, Norrteth flew the ship out of the hanger and out towards their hyperspace exit point. For Morgan, that was a sign he was clear to go work on his arm some more, and so he got up out of his chair and began to make his way towards the back of the ship.

“One moment.”
”Yeah?” he said, turning around.
“You didn’t recognize any of the people that attacked you, did you?”
”Nope. Never seen a one of them in my life. At least, not any part of my life I can remember.”
“Very well. Norrteth has been trying to figure out what their attack might have been about, but thus far there’s been nothing.”
”I don’t have a clue. The lead guy may have mentioned something about being worth more alive, but I got nothing…”
“That right there it important.”
”Yeah, but I did a quick scan to see if there were any new bounties listed anywhere, and I didn’t find either of us anywhere.”

”But you have an idea who might be responsible, don’t you?”
”Darn right I do. It’s got to be Nico.”

“It’s probably a private bounty then, at least for now. You and Zu’fa will have to keep up our guards, though. No doubt they’ll strike again, and when they do, we’ll have to try to find out what they want.”

”No arguments there. I’m rather particular towards only having people attack me after I’ve started doing the same to them first.”

The Shape is headed for the Inner Rim

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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Morgan ZIM
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 Post Posted: Mon, June 14th 2010 04:25pm    Post subject:
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(Continued from Here.)

”Yo, Norr’! I got somethin’ big!” Morgan shouted as he entered the Shape.
“You were attacked again?” He heard the bug reply from the cockpit.
”No? What about me?”
“You know something about the attackers?”

Morgan stopped to consider just what Norrteth might be getting at. He looked to see if he could read anything on his partners face, but the insectoid nature of it made it incredibly difficult to read on just the surface.

”I walk in telling you I have something big, and you start asking specifics. Would I be correct to assume that you have something big too?”
“You would. Norrteth received a message about a job while you were away.”

Pressing a button, the image of some Imperial Moff-looking woman appeared in a hologram and her message began to replay. Morgan began to watch it, but the initial information didn’t provide him anything that indicated it was ‘big’.

”So that’s what, the second big bank hit with a disaster this month? Week?”
“Just listen to the end.”

He listened a little further, but still not much about it appealed to him any more than what he already had to work with.

”So it’s a job on a highly dangerous world to find a single individual, while probably competing against several other hunters no doubt with at least as much game as us? I’m not getting a ‘dead or alive’ vibe on this…”
”…you will be rewarded with the handsome sum of 3.2 million Galactic Union credits.”

Morgan stopped when he heard the line about payment.

”Did she say million

Norrteth pressed a couple buttons, and the message played again.

“If you are successful in your hunt, and Ms. Terex is returned to High Port, alive, you will be rewarded with the handsome sum of 3.2 million Galactic Union credits.”

”Play that again.”

Once more, the bug pressed the rewind and play controls.

“If you are successful in your hunt, and Ms. Terex is returned to High Port, alive, you will be rewarded with the handsome sum of 3.2 million Galactic Union credits.”

Morgan gave out a long, low whistle as he considered just how much was being offered.

”That’s a lot of credits.”
”That is a lot of credits.”
“So what were you saying about having something big?”

”You know, it is going to take some time to prepare everything we know about the virus to make it suitable for presentation about a potential purchase.”
”True. And we don’t have to talk with anyone about it in person.”
”So we could go to Korriban to get rich while doing our small part to try to undercut Nico’s efforts.”
”I see no reason why we couldn’t.

”I’m sure it’s nothing that can’t wait for us to get back from Korriban.” Morgan said when he replied to Norrteth’s question. ”How soon do we leave?”
“The ship has already been prepared for launch. Any supplies needed can be picked up on the way there.”

The Shape is headed for the Outer Rim

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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Morgan ZIM
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 Post Posted: Wed, July 21st 2010 02:47pm    Post subject:
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Reserved for events following conclusion of plot on Korriban

Events preceding this post
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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Morgan ZIM
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 Post Posted: Thu, July 22nd 2010 02:33am    Post subject:
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”That was a particularly odd bounty collection.” Morgan said as he entered the ships bridge and took his seat.
“Payment was received though, was it not? Despite not even doing the job as originally stated.”
”Which is why I’m commenting on it rather than complaining about it.”
”You should be doing better than that. Payment for not doing the job right? That’s a no questions asked deal right there.”

The ship already prepped for launch, Norrteth was quick to lift off the planet’s surface and take them towards their next destination.

”So where to?”
“A quick stop on Ord Mantell, after which the destination will be Carratos. You restored the shields to full capacity, correct?”
”Yeah, why? Are we going after someone else already?”
”Carratos isn’t exactly known for being a friendly planet.”

“A friend called in a small favor, asking that Norrteth pick up an item on Mantell and deliver it to him on Carratos. While it is hoped that combat will not be necessary, the atmosphere there may require that this ship fight it’s way to the surface.”
”I’ll keep the guns warm.”

The Shape is headed for the Inner Rim

Tag: Moff
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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Morgan ZIM
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 Post Posted: Sun, July 25th 2010 05:18am    Post subject:
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From almost the moment the Shape entered the O'pahz system, trouble sought out the people inside. They had hardly been in the system a minute when it decided the Blastboat would be a good ship to pick a fight with.

”We’re being hailed.” Morgan commented as the control panel lit up.
”They didn’t know we were coming, did they?”

After giving Morgan signal indicating he wanted the cyborg to remain quiet, Norrteth opened the comm line and allowed whatever ship out there was looking to talking to them the opportunity to do so.

”Unidentified vessel, you will fly to the coordinates being sent to you and prepare to be boarded. Do not resist, or we will treat you as hostile and respond accordingly!”
“On what authority?” Norrteth responded.
”Excuse me?” the voice on the other end said, a tad surprised at the question.
“On what authority is this ship to be boarded? Who are you?”

Norrteth and Morgan gave each other a glance as they waited for the response.

”I take it they aren’t used to getting talked back to.”

”My men are boarding you on the authority of my boss, Denth Freyh! And right now, I am in a bad mood! So just for your smart attitude, you can expect…”

Norrteth closed the comm line, cutting off the man on the other end.

”Aw, and I was enjoying listening to that.”
”I’ll go arm the turret.” Morgan said as he got out of his seat. Heading out of the cockpit, he climbed up the ladder to the gunner seat.

Already warm in expectation of such a situation, it didn’t take long for Morgan to be ready for battle. Hooking up his data link to a special setup he had installed personally, he soon had a connection to the ships sensor system as well, which would give him a better heads up on what he needed to destroy.

”You’d think the New Republic would have cleaned up this system somewhere along the line. You know, with the peace they’ve had going on and all.”
”We are in New Republic space, aren’t we?” He asked himself, wondering whether he might have had his facts wrong.
”I think we are.” ZIM responded, not being much help with his answer.

”Worry about that another time.” Norrteth said over the internal communication system. ”We have incoming.”
”I see ‘em.”

The sensors indicated there were a total of five ships coming their way. Leading the charge were a flight group of uglies. From the looks of things, each of them was made from a Y-Wing that had had its traditional engines chopped off and replaced with the wings, engines, and primary weapons off an X-Wing.

Behind the hodgepodge craft was a heavily modified Xeta, armed to the teeth with all matter of external weapons emplacements – mostly missile pods - and probably had more than a few that weren’t as visible.

”Shields going front focus.” the gand announced.
”Got new signals. Look like they’ve opened fire.” Morgan said, though Norr probably had already seen the information suggesting the…X-Ys? YeX-Wings? YiX-Wings?

”X-Wyngs? ZIM suggested, though it took the cyborg a moment to catch the slight difference in the pronunciation.

Whatever they could be called, they had unleashed a wave of proton torpedoes that were approaching fast.

”I think they may be going for the kill, Norr.” He said, resisting the urge to open fire on the projectiles he couldn’t yet see with his own eyes.
”Hold fire…”

The torpedoes quickly closed the gap, and Morgan watched as the meters between them and fiery explosive doom slipped away.

”Weapons free!” Norrteth declared as the Shape took a sharp corkscrew turn at the last moment. The ship shook as one hit home, but it was not enough on its own to get through the Blastboats’ shielding. The rest flew to where their target should have been, one close enough that Morgan could watch it as it passed too close to his gunner seat for comfort. The maneuver had done its trick, and left the vast majority of the torpedoes lost as they tried to calculate where their target had gone. As long as Norr didn’t fly in a straight path, they would be unlikely to find it again.

That still left the fighters ahead of them, which were now close enough that they were unleashing their laser cannons, a move that Morgan answered by pulling the triggers on his own weapon. While Morgan’s cannon scored a couple good hits, it was not enough to take out the uglies, though the uglies themselves made even less an impact, most of their shots going long as the ships closed within spitting distance of one another.

As the fighter squad passed, the cyborg caught sight of one of the ships taking a rather drastic change in its flight path, one that appeared to echo the moves of the Shape, causing it to nearly collide with one of its allies. While the two avoided being destroyed, he noticed that one of them had taken damage from the move, and opened fire on it, hitting it on the starboard engines, causing them to light up with an unhealthy glow. Several uncontrolled barrel rolls later, the ship’s back end exploded, sending the damaged cockpit flying through summersaults into the cold abyss of space.

”Nice move!” Morgan said, suspecting Morgan had pulled something with their tractor beam.
”Thank you.” Norrteth replied. ”Though it is doubtful that will be tried again. Norrteth suspects it may have put undue stress on the beam system.”
”If it works that well, I will make it take that kind of stress.” Morgan replied as he turned his aim to the first of the uglies to come around and start chasing them. ”What about that Xeta?”
”Norrteth will worry about the shuttle.” Said the gand intently. “You worry about those fighters.”
”Will do.” he responded as he drove his target temporarily along a different flight path and aimed at fighter number 3.
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The Shape went ‘upside down’, giving Morgan a clear view of the other half of the collision pair. Opening fire, he was surprised to see the ship continue to fly along an easy targeting trajectory, right up until it launched another pair of proton torpedoes and quickly changed course. The pirates hopes that his shields would hold however, failed as the ship was penetrated through the cockpit. The ship lit up, flew off uncontrolled along its last flight path, and the Shapes computer marked it as neutralized.

”Scratch two.” Morgan reported. ”With two more incoming fast.”
”Make that six.”

Morgan took a look at the console to see that four concussion missiles were inbound from the opposite direction, launched from the attack Xeta.

”That man lied.” ZIM said. ”He can not possibly just be in a bad mood.”
”Yeah, how badly can they possibly want us dead? And over a dropped call?”

When the missiles got dangerously close, Norrteth brought the ship around headed back towards the rebel hybrids, dodging heavy weapons fire from the Xeta and the fighter that Morgan wasn’t currently keeping off their backs with return fire. While it threw the missiles off for the moment, the missiles would not be so easily dismissed. Unlike the torpedoes, which were designed more for hitting capital ships, the concussion missiles were intended for hitting faster, more maneuverable targets. And Skipray Blastboats were not an exception.

Targeting the fighters, Norrteth let loose a concussion missile of his own at one of the remaining two, then headed after the other one, which was now effectively in retreat, flying away from the Shape rather than trying to hit it. Before Morgan could get a good shot off on the vessel, however, the still dangerous projectiles caused the gand to change his flight path yet again.

Flying towards the neutralized but still mostly together X/Y hybrid, the ship flew dangerously close to the wreckage, but it got two of the missiles off their tail as they were unable to judge that they were about to hit the wrong target.

With the Xeta closer to where the fight had mostly been taking place, the gand once again made the planet the focus of his viewport, flying through a number of maneuvers that were designed to both keep the remaining craft from getting a good lock and warding off the remaining missiles, though it made it difficult for Morgan to get a good opportunity to return fire in the process.

”Count four more.” Norrteth said, giving Morgan an additional heads up that the Xeta had launched another quartet of concussion missiles, though the cyborg hardly needed it. He could see the shuttle shooting at him from behind as he tried to get it off their back, the new missiles included.

”How long you plan to keep this up?”
”Give Norrteth a minute.”

Continuing to fire at what he could, Morgan finally got off enough shots to get through another one of the rebel hybrid fighters, damaging it’s engine and sending it flying away from the fight. It may not have been destroyed, but it was good enough for him.


His report was interrupted as one of the missiles finally found its mark, shaking the ship up again.

”Almost there.”

Morgan turned to look around and see if he could get an idea what the pilot had in mind. Nearby, he noticed what appeared to be a pair of old GR model transports with their bottom ends wielded together. More importantly, the ship looked to be the latest victim of one of the pirates ‘inspections’.

”Is there anyone in this frakking system that doesn’t get boarded by pirates?”
”Yeah, who in their right mind would even visit this stupid planet anymore? It’s like asking to pick a fight with criminals?”
”Excuse this one?” Norrteth responded.
”Well, you’re out of your mind enough for two, so the gand gets a pass.”
”What he said. I…”

Again, Morgan was interrupted by another one of the missiles striking their back end. Fortunately, the current back-end focus of the shields allowed the heavier armed transport to take it, at least for now.

”You do have a plan, right?”

Norrteth didn’t answer, but instead continued to fly towards the two ships, which ended up getting new weapons fire trained on them, though it was mostly light and poorly aimed. Once he got in close, the gand flew the ship around the two other vehicles, doing a circular loop till he had gone a full 360 degrees around from the back end of the double GR to the other.

The missiles and torpedoes were neither as maneuverable nor as clever to pull off such a stunt, and with the two ships docked, their ability to defend against such weapons was minimal, allowing all of them to strike various points along both the pirate ship and the ship being boarded. With that much destructive capacity, both started to go up in flames.

”Woah, they can not be happy about that.”

Indeed, it seemed that from the way the Xeta and the fighter pulled off the pursuit, it seemed that the two hunters had made themselves more trouble than they were worth, at least for now.

”Don’t start celebrating yet. There’s still the return trip.”
”Yeah, but for now, I’ll settle for what we have.”

”Gotta be glad we weren’t on either of those ships, though. Never knew what hit ‘em.”
”Too bad. Their loss. Probably deserve it, anyway. Teach ‘em to visit a sithy planet like this.”
”And what about us?”
”I didn’t say we wouldn’t deserve it. Good thing we’re too good to fall victim to something like that, right?”

Without any of the angry pirates chasing after them, the rest of the trip down went rather smoothly, with a cover of clouds and the planet side traffic helping to keep them from being singled out for any more boarding attempts.

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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Clare shifted, her eyes groggily opening to try and observe her metal environment, and her body shook from the all too familiar numbness of a stun bolt came over her fingers and toes. She flexed her appendages to try and wake them up, then the adrenaline from the encounter with Morgan jolted back into her system. She her feet off the—bunk? She and Jevan were in the crew cabins of a ship. It was small, but she could recognize it as such. She looked over to a bunk adjacent from hers, Jevan lazily placed in it and an arm hanging off the bed. She stepped off the bed frame and felt the cold, numb feeling flare in her toes and making her instinctively curl them within her shoes. She checked the room, seeing if she could find a blaster of sorts. Blast, she let off in her head, not a blaster in sight. She felt her sore left leg as it flared slightly in pain.
Clare tried to wake Jevan up, but he was out cold from the stun rounds they had both taken. She moved to the door, holding her breath and pressing her ear against it as she listened for any sounds beyond it.

Clare heard a few murmured voices from somewhere in the ship and silently creaked the door opened to the cabins, peeking out of the corridor as she searched for signs of life. She heard the voices again from the aft section of the ship, she assumed. Or maybe not even a ship at all. She shook her head. Morgan had mentioned he had a ship after their battle in the cantina, so this must have been what he was talking about. Clare wondered if he was after the bounty on their heads. A hundred thousand credits could make anyone water with greed.
She took her shoes off and tossed them silently back to the bunk she had been sleeping on. She’d make less noise barefoot than with sneakers on. Clare checked the hall once more then silently went towards the voices as they grew louder and louder, leading her to a closed door. It’d be suicide to try and burst in there if Morgan still had the intent on cashing in on her and Jevan, and opted to check the cockpit. If anything she’d be able to lock them in there and gas it somehow.

This wasn’t entirely her style, making up a plan as she went along. She would always plan possible attacks and exit points to avoid another incident with Fabr’s Fortress. But this was one of the few situations that called for an improvised plan of action.

Clare entered the cockpit silently, the door surprisingly wide open and giving her access to the controls. She stepped into the pilots seat and began to search for a way to defeat Morgan and whoever he was talking to in the aft section.

”Sorry about the face.” Morgan said behind her, being just as stealthy as she was trying to be. She whirled around and out of the pilots seat and tried to hit Morgan squarely on the fleshy side of his face.
She missed when he pulled back with almost robotic speed.
“Woah!“ He said, half-kicked her back against the chair, the whiplash coming over her and her hair wrapping around her face kept her from retaliating just yet.
”I said sorry!”

"Yes, I got that," he said, though it didn’t seem like it was related to what was going on, as he popped the blaster on his wrist towards her, then "Look, I understand you wanting to hit me. But this whole thing was a huge misunderstanding, so if you could restrain yourself until there's been a chance to explain?”

“Then explain fast, Morgan.” Clare hissed.
”You ever heard of Clawdites?” he said, slightly lowering his aim on the blaster.
“Vaguely. What’s that got to do with this?” Clare replied as she continued to struggle against Morgan’s hold.
”Do you know what Clawdites are known for?” Morgan asked as he cocked his head slightly, waiting for her to retort.

“That they’re good at being bounty hunters because they can…” she came to the revelation. Her rash ridden hands had been acting up after she made contact with the falling man in the street. The strange feeling. Had she been…doppelganged?
”Exactly” Morgan said as he removed his aim from her chest.
Clare’s head dropped, trying to make sense of it all, “So…What-how—Ugh.” she uttered, she couldn’t comprehend having another Clare running around. She felt the side of her cheek, still sore from the hit she had taken and was purple in spots.
”Again, sorry about hitting you in the face.”

The mood lightened as Clare flashed an embarrassed grin, Morgan must have been too with how he was apologizing, “You ever hear it’s not nice to hit a girl?” she teased.

“Every rule has it’s exceptions,” he replied, ”Anyways, we’ve got the Clawdite caged up in the back, if you want to hit him instead.”

“Sounds like a plan, but I need to grab Jevan and get on my way.” Clare finished as she began to make her way back to the cabins.

(Consented and approved by all participants)

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(This and the above continues from here.)

”Again, it’s her loss.”
”Well, if you’d rather go it alone, that’s up to you.” Morgan said as he followed her out of the cockpit. ”Though I’m not sure you’re doing such a good job at the ‘not getting killed’ thing seeing how I didn’t have that hard a time beating you two up.”

He considered the way the words came out of his mouth, the realized it would be on the safe side to make sure it wasn’t meant as a derogatory statement.

”Again, sorry about that.”
"Don't worry about it. You thought it was me, and came to deal with me.” Clare replied. “I'm just glad you used the stun setting. But I really need to get back to find...Anesho Soilding."

”Solding? Been a while since you heard that name.”
”Not…exactly. Other than news wise, yeah, but it’s not like he’s entirely off the radar.”

”Anesho, huh?” Morgan said as they entered the sleeping quarters. Given the size of the ship, the two of them plus Jevan was starting to make things just a tad crowded. ”He wouldn’t be related to Badim Soilding at all, would he?”

Speaking of Jevan, Morgan noticed that the man was half-way conscious again, and took an opportunity to give a half-felt wave ‘hi’.

”Hey. Sorry about the gut.”
”You’re not going to keep this apologizing thing up till they leave, are you?”
”No. But you do realize that I haven’t actually apologized to him yet, right?”

"Uh..." Jevan said shakily, still recovering and trying to figure out just what had happened since he had been stunned.
"It's okay, it was a misunderstanding," Clare said, then directed her attention back to Morgan, "And yes, in a way. What do you know about Badim?"
”Eh, we have a small history together. Did some jobs together here and there back before I hooked up with this rig. Haven’t seen or heard much of him since then, though. Why, how do you know him?”

”Maybe he killed someone she knew and is looking for revenge.”
”Yeah, I’m sure that would turn out well.”

"Met him once or twice with Anesho.” She said. “A firefight here and there. He's capable. Thought maybe if I found him, he'd lead me back to Anesho, who I've been having trouble find recently."
”Huh. Seems to me that you’d be better off if you just kept up your search for Anesho himself. But whatever.”

He went outside the door but was stopped short by ZIM.

”I wonder if the Clawdite has a ship.”
”Ooo. I like that thinking.” Morgan replied before popping his head back into the sleeping quarters. ”Hey, wanna see if the Clawdite has a ship you can steal from him?”
"That'd actually be great.” Clare replied. “We're out of credits anyways, so traveling publicly is something we can't do, and stupid."
”Then let’s go talk to the Clawdite!” Morgan exclaimed as Clare motioned to Jevan to follow behind.

The three moved the relatively short distance to the Shapes misc. work area, which in addition to holding the prisoner cages was the site of Morgan’s work zone that was the resting sight of most of Morgan’s tools and assorted spare parts. As usual, it was not the cleanest area of the ship. He had been forced to back up the prisoner cages with more ‘traditional’ reinforced doors in order to get Norrteth off his back about it.

In the center of the room at the moment, however, was the clawdite, sitting on a chair with binders on. Norrteth sat nearby, weapon in hand and not taking his eyes off their prisoner.

“Hello.” Norrteth said as they entered.
“’Ello as well.” The clawdite added, his voice filled with a rather peculiar accent. He quickly took notice of Clare’s face and the marks left from her fight with Morgan. “Looks like you took ‘eh beating fo’ me, no? And foh’ zat I tank you!”

He briefly took on Clares form again and proceeded to taunt Morgan by lifting his eyebrows twice in a manner that said ‘got you!’.

"Yeah, don't be 'tanking' me, Clawdite.” Clare said, her voice making it clear she was not pleased with the alien. ”I'd sooner be pulling the trigger if I didn't need to know where your ship is."
”You could punch him if you like. Right?” Morgan suggested, looking to Norrteth to make sure he didn’t have other ideas.

The Gand just raised his hand in a non-answer.

"Afterwards.” Clare replied. “If I start, I won't stop until he passes out."
“Zat ees for the best, no?” The Clawdite said, and once again took on Clare’s form and laughed. “You wouldn’t want to be heeting yo’self now, would you?”
"He hit me because of you." she said, tilting her head to Morgan. She rushed forward and smacked ‘herself’ agressively with a single punch to the face, "That, makes it even."

The Clawdite simply laughed as he let his head hang back from getting punched and the blood started to show.

“Yes!” he said in a voice that mimicked Clares. “That’s right! Unleash your anger on me!”

”This is more amusing than I expected.”

Clare held herself back and simply gave a vocal retort.

"Oh shut up. Where's your ship?"
“I don’t know anything you don’t.” The fake Clare replied as ‘he’ picked his head up, and let out another laugh.

“So why does she want his ship too?” Norrteth asked.
“We want his ship?” Morgan asked.
“Yes. It’s the best chance possible of finding out why he came after these two.”

“I have zee name, you know.” The Clawdite said, now back in his natural form.

”Crazy McLaughingpants?”

Morgan just snickered at ZIM’s suggestion.

“This one knows very well who you are.” Norrteth said.
”You do?”
“He goes by several names, especially when he’s imitating others, but his calling card is ‘Char Sarkoze’. Norrteth has run into him a few times before.”
“Ees that so? Zat ees funny, ah don’t remembah eveh meeting you.”
“Trust this one. These paths have been crossed before.”
“Eef you say so.”
“He has quite the history as an assassin…”
“Oh, you seemplify eet too much. Zat ees just my day job. Ah do plenty of othah work as well.”
“He’s dangerous, and despite his history and record he’s been very successful at staying ‘under the radar’. This is due in part to his usual mode of operation of constantly changing ships, usually by stealing them from target he’s killed and impersonating them for just long enough to avoid suspicion. It is likely that had he succeeded in his attempt to get at one of the people in this room, he would have stolen the Shape to travel to his next target.”

"Seems like it be an appropriote name, actually.” Clare said. “The Shape being flown by the Shapeshifter. Glad he didn't get that chance."

Clare crossed her arms over her chest. "So, Norrteth, any idea if he would even have a ship right now?"
“This one has no doubt. This one also has no doubt that he will take us right to it.”
”And…you say this why?” Morgan asked.

“Because for as dangerous as he is, he’s also arrogant. He has a history of being caught, though they’re not often connected, but he is talented enough as an escape artist that he gets away each and every time.”

”I’m not following.”
”Me neither. Why would he take us to his ship if his history suggests that it’s only a matter of time before he gets away from us?”
“Because taking this group to his ship is his best opportunity to escape.”
"I don't like it.” Clare said. “But it's all we got. Got my blaster, Morgan?"

”Wait, what?” Morgan replied. ”I’m not the only one who thinks this is a bad idea, am I?”
”I’m game for it.” ZIM said.
”I’m not asking you. We’re going to give the highly deadly assassin, who has a history of getting away from people, the best opportunity he has to get away from us? I can’t be the only one seeing the problem with this, can I?”
"There's a big problem with it.” Clare replied. “But remember, I wasn't prepared for you to attack me or Jevan, and neither were you when 'dite here attacked you. We're prepared, and can at least shoot him with our blasters if he tries and gets away. We'll just have to keep a real close eye on him."

"A code might help too, in case we find two of us running around and don't know which one to shoot at." Jevan said.
”Or we could save ourselves the problems that might cause and just shoot both with stun.”
“I like zat one.” Char said.
”Shut up.” Morgan shot back at him.

"I hate to say this, but that's not a bad idea.” Clare said. “Char would turn back into his regular form, hopefully, and we could start apologizing to whoever's real."
“It is the best option, Morgan.” Norrteth said. “There is little other way to find his ship, and that information is important, though not quite so important that he can’t be killed if he doesn’t take a path there. It’s a win-win proposition. The ship and information is obtained on this end, and he is given an opportunity to escape.”

”Eh, alright.” Morgan conceded. ”I’ll go find that blaster.”

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Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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Clare, Morgan, Norrteth, Jevan and Char were cautiously making their way towards Char’s acquired ship, it had gone relatively smoothly. With Char not acting up one bit aside from changing into Clare to annoy her and then into Jevan and making a crude joke or two, before returning to his true, or default, form. Only to repeat the process several times, but not trying to escape. Clare kept her finger on the trigger of her blaster, on stun, for such a time. The ship came into sight, an aging and rusted YT-1200. The gangplank wide-open for them. A rock lumped in her stomach, a tugging of doubt that something was going to happen inside. She turned to Morgan, "Well, no problems so far."

Morgan looked at Clare, then to Char, his wrists in binders, "Does this mean we can kill him now?"
Norrteth turned to Morgan, "It should first be ensured that this is indeed his ship."

"And to do that, we need to get on the ship. Let's check the Navicomputer, he might have locked it, making this ship useless to me." Clare began to move into the ship with Morgan and Norrteth, Jevan hung back for just a moment, enough for them to turn to him when he said,
"I'll stay here with um-Char."

Norrteth cocked his head to Jevan, "Perhaps it would be better if he were brought inside where all eyes could be kept on him."

"Uh-right." Jevan nodded and grabbed the back of Char’s binders and pushed him forward. Char surprisingly acting like an angel for some reason. Acting like Firi. The thought made Clare want to get back to Badim, and the crew as fast as possible, and dealing with Char was the place to start.

"I vote he steps on first, but followed very closely. Just in case he's planned anything for us." Morgan stated.

"Agreed." Clare said, stepping aside as Jevan pushed Char into the open cargo bay. It was horrible in here, varied supplies and equipment cluttered and strew all about. This wasn’t good.
"Looks like it's a mess in here. Careful for tripwires." She said.

Char tilted his head back around and to Clare, "Don't blame me, ah found eet zis wahy."

"Considering Norrteth's knowledge of you, I wouldn't be surprise if you’re telling the truth." Jevan said as he grabbed Char’s binders again, making sure he didn’t go anywhere. He quickly let go for a brief moment when Char morphed into a large, sloppy looking man. Looking almost as big as Candrog once was, his cheeks bloated slightly from over eating.
"The owner wasn't much for the eyes, either."
Char thankfully changed back into his previous form, Jevan gripping the binders once more.

"I can see." Clare dismissed, turning her sights back to the mess around her. Her eyes fell back on Char after a brief squeal from Jevan as he removed his hands from the binders once more, keeping clear of Clare’s behind.
"Perhaps all it needed was a womans touch." She, as in fake Clare, titled her head as Char copied her voice perfectly.

"Then why didn't you change into one earlier?" Clare said with a light laugh, hoping to return the annoyance to Chare. Chare quickly reverted back to Char,
"Zeh ees a deefrance between imetating and being," He shrugged his shoulders, "Ah didn't say ah minded ze mess. Eet was temparary anyways."

"Uh-huh. Well, I'm sure Morgan here wouldn't mind putting a blaster bolt through your skull and put you in a more permanent place." Clare mused.

They began to move towards the cockpit, Jevan and Char following close behind when Morgan asked, "What you think, Norr?"
"It would appear safe to this one."
"But not ze me!" Char shouted as he used his skills in assassinating to flip his body over an unsuspecting Jevan and smack Clare between her shoulder blades with his foot. Clare turned to try and shoot but her shot fired prematurely and missed completely, harmlessly hitting the wall as the stun bolt flashed, flickered and faded. Morgan fired a little more accurately, but Char was moving too quickly for anyone to hit him and the shot almost tore Jevan’s nose clear off. Char spun around and grabbed Jevan, throwing his binders around his neck to use him as a meat shield.
Clare quickly checked her blaster setting’s with a glance. Stun, she reassured herself, aimed at Jevan and prepared to fire.
"Ah'd advise against moving.” Char spoke, “Ah can break hees neck befoh any of you can keel me."

"I'd think you'd already have done that, Char." Clare said, her blaster still trained on Jevan, though ready to shift on a moment’s notice to fire at Char.
"Don't give him the thought!" Jevan shouted in response.

"What good ees a dead hostage?" Char said with humor in his voice.

"How much you want to bet your faster than all three of us?" Morgan asked Char, his wrist barrel extended and aimed at Char-Jevan.
"Ah don't know. How much do YOU want to bet on eet?" Char retorted.
"I asked you first."
"And ah am asking you zee same thing."
"You answer me, maybe I'll answer you."

"Is this really getting us anywhere?" Jevan asked frantically.

"Your right, it's not." Clare said, preparing to fire against Char’s advisement.

"Clare, Morgan, stand down." Norrteth said as he lowered his drawn blaster.
"What, you don't trust me to hit him without shooting Jevan?" Morgan asked, "You know, without causing any permanent damage, at least."

"What?!" Jevan shouted in surprise and anger.

"What, they've got bacta for that kind of thing. You'd be fine in no time!"

"That doesn't vote well for confidence-!" Jevan shouted, but Morgan quickly interrupted.
"Hey, don't blame me. It's not my fault technology isn't perfect."

"What are you suggesting we do, Norr?" Clare asked, breaking this pointless conversation.

"Morgan, stand down." Norr replied.
"Hey, I've got the eye and everything. I'm practically built for this kind of shot."
"No, Morgan." Norrteth demanded, his voice slowly growing to show he was serious about it.
Morgan hesitated, then let out a long, disappointed sigh, followed by a disappointed "Fine..."

Clare did the same. A dead civilian wasn’t worth taking Char down. They’d have to deal with him later.
"Well, zis has all been fun, but eet ees time foh me to go! Tah, tah teel next time!" Char said as he slowly began to back out of the ship, continuing to use Jevan as a shield. He got to the exit, then pushed Jevan out in front of him and dove out the exit as Clare tried to shoot again, but Jevan was in the way and got hit in the chest
"Blast." Clare muttered to herself, seeing an unconscious Jevan falling to the floor. Morgan brushed passed Clare and Norrteth, jumping over Jevan in chase of Char. Clare quickly ran to Jevan and checked him over. She found a pulse and sighed, then turned to Norr "He'll be alright. Let's go check that Navicomputer"

Clare and Norr made their way around the cluttered mess that seemed to line every part of the ship until they reached the cockpit. The cockpit was in the same condition, but Clare was able to spot the navicomputer on the wall among the mess and went straight to it. Morgan came in soon after, "That guy's fast. There wasn't a sign of him anywhere."

"Either that or he morphed. Again," Clare muttered, leaning into the navicomputer as she tried to access the console, "Now let's see here..."

It didn‘t take long for Morgan to pick up on something in the cockpit, "Hey, look at this." He briefly held up a datapad, then looked down on it and began to search through it.

She turned away from the console and asked, "What?"
"I think I found out what this guy was up to."
"And that would be...?" Clare asked as she got closer, barely able to get a glance at it.
"I said I think. It's encrypted, but I should have it readable in a jiffy."

Clare let off a brief, almost silent sigh and returned to the navicomputer. She pressed a button as she had done on The Killer’s Fate when she input the coordinates for Kashyyyk in what seemed like years, actually being merely a month ago. She felt so much had happened to her in this past month that it couldn’t be contained, thus feeling like she’d known Badim for years instead of a month. The screen silently flashed red, with white text appearing: VOICE PRINT REQUESTED "Blast. Hope you have better luck with the pad than this navicomputer. It's voice-locked. This ship isn’t going anywhere."

"Yep, here we go." Morgan said, paying more attention on the datapad instead of the navicomputer, "Hmmm...well frak that."

"What was on it?" Clare asked as she went back to Morgan and the datapad.
Morgan turned to Norrteth "Norrteth, you remember those hunters that ambushed me on Nar Shaddaa?"
"This is connected, isn't it?"
"Yep." Morgan replied, "Seems someone isn't happy about that pirate job we pulled off couple week ago."

"And that would imply?" Clare asked, feeling left out of the loop.

"I'll need to pry a little to find out who's the guy on the other side of the message, but it seems that someone was invested in that pirate group and now needs Norrteth and I out of the picture one way or the other." Morgan said, then lifting his hands and the datapad in the air, shrugging it off slightly, "On the bright side, it looks like he's currently keeping it on private channels, so we're not yet wanted galaxy-wide."

"Sounds like we both have bounties then. Trouble is how do we get them off?" Clare said, crossing her arms as she leaned up against the useless navicomputer.

"What are you wanted for?" Norrteth asked.

Clare whipped her bangs aside before turning to Norrteth, lack of showering making the bangs just fall back to where they were at, "Pissing off some pirates and foiling their plans for using passengers as a Trojan Horse." She finished with a smirk.

"So basically being a pain in their butts."

"Exactly, and that's how Char there figured he could probably get four bounties at once. Not to mention a new ship." Clare stated.

"Regardless, Morgan and this one need to handle the bounty on them before helping you can be considered." Norrteth continued,
"If you're willing to give me some time, though, I'd be happy to break into the ships locked down systems for you before we take off." Morgan offered.

"I don't have the time to wait any longer I need to find--Anesho," she quickly corrected herself. Despite what Morgan said about the two working together, she wasn’t as trusting to use Badim’s more well known name just yet. She let off a resolving sigh, "That offer of your's still standing?"

Morgan looked at her quizzically, then said, "What?"

"The offer for me to come onboard?" Clare specified.

"Instead of taking this ship?" Norrteth asked.

"Yes. I don't have the time to wait, and I need to get off Carratos before the bounty hunters wise up that I'm in this cloak." Clare said.

Norrteth shrugged his shoulders, then nodded, "This one supposes you could be given a lift."

Clare smiled, the few smiles she‘d ever shown since…Had it really been two weeks already? she asked herself, but continued with her smile and gratitude to Norrteth, "Thanks. And to thank you, I'll carry Jevan back to The Shape."

(Joint Post Approved)

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”I think I may have an idea what we’re looking at.” Morgan said as he entered the cockpit of the Shape with a datapad in hand.
"And that would be?" Clare asked.
”Norrteth, you filled her in on the pirate job?”

Norrteth nodded his head.

”So we’re all on the same page at the moment?”
“Yes.” Clare confirmed.
”Alright, so here’s where things get tricky. If what I’ve found out is correct, those pirates we took out were working with this Twi’lek by the name of Jao'alin. When we took out the pirates, Jao’alin sat up and took notice.”
”With a glare of death.”
”On us, specifically, once he found out who was behind the job. That’s why we’ve been attracting unwanted attention lately.”
"And since he's connected to those pirates as well, he's also been digging into The Ravagers for financial support, possibly why they have a fleet of ships to raid with while the other gangs on Carratos don't. Bringing in profits for both Jao'alin and The Ravager's Groups."
”O…kay.” Morgan said.

”Though at the moment, it’s just Jao’alin that we’re concerned with.” He added, indicating to himself and Norrteth. ”See, normally, being the dangerous, armed bounty hunters that we are, the response to this would be simple.”
"Go in with a bang?” Clare asked. “And come out with Jao'alin's head?"
“Norrteth believe you are simplifying the matter a tad much.”

Morgan gave Norrteth a look indicating he was less than amused with his friends assessment.

“The issue would be more complicated than that, but this one does understand what you are talking about.”
”Works for me.” Morgan said, and continued. ”Here’s the problem. See, Jao’alin isn’t at the top of his respective criminal group. He’s not the crime boss, so to speak. He in turn is working for some Grondo of Lyran guy - a Hutt.”
"And if said Hutt gets wind that we took out one of his goons, we'll all be in deeper trouble." Clare concluded.

”Exactly.” Morgan said, pointing at Clare. ”Just going in taking out Jao’alin in a retaliatory attack is only going to create more problems than it’ll solve. Generally, it’s best not to make a Hutts hit list if you can avoid it.”
“Especially since there has not been an effort made to associate with any particular Hutt lord that would afford some measure of protection.” Norrteth added.

"Don't tell me we're saying we're screwed?" Clare said, noticeably aggravated about something.
”No.” Morgan replied. “Norrteth and I are really not going to be able to ignore this for long, since while he’s kept the bounty a private affair for the moment, it’s only a matter of time before he declares open season on us.”
”As long as you can stay sober, I’m sure we’ll survive.”
As much as I want to say “bring it”, the cyborg continued, “trying to watch our backs for other hunters, at least one of which is bound to get lucky sooner or later no matter how dumb he is, is going to be a major annoyance I’m sure neither of us want to deal with. We’re going to have to nip this problem in the butt sooner or later, it’s just a matter of being smart about it.”
”That shouldn’t be too big a problem.”
”Like, genuinely smart. Sneaky. Maybe even underhanded a little. Or a lot.”
“It is understood – the use of the brain will be required.” Norrteth said, in a matter Morgan guessed was mostly to get him to stop talking.

Clare looked to the floor for a moment in thought, then her eyes widened.

"What about the use an assassin instead?"

Morgan and Norrteth shared a glance for a moment.

“How would that be better?” Norrteth asked.

"I mean an assassin who's willing to help. You should know him well enough since you've fought with and against him, Morgan." Clare said.

“I’m….still not seeing how an assassin doing the job for us would help.” Morgan said. ”At best, that just passes the problem on to the assassin, and then we’ll probably have to be watching our backs for him instead. Granted, not as big a problem, but…”

“Maybe that’s the wrong angle.” Norrteth said. “Perhaps it’s not the solution that should be looked at, but the target.”
“Exactly what I'm thinking.” Clare replied. “We have our assassin hit Grondo, and plant something to make it look like Jao’alin hired our assassin to do it."
“Which ensures the attention of Grondo is directed towards Jao’alin instead of this group.”
"And to whoever we decide to make the hit. Though, I think I already have an idea on who."

”Wow.” Morgan said in a joking manner, having watched as the two bounced the idea back and forth and probably still a step or two ahead of him. ”Now don’t I feel dumb, surrounded by a couple of smart people pulling off some kind of genius planning session right before my eyes.”

”At least you’ve got your spur of the moment thing to fall back on.”

“You’re still a genius, just a different kind.” Norrteth said. “Unless it was ZIM that can take credit for that.”
”Hurrah recognition!”

"Zim?” Clare asked.
”Oh, so now you’re saying you believe he’s real.” Morgan said, ignoring Clare’s question.
“No.” Norrteth said. “This one still refrains from caring one way or the other. As he has said before, all that matters is the results produced.”
”Fine, whatever.” Morgan said, making an effort to wave off the issue. ”Forget I said anything.”
“This one will do so.”

Clare let out a sigh as the two males in the room finished their little disagreement.

"Now that that's done. I think I know which assassin we should choose."
”Yeah, I think you said that before.” Morgan said.
"And as I said, you should know him.” Clare replied. “Badim Soilding. Not only will he be able to take care of the bounty on all of our heads, he'll be able to help me find Anesho."

”Huh.” Morgan said. ”Funny you should mention him. I was going to suggest the exact same guy.”
"Then we're in agreement? We find Badim and get him to make the hit?"
“That works for this one.” Norrteth said. “Though it should perhaps be stipulated that that hit fail and he be allowed to retreat successfully. Otherwise other parties will no doubt enter the picture and further complicate things.”
"It'd be better that way too, Jao'alin can whine to Grondo about it after Badim fails."

“Heh, heh, yeah.” Morgan said, chuckling to himself.
“Good to see there is agreement.” Norrteth said. “Now, this one assumes that you know how to contact him. Would that be correct?”

”Well…no.” Morgan replied. ”Not for certain. But I do have an idea.”

(Joint Post Approved)

(The Shape is now in Hutt Space.)

(Click Here to Continue the Story.)
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(Continued from Here.)

“What’s that?”

Morgan looked up from his tinkering to see Norrteth entering from the cockpit. With Badim and Clare on their way to meet up with some other group of friends, the Shape was now headed back to Carratos in order to conduct the final stage of the plan.

“Recording device.” Morgan said as he held it up. “Trying to figure out a way to install one in my head.”
”I’m not so sure it’s necessary.” ZIM chimed in.

“Interesting.” The Gand replied as he took a seat.

“So tell this one. How exactly did you come to meet Mr. Soilding in the first place?”
”We’re bounty hunters.” Morgan said with a shrug as he went back to work. “We meet a lot of colorful characters. Comes with the job.”

“Very true. But Norrteth has had it on his mind since you brought him up. Especially since his name is not one recognized.”

”Hmm…well, I actually kind of met him twice. The first time, though, I didn’t know it was him. We were on opposite sides of a bodyguard mission, and he killed the guy I was suppose to protect. Which made things awkward the next time we met, since we found out about each other through being assigned to the same job…”


“Do understand that I am granting you a favor by offering you this job.” Said Urnath Dirod from behind his desk. “From what suspiciously little knowledge I have on you, your reputation is…questionable.”

”Yeah, like he’s all sunshine and roses.”
”I get that.” Morgan himself replied, doing his best job not to sound uninterested in the Duro’s decision to degrade him. ”How about we just say that if I get the job done, you count the repayment as part of the bounty?”
“I’ll…consider it.” Dirod answered.
”Yeah, he’s going to hold that favor over you for as long as he can…”

“Before you go, however, I’m assigning you a partner on this job. Most of my usual busybodies are currently occupied, but I do have one I can spare to help ensure this investment of mine get done as expected.”

Morgan could sense there was an ever-lingering sense in the alien’s mind that Morgan was going to screw up one way or the other.

“And, fortunately for you, he’s also one of the best individuals I have on my payroll. I’d actually send him out to do the job himself, if it wasn’t that he’s more accustomed to straight-out assassination rather than bringing back targets alive.”

”Does that just make us a babysitter or something?”
”No, I’m pretty sure he sees it the other way around.”
”Yeah, I get it.” Morgan replied to Dirod. ”So am I going to meet him before I leave or will he be there waiting for me?”

Dirod pressed a button on his desk, and soon after, a cloaked individual entered the room.

”Hey, does he look familiar to you?”
”Yeah, I think I know that guy!”

“Really?” Dirod said, somewhat surprised. “Badim, do you know this man?”

Morgan could tell there was a sense of recognition going through the new arrivals mind.

“Yes.” He said finally. “We’ve met.”

(Joint Post approved)

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”It was a job for Badim’s boss at the time.” Morgan said as began to give Norrteth details.
“The same one you impersonated to get his attention?” the Gand asked.
”Exactly.” Morgan said with a point.

”See, there was this guy – a Mon Calamari by the name of Oohbo Oki - that had pulled off a major con that not only left Dirod out a nifty sum of credits, but if word got out about it, it would make him look like a fool as well. His reputation demanded he take action. The only guy he could spare for the assignment at the time, however, was Badim. Problem was, Dirod wanted the guy alive.”
“Not part of his normal routine?” Guessed Norrteth.
”Again, exactly. That’s where I came in. He needed someone with experience in live capture. I’ll tell you this much, Badim did not make for an easy second impression.”


”You don’t talk much, do you?” Morgan asked as he and his teammate made their way to Morgan’s ship. He was unable to help but notice during the walk that Badim hadn’t said a word, which the hunter found to be rather unsettling, especially when he realize how much he himself had said, most of it of minimal importance.
”Probably tuned us out at this point.” ZIM commented.

“No, I don’t.” Badim said, finally.
”Oh, kay then, just as long as we have that cleared up and you’re not just deaf or anything.”
“Have you ever considered doing the same?” he responded, in a tone that Morgan took to be a jab at the amount of words coming out of his mouth.
”No, not really.” Morgan said back. ”I actually find that…ah, here we are.”


”Mostly, it was because he didn’t say much back then. Ever. Really gave him a creepy vibe. Made it easy not to let myself get caught with my back to him for any significant period of time without being sure he wasn’t in a position to stab it or anything.”


The two rounded a corner and passed through a doorway as it finished opening to see Morgan’s ship. It was a long, short ship with an unusual ‘B’ shaped front end and an exterior that gave the impression it had gone through some major overhauls and modifications.

”Welcome aboard the Nowitz Mine.”
“It will do.” Badim said, not sounding impressed in the least.
”Killed another hunter for it. We were after the same bounty, he blew up my ship and tried to kill me, I killed him first, claimed his ship as my own, and vuah lah! The ship now belongs to me! Get it?”
“Clever.” Badim said without a hit of emotion as he headed for the bridge and left Morgan standing behind.

”I think that was dry sarcasm.”
”I’m pretty sure it was…”


”I don’t think he had a sense of humor back in those days, either.”

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Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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”The plan was simple enough.” Morgan continued. “Mr. Oki was traveling low-key about a cruise ship. Final destination was Dac, his homeworld. I guessed he hoped that once he got there, he’d be more or less safe.”
“Hiding in plain sight, then?” Norrteth asked.
”That’s my assessment. And he was nearly home free, too. There was one major stop the ship had before it reached squidworld, however, which was where our plan was set in motion – The Wheel.”


Conveniently, the docking station that the Nowitz Mine had been granted gave it perfect view of the cruise ship that had just docked with The Wheel – one of, if not the – most famous space station in the galaxy. Barring those that had been blown up or were otherwise unusable, of course. Plenty of time for the plan to capture Oohbo to be set in motion.

”So let’s just clarify the plan to make sure we both know what we’re doing.”
“Get inside, plant device, find Oohbo, and wait for you to arrive so you know where to find him.” Badim answered, being as brief and seemingly emotionless with his words.

”He sure knows how to cut words.”
”Yeah, that’s one way to put it.” Morgan said, responding to both individuals.

The two left their seats, and as Badim headed for the exit, Morgan went to a storage unit and pulled out a datapad with a special computer-link hookup.

”Here you go.” Morgan said as went towards the exit and tossed the device to the assassin. “Happy huntings, and I’ll be waiting your signal.”

Catching the device with ease, Badim left the ship without another word.

”You do know those things are only so durable, correct?”
”What, the datapad?”
”Yeah, and you know how much time I spent preparing that thing?”
”Well…yeah. I kind of helped, you know.” Morgan answered as he returned to the cockpit to make sure the ship would be all ready for takeoff when he needed to lift up and follow the cruise ship.


”Plan was for Badim to get onboard the ship and then plug into their computers with a special datapad I had prepared. The pad would automatically download a system glitch which would stop the ship at a pre-determined point and do everything to the vessel that would be needed for me to dock with my ship, get to Badim, grab Oki, and get out of there, at which point the ship would continue on it’s way, just a little behind schedule and giving its passengers some unexpected memories.”
“Not a bad plan.” Norrteth complemented.
”Yeah. Had it worked like it was supposed to, it would have made for an easy operation.” Morgan said.
”More like ‘had it worked in practice as it did on paper.’”

“So can this one assume the plan didn’t work ‘like it was suppose it’?” Norrteth asked.
”Yeah, we ran into some hiccups.” Morgan said. ”Call it the unpredictable nature that is the ‘human element’. You never can tell what some pesky individuals will end up doing.”
“No, you can’t.” Norreth said as he leaned back, musing on Morgan’s comment.

As Morgan prepared to continue, however, a beeping noise came from the cockpit.

“Looks as though arrival at Carratos will be soon. These two must prepare for that. This story can continue another time.”
”Oh joy, more trigger-happy space pirates.” Morgan said as he headed for the gunwell, preparing himself for the almost inevitable showdown that would be likely to happen once they exited hyperspace.

The Shape is now at the Inner Rim.

(Joint Post Approved)

[Click Here to Continue the Story.)

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(Continued from Here)

”Did you notice anything odd about that one hunter? What was the name they went by…Ghost or something like that?”
”That sounds about right.”

“This one noticed nothing.” Norrteth responded from the pilots seat. “And is too busy having enjoyed the less difficult flight away from Carratos caused by the recent success against the Ravagers.”

”No, really. He…she…they were giving me some kind of weird look.” Morgan said, not paying much attention to what Norrteth had to say. ”Like they were suspicious of me or something.”

“Are you sure they weren’t just staring at your metal parts?” Norrteth said with a touch of exasperation.
”No, this was something different. Not sure what.”

“You should have plenty of time to think about it for now.” Norrteth replied. “The Shape is now entering hyperspace.”

Leaving a blur behind them, the ship headed off for its destination.



”Oh, SITH.” Morgan said as he took the Nowitz Mine into an evasive spin, dodging the offensive laser blasts long enough to raise his shields.

”How did you not see that coming?”
”I was kind of distracted.” Morgan replied. ”You know, kind of how I am now?”

The Nowitz flew on underneath the Galactic Pearl, and the heavy shuttle that was shooting at him fell out of view as Morgan put the larger ship between them.

”Ok, so clearly the plan is not going quite according to plan.” Morgan commented to no one in particular as he flew his ship up around the Pearl and armed his weapon systems.
”Clearly, I need a new plan.”
”So here’s what I need to do – Step 1, get rid of enemy ship that’s shooting at me.”
”Step 2, find out what the frakking deal is and if Plan A is still in the cards.”

As the Nowitz Mine came around the top of the Pearl, Morgan targeted the enemy ship.

”And Step 0, you stop responding to everything I say with ‘Clearly’.”

Morgan let loose a pair of concussion missiles, followed by a heavy serving of ion cannon. The combination of the two quickly knocked out the ships ability to shoot back. Or do most anything else other than stay right where it was.

”Clearly…” ZIM said, but continued before Morgan could say anything. ”…we are now prepared to board the ship.”


“Hold that thought.” Norrteth said, interrupting Morgan.
“Something curious just happened with the tracking signal.”

”Curious good or curious bad?” Morgan asked, trying to figure out what Norrteth was looking at.
”Or just curiously curious?”

“Hmmm…it seems the target has a new destination.”
”Ok, I suppose that might be curious.” Morgan said. ”So, what’s our new destination?”

“Based on the trajectory…this one would calculate somewhere in the Chommell Sector. Likely Naboo or Enarc.”
”Ok then. Chommell it is.”

The Shape is headed for the Mid Rim.
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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The Shape exited hyperspace in the Naboo system with their target right ahead of them. Directional wise, that was. Distance, the ship had a large lead on them.

“Blast. There’s no way the ship can reach him before he lands on the planet.”
”At least there’s not really anywhere he can go, right?”
”That is, as long as he doesn’t hop back in his ship.”
”Well, yeah. That’s a given.”

“True, but it will be more difficult to track him one he’s on Naboo’s surface.”

Morgan looked through the ships systems to see if there was any way he could boost enough power to their engines to change that situation, but he and ZIM quickly determined that wasn’t an option.

”Well, guess we better get ready for him, then.”

Morgan got up to head back and suit up, but Norrteth stopped him before he could leave the cockpit.

“Wait one moment.”
”What?” Morgan asked, turning back around.
“The signal…it disappeared.”
”That doesn’t sound good.”
”Yeah, do you have anything more than just ‘his signal disappeared’?”

“Yes. Take a look at this.”

With a couple button pushes, Norrteth brought up a holographic display of the panet.

“The tracking signal was fine most of the way down to the planets surface. His initial flight path suggests he was headed for Dee'ja Peak.”

As Morgan returned to the front end of the ship, Naboo’s hologram expanded, with information for the location in question brought up for reference.

”So odds are that since he was seemingly doing fine most the way down, we have reason to suspect the locals don’t realize they have a pirate type in their midst.”
”Ooo…this is getting interesting.”
“Seem likely. That or they don’t even know he’s on the planet, but your theory seems the more likely scenario.”

A couple more button pushes, and the planet hologram changed again to show their targets flight path.

“It was here that the tracking signal disappeared. Somewhere in the Gallo Mountains, in the more remote areas of the planet.”
”Yeah, on a planet that’s not exactly brimming with urban centers.”

Norrteth nodded his head and continued.

”It’s a wide area, but not so large as to make pinpointing where he is specifically any sort of wild bantha chase.”

”Ok, but that still leaves the question as to why the signal disappeared in the first place.”
“It’s unlikely he was shot down. There’s no indication to suggest a fight, and even if there was there’s no guarantee the tracker itself would be destroyed.”
”But we still can’t know that for sure.”

”Duh, Morgan. What’s an obvious thing that can stop a signal?”
”Turning it off?”
”Since he probably doesn’t know we were following him, he probably couldn’t have done that. So what else might turn off the signal?”

”Jamming signal. He’s jamming the tracking device.” Morgan realized.
“That actually sounds like a reasonable idea.” Norrteth responded.

”I take credit for that.”

”Ok, so let’s go over what we know and how we proceed.”

“The pirate is on Naboo.” Norrteth said, listing the basics off. “Since there’s no indication of problems with the locals, they likely don’t know he’s a criminal. And he’s hiding himself somewhere in the mountains, probably with something that’s hiding his location.”

”Then lets get down there, do these people a favor, and bag ourselves a pirate.”
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.
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“There’s nothing out here.” Norrteth said as the Shape flew over the target zone for the third time.
”You sure?” Morgan asked as he looked out the other side of the view port.
“This one is certain.” The gand replied. “This ship has taken multiple trips across a wide area surrounding where the targets ship vanished off the radar, and there has yet to be any sign that there is anyone out here.”
”Well, he couldn’t have just disappeared. We should have seen him if he flew back outside the range of the jamming signal.”

”Unless he found the tracking device, destroyed it, and then flew out of the jamming field again.” ZIM suggested.
”You’re not helping.” Morgan replied.
”How so?”
”Just…hold on to that thought for the moment, OK?” Morgan said, though he had to admit that ZIM perhaps had a point after all.

”So, we need a new plan to find him.” Morgan said to Norrteth.
“Any ideas?”
”I’m sure we’ll think of something”

(Click Here to Continue the Story)
Morgan ZIM: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Cybernetic Scoundrel, and all around disruptor of the normal order of things.

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